RECAP & REVIEW: Homeland…The Season So Far

04 Nov

Holy Crap!!!  Can you believe this season of Homeland???  Talk about going all in on a season.  I can’t remember the last time I watched a show that kept me on the edge of my seat as much as this show has.  I love the way the writers are handling this show.  Many shows have a handful of “wow” episodes that are usually saved for season premieres, mid-season finales, and season finales.   And there is nothing wrong with that blueprint.  It works.  But I think Homeland is showing us the blueprint of “why wait for the wow episode.”  Instead of having a bunch of filler episodes until we get to the “wow” episodes, Homeland is going for the “wow” and the “Holy Shit” episodes every week!!!   Certainly there are people who will then question, “how can they keep that pace up?”   And it’s a valid question.  But we won’t know the answer to that until maybe another season or two down the road.   Until then, I’m completely along for the ride.

Brody is now made and is in the custody of the CIA.  The CIA is trying to break him and get him to admit to who he is what Nazir’s plan is against the United States.  At first I was laughing at this.  I mean come on.  This guy was a POW for 8 years.  Do you really think you can break him with your scare tactics?  Carrie knows this and asks to go in and try to go a completely different route.  The scene between Claire Danes and Damien Lewis was literally a masters class in acting and should be shown in every school that teaches acting across the country.  It was and they were amazing.   What also helps is that the chemistry between the actors is outstanding.

The thing I love most about Homeland, is the chess match that happens between the characters.  In the scene with Brody and Carrie, it’s sometimes hard to tell if they are being sincere or if they are 100% playing each other.  I think it’s a bit of both.  I believe Carrie loved Brody (I believe she still does and it kills her inside.)  I believe Brody fell for Carrie.  But also believe that they want to use those feelings against the other.  It’s incredible to watch.  Because only one person can win.

Eventually Carrie does get through to him and he admits that Nazir is planning on attacking the US.  In order for Brody to not to go jail and ruin his family’s life, he agrees to work with the CIA as an undercover asset to be able to take down Nazir.  Brody doesn’t want to do this but it’s the only way he’ll receive Immunity and save his family.  Once Brody is done serving his country, he’s out and he’ll have to move his family away from the lime light and into boring suburbia.   Don’t know how Jessica will feel about that since she is really starting to like the spotlight of being a powerful politician’s wife.

So the question is, will Brody align himself with the CIA and by extension his family to take down Nazir or will he stick with his allegiance to Nazir and bring down the Vice President and by extension his country?  Normally I would say it’s a no brainer…he’ll pick the CIA.  But with this show, I have no idea…and I love that!

What do you guys think we’ll happen and where do you think this season ends up?  Are you happy with the pace of the show or do you wish it would slow down a bit.  Let me know what you think!

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