RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood

25 Oct

I think the people from Kleenex and Johnson and Johnson should give the producers of Parenthood a nice portion of their incremental profits from this year due to all the tissues and Tylenol I’ve been using during each episode.  I don’t know if I can take much more.  Oh who am I kidding….of course I can!!!!!

This season is really defined by Kristina’s cancer storyline and I couldn’t be happier with putting Monica Potter front and center.  Maybe now she’ll get some Emmy love.  Wait who am I kidding, she’s not on Modern Family.  Anyhoo, last week Kristina went in for her surgery only to find out that while the cancerous lump was removed successfully, the doctor still had some bad news.  The cancer found was a more aggressive form than previously thought and one of her lymph nodes also had cancer in it.  So Kristina is still up for quite a battle.

There has been a lot of discussion out there about how Adam and Kristina handled telling Haddie.  I’m torn on this one.  On one hand, how do you lie to your daughter about something so serious?  I know they don’t want her to worry, I know they want her to go to school.  But come on.  She’s an adult.  You can’t expect your daughter to act like an adult and then you treat her like a child when it really counts.  On the other hand, if that’s how Kristina wants to handle it, that’s her right.  And if they want to insist their daughter go to school that they are paying for, they have that right.   I have to imagine if things got really bad, they would tell Haddie to come home right away.  But if I had to pick one side or the other, I would have to go with they made a mistake and should have told Haddie.  What’s delaying college one semester or even a year if it means being around your mom and family if, God forbid, something happens to her.

As weird as this sounds, I love to see how this has impacted the extended Braverman family…more so Amber and Crosby.  I never really thought of Amber and Kristina as close.  But then I remembered her working for Kristina and all the times Amber was there for Max and I realized that they are pretty close.  It was painful to watch Amber on her first date with Ryan not be able to hold it together as she was thinking about her aunt.  (More on Amber and Ryan in a bit.)   But what really struck me was Crosby’s response.  Crosby and Kristina, to be kind, haven’t always seen eye to eye and gotten along.  In fact, there were times they down right disliked each other.  But Crosby was one of the first people to jump at the chance to help.  Even though in typical Crosby fashion, it had to be all about him.  When he asked Adam for something to do to help, Crosby didn’t like the task Adam gave him and wanted something more important to do.  Finally after whining for a while, Adam gave him the responsibility of getting Kristina her last meal before the surgery…which she had to eat by a certain time.  I really thought Crosby was going to be late and miss the food cut-off time but he showed up just in time and Kristina was really very sweet about it.  But the sweetest part was when Crosby hugged her, he couldn’t let go of her.  Oh, it was so touching!

I wonder where this storyline is going to go this season.  Do you think the writers would actually go down the path of killing Kristina?  Most people say no, but I don’t know.  This show has always done what’s in the best interest of the story and I think it would be an amazing story to see what would happen after losing Kristina. Not that I want ANYTHING to happen to Kristina because I would be devastated if Monica Potter was no longer on Parenthood anymore.   But you know what?  I’m not ruling it out as a real possibility!

Can I just say that Sarah’s character is really annoying the crap out of me this season?  I hate to say that because I LOOOOOOOOOVE Lauren Graham.  But I just want to drop Sarah off the side of a cliff.  What a terrible parent she is sometimes.  I really don’t understand how anyone with any morsel of a brain cell would think moving in with Mark after what happened with Hank was a good idea.  AND, not only do you rush this moving in thing, you do it with your 17-year-old son and without thinking a lick of how it would impact him.  Actually, she had already thought about how it would impact Drew and she knew it would be bad.  That’s why she originally told Mark she didn’t want to move forward with anything until after Drew graduated.  So much for that.  All because of one kiss.  If that doesn’t send off warning signs and alarms, I don’t know what will.  But Lord is she driving me crazy.

I’m going to go on record right now and say that I am 100% fully on the Amber/Ryan band wagon.  I love this storyline with her.  Amber has always had MISERABLE luck with men.  And now we know why…because Matt Lauria (Ryan) had to come along with his amazing smile and looks and sweep her off my feet….oops, I mean her feet.  Amber really deserves a good guy and a good heart and even though there’s a big back story with Ryan (I think) and more layers of him to peel back, I think he’s going to be a keeper for Amber!!!

The only thing I ask the writers…please give us a little more Julia and Joel?  This is shaping up to be a really fascinating storyline and I want it to be given the respect it deserves.  So please, more J&J and less Sarah and her insanity.   Thank you!

So what are your thoughts on Parenthood so far.  And where do you think this storyline with Kristina will end up?

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