RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Battle of the Proxies” S4 E10

06 Dec

I’m so mad at myself that I haven’t been as up to speed on The Good Wife as I would have liked.  But Sunday’s have been brutal.  I basically had a marathon this weekend and now I’m even more mad at myself.  I know there are some people who aren’t happy with the story lines this season but I’m not one of them.  Well, except for the Kalinda/Nick story line which has been horrible.   But it appears the writers agree and Nick is now gone so I’m not going to crush them for one bad idea over 4 seasons!

This whole thing with Nick probably wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been for the build up.  The last 3 seasons, we were led to believe that Kalinda was on the run from a really bad dude and that her life could be in jeopardy if he were to find her.  Instead, we got a kinky, sex crazed, wacko, who did nothing but make me want to FF every scene he’s in.  I mean really?   This is the guy Kalinda was so afraid of?  We all know how tough Kalinda is so I would think it would take a pretty significant person to make her squirm.  But Nick was a joke.  Hell, Scott Porter was more intimidating than Marc Warren was.  And I know Kalinda has this whole sex appeal thing going on, but does everyone in contact with her need to be about sex?  Because it’s hard for me to buy her being deathly afraid of this man is she’s constantly screwing him every chance she gets.  But he’s gone…thank God.  So the question remains, HOW is he gone.  The ending was left very vague.  And maybe if this were a more interesting storyline, we would care what happened to Nick.  Since it wasn’t, I don’t…I just want him to stay gone.

I’m loving the addition of Amanda Peet this season.  She doing a fantastic job and I hope they keep her on moving forward.  And seeing Chris Bulter made me realize how much I miss seeing Matan Brody.  He was such a good character and then he just vanished.  Big mistake.  Bring back Matan!!!   But Peet has been solid and I’m liking the chemistry she is developing with Will.  I hope that starts to go somewhere because I really like them together.

By the way, Jackie and condoms…one word…ew.

And I know this happened in A Defense of Marriage but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the last scene in the bathroom between Peter and Alicia.  Holler!!!!!!!   You all know I want those two back together.   They are amazing.  I think the key to remember in all of this is that Peter and Alicia NEVER stopped loving each other or being attracted to one another.  They may have had their issues with their spouses choices (rightfully so) but they never fell out of love.  Which is why they will always find their way back to each other.   And Stockard Channing, I love you woman but STAY OUT OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP!!!  Don’t you be telling Peter to back off.  You back off!

So what do we think is going on with Eli and this investigation?  Is this a Maddie Hayes creation?  And what a crappy position to be put in…assist us in nailing your current candidate or we’ll nail another candidate who just so happens to be your ex-wife.  Low blow man.  Those justice agents go right for the gonads don’t they?   Luckily he has Diane on his side to assist him and I’m sure they will both find a way to get Eli out of this.

And for the love of all that’s holy and good, can we PLEASE give Cary Agos a storyline.  We wasted half the season on this stupid Nick guy, now it’s time for Cary to shine.  Please?   Pretty please?  I’m begging the writing staff…do something for my guy!

How are you all liking this season?   And are you as happy as the rest of the world seems to be that Nick is gone?   Let me know!


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3 responses to “RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Battle of the Proxies” S4 E10

  1. Kiki

    December 6, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Hellooooo! I been waiting to hear your reaction about A/P…OMG. Can we just talk about we are FINALLY getting what we been wishing for and discussing for seasons now. And of course you know I TOTALLY agree with you about A/P never truly letting each other go, and there being love behind all the pain. Jesus, they are seriously perfect together. And OH boy was that scene…HOT OR WHAT?! Holly molly. And Stockard Channing is GOD, she was perfect for the role, she was everything I imagined Alicia’s mother to be. Wow really shows you why Alicia is the way she is. That was by far the best episode this year!

    Also thank god Nick is gone, the writers screwed it up and now they are paying for the mistake. They made Kalinda unrecognizable! Cannot wait to see the real Kalinda again, cause I love her!

    Alicia has been on fire this season, my love for her grows stronger ever passing episode!

    Great to hear you catch up. I heard your podcast at the beginning of the season, it was great, we watch a lot of the same shows.

    Great to hear from you! Thanks for posting!

    • fortheloveoftv

      December 6, 2012 at 9:25 pm

      My girl Kiki!!! It’s been a rough season for me with this new job. But I’m slowly starting to catch up and you were the first person I thought of after that scene last week!!!!! It was awesome!!!

      Thanks so much for your kind words…as always. I’ll probably be doing another podcast soon. The last one I wanted to do TGW but I just ran out of time. And hopefully now that I’m caught up, I’ll be able to talk more about this with more regularity.

      Hope all is well with you!!!

  2. Kiki

    December 6, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    Hope all is well with you too! And yes I hope now that you are caught up we get to chat a little more! But no worries I will still come back and read your post even if you are behind haha! Looking forward to your podcast!


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