Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. “Favorites” Cast

19 Jan

CBS released the next installment of Survivor’s cast this week.  There was much anticipation because this is a return to the Fans vs. Favorites theme that was probably one of the best seasons in Survivor history the first time around.  So myself and other Survivor fans eagerly anticipated who the batch of favorites would be.  Needless to say, this crew came crashing down with a loud thud (hence why favorites is in parentheses in the title above.)  Really?  This is who they came up with?  If these were the favorites, I’d hate to see who didn’t make the cut.   Let’s see who we have coming back:

  • Andrea – Redemption Island
  • Phillip – Redemption Island
  • Francesca – Redemption Island
  • Cochran – South Pacific
  • Dawn – South Pacific
  • Brandon – South Pacific
  • Erik – Micronesia (Fans vs. Favorites)
  • Corinne – Gabon
  • Brenda – Nicaragua
  • Malcolm – Philippines

Ok, let’s start with Malcolm.  I have no problem with them bringing Malcolm back because I loved his game and would love to see him have another crack at this.  But I think it’s too soon.  Three seems to be the magic number of times playing the game of Survivor so I’d rather have them spread out.   For Malcolm to come back so soon, is disappointing.  Not to mention, it’s hard to claim him as a favorite (even though casting was 100% right in their prediction) because when Malcolm filmed Fans vs Favs Part Deux, Philippines hadn’t even aired yet (these seasons were filmed back to back.)   So I wish Malcolm would come back, just a little later.

When Brenda, Dawn, and Francesca were first announced, I didn’t even remember who they were.  Once I saw Dawn and Francesca, I instantly remembered them.   Dawn I have no problem with.  Francesca, I’m glad she’s back because I thought she got a raw deal the first time around and I think she can do well in Survivor but it’s still surprising to see someone who was the first person out back as a “favorite.”  Brenda, even after I saw her, I didn’t know who she was.  She wasn’t that memorable to me.   Then I started reading about her time on Nicaragua and then I remembered who she was.  I wasn’t a fan of Brenda.  I thought she was pretty arrogant and rude but she was a great game player.

Erik and Andrea I’m happy to see back.  Erik for no other reason than to finally shed his “dumbest Survivor player ever” moniker.  And Andrea was a great player so I like seeing her have another crack at the million dollars.

Cochran and Corinne, I’m not sure about.  I liked Cochran at first but then he worked my nerves.  For someone who was a self admitted genius, he really made some dumb moves.  I hope he plays a better game this time around.  The one thing I do admire from him though, is his passion for the game.  He respects it and he plays hard, so I can always get behind that.  Corinne, I can’t stand.  She’s a nasty person.  She’ll bring ratings and interest, I guess.  But I don’t find her appealing at all.  I’ve never understood nasty, bitchy people who get off on being assholes and who actually think less of other people who are nice.  Corinne, I could have done without her.

But the two biggest head scratchers?   Phillip and Brandon.  WHY?  Phillip isn’t a good Survivor player.  The only reason he got as far as he did was because other people hated him so much, no one would give him a million dollars, so that’s why you bring him to the end.   Boston Rob played him like a fiddle.  Then you have Brandon.  What is the fascination with the damn Hantz family?  If you were going to bring a Hantz back, at least Russell is entertaining.  This kid is annoying and creepy.  I can’t think of one reason why bringing Brandon back enhances the game.  I seriously don’t.  That kid has issues and not in a good way.   There were so many other people to pick, I’m not sure why Brandon was one of them.  Waste of space if you ask me.

I have to imagine that there were other people they had in mind for this “favorites” list and they turned the show down.  And as a result, this was the B team.  Maybe even the Q team.  It’s the only explanation because I would never in a million years classify this group as “favorites.”  Some of them yes.  But the rest, not even close.   Jeff Probst did say, if we liked Philippines, we will love Caramoan even more, it’s that good of a season.  I love Probst and I trust him on this but it’s hard to imagine this season being that entertaining with this group of returning members.   But you know what that does tell me?  That the newbies could be an amazing group of players.

What do you think of the “favorite” list?


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2 responses to “Survivor Caramoan Fans vs. “Favorites” Cast

  1. sportsattitudes

    January 21, 2013 at 9:19 am

    “Favorites” definitely in quotes. Saw the first ad for the upcoming season yesterday and it was played to the sounds of “Crazy Train.” Unfortunately, after such a great season in the Fall it appears this time around the producers indeed are going to emphasize those who act dumb and those who play dumb. Would have liked to seen 20 brand-new people. I don’t need any past winners or losers…and indeed who remembers some of these folks anyway? Better to bring on all newcomers and start creating a new generation of people you can bring back down the road as warranted. Since the show has been on so long…maybe the powers-to-be don’t trust airing a season without any “veterans” from here on out.

    • fortheloveoftv

      January 21, 2013 at 1:16 pm

      Yeah, I’m not sure why every season needs to have returning people. And I think it’s unfair that the Survivor folks keep using One World as an example of giving viewers what they want (20 brand new people) and then throwing in our face that viewers said it was one of their worst seasons ever. It had nothing to do with everyone being new, it was bad casting. You can have returning players that are bad casting (this season has me nervous for that) but I don’t think one has to do with the other.

      I hope this is a good season. But we’ll have to wait and see!!


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