SEASON FINALE INITIAL THOUGHTS: Castle “Always” S4 E23 (Quick Recap)

07 May

Official Recap and Review Coming Tomorrow!!!   


I thought they couldn’t top last year’s finale…I also thought there was no way I would cry as much as last year. Well I was 100000000 times wrong.

I hate to say I told you so buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!   I know everyone was worried over a month ago when Castle found out about the “I Love You” she really remembered and it really splintered them.  But as I told you, it didn’t.  I really felt that by the finale or beginning of next season, they would be together.

The bad has to happen before the good….and Lord in Heaven was it good!!!!    Seriously though, wasn’t tonight’s episode (especially the last 2-3 minutes) much more worth it after EVERYTHING Castle and Beckett have been through?   Admit it, it is.

I’m not in my right mind to fully recap this yet.  But I will tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to digest what has happened.   But let’s run down the big issues:

  • Ryan and Esposito have some making up to do and their relationship both professionally and personally will need to be repaired.  And I hope, we don’t come back next season and everything is back to normal with them.  That “betrayal” in Esposito’s eyes, needs to be flushed out.
  • Beckett has quit the 12th.   I’m not sure where the story goes from here.   Does she free-lance?  Does she work for the NJPD?  Does she become a private investigator and hire Ryan and Esposito to come work for her?  I’m not sure.  But at this point, I don’t care.
  • There is a man out for Beckett and he has a name (sort of) and a face (a really handsome face…damn it!)  Before, we knew there was a shooter…someone after Kate.  But he was a faceless, nameless, person with connections we knew vaguely.   Now we know who he is (sort of) and so does Kate.  There is a bigger story at play that is just scratching the surface and getting started
  • FUN FACT: Did anyone else notice that the name of Alexis’ school was “Marlowe.”  You can see it on the podium as she is giving her valedictorian speech.  For those who are looking at their screen saying “so what”, Marlowe is for Andrew W. Marlowe…the creator and show runner for Castle.

I think that’s all the big stuff that happened.  Why are you all yelling at me?   What do you mean I’m forgetting some……OH THAT’S RIGHT!!!   What we have all been waiting for since the pilot has happened…Castle and Beckett are together for real.  Not a dream, not a cover….for real.  She wants him, he wants her, and they go at it.  It.  Was.  AWESOME!!!   There is nothing hotter than watching a man throw a woman against the wall (in the heat of passion mind you) and start going to town on each other.   It was great and beautiful at the same time.  Kate’s wall completely came down.  She’s known it for a long time, it’s been slowly coming down which she has admitted.  But sometimes it takes a come to Jesus conversation (like the one between her and Castle around the half way point of the finale) and a near death experience to have that wall crumble completely around you and you are finally ready to face what you have been wanting to face for a long time.  In a strange way, with everything going on, she finally feels….safe.   And there is no one that makes her feel safer than Rick Castle.   And it all came out.  All the repressed feelings, all the anger, all the passion, all the frustration…..all the love.   It all came out in a beautiful, fiery, ball of flame in Castle’s living room.  As she caringly grabbed his hand to lead him to his bedroom, she was finally ready to go where she hadn’t been quite ready to go…quite ready to face.  Into the arms of the man she has loved for a long time.

Sorry if this is very jumbled and quite frankly a mess right now.    But I had to let my initial thoughts out and to share them with all the Caskett fans out there who have been waiting for this moment for a long time.   I will more intelligently recap it tomorrow.   But for now, I’m just enjoying what I just witnessed and I am doing a little happy dance around my computer!!!!!   Castle and Beckett….together at last!!!!!   WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Ok so what are your initial thoughts?  Did you love it?   Hate it?  (How could you hate it, but to each his or her own.)  Did you stand up and cheer like I did when they started kissing and going at it?   Are you worried about Ryan and Esposito at all?   Let me know what you think!!!!

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One response to “SEASON FINALE INITIAL THOUGHTS: Castle “Always” S4 E23 (Quick Recap)

  1. Grey

    May 14, 2012 at 11:48 am

    So when are you goin gto give your indepth thoughts? It’s been more than a few days.


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