RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Probable Cause” Season 5 Episode 5

02 Nov

Best.  Castle.  Ever.   To me, it’s a real testament to the writers and the actors when you know what the outcome is going to be and you’re still anxiously watching the episode with excitement and anticipation…that’s what this episode was for me.

I’m going to get my one pet peeve out-of-the-way right now so I can focus on all the delicious good stuff.  ABC, you ruined the surprise for me when you listed the actors at the beginning of the show.  I’m sure most people don’t know who Michael Mosley is.   Or if your like me with a lot of actors, you know the face because you’ve seen them in virtually every show (which was Margo Martindale for me for years) but you’re not sure of their name.   But for me, I know exactly who Michael Mosley is, because I think he’s excellent, and so when I saw the “Guest Starring” and underneath it “Michael Mosley” I knew it would be a 3XK episode.   I bit of advice, if you want to pull off a big “ta da” moment in the episode, for those of us (me and his mother) who know who he is, it would have been a bigger “TA DA!!!!!” moment had I not known he was in the episode.  Just eliminate his name!!  Shows have done that before when they don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Hell you did it for Revenge this year when you left Madeline Stowe’s name off the opening credits to not give the surprise away.  Not that it was much of a surprise but I digress.  I’m begging you (and this goes for everyone, not just Castle and ABC) for those of us insane TV fans who knows the actors playing key characters, if you want to have a big reveal, don’t put the actor’s name in the credits!  Simple.  Easy.   Done.  I’ve said my piece.

As for the episode itself….wow!!!!  What an amazing job all the way around.   Think about it.   You know Castle isn’t guilty of murder and (me and Mrs. Mosley) knew who was behind it.  But it didn’t matter.  It was still so riveting to watch how this was all going to play out.   And even though we knew Castle would be innocent and 3XK was involved, Beckett didn’t.  Ryan and Esposito didn’t.  So I was happy to take that ride with them.  Castle, at this point, is all about these characters.   I’m invested in this show because I’m invested in these characters.  Whether we have a light-hearted Castle, a serious Castle, a romantic Castle, or serialized Castle, every Castle works because of the actors/characters.   You can see it in every scene in this episode.  When Kate is sitting with Esposito, and she calls him Javi instead of Esposito, and she’s talking about helping Castle and Javi says that he loves him too but that he has to follow the evidence (more on that later.)  And then the scene with Lanie and Beckett where Kate is pouring her soul out to Lanie.  When I watch this show, I really feel as though these people would run through fire for each other.  It’s why, when the story is somewhat transparent, it doesn’t matter because I still don’t know how it will impact the characters and how they will handle it.  And that is what I really want to see as much as how the storyline will play itself out.

There seemed to be much debate, surprisingly to me, over Beckett and the Boys reaction to Castle and the charges against him.  I was shocked to hear and read that some people thought they were too easy to believe the evidence and not Castle.  First off, I don’t think that’s what happened.  Second, that’s their job.  That’s why they’re so good.  Not because they go soft on each other but because they do what is their duty…find the truth.  As Esposito said, if it was anyone else, they would follow the evidence wherever it took them and go from there.  Until they could find a reasonable explanation, they had no other choice.  I think it was very true to character and the right thing to do from a storytelling aspect.  And there were several drops from Ryan and Esposito about how they don’t like that they have to go after their friend but they have no choice.  Kate said multiple times how this is way off base but that she’ll go by the book until she proves otherwise.  I was thrilled with how the writers handled it.   And in the end, the truth won out and Castle has all charges against him, dropped.  Case closed right?

As Castle and Beckett were heading home, they had to wait for a bridge to close.  No sooner were they discussing how they thought it might have been too easy, BOOM, their car is hit from behind.  Who hits them, well that would be 3XK.  After some back and forth, Castle gets the upper hand and shoots 3XK several times sending him over the side of the bridge.  Alas, when divers go to retrieve his body out the next morning, the body is nowhere to be found and Castle knows this story is far from over.

So why was 3XK after Castle?   Because Castle ruined 3XKs anonymity.  He felt he couldn’t be who he needed to be because people knew he was out there.   He couldn’t kill and hunt they way he wanted to because of Castle.  So he needed to plan Castle’s demise and destroy his and Kate’s lives at the same time.  When that didn’t work out, he planned another metal attack….he came after them on the bridge and planned his “death.”  That way, if people think he’s gone, he can go back to doing what he loves most…hunting and killing.     So he’s still out there and Castle is fully aware that he and everyone he loves could be in danger.

These are the episodes when Castle is at its best.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what made Castle fall in love with it from the beginning and that’s the funny, silly, don’t take itself too seriously show.  But when the show goes to the serious moments, the cast really shines and the writers do a terrific job making us believe in what we are seeing.  And just like I am on the Monica Potter better get some damn Emmy love this year, Stana Katic better get some damn Emmy love this year because she has been brilliant.

What did you think guys?   Did you love this episode?   Were you surprised by the 3XK reveal?  Sound off below!!

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