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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Mhysa” S3 E10

I’m still reeling from last week’s Red Wedding.   It’s why I haven’t written about it.    I was still in such shock and horror over what I saw.    So going into Sunday night’s finale, I thought “there’s no way this finale can be as good as The Rains of Castamere.”  Well I was sort of right.   Sunday’s finale wasn’t the jaw dropper that last week’s episode was.   But I also don’t think it was meant to be.   Remember, this season is only half of book #3.   So I don’t think everything was supposed to be wrapped up in a neat little bow.  But what it did do, was set up some interesting directions for families and characters moving forward.

The Greyjoys

Theon, I’m sorry Reek, is a turd.   After what he did to the Starks, I was fine to see him get his comeuppance.   But even this is a little much for me.  I agree with Theon, Ramsey should just kill him at this point.  I’m not sure what the point is of keeping him around.   He said he’s more valuable to him alive.   Why?   What does he need to leverage Theon for?   Roose Bolton did say that his bastard Ramsey does tend to do his own thing.  So I am assuming he is not doing this on his father’s orders.   I assume he has his own agenda.  But what is it?

Back in the Iron Islands, Yara and Baylon were sent a letter with a….um…..present?   In the letter, the unsigned (which we know is Ramsey) tortures Yara and Baylon telling them what he is doing to their son and by sending his…um…manhood to them as proof he is alive but being tortured.   Yara is sickened by this and wants to know what they are going to do.   Baylon couldn’t care less.   He tells Yara that Theon is no longer his son (“he’s not even a man”, he says as he points to the box.)   Yara is upset with her father.   Theon is still family but not according to his father.   He’s made his choice so that matter is finished.   Well Yara has made hers and she’s taking the fastest ship and her best fighters and they are going to get Theon back.   I always liked her.


Dany’s still doing her thing.   She’s increasing her army and freeing slaves all over the place.   So a little more of what she’s been doing all season long.   I love Dany and with Robb gone, she’s number #1 on my list to root for.  I take that back.  She’s still #2.   Arya is now #1 but more on her in the Stark section.  Unfortunately Dany’s storyline has been a little stale this season.  Not boring just more of the same.   At some point, I’d like to see something major happen with her.  She seems to be getting things a little too easily at this point.  I’d like to see some struggles for her.  She’ll need it to toughen her up when she gets to King’s Landing.    She needs to make sure when it come to battle, these people really do have her back.   I think they do but in a land where you can trust no one and she’s getting more and more people aligned with her that she hasn’t really known all that long or well, she better make sure she can trust them when it really counts.

The Night’s Watch

This has been the storyline that I feel bring the episode to a crashing halt.   Sam and Gilly and her son Sam, I really don’t care about them.   Now they are back at Castle Black after bumping into Bran, Hodor, and his crew.   Fine.   Maybe they can be on the back burner for a while.   One can hope.

As for our favorite bastard, Jon Snow, (although Gendry is starting to creep up there for me) has finally revealed himself to his Wildling gang and Ygritte, he is off and running back to Castle Black.   Unfortunately for him, he takes a quick stop to wash his face because really, no one wants to ride to Castle Black after crows have just eaten your face.   You should at least clean yourself off.   Ygritte finds him (but where is the asshole that she was with when Jon left them) and holds a bow towards him.  He tells her he knows she won’t kill him because he loves her and she loves him but he needs to go home.  At this point, I don’t know if he means Winterfell or Castle Black.   I assume Castle Black because Jon is an honorable guy but I wasn’t 100% sure.  You can see in her eyes that he’s right but she fires a bow at him anyway.   And then another.   And then another.  She hits him THREE TIMES with bows.  Ok, I know you’re pissed but was shooting him three times really necessary?  Do you think once would do the trick.   I thought to myself, if they kill off another Stark before a Lannister dies, I may never watch this show again.   Not because I’m a huge Jon Snow fan but it would have been too much.    But he doesn’t die (at least not yet) and returns back to Castle Black where Sam and the crew take care of him.

The Lannisters and the Starks

Sansa and Tyrion are having a nice little chat.  You can tell that even though they don’t love each other like man and wife, they have a respect and fondness for one another that is very sweet to see.   Each one of them have been through hell and back and it’s nice that they have each other to lean on and plot revenge attacks together.   I’m going to go out on a limb here and say they will fall in love for real.   I know it’s a 100 foot limb that’s about 3 inches wide hanging off the side of 200 foot cliff but I’m going there.  I’ve never liked Shae.  I know people do but I don’t.   She’s pretty bitchy and has never really done anything to make me like her (other than be a really loyal friend to Sansa.)  So I couldn’t care less if she and Tyrion stay together.  In fact, I was hoping she would take Varys up on his offer to high tail it out-of-town and start a new life never to be heard from again.   But alas, she’s staying.   But I think she ends up dead and Tyrion and Sansa get together for real.   Again, big limb, I know.   What was heartbreaking was after Tyrion heard the news about Robb and Catelyn, he went to tell Sansa and you could see she already knew.   Her eyes were swollen and wet with tears and her stare was cold and empty.   So Tyrion respectfully said nothing and turned away and left her to her thoughts and memories.   This poor girl.

Speaking of learning about the Red Wedding, Tywin had summoned everyone to the meeting room to confirm what happened at Riverrun and his direction of the elimination of the Starks and their army.    Meanwhile, Joffry has no time for matters so trivial.  He’s too busy planning to serve Grey Wind’s head to Sansa at his wedding feast.  Seriously, what is the matter with that guy and what the hell did Sansa ever do to him?   Tyrion puts a stop to the torture and Joffry has another temper tantrum about how’s he’s the King.  Tywin puts him in his place and then Joffry turns his ire to his grandfather saying his father was the real hero while he sheepishly hid away at Casterly Rock.   WOOOOOOOOOW!  He didn’t just say that to Tywin????   Oh yes he did!!!   I have a feeling if Joffry ever dies (one can only hope) it will be at the hands of Tywin.  Tywin calmly instructs him to go to his room and take a nap like a 3-year-old and Cersei takes him away.   That kid can’t die fast enough.  I hope it’s as painful as what Theon is enduring.

Later Cersei and Tyrion have a very interesting conversation.   Cersei tries to convince Tyrion that he and Sansa should have a baby so she can have some peace and happiness with a child of her own.   He reminds her that she’s as miserable as they come and she has 3 children.   Well 2 kids, 1 monster.   But she tells Tyrion that her children are what stopped her from killing herself long ago.  She remembers Joffry being a sweet, happy child that always wanted to be with her.   That leads to a question I’ve had for a long time.   What the hell happened to that kid to make him the vile creature he has become?   I really want to know.  I know he’s a sociopath but is it really that simple?    Or did something else happen?  Or is it the result of inbreeding?   I want to know.   I’m not sure we will though.

I think this is the first time, in a long time we are really seeing Cersei be honest and forthcoming about what she really feels.  I don’t think she was playing Tyrion or trying to manipulate him for her own benefit.   I think she was being a genuine sister.   You might all be laughing at me right now thinking (has this chick ever seen this show?   Has she seen Cersei before?)    Yes and yes.   But this was different.   My husband had an interesting theory about this scene and the one where Jamie comes home and sees her for the first time.  He thinks Cersei was planning to kill herself and may have even slit her wrists with that funky looking shell when Jamie walked in.  At first I didn’t think so but on further thought, she did mention how her kids were the only thing that kept her alive.  Well the two good ones are gone and the last one left is a diabolical sociopath (to be kind.)  Plus, she kept saying how she was certain she wouldn’t be marrying Loris Tyrell.  To which I started laughing thinking (has she met her father?)   So how could she be so certain.  Plus, she has been very calm and out-of-the-way as of late.   Maybe she’s resigned herself to calling it quits with life?   I don’t know.  It seems a bit..easy and cowardly for someone like her.   But depression can destroy even the strongest of people and with no Zoloft or Prozac in sight, maybe death is her only option.   You never know who Martin’s going to kill so anyone is fair game.

The hound has whisked Arya away to safety and I’m starting to worry that this girl is going to turn even darker that what she has already become.   I always knew Arya would not grow up to be the princess Sansa will be.  I thought she would be a warrior like Brienne.   I still think that but will she still be the good person, fun-loving Arya at heart?   I think part of the Arya we knew died a little with Ned and now more with Robb and Catelyn.  I still think her motives will be in the right place and she will still be a good person at her core but I don’t think she’ll ever be the same again.  I think we’re now going to see a very dark and distant Arya with a singular focus….to take down the Lannisters.

I have no idea how these books are going to end, but my hope is that it’s with Arya, Jon and Bran aligning with Dany and taking down the Lannisters, the Freys, Roose Bolton, and any other enemy they share.   Dany becomes the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the Starks return to their rightful place in Winterfell as rulers of the North, including Sansa and Tyrion and their 5 children!!

So what did you think of the finale?   I know it’s hard to compare to the Rains of Castamere but there was no way that could live up to the Red Wedding episode.   But I think the episode did what it needed to do to set up next season and I have a feeling, since next season will be the end of book 3, that it should be a big season with a big ending.   Ugh, April 2014 is soooo far away!!!

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