RECAP & REVIEW: Homeland “Broken Hearts” S2 E10

03 Dec

We are certainly building to something major in the last two episode of Homeland this season and did we just find out who the mole was all along?   This episode really asks you to suspend much disbelief but when it comes to Homeland, I don’t care.  I trust the writers and I am completely along for the ride.  So I don’t care how unbelievable it is that Brody would be able to Skype Nazir on his cell phone, right outside his safe house door without SOMEONE knowing about it.  It doesn’t matter to me.   What does matter to me, is how this story is going to wrap up.

Let’s start with the VP.  This all went into motion back last season, when the show premiered.  Brody was brain washed and manipulated into killing VPOTUS Walden after Nazir’s son Issa was killed in a drone strike orchestrated by the VPOTUS and David Estes.  I’m not sure if Brody and Nazir are aware of Estes involvement. Signs indicated they are not, but other actions might indicate it’s possible (more or that later.)  After several failed attempts to kill Walden, an opportunity arises out of a pretty scary situation.  After Carrie hangs up the phone from talking to Brody, she is broad sided by another vehicle.  Turns out the maestro behind that was none other than Nazir.  Nazir has Carrie and he is using her as leverage to get Brody to do his bidding.  He tells Brody he needs the serial number for the VP’s pacemaker so he can attack him by making it appear as though he had a heart attack.  Nazir tells Brody exactly where to find it and that if he wants to see Carrie alive again, he will do as he asks.  Brody takes a pretty hard-line with Nazir, knowing how driven he is by revenge, and tells him that he’s going to kill Carrie no matter what so he refuses to give him the number until he sees that Carrie is free and alright.  Nazir acquiesces and Brody sends him the number.  A remote tech dude starts doing something with it and when the VP shows up in his office (where Brody had to get to, to get the pacemaker) Brody tells him he’s not running with him and he slowly starts to watch the VP, die.    At one point even telling Walden “You still don’t get it.  I’m killing you.” He then runs to the top of steps and screams for someone to get a doctor because the VP is having a heart attack.  But it’s too late, Walden is dead.

Where to begin.  I guess the first thing is that the show has basically come full circle in one sense.  Brody’s mission upon returning to the US was to kill the VP.  I think Nazir would have liked it better if he killed him and someone innocent American’s as well, but I digress.  So Brody’s mission is complete.  He did what Nazir set in motion for him to do.  And did it in a way in which no one else got hurt.  I think what we learned about Brody is that he is certainly not a terrorist.  And I would go out on a limb and say that the writers have done an excellent job of presenting Brody as a character you can empathize with.  This was a man tortured and brain washed into doing what he thought was right.  Is it right for him to take matters into his own hands?   No.  Did he help rid the country of really bad, corrupt, and vile politician?  Yes.   Not to mention, we have seen many instances where Brody wouldn’t do certain things because he doesn’t want to hurt innocent people.  To him, there is no collateral damage.  The only person he wanted to pay for his crimes, was Walden.  And now it’s happened.  The thing I loved about the first season, is that we were never really sure if Brody was wearing the black or white hat.  Even up through a few episodes ago, we still weren’t sure.  But I think we learned that Brody’s hat was a very pale grey.  He was by no means innocent, but he was not the insane, diabolical terrorist that was certainly possible.   Brody is a broken man who has, for all intents and purposes, been driven insane by everything that’s happened to him.  I know I would be!   And now it’s time for him to put the pieces of his life back together…or not.

I have to say though, there were some pretty questionable things that happened that led to all of this.  First, there is no way in hell an accused terrorist and traitor to his country (Brody) wouldn’t have a tap on his phone.  Someone would have heard/seen that conversation between himself and Nazir.  Second, how did Nazir know where Walden kept his pacemaker?  Didn’t that seem awfully convenient?  Third, why isn’t Carrie being tailed?  Estes doesn’t trust her so you would think he would have someone on her.  Especially after the surveillance showed how “close” she’s gotten to Brody.   Fourth, how was a known terrorist like Nazir able to rent a car, smash into a CIA operative’s car, and leave the scene without a trace?   Again, very convenient.  Unless he had computer boy do it all for him.

As for what’s happening within the CIA?  That might juicier than what’s happening with Brody, if you can believe it.   Saul tracks down Dar Adal in a diner where he has his weekly waffle lunch.  Before we dissect this meeting, I have to say, really?  One of the men in charge of Black Ops who is so hard to find because he changes his address every few days goes to the same diner every week for waffles?   Seriously?  It had to be said.  Anyhoo, Saul wants to know why Quinn was sent into run his operation…he’s a soldier, not intelligence.  Adal basically questions Saul’s backbone and tells him that when tough decisions need to be made, Saul is too soft.  Quinn can take care of the hard stuff.  Saul’s not too happy about that so he leaves.    He confronts Estes about Quinn’s presence.  What Quinn was originally tasked to do has happened…they thwarted the terrorist plot…so why is Quinn still around?  He bluntly asks him if it’s to keep Brody from talking about the drone strike.  But as this conversation is progress, the man himself, Quinn, comes racing over to tell Estes and Saul that Carrie was in an accident and that she’s now missing.  When Saul takes off, Estes tells Quinn that Saul knows.

Later when Carrie is freed (see above) she tracks down and truck and steals the guy’s cell phone to call Saul and let him know where she is so they can go get Nazir.  Once Saul and crew have the plan in place, they head out to where Carrie is.  But before they leave, Quinn and Estes exchange a glance and Estes picks up the phone.  Flash to the CIA lobby where security grabs Saul and ushers him upstairs, no wait downstairs, no wait…those guys don’t know…they just know one thing…get Saul.

So here lies the big question…is Estes the mole?  Are he and Quinn working with Nazir?  It would make sense since they are trying to kill Brody because I can see Nazir wanting to silence Brody after his bidding is complete.   The big question would be, why Estes and Quinn?   But if it’s true and Estes and Quinn are working with/for Nazir, that would set up a monster Season 3!!!!

I think at this point, it’s a given conclusion that Brody is going to die at the end of the season.  I’m not sure what they would do with him at this point since his storyline has basically come to an end.   Other than the Jessica/Carrie triangle.   But I guess that’s one question I have looming…do Carrie and Brody love each other or are they still playing each other?  The romantic in me says they love each other.  The skeptic in me says I’m not sure.  Carrie seems very black and white with her convictions so I can’t see her building a life with Brody.  I don’t think the government’s deal with Brody would allow for it even if she wanted to.   And now that Jess has pretty much solidified the idea of going back with Mike, what does that mean for Brody?  Dana has no interest in her father anymore.  It’s really just Chris.  And if Mike, who raised him practically his whole life, is back in the picture, Chris will have his father figure.   So I think Brody, sadly, will be a goner at the end of the season.    If I had my choice, it would be the most annoying teenager ever in Dana but I don’t think that will be the case.  I mean really, have you ever seen a stranger, more annoying person in your life than Dana Brody?  Because I haven’t.

Only two episodes remain.  What will happen?  What do you think and how do you think Homeland will wrap up this season?  Sound off below!

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