NEW PODCAST: Episode 29 Covers 2012 Fall TV Season Predictions!

06 Sep

A new For the Love of TV Podcast is up here.   Click on the link and check it out or head to iTunes and download it and subscribe!

So what are the 2012 Fall TV Predictions.   Basically I take the zero to little knowledge I have about the new fall season and I predict exactly what’s going to happen.  I bet you didn’t know I also go by the name of Shawn Spencer!   What am I predicting?   See for yourself….

  1. Best New Show
  2. First Show Canceled
  3. Worst New Show
  4. Best Show in Second Season
  5. Struggling Show in Second Season
  6. Show People Will Go Craziest Over
  7. Best Newcomer (Comedy)
  8. Best Newcomer (Drama)
  9. Most Controversial New Character
  10. Best Actor/Actress on a Bad Show
  11. Actor/Actress Who I Most Want To Succeed
  12. Best Rebound Show
  13. Best Overall Show
  14. Worst Overall Show
  15. Established Show to End/Get Canceled

If you want to know what I think, you have to check out the podcast!!!  And then let me know what your predictions are, back here.

Remember this is all in good fun.  How the hell could I possibly know all this when I haven’t seen all of the new shows?  I think that’s what makes it even funnier.  I am willing to show just how bad I am at this and make it permanent for all to mock at the end of the season.

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