2012 Fall TV Season Previews Coming This Week!!!

26 Aug

It’s almost here everyone….the new TV season!!!  It is already time to preview the fall season and see what we are all excited about watching whether it be for the first time or a returning show (can’t wait till Castle returns!!!!)

I was going to post two networks today but it was Fantasy Football weekend at my house (my teams are awesome by the way) and it seems my husband’s fraternity brothers decided to hang out much longer than expected.   Which I don’t mind at all because I love those guys but it makes it a bit more challenging to blog.  Plus we had to do a True Blood marathon to get ready for tonight’s finale!!   Which by the way, are you as bored by this season as I am?  I just think there is WAAAAY too much going on with too many characters….but I digress.

So each day/night I’ll do one network and it will be the same format as last year….what’s returning, what’s new, what I’m excited about, what I could care less about, what I am giving a life raft to (one more season), and what to watch for in the new season.

The blog is gearing up for fall.  After you hear what I think, you have to let me know what you think!

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