QUICK REVIEW: Person of Interest

18 Nov

I can’t believe I was a centimeter short of pulling this show off my DVR list last year.  The first three episodes I watched were fine but not great.   I had 8 more on my DVR just sitting there.  Then over Christmas dinner, my family told me I had to watch it because it got better and better each week and at that point, was the best show on TV.  Best show on TV?  I think the Cabernet was flowing a bit heavily that night so it might have been the wine talking.  Then I started watching them.  They were right.  Person of Interest was awesome!!!  I couldn’t wait for each week’s episode.

The season, you always worry about the sophomore slump.   Not in this case.  The show is actually better this season.  With Carter and Fusco now on board with Reese and Finch, show has much more symmetry.  Although, it would be nice to have a Carter/Fusco centric show where maybe Reese and Finch have to help them out to validate they are NYPD detective vs. lackeys of Reese and Finch.  I find it hard to believe at times they can just drop everything that they do to help R&F out but I’m going with it because I love it.

The two things I really love this season…Reese and Zoe and the humor they’ve injected into the show.  This show is actually funny!   You would never think it but this show has a great amount of humor perfectly placed into the show and it’s enhanced with Jim Caviezel’s ultra dry delivery.  I love that Finch has a dog to keep him company with his fears rightful heighten with Root on the run, still hunting him.   I like that Elias is still in the picture, even though he’s in jail.   Anyone else think this weekly chess match was not just because there was no one smart enough to challenge Elias to a game, but to be able to study Finch’s strategic habits that will come into play at some point?   I do!   Ok, so maybe there are more than two things I am loving about this season.   But if you aren’t watch POI, get on it!

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