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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Valar Morghulis” S2 E10

Holy Crap!!!!   What a finale.  I was worried going into last night’s finale because there was A LOT that needed to be wrapped up or at least formed into a plan for next season.   GoT delivers yet again with another jaw dropping final scene.   Maybe not quite as jaw dropping as last year’s but still enough to say “what the frick was that??!!”

The Stark Family

Robb got married, Bran is still aimlessly being carried about to nowhere, Jon has the upper hand, Arya has a new direction possibly, and Sansa is screwed.  That’s it…thank you and good night!   Just kidding.

Did anyone else care that Robb Stark got married to what’s her face?  I didn’t think so.  It’s nice that Robb is following his heart but I think it’s awfully sudden.  He’s basically talked to this girl 3 times and boom, love of his life and married.  Now I’m no cynic and a huge romantic at heart, but I’m not buying this for many reasons.  Number One, the Starks are people of honor.  I find it hard to believe that Robb would be promised to someone else (and agree to it) only to give that agreement the middle finger.  His mother even reminded him of that fact. I think it would have been more interesting to see Robb struggle with that a bit more, but he didn’t.  Number Two, his main focus right now is taking out the Lanisters.  Is this really the best time for a new bride when you are avenging your father’s death and trying to over throw one of the most powerful families in the kingdom?   Number Three, he barely knows Talisa.  He’s known her for what, a minute?  What if she’s a plant from a rival family?   What if she smokes in bed?   These are all important things to figure out before marrying someone you barely know, while destroying your honor in the process.

Is Winterfell gone at this point?  That’s what my husband and I were trying to figure out.  The huge clouds of smoke and debris should be clue enough but since Winterfell is so important a land (Robb is king of Winterfell, I don’t care what Theon says) I was slightly surprised that it was destroyed.  For now, I’ll believe that it’s gone and Bran and crew are on the move…again.  Seriously is Hodor expected to carry Bran all the way to the Wall?  Yikes.  Theon is surrounded by hundreds of Stark men looking to kill him and take back Winterfell.  Theon gives us his best Knute Rockne impersonation but is eventually plunked over the head. Instead of his men shouting “win one for the Gipper” it was “let’s go home.”  Way to go guys.  This bugged me because I was really hoping to see a brutal death for Theon…one he truly deserved.  Instead I see him dragged out of Winterfell and back to the Iron Islands.   So the men surrounding Winterfell ready to destroy Theon and his posse did nothing but destroy Winterfell itself since Theon and his men were long gone.

While Bran and crew are off to the wall to be with Jon, Jon is busy being dragged around by Wildlings.  His cohort, realizing the end is near for him, wants to use it as an advantage for Jon to get the Wildlings to trust him.  Not sure if it completely worked but Jon does seem to have their respect.  So much so, that they are taking him to meet the King Beyond the Wall.  Who the hell could that be and does every land have a king?  Is it like every city having a mayor because King sounds a lot more powerful than Mayor.

Arya manages to escape and ends up meeting up with Jaqen once more before he heads back home.  She wants to come him to train to fight but he tells her to stay her course.  He gives her a coin and tells her that if she ever needs him, to give that coin to someone (I forget who) and they will send for him.  He tells her goodbye but not before he transforms into….someone else.   WTF?   What the hell is Jaqen?  Is he some sort of shapeshifter?  I know True Blood doesn’t start until next week but what else could he be?  I already want the old Jaqen back.

I was talking to someone today who said they were disappointed Arya and Tywin didn’t wrap up their storyline better from this season.  That didn’t bother me because I don’t think their story is wrapped up yet.  I think now that Tywin is Hand of the King and Arya is off to learn how to fight, their paths will cross again.  And it will be more interesting when that happens because I have a feeling it will come down to one or the other or both having to make a life or death decision regarding the person they have come to respect.

If I were Sansa, I would find a way to get the hell out of King’s Landing as fast as I could.  Now that Joffrey has tossed her aside for Margaery (more on that in the Lanister section) she has no protection left in KL.  At first she was thrilled to hear she was no longer betrothed to the little asshole.  But her happiness quickly subsided when Baelish reminded her that Joffrey will still torture and possibly rape her even though he will be marrying another.  So her best bet is to get out of KL, with his help, and back to her family.  I think at this point I believe Baelish is trying to help her.  I’m not a fan of his character and certainly don’t trust him.  But because of his feelings for Catelyn, I don’t think he would do anything to harm Sansa.  Plus this would put him back in Catelyn’s good graces.

The Lanister Family

Why do I have a bad feeling that little shit Joffrey will never die?  Is that horrible of me?  Not only did grandpa win the battle for him…a battle he cowardly ran away from to hide with Mommie Dearest…but he is taking all the credit, as well as a new bride.

After defeating Stannis’ army and keeping the iron throne, Joffrey has a few people stand in front of him to reward for their efforts.  First up is Pop-Pop Tywin, who is now dubbed Hand of the King.  Then some other dude got lots of land for his family.  Finally, since the Tyrell family was instrumental in helping to defeat Stannis, they received lots of goodies as well.  To take it a step further, Ann Boleyn, was offered as Joffrey’s bride since she never consummated her marriage to her first husband and is still pure and innocent.  (Hmm, just ask King Henry VIII how pure she is.)  At first Joffrey, stunningly, shows more honor than Robb Stark by wanting to continue with his agreement to wed Lady Stark.  But that crafty Cersei, she points out that since Sansa is the daughter of a traitor and the sister to a man who is coming after them to destroy their kingdom, he can be relieved of his commitment to Sansa and marry Margaery.  Joffrey, quickly accepts.  That Natalie Dormer sure will marry anyone to be Queen won’t she?  I love her.

Tyrion is recovering from his brutal injuries from battle (which we later learn was all Cersei’s doing.)  I guess, why take away someone he loves when she can just take him away..permentantly.  That Cersei certainly has been busy.  First by playing mind games with Sansa, then by trying to kill her youngest son, finally by trying to have her brother killed.  All while being completely snockered on Chianti.  She is quite the multi-tasker.

For all of his brave efforts, we see Tyrion has been relegated to what looks like servant quarters since he has been removed as the Hand of the King and replace by his father.  All his loyal subjects are gone, except for 3.  One nobleman, whose name I am blanking on, made a point to tell Tyrion that he realizes, as do many others, that they would have been defeated well before Tywin made his arrival, had it not been for him.  As a thank you, he brings Shay to see him.  She wants him to run away from his insane family (who can blame the girl) but he explains that he can’t.  He needs to keep them in check.  So she agrees to stay by his side.  It was a sweet moment.  Why do I have a bad feeling it’s only a matter of when, not if, this girl gets killed.

And then there’s Jamie.  Brienne is still carting Jamie and his smart mouth to King’s Landing.  While I don’t like Jamie Lanister, I love the scenes he is in with Brienne because his sharp wit is hilarious.  Still hate him though.    When questioning whether or not Brienne’s loyalties are to the Starks, Brienne quickly corrects him…she doesn’t serve the Starks, she serves Lady Catelyn (isn’t that pretty much the same thing?)  As this is happening, three Stark men appear and immediately start in on Brienne when they realize she’s a woman.   That has to get really old for her after a while.  But you know who has the last laugh?   Wonder woman herself! Not only does she take out the three Stark men in record time, she also scares the living daylights out of Jamie who has a new-found fear for Brienne.   That’s right King Slayer, this chick will kick your ass!!!!

Dani and Crew

As much as I like Dani as a character and I adore her portrayer Emilia Clarke, her storyline has been boring to me this year.  Basically she has been on her way “to her people” (do they know they’re her people) with no army, no ships, no money, no water, no food, no Lady Speed Stick.  It’s been frustrating to watch because I so want this girl to succeed but I have no idea how she’s going to do it!   But last night, we received a great payoff!!!

Dani goes to the house of the undying to get her babies back.  The palatial resort is playing mind games with her to try to throw her off track.   It even strikes below the belt by bringing Khal Drago and her baby boy back into the fold.  It was a great moment to see them back together but Dani knew it was all a lie.  She was strong enough to walk away and emerges in the area where the dragons are being chained.  The creepy undead dude shows up and surrounds her, taunting her, and eventually chaining her as well.  But her being reunited with her babies gave them their mojo back and baby dragon #1 proceed to scream fire at the undead dude until he is, well, no longer undead.  The chains are broken and the family is once again back together.

After all this happens, they head back to the main house in Qarth where Xaro is sleeping with Dani’s handmaid.  She realizes she has been betrayed by her and lied to by him.  She steals the emblem around his neck and both are escorted down the tomb area.  Remember this is the tomb where Xaro told Dani that all the wealth in Qarth is kept.  How funny was it that when she opened it, it was empty.  Actually that wasn’t the funny part.  The funny part was being so pissed at them that she locked them in the tomb with nothing.  If you haven’t learned this yet, learn it now….don’t piss off Khaleesi!!!!!!   In the end, she and Mormont begin collecting all the gold and jewels because that will be enough to buy a ship.   I hate to break up their happy party, but they’re going to need more than a ship.

The final thing I want to mention is the last scene.  When the 3 night watchers heard the 3 horns sounded and started to run, I had no idea what they were running from.  When I saw all the snow, I thought it was the start of Winter that we have been hearing so much about.  But it’s slightly impossible to outrun the start of a new season so it probably wasn’t that.   Then I saw the shadowy figures.  I was starting to get about as freaked out as Sam because I had no idea what or who that was.   Then we see the horse and the…person?…on top of him  look as if he came straight out of a Night of the Living Dead Part 25: The Ice Age, movie.   They were fricking creepy!!  And then more and more and more of them came.  I turned to my husband and said “what the hell are those things?”   He thought they were Wildlings but then we both remembered that they must be the White Walkers.   Right?   I still have to ask though, “what the hell are White Walkers?”  If I’m not mistaken, that’s what the night watch protect everyone from.  Not the Wildlings but those White Walkers.  Well, maybe a little of both but I have to imaging it’s more the White Walkers.  But how do they live with the Wildlings?   I can’t wait to see more of this come next season!!

Overall, it was a great season of GoT and I already can’t wait until Season 3.  I can’t believe Season 2 is over already.   Should we start the campaign now to beg TPTB at GoT to make it at least a 12 episode season?  I think we deserve that.   What did you think of the season finale?   And are you curious to read the books now because I am.   I need more detail!


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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Flight” S8 E24

Another finale, another catastrophic event.  I think Cristina’s line about wanting to get the hell out of Seattle because how many bad things can continue to happen to them was possible a wink and nod to the fans because we are all thinking the same thing.   There was the bomb inside the patient, the ferry crash, the hospital shooting, and now a plane crash.  I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember them all.

So how eerie was it how much the opening was like Lost?  Meredith laying on the ground and the first thing we see are her eyes open and what she hears (screaming, chaos) and she moves not really sure of what just happened.  For a minute I thought it was cool but then I thought, really Shonda Rhimes?   You had to steal from Lost to get an impactful opening?  Whatever.

Ellen Pompeo was simply phenomenal in this episode.  She really brought it.  She had to deal with so much going on around her and the emotional roller coaster she went on was incredible to watch.  The first thing she had to deal with was the fact that her husband was missing.  Everyone has been accounted for except for him. So she is on a massive, panicked hunt to find him.   Eventually she does (actually he finds her) and her excitement is tempered because she sees that his hand is in really bad shape.  Basically he’ll lose it if she doesn’t perform surgery on it in the jungle with no anesthetic.  Can you say painful?   The whole time she is begging for him to pass out so he won’t feel the pain.

But what was the most excruciating part to watch was when she went back to help Lexie.  Lexie was found with the tail of the plane on top of her.  Her legs and pelvis were crushed and according to her, she couldn’t feel her left arm and thought it wasn’t even there anymore.  Lexie was in bad shape.  Mark and Cristina are there and they try to move the tail off her but can’t.  Mark screams at Cristina to get help and water.  She bends down to Lexie and they both look at each other and they both know.  The water and aid won’t help.   Lexie is dying.  But Cristina leaves and that opens the door for a Lexie/Mark reunion the fans have been clamouring for since they broke up 2 seasons ago.  They both declare their love for each other a Lexie slowly slips away.  When Meredith returns, she sees that her sister has died and just completely loses it.  It was a bit surprising because even thought Meredith had come to accept Lexie as her sister and grow to have a bond with her, I still never got the impression they were that close.  Because Meredith isn’t that type of person.  She’s not touchie/feelie except with Cristina.  But I couldn’t stop crying.  I was also surprised that Lexie died so early in the show.  It made feel like someone else was going to drop.  And towards the end, I thought it was going to be Mark.   There are a lot of people who think Mark or Arizona are going to be dead or die when we return.  While I don’t think it’s likely, I wouldn’t put it past Rhimes to make us think all these characters are safe and then to kill someone off in the Season 9 premiere.

In the end, our gang (minus Lexie) is in the woods still waiting for rescue and Owen is just now learning that his team didn’t make it to Boise for the surgery.   Oh, and Owen fired Teddy so she can take this amazing job opportunity that she was refusing to take so she could stay around and help him.

Ok, let’s start with Lexie.  Why kill her?   She turned into one of the most popular characters on the show and she still had some great stories to tell.  I understand cutting Teddy.  She was done.  I have a problem with how she went out but I’ll get to that in a minute.  I just don’t understand Lexie.  Maybe because Rhimes wanted to really rip everyone’s guts out (in addition to Lexie’s guts) since she was a relatively main character and extremely likable.   But that’s why I have issues with Rhimes’ storytelling at times.  She tends to do things for shock value instead of story value and I hate that.  April should have been the one to go because I think her storyline really is finished and no one likes her anyway.  I don’t dislike her character the way some people do but she’s certainly one of my least favorite.  And where do you go with a resident who failed her boards and has no job?

As I mentioned above, Teddy is gone.  She’s another one I didn’t hate the way some people did but I have no problem with her leaving either.   What I had an issue with was the inconsistency with character leading up to her departure.  She basically wrote off Owen as a friend after the whole Henry situation.  And he reminded her of that when she came to him 2 episodes before yelling at him to make sure he does anything to make her stay.  He very pointedly reminds her that they are no longer friends (per her insistence) and that he is her Chief of Surgery.  If she wants Cristina to stay, she needs to figure it out.  It was the first time I think I ever liked Owen.  But now all of a sudden 2 episodes later after seeing him struggle with Cristina and the Chief job, she wants to throw away an amazing career opportunity to stay and help her friend?  What?  When did you become friends again?   I always had a problem with her severing her friendship with Owen but I chalked it up to grief and that when it subsided, she and he would come around.  But that takes time.  They were still on opposite sides not too long ago.  But it’s the season finale so wham, friends again.  I hate that.

So how are we going to get all our Seattle Gracers to stay in Seattle?   If Derek has hand problems and needs rehab and recovery and loses his offer in Boston, I can see the McDreamy’s staying.  I can sort of see Cristina staying after having another life and death experience and not wanting to leave Owen and trying to make it work with him.   Plus with Teddy gone, she can run the cardio show.  I still think it would be slightly out of character for her, but I could deal with it.   But what’s Alex’s excuse.  What POSSIBLE fraud of a reason would he have for giving up Johns Hopkins for Seattle Grace?  I know Rhimes had to do it this way because of the contract situation and not knowing people’s status before writing and shooting the finale, but come on.  Honestly, I would have let Justin Chambers go.  Not because he isn’t a good actor.  He’s awesome actually and I love him!   But his character sucks.  Alex is the same pain in the ass curmudgeon he was when he started.  He hasn’t grown much as a character over the years and quite honestly, I’m tired of him.   He should go to Hopkins and have a great career off-screen.

As for all the talk out there about either Mark or Arizona dying in the season premiere, I don’t know.  My guess would be neither is going anywhere.  If I had to pick one, it would be Mark only because I think his story has run its course, he hasn’t had a real storyline or much to do recently, and it would be fitting to have him join Lexie.  The only reason I think Arizona has a chance is because in the finale, all Callie kept talking about was how great life is right now and all the happiness and joy she has in her life….I’m waiting for the bomb to drop.  But Calzona is pretty popular and if another popular character gets axed, I don’t know how the show lasts after next season.

Speaking of which, I think Grey’s is done.  It’s going into its ninth year, it’s tired, there isn’t a whole lot more I need to see from any of these characters.  I think the 9th season should be the last for GA.  It’s a shell of its former glory.  It was great, then it wasn’t so great, then it was horrible, now it’s tolerable.  Unfortunately, the big four signed for another two years so I think we have to suffer through Grey’s for at least two more years.  And since I’ve watched it this long, I’ll hang in there


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