RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Undead Again” S4 E22

02 May

See what happens when you communicate?  Even if you are communicating on a different matter that has subtext relevant to what the big issue at hand is, it still counts!  Last night we got the conversation all of us Caskett fans have been waiting for since Castle learned Beckett remembered him telling her that he loved her.

The case was pretty interesting.  Much more interesting than I thought it was going to be.  And while I like Lanie, I like this ME MUCH better.  I love that he puts Castle in his place time and time again!  The quick recap is that a man was murdered by what appeared to be a zombie…”Killer’s A Zombie” (high-five) is how Castle announced it at the 12th.  While Beckett and Esposito were on one side of believing this was a human un-sub not a zombie un-sub, Ryan and Castle were on the side of believing it was a zombie.  When the suspect shows up dead at the morgue but then is alive after the ME slams a syringe in his arm, the zombie theory gains some momentum.   But as to be expected, there were no zombie’s committing crimes.  The “killer” Kyle, was part of a zombie underground culture and was drugged by a man who wanted the victim dead for sleeping with his fiance.  The drug is able to put the victim in such a state that a person can control and get them to do whatever they want.  One of the side effects is the appearance of death.  So even though Kyle did actual killing, he wasn’t charged since he was on drugs (slipped to him by the real killer) and instructed to do what the killer wanted.  He had no recollection of the murder and was free to go.

Can you imagine?  You wake up, IN THE MORGUE, when the last thing you remember is being with your zombie pals yucking it up.  You find out that not only were you drugged, but you were brainwashed into murdering another human being.   And, people thought you were dead because of the side effect of the drug.  I don’t know about any of you, but that would certainly mess me up for the rest of my life.  He will need some serious therapy to even begin to work through that insanity.

Speaking of therapy, we have the biggest piece of communication to finally happen between Castle and Beckett, even if it wasn’t a direct discussion.  After seeing Kyle walk off and both Castle and Beckett commenting how they hope he can get past what happened to him, Beckett tells him about how therapy really helps.  That at first you just want to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other but that eventually you get back to a good place.  The light starts to go off in Castle’s head.  She tells him that she is getting to the point where she can finally face everything that happened that day….EVERYTHING.  He tells her that he understands.  She also reminds him of the conversation they had regarding the wall she has built up and that the wall is finally starting to come down.  Castle tells her he would like to be there when the wall comes down and she agrees with him.  “Tomorrow” Beckett asks?   “Tomorrow” Castle confirms.    (Key the flying doves and the opera voices singing Hallelujah!!)

So after being a douche bag the past few weeks, Castle learns that she wasn’t ready to face what happened.  She needed time and to able to talk to someone who can help her get to a point where she can face him honestly.  If only he’d asked her about this weeks ago he would have saved himself all the grief and putting her through hell.   But I knew there was a method to the madness and I think the way it played out is SOOOOOOO much better than what we originally wanted..Castle confronting Beckett about what he had heard her say.

Beckett is ready for her wall to come down and tell Castle how she feels and Castle is ready to throw her on her desk and have crazy stinky sex with her to show his reciprocation of feelings.  But remember, we have one more secret to come out.   I believe it comes out next week.  Check out the promo below and the scene where Castle is asking her not to look into this or she could get killed, I think is the result of her finding out he was investigating behind her back.   Now, is that before or after the kiss it appears Beckett is going for at the end of the clip?   We don’t know.  But I’m sure it will leave us wanting more IMMEDIATELY as soon as the finale is over.

What are your thoughts Castle fans?   Are you happy with “Undead Again” and looking forward to the finale?  Do Castle and Beckett HAVE to get together in the finale for you to be satisfied with the season?   Sound off below!!!

Castle and Beckett’s “Talk:

Season Finale Promo:

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