SEASON FINALE QUICK RECAP & REVIEW: Scandal “Grant: For the People” S1 E7

18 May

Is it possible to love and hate the First Lady at the same time?  Well I do!!!   While I really hated her after the whole faking a miscarriage to get your husband elected situation, I really LOVED her after her very poignant conversation with Olivia and getting her husband’s presidency back on track.   Bellamy Young has been sensational as Mellie Grant.  I couldn’t help but root for her.   But I have so many questions.   Did she and Fitz ever like or love each other?   Or was this always a business transaction?  What else has Mellie done to get her husband elected?  Do we think she had ANY idea about the Amanda Tanner kidnapping and murder?   She’s a fascinating character for me and I hope we see much more of her in Season 2.

Does anyone else think it’s strange that the big cliffhanger this season was who Quinn really is?   Do we care? I care to the point that I want to know who she is but not to the point where I am waiting with bated breath for the premiere next season to find out.  Quinn isn’t a character they’ve spent a whole lot of time on for me to care enough at this point for it to be the big cliffhanger.  And I know I’m about to say something unpopular but I wanted to strangle her in the finale.  If she asked one more time in Gideon’s apartment “what’s happening” I was going to throw my remote at my TV.  Your boyfriend is dead, your fingerprints are everywhere (which apparently is problematic for reasons other than incrimination), and we need to clean this up so you are ok, so shut the hell up and stop moving.  That’s what I would have said.  I know it’s a traumatic situation she walked into…I get that.  But pull yourself together and let them help you and shut up.   And can I just say, has this chick never watched TV or movies before?   What is rule number one with a sharp object lodged into someone’s person?  DON’T REMOVE IT!!!!  It’s keeping blood from spilling everywhere and actually giving the victim time for help to arrive and possibly do something.  Don’t touch it and don’t remove it.  Not only does she remove it but she waits until AFTER she removes it and has to apply pressure on it to lunge for her cell phone that is out of reach to call for help.  Ugh!

Speaking of stupidity, what was Olivia’s team thinking?  You take everything from Gideon’s apartment to cover up the fact that Quinn was there.  You meticulously leave no stone unturned.  But when you get back to your office and get all the information off of it that you need, you leave the ringer on?  Seriously?    THEN, Olivia goes to Cohen’s office and tells him everything that happened and everything her team did.  WHAT?  What was the point of putting your entire team in a precarious situation of doing something illegal (to cover something up) only to tell the play-by-play a few hours later?

This is my one problem with Scandal but it’s also the thing that is great about Scandal.  Olivia Pope is really fallible.  Olivia is the best but when her heart gets involved, she makes too many mistakes.  I like it and I don’t.  I like the fact that it makes her human and real.  I don’t like it because if she’s that good, she wouldn’t be making so many mistakes.  She would find a way to push her emotions to her side and do her job.  It’s probably why I love the scene with Mellie so much because Mellie called her on it.  She told her, I do my job, why couldn’t you do yours?   Basically by letting Olivia’s emotions weaken her, Billy Chambers was able to destroy the President from the inside.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.  But I respect that Olivia let her talk and let her run the show.  She knew Mellie was right too.  She didn’t go after her or go toe to toe with her.  Not that Olivia couldn’t, but it wasn’t appropriate.

I have to say though, I love the fact that Scandal has made the President an enigma.  Is he a good guy or a bad guy?  Is he weak or strong?  Easily swayed or cunning and on his game?   We’ve seen both sides of Fitz.  He’s another one that when his emotions get involved, he’s a jellyfish.  When he’s on his game, he’s a tank.  I love that and I don’t.  Who needs a wishy washy President.  Not us!  But when he’s focused, he’s unstopable.  It must be something between him and Olivia that makes them both idiots when they are around and involved with one another.  And the chemistry with Washington is undeniable.  But I’m glad they are staying apart.   To me, this isn’t a will they or won’t they.  This is better if they don’t.   We know they want to, but can’t, yet still need to be in each other’s lives.

Finally, we learn that it was Cyrus, not Billy, that was responsible for Amanda’s kidnapping and murder.  It makes sense.  It made sense that Billy would use Amanda to set up the President but it made no sense to have her killed.  I still thought it was the First Lady, but I guess it was Cyrus.   Tip for the day…..don’t mess with a man who grows beautiful roses people!

What did you think of the first season and finale of Scandal.  I really enjoyed this show.  It has some kinks to work out but overall, I loved it!


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One response to “SEASON FINALE QUICK RECAP & REVIEW: Scandal “Grant: For the People” S1 E7

  1. Anonymous

    May 21, 2012 at 10:37 am

    I love the show and can not wait for next season.


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