QUICK REVIEW: Dexter “Argentina” S7 E8

20 Nov

I don’t think I’ve ever sat through a more cringe worthy scene than the one I watched on Sunday night between Dexter and Deb.   I literally squealed during that scene.  And I thought Carpenter and Hall played the hell out of it.  There have been many jaw-dropping scenes this season on Dexter.   But NONE as “HOLY SHIT” as that one!!

First, we have Deb asking Dexter to kill Hannah because she’s going to get away with another murder.  Other people have mentioned how the season has been a good, slow build to that point.  I disagree.  While this may be 6-7 weeks in our time, it’s probably only 2 weeks, maybe, in Dexter time.  So I don’t think Deb would jump on the “hey can you pick up some beer and kill the suspect I can’t nail?  Thanks Bro!” bandwagon just yet.  I think Carpenter has done a fantastic job showing all the ranges of emotion Deb is going through this season.  But I still don’t think her character would succumb to Dexter’s dark passenger that fast.  I just don’t.  I think it’s too soon.   And while I do think Dexter denied killing Hannah because of his feelings for her, I also think he did it to protect Deb.  He knows she’s not that kind of person and she would regret it.  She can’t be responsible for the death of someone else..intentionally.  And that’s what this would have been.

It all comes to a head when Dexter goes over to Deb’s place and he throws down keys on the desk and Deb recognizes them as Hannah’s keys.  Dexter borrowed her van to spy incognito on Issak.  Oops.  So then the tiny detail of Dexter and Hannah doing the horizontal mambo together is revealed and Deb is beside herself.  She asks if they’re in love and Dex says he isn’t sure.  At this point, it seriously would not have shocked me if Deb’s head exploded right off of her body.   How much more can this girl take?

So while all this is happening, Deb decides now would be the absolute perfect time to reveal to Dexter that when she went to see him last year, when she caught him killing Travis Marshall, she was going there to tell him that she is in love with him.   WHHHHHHHOOOOOOOAAAAA!!!!  And..EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!   I was really hoping the writers forgot that horrible storyline existed and were dropping the whole thing.   Nope.  No apparantly Deb really needed to share that information with Dexter and the look on Dexter’s face was priceless.   He looked as creeped out as the rest of us feel with this God awful storyline.  Even Deb said to him, you’re a serial killer in love with a serial killer and I’m more fucked up than you because I’m in love with a serial killer who happens to be my brother.  Well, geez when you put it that way, she’s right.   I can’t even begin to tell you how much this grosses me out.  I’m not sure why the writers felt the need to go down this path.  It is beyond disgusting.  But they are so, ok.

On the flip side, I LOVE the character of Issak.  Ray Stevenson is brilliant in this role.  And I’m sort of disappointed because Issak is right.  In any other circumstance, he and Dexter would be great friends because they understand one another.  Why is that?  Because we learned tonight that Viktor was not Issak’s son but his lover.  Our boy Issak is gay.  So Issak and Dexter bond over losing the person they love and the revenge they wish to seek on the person that took their loved ones away.  Unfortunately for Dexter, he killed Viktor.  So while Issak can respect Dexter, he’s going to kill him.  And while Dexter respects Issak, he’s going to kill him.  That’s quite the conundrum for this budding bromance.   But I don’t want Issak to die.  You can kill Jason Gedrick’s character but let’s keep Issak around?  He’s quite entertaining!!

I think we need to start a “death pool” for the final 5 episodes this season and the 12 for next.   Who is going to die?   Let’s look at the main cast and place some % chances:

Dexter  50%
Debra  0%
Angel  0%
Quinn  100%
LaGuerta  50%
Masuka  0%

As for the secondary cast:

Issak  75%
Hannah   100%
Jamie  25%
George  100%
Astor  5%
Cody  5%
Harrison  0%

It’s hard to list a second tier cast for next season since we don’t know who’s in play so we have to go with this for now.   But these are my best guess for who’s dying at some point before the end of the series.   I’m pretty sure George, Hannah, and Quinn are goners at some point and I have a sinking feeling Issak is going to have to go.  I think Dexter and LaGuerta could go either way.  LaGuerta doesn’t fit Dexter’s code but we all know Dexter has killed people who don’t fit the code.  But I can’t see him killing her.  But what does he do when she puts all the pieces together?  As for Dexter himself, it could go either way.  I can see the show having him escape or I could see the show putting him behind bars or I could see the show killing him.  So it’s a toss-up.   Jamie and the kids, I don’t really care but since they’re around I put some % and that would really be storyline dictated but I don’t think anything will happen to any of them.   But you never know!!!!   Maybe I’m just hoping someone takes out Rita’s annoying kids.

What did you think of Dexter?   This season is the best in a long time but the creep factor is at an all time high on this show and I really wish the writers would abort the mission.

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