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2012 Emmy Awards: Quick Thoughts

I have a crazy work day so I need to make this quick.


1. The best part of the night was Amy Poehler and Julia Louis Dreyfuss switching acceptance speeches.  The bit was awesome and it made me even sadder that Poehler didn’t win…AGAIN.   However, if she had to lose, I’m glad it was to JLD because she was fantastic in Veep.

2. The In Memoriam portion was beautifully done.  Classy, elegant, and moving.  I hate when people clap when you see someone’s picture come up.  It can be very awkward when certain people get more applause than others.  So I don’t know if it was directed or that’s how the audience chose to do it, but I’m glad all applause was held until the end.

3. Homeland for the Win!!!!  I had a feeling Claire Danes was going to win Best Actress in a Drama because she was phenomenal, but I wasn’t sure if Damian Lewis could pull off the upset over Bryan Cranston.  And he did!!!!  It was well deserved for both and then they take it home for Best Drama.  Couldn’t be more deserved.

4. Tina Fey and Jon Hamm’s presenter bit.  When is Tina Fey not hilarious and when it Jon Hamm not ridiculously handsome…and funny!

5. Modern Family bit with the actress who plays Lily.  Normally I would look up the young lady’s name but since I am in a HUGE rush this morning…I can’t…I’m sorry little Lily!!!  But that bit was funnier than anything they did all of last season.  It was great!

6. Jon Stewart getting man handled by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon as he goes to accept his 10th Emmy.  Awesome!


1. The poor timing at the award show.   Now I’m not the biggest Modern Family fan, but that was just wrong wrong….twice!!!  Once for the director and once for the big award of Best Comedy did the MF crew not get to say their thank yous.  Same with the writers for Homeland.  I understand you need to keep a tight running ship, but here’s an idea, let’s cut the dumb crap from the show so people who win can have more time to thank people.  Like the insensitive Kimmel “in memorium” skit.  Didn’t need that.  And here’s an idea, let’s move the “reality” tv awards to the same time and venue where Best Guest Star in a Drama/Comedy are awarded so we don’t have to sit through that.  That should cut some time and allow these people who have won the highest award in their craft some time to say a freaking thank you!

2. Jimmy Kimmel’s “In Memorium” to himself.  Not only was this is really bad taste but see point #1 above.

3. Jimmy Kimmel as host.  Never thought he was funny.  Still don’t.

4. The Modern Family category…Best Supporting Actor in Comedy.  I already touched on it when the nominations came out, but it so pissed me off, it needed to be mentioned again.   Do the Emmy voters even watch TV?


1. Jon Cryer winning Best Actor in a comedy.  Now I don’t begrudge Cryer at all.  But come on people???  Are you serious with this?  Even Cryer was completely floored.  Congrats to him, but wow, I don’t get that one.

2. JLD winning Best Actress in a comedy.  I love Veep and JLD.  But this should have been Amy Poehler’s year.  Seriously, who has this woman pissed off that she can’t get any Emmy love?

3. Damian Lewis dethroning Bryan Cranston.  Good for Lewis.  He was beyond amazing in Homeland!!  But I really need to start watching Breaking Bad!

4. Missing and American Horror Story are Miniseries?   HUH?   So if a show gets canceled mid way through its run and only airs 8 episodes, it can be classified as a miniseries?  Ok.  And what’s the excuse for American Horror Story?  It had around 12 episodes and is coming back for another miniseries…oops sorry, season…this year.  So does that mean Suits, Rizzolli & Isles, Dexter, Mad Men, etc are all miniseries?  Well then why the hell wasn’t Suits nominated?

Overall, I liked the show last night because I always like watching my favorite characters/actors rewarded for all their hard work.  That’s the only reason I watch.  I don’t need to be entertained or see how clever the host can be (especially when they’re awful), I just want to see people getting their credit where credit is due.  And to bitch when the people who I want to win, don’t win….HA!  Maybe next year Amy Poehler!!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “Left Field” S4 E2

I’m still recovering from watching this last night.  I didn’t get a chance on Tuesday so I caught up last night.  I saw some buzz about how this episode was a tear-jerker so I promptly stopped reading the internet so as not to be spoiled.  I’m so glad I wasn’t.   Although I must say, I’m watching the whole episode wondering “where the hell is the sad part?”  And then the last 2 minutes happened.


I’m so hit or miss with Crosby.  He’s my least favorite Braverman because I can’t stand how utterly clueless he can be at times and how his self-absorption negatively impacts the people around him, yet it’s never his fault.  But then there are times he’s so awesome, I can see why his family has dropped him off the side of a cliff yet. Last night was not one of those times.

What I liked best about Crosby & Jasmine’s story last night was that it flashed back to the problems in their relationship when they broke up.  The writers didn’t forget about that (cough, cough, Glee.)  Jasmine made a point to say that she knew her controlling side was a big reason why they had their problems so she is trying really hard to lighten up.  With each episode, I’m liking her more and more!!!!   But Crosby doesn’t seem to be making nearly the effort Jasmine is.

Crosby made fun of Adam and Kristina scheduling their time (especially their sex time which will now forever be known as Funkytown!)  There is no way I’ll ever be able to hear that song, and not think of Parenthood.   First off, who does he think he is that he can just take Adam’s phone and start going through it?  Second, Earth to Crosby…most adult have appointments and schedules.  Especially families with children.  My husband and I don’t have children but we still have a schedule and we share it with one another.

After telling Jasmine how lame Adam and Kristina are, he went above and beyond to show how it awesome it was that they were so “unscheduled.”  He didn’t want to commit to a time to going out with friends because of his work schedule so he blew it off.  Ok, that’s not so bad.  Then, Jasmine make a beautiful, healthy dinner and Jabbar wasn’t too happy about it so Crosby said they’ll blow it off and go out for pizza.   That’s bad.  The creme de la creme was when he forgot to pick his own son up from school because he didn’t remember Jasmine telling him.  That’s beyond bad.  I was really pissed at Crosby about the dinner fiasco and I was more mad a Jasmine for letting him get away with it.  She should have excused herself and Crosby from Jabbar, and she should have told Crosby why doing what he did was unacceptable.  The fact that she would even have to EXPLAIN that to him is preposterous, but that’s Crosby.   Seriously, what message does that send to your son that all the time mom just spent making a nice healthy meal for her family was not nearly as important as “bucking the rules” and going out for unhealthy pizza (though sooooo much more delicious than salmon….I’ll give them that!)   How completely disrespectful to Jasmine and what an awful message to send to your child.   Then you forget to pick your child up from school and when your wife is upset about it, you yell at her to calm down and take it easy because it was a simple mistake.   Is he kidding?

Episodes like this are why it’s so hard for me to like the character of Crosby with any consistency.  It obvious how hard Jasmine is trying to compromise for their relationship, yet Crosby is still Crosby.   Yes he agreed to do the calendar thing at the end of the episode, but it shouldn’t have to come to you forgetting your son to do it.  Crosby needs to stop comparing himself and his life to his siblings so he won’t make so many dumb decisions.  But that’s never going to happen so it is what it is.  Poor Jasmine.  I never thought I would say that again!!


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sarah isn’t a good parent.  She loves her children more than anything and I know she would run through fire for them to protect them and keep them safe, but she’s clueless.  I think she wants too much to be their friend instead of their parent.

What we all saw coming in the last episode happened…Amy broke up with Drew.  Sarah then goes into Sarah mode by telling everyone and then acting like an idiot in an effort to help.   Like when Drew got a text and she shouts at him “that’s probably Amy now begging for you to take her back!!!”   Really?  What is wrong with you?  Your son just had his heart-broken for the first time.  How about using some common sense and telling him that if he needs someone to talk to, you are here for him and that you love him.  That’s it.

Then, you tell his most upsetting moment to date to your new boss who barely knows any of you and ask him his advice.  When it’s quite scary, you retreat, but the damage is done.  Drew’s biggest heartbreak is already out there.  Later, Drew is talking to him about it and Hank actually gives him some good’s ok to be sad.  When Sarah goes to see Drew later that night and asks what he and Hank talked about and how she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to talk to Hank about these things, Drew tells her what he said and she has a change of heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah, I just don’t like when she gets weird like this with her kids…especially Drew.  Just be normal. Realize your son may not be comfortable talking to you about this (and having you spew the fact that he was dumped by his girlfriend to everyone in the state of California.)  Give him his space, tell him you’re there for him, and let it go.  And I know it comes from such a good place because she loves her children more than her own life.   That’s why I’m always able to look it past it because I respect how much she wants her children’s lives to be happy and fulfilled.   But Sarah, I’m begging you, give the kid a break!


Like Julia, I haven’t really warmed up to Victor yet.  But this episode helped a little.   Victor was afraid to go to school.  Not sure why, but he was.  He kept playing sick (and lots of video games) in order to avoid school.  Eventually, they got him to go but he wouldn’t get out of the car.  So Julia promised him that she would stay in the parking lot, the whole day, so that if he needed anything, she would be right there.  So he went in.   When it was recess, he came outside and the first thing he did was look for her.  When she waved and smiled, he did it right back.  Heading into the yard, he turned to look for her one more time.   It was so sweet.

Later that night, it’s 3am..I must be lonely!!!!  Sorry, broke into a little Matchbox 20 there.  3am and Joel comes downstairs to find out what Julia’s doing.  She’s catching up on work because she didn’t go to the office and she tells him the whole story.  She thinks Joel is going to be upset with her and he just kisses her and tells her what a great mom she is.  The relief comes over her face as she buries herself into him ready to cry.

I loved this scene.  I love seeing how this is impacting their relationship.  I can imagine that bringing a child around Victor’s age into the house, could tear some families apart.  J&J are getting stronger and closer.  It’s great to see because for so long, Julia was the 9-5er and Joel was Mr. Mom.  Now we see Joel getting his career back off the ground while Julia is making more sacrifices to stay at home when necessary.  It’s a 100% partnership with them.

I have to wonder how that’s going to impact Sydney?  So far, she’s been great during this whole thing.  But I have to believe that at some point, she’s going to rebel.  And it’s going to be against Julia.   Julia didn’t sacrifice work to stay home for Sydney (at least not that we saw) and Julia is letting Victor do things Sydney was never allowed to do.  She only a kid.   I’m waiting for her to act like one and pitch a fit over this…LOL!


Nora is flipping adorable.  That’s really all she brings to the table right now is cuteness galore.  So it had to be mentioned.

I’m not going to get too much into the dog thing other than to say, how cute were those Golden Retrievers?  I wanted to take them all home with me.  I’ve brought this up before but I would love to talk to someone who has experience with kids with Aspberger’s.   How much of Max’s behavior is the autism and how much of it is him misbehaving?   And how can you tell the difference?  When he was screaming at Adam to “write the check, write the check” I just wanted Adam to yell back, “hey when you make the money, you can make the demands.  Until then, shut it.”  But I don’t know if that’s the autism or not.  I can see how his reaction to learning the dog was sold is a result of the autism as well as when he was correcting Adam colloquialisms.  But that scene I wasn’t too sure.

Up until the end of the episode, I was wondering when the tears were supposed to hit.  Because when I read the episode will be a tear-jerker, I’m thinking it should have happened by now.  Those people who said that were lying!!!!   OH NO!!!!  And not only did a few tears fall from eyes, I was inconsolably crying…even 10 minutes after the show stopped.  Even now it’s taking everything I have not to start again.

I loved the way this scene was filmed.  There was no dialogue.  You just watch what is happening at a distance and you let their expressions tell the story.  I’ve said every season, there is no better facial actor on the show than Monica Potter.  In fact, I think she’s the best on all of TV right now.  Starting with her mammogram, there is no script.  Just a song so moving, I thought I was watching the Sarah McLachlin/SPCA commercial.   In case you’re wondering what the song was, it’s Iron & Wine’s Naked As We Came (click to hear.)   All we see is the test, Kristina being called in for the results, her reaction to the news, Kristina driving to meet Adam and Max picking up the dog, Adam seeing her and knowing something is wrong, Kristina putting on a brave face for Max, Adam coming to her and Kristina telling him the results of her exam, and the hug.   What a scene.  As always, Potter hits it out of the park, but Peter Krause really brought it even during his brief moment when he hears the news.  It was so touching and sad.  I just wanted to run through my TV and bear hug them and tell them it was going to be ok.   But will it?   Parenthood is at it’s best when the family rallies around one another.   Kristina and Adam are really going to need it, I have a feeling.

BEST.SHOW.ON.TV.  PERIOD.  The writing, the acting, the music…everything.  The Best.   Well, this and The Good Wife.

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NEW PODCAST: Episode 30 Discusses New Shows Go On, The Mob Doctor, Revolution and More!

Episode 30 of For the Love of TV podcast is now up here.  Check it out or download from iTunes.   Episode 30 discusses the following shows:

  1. The Mob Doctor Series Premiere
  2. Go On
  3. The New Normal
  4. Guys with Kids
  5. Revolution Series Premiere
  6. Bones Season Premiere

Let me know what you think!

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SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: The Mob Doctor “Pilot” S1 E1

This will be a short one considering the ratings last night.  In my predictions podcast, I had The Mob Doctor as my 2nd runner-up to Guys with Kids as the First Canceled Show of the season.  Well, looks like that will be my first wrong prediction because I don’t think The Mob Doctor makes it past the 1st week in October.

The premise is great…a great doctor with ties to the mob having to keep her connection secret from her job and her boyfriend.  Because of this connection, she’s constantly having to cross the line of ethics with her work and the safety of her family.     Sounds awesome right?  Well, it’s not.

The biggest issue I had was that the baseline of the story was never really developed well because there was so much going on.  It was a mess.  With a show named The Mob Doctor, the first thing I want to know is how is she connected with the mob?  Now they did explain that her brother got into trouble with the wrong crowd so she agreed to do somethings for them to help pay back his debt.  But in the scenes with James Carpinello and William Forsythe, I got the impression there was a connection long before her brother getting into any trouble.  So what was it?   I would have liked establishing some clear connection in the pilot but that didn’t happen.  Forsythe made the comment when Jordana Spiro’s Dr. Grace Devlin was treating him in his home that she was always like family to him.  He was asking sweetly about her mother, they were quoting poetry together.  So how did that start?  How did they get this “friendship” started?   I don’t know how you don’t clearly lay that out in the pilot or at least give the viewers some insight into their relationship.

Then you have her chaotic work life where she appears to be one of the top doctors in the hospital.  She’s similar to Jada Pinkett’s Smith character, Christina, on Hawthorne, where she’s the best but she doesn’t follow the rules and she always bends them to get what she wants and everyone in the hospital bows down to her as a result, because she’s the best.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  But worse than that, was everything that went down.  First there was a boy she operated on and for some reason was pulled from that case.  Later the boy died because the attending dismissed her care notes and the following doctor followed the attendings instructions instead.  Oh and by the way, Grace and this other female doctor get along as well as Crystal Carrington and Alexis Colby.  Showing my age with that reference.  Then, she calls out said attending for his bad treatment to the chief of surgery and asks he be brought up to the review board.   She’s really making friends that Grace.  While all that is going on, the daughter of a friend of her mother’s, who’s 14, comes in and she’s pregnant.  Grace wants to terminate her pregnancy so her father doesn’t kill and she can still go to private school on an athletic scholarship.  QB1, her boyfriend, (also a TV reference not deeply entrenched in 80s flashbacks) doesn’t like this idea, especially not after she lies to the father and tells him it’s a ruptured ovarian cyst they need to remove.    Finally, Grace is doing a landmark surgery with the chief on a mob informant.  However, Michael Rapaport wants him dead and wants Grace to do it during the surgery or else he’s going after her brother.   I’m not kidding.  This was ALL happening in the pilot.   Talk about aggressive.  It was too much!  All that didn’t need to happen in the pilot.   I don’t think that much happened in the pilot of Lost.  And that was just her work life.

Cut to her personal life where she seems like she could care less about her mother, who is in remission from cancer.  And her brother is a little asshole who gives her nothing but crap during every scene they are in together.  Hey jerk off, you know your sister is the one who bailed you out after doing…whatever it is you did that the writers didn’t feel was important enough to share with us.  In the 7 minutes we dealt with her family, I hated the brother, and Grace went down a few notches in my eyes for being such a bitch to her mother, who seems a delightful woman.

So what’s wrong with the show?  I can’t tell if I like Grace or not.  All she did was run from her job, to her house, back to her job, to the mob garage, back to her job, back to her house, to a mob boss’ house, and back to her job.   Spiro must have lost 5 pounds just running from place to place in this episode.  At certain points she was very endearing and at others she was very distant.  I think she was trying to play tough but it really came across as confused and scared.  She seemed to be running around the whole time with this “what the hell is going on” look on her face.  It’s probably representative of how the audience felt watching this pilot.  And even thought there weren’t that many characters introduced, I still felt like I didn’t get a chance to really know any of them…except maybe Forsythe’s Constantine (great name for mob boss by the way.)  I think I liked him the most.  What does that say?  I’m rooting for the mob boss.  Yikes!

In all seriousness, the premise of the show is good, but the execution is terrible.  It’s all over the place and the characters have no identity.  It’s a lot like another recent show, The Cape.  And we all know how that turned out.  Sadly, I don’t think this show is going to have a chance to see if it can right itself and be the show it has the potential to be.  Especially not on FOX who is faster to pull shows than Usain Bolt is to running 100M dashes.  See, the references got a lot more recent by the end!

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SEASON PREMIERE RECAP & REVIEW: Bones “The Future in the Past” S8 E1

Bones is back!  And with REALLY bad hair….poor girl.  When last we saw B&B and our favorites squints, Pelant had set Brennan up for murder, Caroline and Booth for assisting her or covering up what they new, and Brennan went on the run with Christine and her dad until her name was cleared.

Let’s get right into with Pelant. I love the episodes revolving around his character and Andrew Leeds is brilliant in the part.  I love psychological killers.  Nothing scares me more than really intelligent people who can think 10 steps ahead of everyone else and are so sinister and take so much pleasure in toying with people’s heads.   That’s Pelant.  Especially since Brennan is as smart as she is and Pelant has been playing her like a fiddle.  Bones and Hart Hanson have done a fantastic job with this arc.  I’m not going to lie, I was slightly upset when they captured him (for a few reasons) because I thought that was the end of Pelant.  But my husband and I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  My fear was it was going to be Pelant somehow killing one of our own. But it turned out, Pelant was not who he said he was and was able to get out and extradited back to Egypt.  Say what now?   Let’s think about this for a moment…

When this first happened, both my husband and I thought “it shouldn’t matter who he says he is because the evidence still point to him.”   The more I thought about it, that’s not exactly true.  When Brennan “solved” the murder of Pelant’s guidance counselor and was able to nail him for it, it left me with an uneasy feeling.  Brennan always needs 100% conclusive forensic evidence before declaring her findings.  But not in this case.  There were no finger prints.  No DNA tying Pelant.  Only the idea that he was once heavy-set because his gait appeared altered as if someone who used to carry around lots of weight on his joints was no longer carrying it around.  Therefore, he would need a lighter weapon (like a sword) to kill the counselor.  Well that’s great, but where’s the proof?  All of Pelant’s high school pictures were forged (foreshadowing.)  So how could they scientifically prove that?  Then there was the part about Max having lunch with Pelant’s father who told him about being either a WWII vet or someone who collects WWII memorabilia (I can’t remember) therefore remembering his father had a sword that could match the murder weapon.  Well wasn’t that convenient.  The “solving” of this case really bothered me and it felt forced and fast and very shoddy for the usually particular Dr. Brennan.  Maybe it was the really bad wig throwing her off.  Seriously couldn’t they find Deschanel a better hair piece than that?   Sweet Jesus.

So as a result of no real forensic evidence, it doesn’t matter if he’s Christopher Pelant or Christopher Reeve, there’s nothing tying him to the murder.  Now, there is all the copious amounts of circumstantial evidence piled up against Pelant.  But guess what, if he isn’t really Pelant, then nothing is tied to HIM.  All the fingerprints on Pelant say he is Bassam El Fayette (I think), and Egyptian national.  Back to Egypt he goes and out of FBI custody and jail.   Uh oh, guess this saga isn’t over just yet.     But the biggest twist of the night came at the very end.  As Pelant was walking out the door, he hands Brennan a Marigold.  Apparently a Marigold represents grief and pain.   Who knew a flower could be so cheery in its message?   She throws it in the trash.  We then see a hand reach down and pluck it out of the trash.   The hand belonged to Special Agent Seeley Booth!!!   Well shit, now that would be a twist!!!!  But no.  It was Special Agent Hayes Flynn (Reed Diamond.)

Now I’ve read some people’s thoughts on this who took that to mean that Flynn is going to go after Pelant in his new role in Domestic Terrorism.  I didn’t take it that way AT ALL.  I think it meant that Flynn and Pelant have been working together.  I also read people who took this as Pelant changed his identity to Fayette while in jail.  Again, I don’t agree with that.  Either one of two things happened.  Pelant didn’t change his identity from jail, Flynn did it for him.  Or, Pelant was never Pelant…that was the false identity…he was Fayette all the time.  That’s the one I’m going with.  I think he had a backup plan in place so that if he ever was arrested, his partner could easily erase his fraudulent life and become who he really is…with no criminal ties to him at all.  Pelant always thinks 10 steps ahead.  And that didn’t change here.  He was prepared for this to possibly happen and when it did, he knew exactly what he needed to do to get out of it.

The big question is, how will this all end?  I don’t think it’s going to be with Booth arresting Pelant for good like we thought happened last night.  I think it will be with one of our tried and true, killing him.  That was made pretty clear when Hodgins had his hands around Pelant’s throat and was squeezing with everything he had.  Hodgins later told Sweets about this and he told Sweets that he could tell in Pelant’s eyes that he wanted him to kill him.  Flash to later in the episode when Sweets was talking to Angela and Brennan about Ethan’s code and told them that Pelant is even scarier now because he wants one of them to kill him.  Max also mentioned to Booth that the only way this is really going to end is if Pelant is dead.   So I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that’s how it’s going to go down.  The question is who will kill Pelant.   And as sinister as this sounds to say, I hope it’s someone significant. It can’t be Brennan or Booth…it will be too easy to get around that.  But I hope it’s Cam or Angela or Sweet…someone we aren’t expecting and I hope it has major consequences.  I’m not saying I want any of those people to leave the show, I just think from a story telling aspect that it would be sooo much more interesting to see that fallout!   But if I had to guess now, I think Brennan’s life will be in danger and Max will be the one to kill him and somehow Max will die as well.  I don’t know how that all plays out, but that’s my guess.

What did you think of the Bones premiere and are you enjoying the Pelant arc as much as I am?

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I know we are going onto episode three tomorrow night but I’m just getting around to talking about Go On.  Go On is the return of Matthew Perry (again) to headline a show.  Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Mr. Sunshine failed miserably.  So will the 3rd time be the charm for Perry?  Not only do I hope so, but I believe it will be.


Matthew Perry is leading man Ryan King…a snarky sports broadcaster who recently lost his wife in an automobile accident.  To deal with the tragedy of losing his wife, his company insists he enroll in group counseling.  The group is led by Lauren (Laura Benanti) who we learn has no background or expertise in psychiatry but has lost 40 pounds through Weight Watchers and became one of their leading motivators.  Joining Lauren is a calamity of characters with some wacky problems (like Sonya, who uses cats as a substitute for issues with her boyfriend) to serious issues (like Owen, whose brother is in a coma after a terrible accident and Owen really struggles with talking about it.)


The cast is solid.  Perry is his typical charming, witty self.  I know there are many people who don’t like Perry because they feel he plays Chandler Bing with every roll.  But I don’t think that’s the case (see his guest role on The Good Wife.)  Perry is playing a beguiling, funny, witty, sharp character that was popularized by playing Chandler Bing.  And as a result, when shows are looking for someone to play a character with those types of qualities, Perry fits the bill perfectly.  It’s the same with Jack Nicholson.  If you need a womanizing asshole with a wise ass sense of humor, who’s better than Nicholson?   No one!  Same here.  And since I love Perry, I’ll watch him any day of the week.  He wasn’t what killed those last few shows….the writing did.  But that’s not the case here.

The rest of the cast is very complimentary.  It’s a fine line between quirky and lovable and annoying and stupid.  Especially when trying to write about a cast of people in group therapy for many different reasons.  It can’t be too sad, or sappy, or out there…then you turn people off.  But so far, the writers and the cast have done an excellent job of selling funny, weird, and sentimental.  I loved the scene in the second episode where Ryan takes George (who’s blind) to a Lakers game and Ryan is giving George the play-by-play.  George tells him to knock it off, because he’s driving him crazy, and to close his eyes and listen the game.  It will tell you all you need to know.  So far though, I like everyone…especially Anne, Owen, and George.

I read one review where the critic talked about this show having a Community feel to it.  And I think they’re right.  Community is about a common element bringing a group of people together who would never normally socialize with one another.  Go On has that same premise.  I love seeing all these different personalities meshing together.


Right now, not much.  The only thing I will say is that Benanti hasn’t had a chance to really shine yet.  So far she’s been rather boring…which pains me to say after watching her Tony Winning performance in Gypsy on Broadway.  She’s amazing!!   But in this role, she’s really dull around this wacky, motley crew.  It’s early, so I’m holding out hope she gets better as we get to know her more.

John Cho is also pretty wasted in his role.  He only shows up sparingly so I’m not sure what the direction for his character is moving forward.  Again, it’s early so they may figure something out.


Overall, I like this show and will keep watching it.  At first I thought the potential love interest for Perry’s Ryan would be Benanti’s Lauren.  After episode 2, I’m now thinking it might be his assistant, Carrie (Allison Miller) or we may have a bit of a triangle…even though there has been no indication of a romantic relationship between Lauren and Ryan yet.  It’s still way too early after the loss of his wife, but you know it’s coming.  But since I’m in no rush for that, just keep bringing on the comedy surrounding the therapy group and I’m good!

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This bit of news made me very happy this morning!!!!   Showtime has renewed Episodes for a nine episode Season 3 run.   Yeah!!!  I don’t know why it couldn’t have been more but beggars can’t be choosers.  I’m just happy one of my favorite comedies will be back next year!!

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