2013 Fall TV Preview: FOX

16 Sep


  • The X Factor (9/11)
  • Bones (9/16)
  • New Girl (9/17)
  • The Mindy Project (9/17)
  • Glee (9/26)
  • The Simpsons (9/29)
  • Bob’s Burgers (9/29)
  • Family Guy (9/29)
  • American Dad (9/29)
  • Raising Hope (11/8)


  • Sleepy Hollow (9/16)
  • Dads (9/17)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (9/17)
  • Junior Master Chef (9/26)
  • Almost Human (11/4)
  • Enlisted (1/10)


  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  • New Girl
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Enlisted
  • Almost Human


  • Bones (wow does that pucker my butt to put that here)


  • The X Factor
  • Glee (except for one episode)
  • The Mindy Project
  • All the Animated Shows
  • Dads
  • Junior Master Chef


  • Glee’s Cory Monteith Tribute Episode: you know how hard I’ve been on Glee.  The show is awful.   The fact that it was renewed for another TWO seasons is preposterous but as long as 13-year-old girls are watching, I guess it will be on the air.  Having said that, I enjoyed this show in the early seasons and Cory Monteith was a huge part of that.  His passing was tragic and has really hit the cast hard…especially Lea Michele.  So I will tune into see how Ryan Murphy and crew handle the episode.  I’m not too optimistic because Glee handling serious episodes well is like saying Tim Tebow will someday be a great NFL quarterback.   But I hope I’m wrong and I hope it’s the best episode they’ve ever done.
  • Bones to Friday Nights: Bones has bounced around the schedule a ton over the last few seasons.  As a fan of the show it’s been frustrating.   But moving to Friday is never a good sign.  I have been a die-hard fan of Bones since I saw the pilot.  I love this show and the cast.  But even I am starting to get tired of Bones.  The Pelant storyline is compelling but Bones is starting to turn into one of those shows where 7 episodes pile up on my DVR and after I watched everything else, I get to Bones.   That’s not good.  So I will be tuning in but I’m not sure after this year if I’ll stick with it.  I really hate to say that but it’s sadly true.  😦   But to see Bones move to Friday makes me wonder if TPTB at FOX are also growing slightly tired of Bones.  We’ll see how it fares.
  • The Mindy Project Sophomore Season: This show had a lot of buzz last year but I have found either people love or hate this show.  I’m indifferent because I only watched the pilot and didn’t enjoy it so I never got to watch another episode because shows were piling up and it had to go.  Fans are die-hard but I’ve heard other people say that Mindy is a great writer but annoying as hell on this show.  There weren’t a whole lot of successful new shows last year so Mindy might have been the best of the dreck.  But I think there are some stronger shows coming this year and Mindy is in a tough spot on a tough night…NCIS: LA, The Voice, Supernatural (new night), and Trophy Wife (hotly buzzed about new show.)   Let’s see what happens.


  • Lots of new shows here on FOX.  And what a spectrum of shows…some could be the best of season and some are so dreadful I’m not sure how they were picked up.   But let’s start with the positives.  I will be absolutely watching Sleepy Hollow and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.   Talk about two completely different shows.   Before all the buzz surrounded both of these shows, I was already in big.   I love the story of Sleepy Hollow and the Headless Horseman.  Now from what I understand, they are changing it up from the original story.  We have Ichabod Crane, the Headless Horseman, Katrina, and so on.  However, it’s set in a world where the legend and story never existed and the Horseman has something to do with the Four Horseman of the Apocolypse…don’t ask me what.  And I don’t care.  I’m so in with this story and I’m going to call it now…Tom Mison is the breakout drama star of the season.   I saw a preview of Brooklyn Nine-Nine months ago and I’ve probably watched it 3 more times since…it still makes me laugh.   It stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher (whom I love) with a strong surrounding cast as a crack pot team of cops who acquire a more serious lieutenant who wants to shake things up and make this team of detectives the best in Brooklyn.   Good luck Andre!   FOX has the chance of having the best drama and comedy of the new season.   Hollow has more competition with Hostages, The Blacklist, Masters of Sex, and SHIELD, but there has been a lot of media love on how unique this show is and how great the cast is.   So we’ll see.
  • So while FOX may have the two best shows of the season, they also have one of the worst…Dads.  Oh boy.  This isn’t Super Fun Night bad but it’s really, really close.  I feel bad for Seth Green because he deserves better than this show.  It’s awful.  I know people are screaming about the racist and over-the-top “humor” on the show but that didn’t bother me as much.  Don’t get wrong, I don’t think racist humor is funny, I just didn’t find it as offensive as other people.  What was more bothersome was that it just wasn’t funny and wasn’t well written at all.  You know when you’re watching something and you can tell the writers and possibly the actors think their material is the funniest bit ever and therefore have a tendency to overact and over sell it?   Yep, that’s what happens in every scene I’ve seen.  So I won’t even watch Dads because I don’t think it will be around   long enough to check it out.  As I side note, I also don’t care about Junior Master Chef.
  • The rest include Enlisted and Almost Human.   I’m pretty bummed because Enlisted was supposed to premiere Nov 8th but FOX decided to move it to mid-season (Jan 10th premiere) because they wanted to use football season, which skews heavily male (shocking I know), to really promote the show.  I will be tuning in because anyone connected with Scrubs and Cougar Town knows how to write and cast funny ensemble shows.   So I have no doubt this will be another winner.   I didn’t know a lot about Almost Human and haven’t heard too much about it so I watched a trailer and I think the premise is interesting and different enough that I will certainly check it out.  Me staying with the show remains to be seen, but I love Michael Ealy and Lili Taylor so they have earned me watching my standard 3 episodes.
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