RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “Left Field” S4 E2

20 Sep

I’m still recovering from watching this last night.  I didn’t get a chance on Tuesday so I caught up last night.  I saw some buzz about how this episode was a tear-jerker so I promptly stopped reading the internet so as not to be spoiled.  I’m so glad I wasn’t.   Although I must say, I’m watching the whole episode wondering “where the hell is the sad part?”  And then the last 2 minutes happened.


I’m so hit or miss with Crosby.  He’s my least favorite Braverman because I can’t stand how utterly clueless he can be at times and how his self-absorption negatively impacts the people around him, yet it’s never his fault.  But then there are times he’s so awesome, I can see why his family has dropped him off the side of a cliff yet. Last night was not one of those times.

What I liked best about Crosby & Jasmine’s story last night was that it flashed back to the problems in their relationship when they broke up.  The writers didn’t forget about that (cough, cough, Glee.)  Jasmine made a point to say that she knew her controlling side was a big reason why they had their problems so she is trying really hard to lighten up.  With each episode, I’m liking her more and more!!!!   But Crosby doesn’t seem to be making nearly the effort Jasmine is.

Crosby made fun of Adam and Kristina scheduling their time (especially their sex time which will now forever be known as Funkytown!)  There is no way I’ll ever be able to hear that song, and not think of Parenthood.   First off, who does he think he is that he can just take Adam’s phone and start going through it?  Second, Earth to Crosby…most adult have appointments and schedules.  Especially families with children.  My husband and I don’t have children but we still have a schedule and we share it with one another.

After telling Jasmine how lame Adam and Kristina are, he went above and beyond to show how it awesome it was that they were so “unscheduled.”  He didn’t want to commit to a time to going out with friends because of his work schedule so he blew it off.  Ok, that’s not so bad.  Then, Jasmine make a beautiful, healthy dinner and Jabbar wasn’t too happy about it so Crosby said they’ll blow it off and go out for pizza.   That’s bad.  The creme de la creme was when he forgot to pick his own son up from school because he didn’t remember Jasmine telling him.  That’s beyond bad.  I was really pissed at Crosby about the dinner fiasco and I was more mad a Jasmine for letting him get away with it.  She should have excused herself and Crosby from Jabbar, and she should have told Crosby why doing what he did was unacceptable.  The fact that she would even have to EXPLAIN that to him is preposterous, but that’s Crosby.   Seriously, what message does that send to your son that all the time mom just spent making a nice healthy meal for her family was not nearly as important as “bucking the rules” and going out for unhealthy pizza (though sooooo much more delicious than salmon….I’ll give them that!)   How completely disrespectful to Jasmine and what an awful message to send to your child.   Then you forget to pick your child up from school and when your wife is upset about it, you yell at her to calm down and take it easy because it was a simple mistake.   Is he kidding?

Episodes like this are why it’s so hard for me to like the character of Crosby with any consistency.  It obvious how hard Jasmine is trying to compromise for their relationship, yet Crosby is still Crosby.   Yes he agreed to do the calendar thing at the end of the episode, but it shouldn’t have to come to you forgetting your son to do it.  Crosby needs to stop comparing himself and his life to his siblings so he won’t make so many dumb decisions.  But that’s never going to happen so it is what it is.  Poor Jasmine.  I never thought I would say that again!!


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Sarah isn’t a good parent.  She loves her children more than anything and I know she would run through fire for them to protect them and keep them safe, but she’s clueless.  I think she wants too much to be their friend instead of their parent.

What we all saw coming in the last episode happened…Amy broke up with Drew.  Sarah then goes into Sarah mode by telling everyone and then acting like an idiot in an effort to help.   Like when Drew got a text and she shouts at him “that’s probably Amy now begging for you to take her back!!!”   Really?  What is wrong with you?  Your son just had his heart-broken for the first time.  How about using some common sense and telling him that if he needs someone to talk to, you are here for him and that you love him.  That’s it.

Then, you tell his most upsetting moment to date to your new boss who barely knows any of you and ask him his advice.  When it’s quite scary, you retreat, but the damage is done.  Drew’s biggest heartbreak is already out there.  Later, Drew is talking to him about it and Hank actually gives him some good’s ok to be sad.  When Sarah goes to see Drew later that night and asks what he and Hank talked about and how she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to talk to Hank about these things, Drew tells her what he said and she has a change of heart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sarah, I just don’t like when she gets weird like this with her kids…especially Drew.  Just be normal. Realize your son may not be comfortable talking to you about this (and having you spew the fact that he was dumped by his girlfriend to everyone in the state of California.)  Give him his space, tell him you’re there for him, and let it go.  And I know it comes from such a good place because she loves her children more than her own life.   That’s why I’m always able to look it past it because I respect how much she wants her children’s lives to be happy and fulfilled.   But Sarah, I’m begging you, give the kid a break!


Like Julia, I haven’t really warmed up to Victor yet.  But this episode helped a little.   Victor was afraid to go to school.  Not sure why, but he was.  He kept playing sick (and lots of video games) in order to avoid school.  Eventually, they got him to go but he wouldn’t get out of the car.  So Julia promised him that she would stay in the parking lot, the whole day, so that if he needed anything, she would be right there.  So he went in.   When it was recess, he came outside and the first thing he did was look for her.  When she waved and smiled, he did it right back.  Heading into the yard, he turned to look for her one more time.   It was so sweet.

Later that night, it’s 3am..I must be lonely!!!!  Sorry, broke into a little Matchbox 20 there.  3am and Joel comes downstairs to find out what Julia’s doing.  She’s catching up on work because she didn’t go to the office and she tells him the whole story.  She thinks Joel is going to be upset with her and he just kisses her and tells her what a great mom she is.  The relief comes over her face as she buries herself into him ready to cry.

I loved this scene.  I love seeing how this is impacting their relationship.  I can imagine that bringing a child around Victor’s age into the house, could tear some families apart.  J&J are getting stronger and closer.  It’s great to see because for so long, Julia was the 9-5er and Joel was Mr. Mom.  Now we see Joel getting his career back off the ground while Julia is making more sacrifices to stay at home when necessary.  It’s a 100% partnership with them.

I have to wonder how that’s going to impact Sydney?  So far, she’s been great during this whole thing.  But I have to believe that at some point, she’s going to rebel.  And it’s going to be against Julia.   Julia didn’t sacrifice work to stay home for Sydney (at least not that we saw) and Julia is letting Victor do things Sydney was never allowed to do.  She only a kid.   I’m waiting for her to act like one and pitch a fit over this…LOL!


Nora is flipping adorable.  That’s really all she brings to the table right now is cuteness galore.  So it had to be mentioned.

I’m not going to get too much into the dog thing other than to say, how cute were those Golden Retrievers?  I wanted to take them all home with me.  I’ve brought this up before but I would love to talk to someone who has experience with kids with Aspberger’s.   How much of Max’s behavior is the autism and how much of it is him misbehaving?   And how can you tell the difference?  When he was screaming at Adam to “write the check, write the check” I just wanted Adam to yell back, “hey when you make the money, you can make the demands.  Until then, shut it.”  But I don’t know if that’s the autism or not.  I can see how his reaction to learning the dog was sold is a result of the autism as well as when he was correcting Adam colloquialisms.  But that scene I wasn’t too sure.

Up until the end of the episode, I was wondering when the tears were supposed to hit.  Because when I read the episode will be a tear-jerker, I’m thinking it should have happened by now.  Those people who said that were lying!!!!   OH NO!!!!  And not only did a few tears fall from eyes, I was inconsolably crying…even 10 minutes after the show stopped.  Even now it’s taking everything I have not to start again.

I loved the way this scene was filmed.  There was no dialogue.  You just watch what is happening at a distance and you let their expressions tell the story.  I’ve said every season, there is no better facial actor on the show than Monica Potter.  In fact, I think she’s the best on all of TV right now.  Starting with her mammogram, there is no script.  Just a song so moving, I thought I was watching the Sarah McLachlin/SPCA commercial.   In case you’re wondering what the song was, it’s Iron & Wine’s Naked As We Came (click to hear.)   All we see is the test, Kristina being called in for the results, her reaction to the news, Kristina driving to meet Adam and Max picking up the dog, Adam seeing her and knowing something is wrong, Kristina putting on a brave face for Max, Adam coming to her and Kristina telling him the results of her exam, and the hug.   What a scene.  As always, Potter hits it out of the park, but Peter Krause really brought it even during his brief moment when he hears the news.  It was so touching and sad.  I just wanted to run through my TV and bear hug them and tell them it was going to be ok.   But will it?   Parenthood is at it’s best when the family rallies around one another.   Kristina and Adam are really going to need it, I have a feeling.

BEST.SHOW.ON.TV.  PERIOD.  The writing, the acting, the music…everything.  The Best.   Well, this and The Good Wife.

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