2012 Emmy Awards: Quick Thoughts

24 Sep

I have a crazy work day so I need to make this quick.


1. The best part of the night was Amy Poehler and Julia Louis Dreyfuss switching acceptance speeches.  The bit was awesome and it made me even sadder that Poehler didn’t win…AGAIN.   However, if she had to lose, I’m glad it was to JLD because she was fantastic in Veep.

2. The In Memoriam portion was beautifully done.  Classy, elegant, and moving.  I hate when people clap when you see someone’s picture come up.  It can be very awkward when certain people get more applause than others.  So I don’t know if it was directed or that’s how the audience chose to do it, but I’m glad all applause was held until the end.

3. Homeland for the Win!!!!  I had a feeling Claire Danes was going to win Best Actress in a Drama because she was phenomenal, but I wasn’t sure if Damian Lewis could pull off the upset over Bryan Cranston.  And he did!!!!  It was well deserved for both and then they take it home for Best Drama.  Couldn’t be more deserved.

4. Tina Fey and Jon Hamm’s presenter bit.  When is Tina Fey not hilarious and when it Jon Hamm not ridiculously handsome…and funny!

5. Modern Family bit with the actress who plays Lily.  Normally I would look up the young lady’s name but since I am in a HUGE rush this morning…I can’t…I’m sorry little Lily!!!  But that bit was funnier than anything they did all of last season.  It was great!

6. Jon Stewart getting man handled by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon as he goes to accept his 10th Emmy.  Awesome!


1. The poor timing at the award show.   Now I’m not the biggest Modern Family fan, but that was just wrong wrong….twice!!!  Once for the director and once for the big award of Best Comedy did the MF crew not get to say their thank yous.  Same with the writers for Homeland.  I understand you need to keep a tight running ship, but here’s an idea, let’s cut the dumb crap from the show so people who win can have more time to thank people.  Like the insensitive Kimmel “in memorium” skit.  Didn’t need that.  And here’s an idea, let’s move the “reality” tv awards to the same time and venue where Best Guest Star in a Drama/Comedy are awarded so we don’t have to sit through that.  That should cut some time and allow these people who have won the highest award in their craft some time to say a freaking thank you!

2. Jimmy Kimmel’s “In Memorium” to himself.  Not only was this is really bad taste but see point #1 above.

3. Jimmy Kimmel as host.  Never thought he was funny.  Still don’t.

4. The Modern Family category…Best Supporting Actor in Comedy.  I already touched on it when the nominations came out, but it so pissed me off, it needed to be mentioned again.   Do the Emmy voters even watch TV?


1. Jon Cryer winning Best Actor in a comedy.  Now I don’t begrudge Cryer at all.  But come on people???  Are you serious with this?  Even Cryer was completely floored.  Congrats to him, but wow, I don’t get that one.

2. JLD winning Best Actress in a comedy.  I love Veep and JLD.  But this should have been Amy Poehler’s year.  Seriously, who has this woman pissed off that she can’t get any Emmy love?

3. Damian Lewis dethroning Bryan Cranston.  Good for Lewis.  He was beyond amazing in Homeland!!  But I really need to start watching Breaking Bad!

4. Missing and American Horror Story are Miniseries?   HUH?   So if a show gets canceled mid way through its run and only airs 8 episodes, it can be classified as a miniseries?  Ok.  And what’s the excuse for American Horror Story?  It had around 12 episodes and is coming back for another miniseries…oops sorry, season…this year.  So does that mean Suits, Rizzolli & Isles, Dexter, Mad Men, etc are all miniseries?  Well then why the hell wasn’t Suits nominated?

Overall, I liked the show last night because I always like watching my favorite characters/actors rewarded for all their hard work.  That’s the only reason I watch.  I don’t need to be entertained or see how clever the host can be (especially when they’re awful), I just want to see people getting their credit where credit is due.  And to bitch when the people who I want to win, don’t win….HA!  Maybe next year Amy Poehler!!!!

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