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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Hitting the Fan” S5 E5

You know when you’re waiting for an episode of a TV show to air, especially if it’s one of your favorite shows, and there has been all this hype around it…even promotion from the network about how big it is?  You start thinking about how awesome it’s going to be.  To tell all your friends not to talk to you or call you.  You threaten you spouse with something you know they hate if they try to talk to you during the episode.  It’s either going to be truly amazing and meet your wild expectations or it’s going to completely flop and absolutely devastate you.  Ok maybe devastate is a bit strong but you will really be pissed if this episode sucks.  That’s how I felt going into tonight’s much-anticipated (since the season finale of last year) “Hitting the Fan” episode.   So.  Did it live up to the hype or did it crash and burn like Goose from Top Gun?   IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!  It completely blew me away.

You know an episode is so well done when you know what’s coming (for the most part) yet it still keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.   That’s what tonight was like.  I knew Will and Diane would be pissed and hurt at the same time.  I knew David Lee would be out for blood.  I knew Cary and Alicia would be scrambling (as did LG) to keep their clients on board.  I knew there would be screaming, yelling, blame, tears, accusations,  papers flying off desks, security guards…the whole nine yards.   But to know it’s coming vs. actually watching it unfold in front of you and see the performances the actors gave, it was breath-taking.   I knew the two hardest scenes would be Will an Alicia and Cary and Diane.  Cary and Diane had a special bond and Will and Alicia, well, we know how special their bond was at times.  But beyond the personal connections, there were professional mentorships there between them that really punch them in the gut.  It would be one thing if either Cary OR Alicia were leaving.   But to have it be both and together?  Wow.  No wonder it got ugly as quickly as it did.   There were a few surprises (Peter’s involvement and the turncoat Beth) and there was one person I was unsure how this was going to play out for them even though I had an idea but you still never know and that’s Kalinda.   Let’s break it down.


You knew this was going to be the tough one.  Especially if you were a Will/Alicia fan (which I was not.)  But even being a Team Peter person, it was still hard to watch Will walk down that hallway to Alicia’s office with visions of them sleeping together and laughing during happier times.   He just can’t believe she would do this to him.   When he gets to her office he starts off calm but then when she apologies and tells him it’s time for her to try something new, he snaps.  He pushes everything off her desk and lays into her.  “I took you in.  No one wanted you.  I hired you.  I pushed for you.  You were poison.  This firm got you back on your feet.”  Well when you put it that way she does seem out of line for leaving.   You can hear the pain in his voice.  This isn’t just “a business decision” as Alicia put it.  This was personal.  They were friends from college.   And he’s right, when she and Peter were disgraced, LG helped her.  When Diane had an eyebrow raised in her direction, Will always had her back.  He gave her the good cases.  He trained her.  He mentored her.  He fell in love with her.  This was absolutely personal to him.  With Alicia it couldn’t not be personal.  Anyone else, it’s business.  Not with her.  Maybe that isn’t fair, but it’s the truth.

He fires her on the spot and asks her to leave.   She immediately tells him that he can’t and that he ask to get the equity and other partners gathered to take a vote to get her out since she’s a partner.   It buys her some time to try to get files and the word out.  Neither are going very well because Will shut down all access to files for everyone and slowly but surely the 4th years leaving were getting found out and fired one by one.  Later, after the partner votes have been taken to oust Alicia, Will returns with 4 security guards to escort Alicia to the elevator.  She once again tells Will it wasn’t meant to be personal and he tells her he doesn’t care, as coldly as he can.  Which leaves Alicia breaking down in the elevator once the doors have closed.

But the sadness and hurt quickly go away when the claws come out and it’s a race to see who can get to the clients first.   I think my favorite exchange of the night came when one of Alicia’s clients called her and when Will caught them on the phone, he asks for the phone from the client and begins having it out with Alicia.  They start exchanging nasty grams back and forth until the finally tell each other to go to hell.  But before Will hangs up, he tells her that Grace called and needs Alicia to call her school to give permission for her class trip.   Both tones change back to friends for half a second when she asked how long ago it was when she called and he tells her about 40 minutes.  “Ok thank you.”  “You’re welcome.”   It was hilarious!  It showed me that even when the dust settles, which won’t be for a reeeeeeeeally long time, those two will be friends again someday.  They may never get back to what they were, but they will move past this…in about 15 years.


This was another one of the many relationships I loved over the years.  So it didn’t surprise me to see Diane in Cary’s office when he got into the office that morning.   She has already taken his computer and immediately laid into him about his decision to leave.  Diane also has the same “I was your mentor, I stuck out my neck for you” speech although hers lacked the violent thrusting of phones and papers all over the place.  Cary reminded her that they did fire him all those years ago and where was having his back then.  She then reminded him why that happened and as soon as they could get him back, they did because she made it happen.   Cary wasn’t struggling with this as much as Alicia so he wasn’t really buying what Diane was selling and I don’t think Diane was as hurt as Will so I’m sure she really cared all that much if Cary believed her.

Eventually, before she left his office, she fired him but not before he STUPIDLY let it slip about Chum Hum being unhappy with them and giving her the inside scoop that LG’s biggest client (outside of Lamond Bishop) is planning to go with Florrick & Agos.   Cary, Cary, Cary.  How dumb can you be!!!???  It was a huge slip that had a great payout at the end of the episode.   But just like Will and Alicia, eventually these two will get over it and be civil with one another.  Although they shouldn’t take the same 15 years.

Lockhart Gardner vs. Florrick & Agos

The gloves are off.   The lines in the sand have been drawn.  People with this much raw emotion are bound to rip each other to shreds and that’s exactly what starts happening.  Although I have to say, if I needed to get down and dirty, I’d want David Lee on my team.  Advantage: LG.  Lee and the other partners, including Will, start calling clients and insinuating that Alicia and Cary were not on the up and up and didn’t represent the best interest of the client and therefore were removed from their positions.  Meantime, F&A are trying to call the same clients but with less man power they keep getting to each person just slightly behind LG.   So they are quickly starting to lose clients.  Thank God they have Chum Hum right?   Right?  Hello, is this mic on?  WE HAVE CHUM HUM RIGHT?   Not so fast.

Cary doesn’t want to waste any time and wants to meet with Neil Gross (John Benjamin Hickey) as fast as they can.  As soon as they start walking up the steps, boom, injunction filed by LG is served to them barring them from speaking with Chum Hum.  Gross tells them to call him when they sort it out.  They go to court it’s Alicia, Cary, and Carey on one side with Will, David, and Diane on the other.  It’s nasty, it’s caddy, and it’s brilliant.  The judge upholds the injunction and F&A are forced to find another way.  Alicia comes up with an idea for an injunction of their own.  When Will and David go to meet with Chum Hum, boom, they get served with the same injunction from F&A.  “Call me when you get this sorted out” Gross says now to LG.  So each side has an injunction against them barring them from speaking with Chum Hum.  I don’t know why Chum Hum doesn’t just drop them both and find a new firm at this point.

Later, Diane goes to Alicia’s home to offer a truce.  Each party drops the injunction and they each get 1 hour with Chum Hum to pitch.  At first Diane says that F&A presents first and LG is after them.   Dumb Carey insists they switch and Diane is amenable to that request.  After LG presents and is leaving, David tells F&A, you never want to go second.   They barely get up the steps when Neil tells them he’s staying with LG.   So the firm of F&A is sunk before it leaves the dock.  Or is it?

Governor Florrick to the rescue with a plan to ensure Chum Hum goes with the new F&A (see plan below) and it works.   By the end, they are all toasting the landing of a $35 million client and how they are in desperate need of stationary and laptops.   F&A is not dead yet!!  But this means Will and LG have declared war on them and everyone else in Chicago.


Wow did I love them in this episode.  First, I love Peter having Alicia’s back.  I mean of course he would, he’s her husband.   But he was fierce in his loyalty of her.  And since Will Gardner slept with his wife, it finally gives him the ammunition to destroy him.  He’s never been able to truly go after Will because he runs his wife’s firm. If it hurts LG, it hurts Alicia by extension.  Now, with Alicia gone, it is open season on Will for Peter.

Now I have to imagine, the comment he made at the press conference would have never happened in real life.  Because I have to imagine that would come back to bite him.  Especially once everyone learned that the biggest internet provider, Chum Hum, went with Florrick & Agos and thereby Peter’s idea for taxing said companies goes away.   He smartly protected himself by saying that he could be persuaded to think another way and change his mind thus leaving the door open to him changing his mind.   And as a result, instead of Chum Hum staying with LG, they made the switch to F&A to the tune of $35 million a year!!!  I bet Melissa George’s character will have something to say about that when she gets wind of what Peter did.  While I love it as him being her husband, it was a horrible move as Governor.  Really man, what were you thinking!

Enough about that.   Let’s talk about sex baby.  Let’s talk about you and me.   Ok not you and me I just couldn’t get Salt and Pepa out of my mind.   WOW.  What a scene.  So she gets fired, is trying to start a new firm, moves said firm into her house for the night, is trying to land clients, and STILL has time for a quickie with her husband.  As I said on Twitter earlier….my hero!!!!

In the end, Peter asks to see Eli and tells him, he’d like a new list of name for the Supreme Court.  He’s looking to replace Diane and Eli looks legitimately stunned.   “Are you sure” he asks?    “Yes” Peter says very matter-of-factly.  So much for not letting personal matters interfere with business decisions.  I guess Diane’s hand will be forced in regards to LG.  I thought she would choose to go back to LG to help Will in the fight to save the firm.  But now that the judgeship will soon be off the table, looks like she won’t have a choice.


Last but never least….Kalinda.  How hurt do you think Kalinda was that Alicia didn’t want her to join her firm?  I mean Cary asked but never Alicia.  Partly because, she didn’t know Alicia was in on the new firm.  She never told her.  Now with all this going on, Will asked her to make a choice because he’s gunning for everyone, especially F&A, in Chicago.  It will get dirty, nasty and vicious.  He asks Kalinda if she can do that knowing that she’s friends with those guys.  She says she can.  Time will tell.   I think the tough one for her will be Cary.   But I think Kalinda had to say that to Will because 1.) she feels guilty she knew about Cary leaving for 3 months and 2.) she knows that eventually Will will cool off and the tension won’t be too bad.  But I do think she has his and LG’s back.

The breakup of the friendship between Kalinda and Alicia was brutal.  It’s a hard one to recover from.  I know there are some people who think Alicia overreacted to Kalinda because she didn’t know her at the time and there are other people who think she’s completely justified because she is someone who slept with a married man.  I can see both sides but I side with the faction of people who thought Alicia was justified.   Not to mention, I don’t know if I could continue a friendship with someone knowing she slept with my husband when I was married to him.  That’s a little creepy.  I think it’s been pretty clear for a few years now that that friendship is pretty much dead in Alicia’s eyes.  They have been cordial and even shared the rare tequila shot together but it wasn’t the same.  It never could be.   But I guess Kalinda wasn’t sure and maybe even thought they had moved past it.  Well this should be the ultimate sign that they aren’t close and therefore, she really no longer has an allegiance towards Alicia.

With this new revelation, it made the decision pretty easy for Kalinda…stay with LG until the dust settles (if it ever does) and whatever happens, happens.  Kalinda is not an overly sentiment or emotional person so this should be easy for her.  In theory, that’s true.  In actuality, let’s see what happens and how it plays out.

WHEW!  I’m exhausted after that!  I’m really excited because this was a true game changing episode.  Writers and show runners throw that term out way too loosely these days in regards to their shows.  But if you needed to know what a bona-fide game changing episode looks like, watch “Hitting the Fan.”  Also check out Lost S3 E22 “Through the Looking Glass.”

The look of this show will never be the same.  It was always about LG with a little politics thrown in.  Now, it’s LG and F&A and how the new “relationship” (for lack of a better word) between these two firms evolves.  These were teammates.  Now, they’re enemies.  The connections and bonds formed between all parties, will never be the same.  We will be following Will and Diane and the new Will and Diane.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see where this take us this season and moving forward.   CBS, you better not cancel this show!!!!

What did you think?   Did this episode meet your expectations?  Did it exceed them?  Did it fall flat?   And what do you think will happen down the road?

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RECAP & REVIEW: Parenthood “Let’s Be Mad Together” S5 E5

Parenthood is having another great season.  This is the type of show that can go for 10+ seasons because there is always something new and real going on with each of these families and I’m invested in all of them…even Zeke and Camille’s storyline is great.  So let’s jump in.


Max has really been flourishing working with Hank and learning how to become a photographer.  And as it turns out, he’s really good.   As it also turns out, not surprisingly, he’s not always appropriate when snapping photos of people.  Max is now on the yearbook staff and he’s role is to take pictures for the yearbook.   The problem is, Max doesn’t want to take traditional yearbook photos.  He wants to get real moments with real people.  And I can’t disagree with him.  And you can do that for the yearbook but maybe he could be a little more subtle.  And maybe he can pick better moments.  While the picture of the crying girl was a beautiful picture, it wasn’t appropriate because of the way he did it.   And she asked him not to do it and he kept doing it anyway.  This resulted in the parents calling the school and the head of the yearbook having to bring in Kristina and tell her that Max is being moved to layout.  It results in lots of back and forth over what’s right and wrong, feelings are hurt and it ends with Kristina telling Max he’s being moved to layout and that it sucks.

It’s always hard to comment on stories about Max and his behavior because I’ve never been around a kid with Asperger’s and it’s slightly unfair to make judgments and assessments without that knowledge.  And I certainly don’t want to be ignorant or disrespectful but I will try to comment without sounding like a jackass!   You all know how much I love Kristina and specifically Monica Potter.   But the one time Kristina gets under my skin is when it comes to Max, she thinks he should be able to do whatever he wants because of his condition regardless of how it impacts other people.   I think, she thinks, Max deserves exceptions and I take an exception with that.  Again, this comes down to me not understanding Asperger’s very well and as such, I don’t know what Max can and can’t control.  I don’t know how much leeway he should be afforded.   I know that Asperger’s kids have a hard time with social connections.  But from the little I do understand, they can read clues that can reveal how people around them are feeling.  Max knew this girl was crying and upset but that didn’t stop him from taking her picture even though she asked him not to.  So when he was moved to layout from photographer Kristina wasn’t happy and thought that because Max was so good he should get to be the photographer.  She even called in the principal to back her up regarding how good Max was on student council.   Unfortunately that backfired on her as well because the principal confirmed that Max was very hard to deal with and made the experience not as fun for the other students.  So he backed the yearbook supervisor and Max got demoted.

It has to be tough for the parents.  And I love Kristina for wanting to fight for her kid.   And she should.  But that doesn’t always make it right.  And I think part of it comes back on her.   She always fights so hard for Max to get to do what he wants to do, I’m not sure if he’s learning that whether he likes it or not or whether he thinks it’s fair or not, his actions have consequences.  He has to use what he’s been taught to assess situations to make better decisions.  It’s can’t always be that he gets to do what he wants when he wants.  Kristina was trying to explain this to him when Hank started butting in.  Hey Hank, mind your own business!  Let Kristina handle her son.  I think he gave her horrible advice because he told her how good he was and that’s what he should be doing.  All that did was fire up Kristina to keep pushing for Max and I don’t think this is a fight they should win…and they didn’t.  How about, no one said Max could stop taking pictures.  He just can’t take them for the yearbook any more.  Ok Hank, then you hire Max and you have him take pictures.   Find another way.   But Kristina likes to push the square peg in the round hole when it comes to Max, regardless of how it impacts everyone else.   Remember the vending machine?  Ugh.   But you can tell how hard this is on her.  You can tell that she hates if Max is negatively impacting other children’s experiences.   But I think it also kills her that Max can’t have those experiences the way other kids can.   So what’s the right answer?   I have no idea.  But in this instance, I think the school was right and Max will have to find another way to channel his new-found talent.


When did the second strongest couple on the show become the most fragile?  I know, I know it’s been happening for a little while now when they adopted Victor, Julia lost her job, Joel went back to work, Sydney and Victor aren’t always getting along, Victor is struggling in school, Julia is struggling to find her place again, Joel’s trying to re-enter the work force again.   Yep, it’s all building up.  And I think you see each person judging how the other person is handling their former role and it isn’t going over very well.

Joel does comment on the way Julia is handling the kids or he says nothing but has a tone and exasperated look on his face.  Julia meanwhile is trying to tell Joel how to stand up for himself and he’s not being strong enough with Pete and how she would see people like him get taken advantage of.    So neither one is really appearing to be there for the other.  And the thing I hate most about this, is that it’s all leading to either Joel or Julia cheating with Penny from Lost or Roy from The Office.  Or maybe they both cheat.  Although it would be an interesting story.  Not that I’m rooting for one or both of them to be unfaithful, but it would be fascinating to see how it all plays out.

I think they biggest problem is, they aren’t taking care of each other.  They are so worried about Victor and Sydney, about Joel getting this business off the ground, that neither of them is taking the time to talk about how all this is impacting them.  I think Julia is being so driven about helping Joel because she feels like she isn’t contributing anymore.  She had a major career at a law practice, on the partner track, and now she’s packing lunches and settling Windex fights, and it isn’t enough for her.   There are many people where being at a stay at home mom is completely rewarding and fulfilling…it’s one of the hardest jobs out there.   But for Julia, she needs more, and she isn’t wrong for feeling that way.    With Joel, he has the stress of this start-up company and being the only person bringing in a salary right now, I think he’s putting a lot of pressure on himself to make sure this works.  But instead of each of them putting the kids to bed, grabbing a glass of wine, and talking about this, they are keeping it bottled up and everyone once in a while, like last night, sometimes it spills over and out.  Eventually, it will just explode.   Explode meaning affair.   It’s coming people.  It’s just who’s it going to be and when.


You all know I’ve never liked Zeke’s character.   But this season I’ve felt a little better about him (he’s been so great with Victor), except when it comes to Camille.   I think this is such a great storyline.  You have two people who have been together for a really long (I’m guessing at least 40 years) and now they are looking for their “Act 3.”   Actually Camille is looking at that and Zeke is perfectly happy living out his life doing what he’s doing in their home.   But that’s not enough for her.

I think the part that’s most upsetting to me is how disrespectful Zeke is to Camille.  Camille has brought up the idea that it might be a good idea to sell their huge house and downside and maybe take some trips together.  Zeke basically said no and walked away and wouldn’t talk about it.   Then he goes out and buys a car, without speaking with Camille, and the car needs to be completely rebuilt, it’s a year-long project, and it’s a complete slap in Camille’s face.   How can he do that to her?   How could he be so disrespectful of his wife’s feelings and so dismissive of her feelings?   My heart broke for her.   When she opened up to Julia about how she feels like she lost her voice in their marriage and she doesn’t know how to get it back…that was awful to me.

I’ve heard of people who have been married, 25, 30, 40 years getting divorced after all that time and I never understood why.   After seeing these last few weeks, now I get it.   Camille is still young and there is a lot she wants to see and do.  She should go do it.  If Zeke is going to be like this, then if I were her, I would plan a trip, pack a bag, and go without him.   Maybe take Sarah or Julia with you.   But I would go and leave him behind with his damn car.    I just don’t understand how he can hurt her like that.  And I’m sure it’s tough.  That’s his home and there are so many memories there.  I can understand not wanting to leave that.  But it will happen at some point.  Don’t you want it to be on your terms?   Maybe he doesn’t.  Maybe he wants to spend the rest of his life in the home where he and his wife built their family.  I completely understand that.  What I don’t understand is not telling your wife how you feel and not having a conversation with her about it and then slapping her in the face buying that car so it forces her hand.  Especially since it’s such a great project for Victor.  She’ll look like the bad guy and that’s not fair.   But I wonder if she leaves him.  Again, I think that would be another great storyline.


Not a whole lot going on here except that Amber is still mad at Sarah for not supporting her.  Ryan is mad with Amber for not cluing him in.  And Sarah is still walking around looking miserable.   Seriously, this woman needs some happy in her life.

I see both sides to this.  I can see Sarah being concerned for Amber.  And instead of being pissed at her, Amber should understand that her mom is only looking out for her.  Amber, historically, has not made the best decisions in her.  In some cases, they’ve almost been catastrophic decisions.  So for her to be so angry at her mother for wanting her to take a step back and really make sure this is what she wants to do, seems ridiculous to me.

On the flip side, one of Sarah’s concerns is Ryan’s lack of family and his zero desire to have any of them there.  How is that any of her business?  She can ask the question, but if Ryan says no and he has his reasons why, then respect that.  It doesn’t make him a bad guy.  It just makes him someone not close to his family.    Although the one thing I will say, I think Ryan should be more open with Amber about his family.  She is going to be his wife so I think she does have a right to know what’s going on.   So he should at least clue her in.   The fact that she didn’t know his father passed away, is a bit strange to me.   Sarah doesn’t need to know that, but Amber does.

Eventually, Ryan goes to see Sarah and gives her a brief history on his background….father is dead, mother remarried a guy 6 months later that beat the tar our of him while still grieving over the death of his father.   So he said good-bye to that abusive situation and started his life anew.  And he tells Sarah “not everyone has a family like yours.”  He’s right.  And I think that’s one thing the Bravermans don’t get is that they think they have this great family and either everyone wants to be a part of it or everyone else has the same type of family life.   No and no.  But I think this is the wake up call Sarah needed.  Although it appears next week she is still pushing Amber to cancel the wedding.

The Lunchonette

They are starting their new label with the douchbag lead singer of the band whose former label dropped them.   They were having creative differences but Crosby worked it all out and now they are good to go.   And that’s really it for that story.  Oh and Jasmine and Crosby are still crazy tired and worn out keeping up with their new baby girl.

What did you think of Parenthood this week?   What did you think about Max?   Was it completely unfair or justified?  What do you think will happen with Joel and Julia?   Camille and Zeke?   Let me know!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Survivor Blood vs. Water “One Man Wrecking Ball” S27 E6

I am loving this season.   Even though I hate Redemption Island, it doesn’t bother me as much because I think the impact it has on the strategy of the game with other loved ones left behind (if they still have them) is great. And that point was magnified this week with Laura M going to RI.  Last week, they were going to vote out Laura B.   But to Aras’ credit, he realized that the better play would be Laura M because she is better at puzzle challenges and would be the best person to eliminate Brad so that Monica would be more loyal to them.  This is why Aras is a former winner (and my pick to win this year) because he’s thinking a few steps ahead without being too over the top.   And that’s exactly what happened.  Laura smokes the puzzle, John comes in second and Brad is gone.  Strategy worked.  And think about it…Aras would have never voted out Laura (I don’t think) if this wasn’t a Blood vs. Water scenario.  Laura was obviously someone Aras could have in his back pocket should he need her later on.   She was completely loyal to him.  I think in a regular setting, she would still be on her tribe.   She could have been Aras’ eyes and ears if someone was planning coup.  She was another loyal vote.  But this season, she was someone to take out the loved one of someone in his alliance to make that alliance member more loyal to Aras and crew.  Seriously, Laura cannot catch a break!  First she’s stuck with God awful Shambo then she’s collateral damage because of one specific move another player wants to make.  Probst, if you’re reading this, and I know you are, have Laura Morett come back again!

I think Brad’s problem is he went balls to the walls massive of the strategy out of the gate.  He didn’t need to be that bold that soon.  I love the fact that he was playing hard (I’ll take that over people like Natalie and Ashley from the original RI season that just did whatever Rob told them to do and didn’t actually play the game.)   But Brad played too hard, too early and that was his downfall.  Aras is the opposite where he’s leading but he’s very self-aware and wants to make sure that he’s not “leading” too much or else it will get him voted out.   And that’s exactly what Judas, I mean Tyson, is looking to do.

The coconut bandits (Tyson and Gervase…the alliance within the alliance) are already taking about taking out “King Aras.”  They think he’ll be dangerous come merge time with Vytas still in the game.  He’s too popular, too strong, too likable, and too smart to keep around.  So Tyson thinks it’s time for him to go.   And he isn’t wrong.  Gervase doesn’t want to be looked at as someone not playing the game, so he’s willing to go along with it.  Dumb and dumber.  I like how Tyson later calls the newbies stupid when every time Tyson has been on this show, he’s made historically stupid moves.  Pot meet kettle.  I could never understand why people want to break up their alliance so early in the game.  You have your alliance, trust it…for now.  Just ask Kat how smart it is to panic and turn on your alliance early.  I can see why Tyson and Gervase would panic because Rachel and Marissa are gone.  Now so is Brad at Aras’ hands.  But Katie and Vytas are still around and make Tina and Aras very dangerous.  I get that.   But I still think it’s too soon.  I think even at the merge, you have enough people nervous about Aras that you can get him out right at the merge.   Let’s look at who’s left:

  • Tina
  • Katie
  • Monica
  • Gervase
  • Tyson
  • Aras
  • Vytas
  • Caleb
  • Ciera
  • Hayden
  • Kat
  • Laura B

I think Tina and Monica are pretty tight and Tina will pull Katie in.  Tina seems to be tight with Aras and then by extension Vytas.  So there’s five.  Kat, Laura B, and Ciera would just be happy it’s not them.  Hayden and Caleb would be on board with getting such a big threat out.  So you have Kat, Laura, Ciera, Hayden, Caleb, Gervase, and Tyson all willing to vote Aras.  That’s 7 vs. 5.   You have the numbers.   Now it’s soooooo easy for me to sit here and think this without really knowing the relationships on the island.   But I think with that scenario, you could get Aras after the merge.  Now with Kat gone, you would have to make sure one of your other “vote Aras out” people wouldn’t go with the best scenario being the Vytas is the next to go.   Again, very easy for me to say…I know that.   But I think Tyson is jumping the gun just a bit and putting a huge target on his back.  And what he doesn’t realize is that Monica and Tina don’t like flip floppers.  Based on what happened at their camp, they’ve made it perfectly clear that if they can’t trust you, you’re gone.  If Tyson flips on Aras, he’s sealed his fate with them.   And even though Caleb, Hayden, and Ciera might stick with him for now, they already know he’s a turn coat and know they can’t trust him so he’ll have to go.  So while it’s a bold move, as usual for Tyson, it’s a stupid one.   Not to mention, now with this tribe shake up, he is on a team with Gervase, Aras, Hayden, Caleb, and Ciera.  I have a feeling Hayden, Caleb, and Ciera will stick together.  So if Tyson gets Aras out and a merge doesn’t happen, he’s put himself and Gervase is a VERY weak position with being down in numbers in his new tribe.  I’ll say it again…dumb.   It’s why a guy like Tyson will never win Survivor.  He’s too tunnel visioned.   He doesn’t see the big picture or a few moves ahead.  He gets an idea and there is no changing it.   That’s why I would NEVER have an alliance with that man if I played with him.

Speaking of dumb, let’s talk about Kat!  Kat’s annoyed at Monica.   Why?   Because she talks and strategizes too much.   It’s all too much for Kat.  So because of that, she has to go.  The problem for Kat is, she on the outside looking in on an alliance and she has no idea.  Please like Kat annoy me.  Meaning, people who think they are so good at playing Survivor but really aren’t very good at all.   She seems like a very nice person but the arrogance combined with cluelessness bug me.  So she wants Monica gone and she goes right to Tina…her alliance member.  Tina promptly tells Monica because she doesn’t like having wishy-washy alliance members around.  They are dangerous and if she’s turning on Monica because she talks too much, what other reasons could she concoct to vote some one out later?  So for Monica, Kat had to go.   What I didn’t understand was Monica confronting her about this.  What point does that serve other than to dime out Tina?  Kat’s not going to tell you the truth.  So why bother?   I guess it would make sense if you didn’t believe the person who told you in the first place.  But it came from Tina and they’re tight so in my opinion there was no need for her to go to Kat.  I thought Kat was going to be the smoke screen  until they got to tribal when it was pretty clear it was going to be her.   Vytas had infiltrated their hearts and in a very short time proved more trustworthy than Kat.  He’s also the only muscle they have so they should really keep him around for challenges.  But it’s still dangerous.  Aras is a very powerful player.  I think Vytas was the best from his tribe.   When they get together, I don’t think there is any way Aras or Vytas don’t win this game.  And I think if it’s between Aras and Vytas, Vytas wins.  One because he’s not a prior winner and two, there has been quite a bit of foreshadowing with Vytas making lots of claims of being inferior to Aras.  What better way to beat him than on Survivor?   That is not a spoiler (I LOATHE Survivor spoilers) it’s just a gut feeling.   So while I understand them being pissed at Kat and wanting her gone it still doesn’t make sense because she was never really in your alliance to begin with.  Granted she didn’t know that but you did.  And Vytas is still a wild card with a very powerful ally on the other side.   If you have read many of the recaps out there that talk about Tina, Aras, and Gervase having a pre-show alliance, then it would make sense for Vytas to stay and Tina to protect him.  I think luckily for Tina, Kat made a very easy scapegoat and way to protect Vytas without showing her hand…if that’s indeed what’s going on.    See this is why I love Survivor!!!  I have no idea who’s really aligned with whom and I love it!!!!

One last thing before I go, Holy Major Faux Pas on the challenge!   From what I understand, after Probst does the TV explanation of the challenge, the cameras then have to move into position to film the challenge.  While that’s happening, Probst and the Challenge Manager go over the challenge in detail with each tribe again.  He answers questions and reviews all the steps and even in some cases will show pictures of certain stages so they know what to look for.   So it’s pretty clear what they have to do.  For Tina and Laura to not come back with the cage, is unacceptable.   It was unacceptable before I knew that bit of intel (thank you Dalton Ross from!) and now it’s even MORE preposterous after hearing that!!!   The only way you could miss that is if you aren’t paying attention and that’s just wrong on so many levels.   And they went out as a twosome.  So not only did one person not pay attention, but BOTH didn’t!    I would have kicked them off the tribe just for that.   You have a 1 in 12 shot of winning a million dollars (not counting the yuck butts on RI.)  How do you not pay attention to a challenge?  It’s one thing when it’s individual immunity but it’s even worse when it’s a team challenge.   No excuse at all.

In my first post I picked Aras as my winner with an honorable mention to brother Vytas.  I would have picked Vytas outright but since a newbie has never won Survivor when there are veterans out there, I couldn’t pick Vytas.  But so far, so good in my early prediction.   Sorry guys if I just Jim Nantzed you.

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Blacklist “The Courier” S1 E5

It’s a toss-up for me for favorite new show of the season with Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist.    Both shows are very different and both fabulous in their own right.   Overall there isn’t a lot I don’t like about Sleepy Hollow. However, there are some parts of The Blacklist that make me raise my eyebrows.   Such as, don’t you find it interesting that all this elusive, dangerous, highly sought after criminal just make it so easy for the FBI by always having business in DC?   They never have to go anywhere!  Also, why is everyone so angry all the time?   I get why Lizzy might be on edge, what with her husband being, whatever dangerous entity he is.   But why is Ressler and Malik always in a bad mood?   Seriously these people always look like they are ready to rip each other’s heads off.   But finally we got a smidge more insight into Ressler that might explain that a bit.

Every single episode has been really interesting and I love the different types of madmen and women they have been coming up with.   That must be a fun time in the writers’ room….sitting around thinking “what can we have this person be that’s just really sick and twisted.  I KNOW!   Let’s have this middleman be the human version of a woman’s handbag!!  He’ll feel no pain and have everything from keys to flash drives to Burt’s Bees lip gloss in there!”   Seriously though coming up with these criminals has to be awesome.   And so far, they have been doing a tremendous job.    Between last week’s The Stewmaker (and knowing what he did, that name is beyond disturbing) and this week’s The Courier, these criminals have been down right creepy, scary, and very dangerous.

The Case revolved around The Courier who is a middleman hired by two parties to complete high-end or dangerous transactions.   The Courier’s insurance, if anything goes wrong, on either end, he kills both parties.  So you take a huge risk using him but you know the job will be completed to 100% satisfaction with no worries of him coming back later.   Since Red knows he’s in town to do another job (kidnap a NSA agent for an ex-French intelligence agent) you know the exchange won’t go smoothly.  And it doesn’t.  Now it’s a race to find Seth (the NSA agent buried alive by The Courier) before he dies.  Since the one party is dead and The Courier isn’t talking, their only option is the French agent turned club owner.  Ressler goes undercover as The Courier to get the location of Seth’s body.  She wants proof he’s who he says he is so he slashes his arm with cut glass (which looked really painful) with wincing once.  But it’s not enough.   She knows the deal with the Courier and if he was really him, she would be dead already.  His cover is blown and a shoot out ensues with Ressler getting away.   Eventually, Superman, I mean Red, goes to the club and gets the info Ressler couldn’t in exchange for saving her life and getting her away.  In the end, they are able to save Seth’s life, the Courier is killed, and another name is checked off the list.

Let’s talk about Tom.  I have no idea where this is going…and I love that.   I see this thing with Tom going one of two ways, which means I’ll completely wrong about both.   Option 1: Tom is being set up.   All evidence points to Tom being a bad guy or at the very least a big fat liar.  Lizzy found the box containing the gun used in the murder in Boston, money, and about 10 different Passport IDs.   The more she uncovers about the case, the more she turns skeptical of Tom and who he really is.  The last thing we see “linking” Tom to the crime is a surveillance picture of him leaving the scene of the crime and him being listed as the potential killer in the report Red was able to get for her.  Usually when things are that obvious they scream that it’s too obvious therefore it can’t be true.  Plus, when he found the box, his first call was a panicked phone call to Lizzy wanting to talk to her.  He called her over and over again and then waited for her at home with the box laid out.  Why do that if you’re guilty?   Wouldn’t you run?   Or kill her?   He appeared freaked out by what he saw so that indicates he didn’t know anything about this.   How does this relate to the surveillance team, who could be the people setting Tom up.  Who they are and why they are doing it is still a massive mystery.  Could they be part of Red’s team?  Could they have something to do with Lizzy’s father?   Could they be government agents?   I have no idea at this point.  Option 2: Tom is a deadly bad guy.  Sometimes we have a tendency to over think what is clearly right in front of us.   And right in front of us is a lot of evidence showing that Tom isn’t who he says he is and might be a little bit scary.  I think this could be all part of his act to make Lizzy think he has no idea what the box is and to put her mind at rest that he isn’t this double agent she might be starting to think he is.  Why would he do that and not run?   Maybe because his assignment is not complete.   Maybe he’s being blackmailed into doing whatever he’s doing.  It make sense why the surveillance team is there.  They are watching him to make sure he holds up his end of the bargain or to make sure he’s doing his job.   The flip side of that argument though is that they just put the equipment up recently.  Wouldn’t it have been up the whole time?   Unless something changes recently causing the surveillance to be necessary.   I’m hoping it’s option 2 because I think it would be a lot more interesting if he’s duplicitous vs. the good husband being set up.   And if he is a double agent or something else entirely, who is he?   Who is he working for?  How does Red know so much about him?   Remember when he asked Lizzy what she knew about her husband in exchange for more information about the Courier?  He thanked her for telling him the truth.  How would he know that?   He would know because he already knows who her husband is and the whole story behind him.   Could he be #1 on Red’s Blacklist?  Is that why he’s so obsessed with Lizzy?   So many questions!!!   And I’m ready for them to be answered slowly.  I like that each week we get more and more layers of the onion peeled back.  I just hope it doesn’t go too quickly.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised the box reveal happened this soon.

One crazy projection I have and I’m just going to go out on a limb and say it….Keane and Ressler will fall in love.  They hate each other right now.  They don’t trust each other right now.  She’s married to someone who could be on Red’s list.  It’s a perfect romantic story!!!   I’m telling you, you heard it here first.  At someone point in the series, those two will get it on and be in love.

How are you enjoying The Blacklist?  The ratings are strong, the writing is strong.  The acting could be a teeny bit better but with James Spader stealing every scene he’s in every week, it really doesn’t matter.

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RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Outside the Bubble” S5 E4

I haven’t written about the Good Wife in a loooooong time (sorry Kiki!)  But I had to make time this morning because this the penultimate episode before the shit hits the fan episode which is coming next week.  I’ve never been more excited for a Sunday night in my life!

Let’s start with the two dumb story lines of the night.    Surprisingly, I’m not going to talk about Jackie!  She’s always annoying and pointless so why bother…nothing new.   First the case of the paralegal suing the firm.   Are you kidding me?  Does this girl seriously think everyone in the world is hitting on her?  And she’s obviously sue happy because she apparently did this before to another firm.   What does she hope to accomplish here….other than getting the reputation of someone who can’t be trusted because she’s sue someone at the drop of a hat.  If that doesn’t scream “don’t ever hire this girl” nothing does.   I knew someone in my industry who had a reputation of suing companies for sexual harassment.  The first time she won.  The next two times, not so much.   Then she couldn’t get hired anywhere because her reputation was destroyed.  Was it worth it?  I would say no.

The second dumb story line that made me irate involved Diane and Kurt.  I love Diane and Kurt.  What I didn’t like is this idea that they shouldn’t get married because of their political beliefs.   Ask James Carville and Mary Matalin if you can’t be married having differing political views.  This was absurd.  Diane’s friends coming to her home to have a heart-to-heart with her because of Kurt’s views on guns?   Them walking into a bar to meet his friends where Diane is worried she shouldn’t bring up Obama?  WHAT?   Seriously why was she so nervous?   And it wasn’t the nervous “I hope your friends are going to like me because I love you.”  It was “I hope no one brings up Ted Cruz because I will go nuclear on someone.”   Story lines like this really encapsulate what is wrong with this country right now.   If your political view is different from someone else’s, you can’t be in the same room with them.  Wow, if everyone I was friends with I couldn’t be around because we had differing opinions, I wouldn’t have friends.  No one would.  Unless you like to surround yourselves with myopic people who think exactly like you.   How boring!   The differing of opinions is what makes our country great (at least it’s supposed to.)  The key is vocalizing your opinion passionately and vigorously yet respecting that someone else’s opinion may be different from yours and they are just as passionate and vigorous about it.  So respect it.  You don’t have to like it or agree with it.  But it doesn’t make that other person dumb or a jerk (their personalities do that not their opinions.)  It just makes their belief in one area different from yours.   So this story really bugged me.

But enough about that.  Let’s get to the juicy stuff.  We are one week away from Will exploding on Alicia and it’s going to be a doozy.    Can I get a show of hands on how many of you think the 4th years and Alicia’s have handled this VERY poorly?  Everyone in the room?   That’s what I thought.   How dumb can these people be?  You know they are suspicious, you know they are tapping your phones, you know everyone is on edge because of what’s happening with Diane.  So why are you having meetings in the office in plain sight?  And by the way, the office walls and doors are glass, in case you haven’t noticed.   So everyone can see you!!!!   What happened to meeting at Alicia’s or in the parking garage…although how funny would it have been if the partners’ meeting to oust Diane was happening at the same time the 4th years were meeting to leave?   Or how about meeting in your new office space?   ANYWHERE but Lockhart Gardner.   And I knew the one guy was going to be bad news.  He was the one really pushing for Alicia to steal the files of clients.  It’s easy when it’s not your neck on the line to push other people to do the dirty work.  He ends up getting caught feeding information to Viola for her suit against LG and Cary asks Kalinda to give him some time before she tells Will.  Cary brings them together to tell them the situation (again in the office of LG but this time I cut them slack since they’re short on time) and let’s him know he’ll be fired, just roll with it and he’ll come on board in 5 days with them.  He’s pissed saying he’ll lose his bonus and as a result wants them to all share their bonuses with him.  I’m sorry, what is the slime ball who just put them in a dangerous position asking?   For their money?  Well according to Senor Slimeball, if they don’t, he will tell Will what is going on when he’s questioned by him.   If they share the bonuses, his lips are sealed.   Wow, that’s someone I don’t want to start a law firm with!   So he goes out on a limb trying to sabotage a case and gets caught and he wants everyone else to bail him out.  Yep, once we were in the clear, he’d be cut loose.

Diane is back in the office one last time to help WIll and the crew on this ridiculous sexual harassment case.  As a result, she becomes very aware of some things around the office.  First, she notices someone looking at one of her case files.   It’s Alicia.  She confronts Alicia and Alicia apologizes saying it was her mistake.  Diane raises an eyebrow but then let’s it go.   Later, she sees the 4 years in Alicia’s office having a disagreement or very strong, intense conversation.  SEE!!!  Dummies.  Then she goes into Alicia’s office and notices that she never finished decorating her office.   She asks Will if he asked to stop and he says no….brow now raised higher.  Diane has heard all the buzz so on a hunch she has drinks with her client whose file Alicia was in.  Diane very shrewdly is able to get the client to admit that she is looking should Diane leave and take the judgeship and that “the Governor’s wife’s name on the letterhead is hard to pass up.”   GULP.  The look on Diane’s face said it all.   It was amazing.   Even though Diane had her suspicions, I think deep down she was hoping it wasn’t true.   When it was confirmed to be true, she was hurt, angered, betrayed, sickened, and shocked.   She goes back to LG and is looking around her office when…Alicia comes in.  OH.  MY.   GOD.  The look Diane gives her would freeze a boiling pot of pasta.  That cold, icy stare would have sent me screaming for my bed and a bottle of wine…maybe scotch.   Alicia leaves after she can tell Diane is in no mood to chit-chat and Diane immediately turns and slowly walks towards Will’s office.   Will is in a meeting but he knows his partner well…he can tell something is really wrong.   He asked to be excused for a moment and Diane comes in and says “Alicia is leaving the firm with the 4th years and our top clients”….fade to black with the camera on Will’s face.   AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So here’s what I think will happen.  Diane isn’t taking the judgeship and stays with Will at the firm to try to save what they built.  Together, they go after Alicia and Cary.   And I for one cannot wait to see that!!!   The previews for next week were crazy with Alicia being escorted out by armed guards and coldly telling Will that this wasn’t personal as the elevator doors close.  And of course the scene we’ve all seen a few times now with Will coming into Alicia’s office and destroying what is on her desk.

This season of TGW has been incredible!   Last season started so poorly but this season has been fabulous.  Every episode I can’t wait to see what happens next.   The one thing I am BEGGING the writers not to do and asking them not to go down this path….please please please don’t have Peter cheat, again.   Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, starred in the movie.   It’s old and tired and I think the audience has had enough.  I want to see Alicia with Peter…everyone knows that.   But if you are going to break them up, have it be on Alicia’s terms, not because Peter did something to force her hand.  I prefer you kept them together and so I REALLY don’t want this thing with Melissa George’s character to become an affair.   So please don’t!!!

What did you think of last night’s episode and are you DYING to see next week?  I know I am!!!!

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TV News and Thoughts

Recently Canceled

Lucky 7
Murder Police
We Are Men

Recently Renewed

Sleepy Hollow

Full Season Pick Ups

The Blacklist
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Additional Scripts Ordered

The Originals
The Tomorrow People

I don’t think anyone is surprised that Lucky 7 and We Are Men were already canceled.  Awful shows with awful ratings usually do it every time.   I am THRILLED to see that Sleepy Hollow was already picked up for Season 2.  Shows like that have been hit or miss and this show has been a huge hit.   Great writing, great cast = sure-fire renewal.  Also very happy to see The Blacklist and SHIELD getting full season pick ups.   Their shows and fan bases are strong and I don’t see any reason these won’t be renewed for a second season.

But Dads?   Really?  I just read that the mid-season comedy Us & Them starring Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel, just got cut from its original 13 episode order to 6 and that’s all that will be produced.   The reason?   because the “geniuses” at FOX were concerned over the tone of the show.   It’s not as “edgy” as the other comedies it has on the air and therefore they don’t think it will do well.  Let me get this straight.  The network that brings you “edgy” comedies like Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the Mindy Project, which are all failing and certain to be canceled by the end of the season if not before, doesn’t want to take a chance on a softer comedy because it doesn’t fit the tone of the network?   The only “edgy” comedy working is New Girl.  The other ones are failing brutally.   So why wouldn’t you want to try something with a different tone and see if it works?  It certainly has the cast to draw an audience.  It was the buzz of the upfronts and “off-season” so why not try it?   I’m no network exec but that seems ludicrous to me.  But now that they’ve cut the show from 13 to 6, ostensibly canceling it, no one will bother with it and therefore the ratings will be bad and FOX can say “see, a show like this won’t work.”  A show like that won’t work because you morons didn’t support it and pulled before giving it a chance.

What are your thoughts?  Happy with the renewals and full season orders?   Upset with the early cancellations? Sound off below!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Survivor “One Armed Dude and Three Moms” S27 E4

I’m really enjoying this season of Survivor…even more now that Colton is gone.   And if you’ll permit me, I’m going to talk about last week’s quitter for a moment since I didn’t get a chance to yet.   Everyone knows I never wanted to see Colton on Survivor again.  Unfortunately, the casting department thought it would be a great idea to bring him back.  Thankfully, he’s gone after episode 3 because he quit yet again.

I have to be honest, I didn’t realize he quit the first time until Probst said it on air last week that the first time, when Colton was medivaced out, that it was all a lie and he faked his injury to get out of the game.   I’m not sure why he would do that when he seemed to be in a strong position in the game but when asked about it, Colton didn’t really deny it so maybe it was true.   But there is NO DOUBT he quit this time.   And why did he quit?   Because the game wasn’t going his way.  He’s a spoiled, bratty, narcissist and when things do go his way, he throws a temper tantrum and quits like a 3-year-old.    This is why Colton is not only a nasty player but an awful player.  He has no idea how to adapt, how to play the game, and how to bide his time until he can play the game he wants.  It was the same way on One World.  He didn’t want to be on the guy tribe, he wanted to be on the girl tribe.  So he created chaos and fortunately for him, the players (if you can call them that) that he played with, weren’t strong enough to combat or smart enough to see through his bullshit.  So he was able to get far in the game.   This time around, he’s on a tribe of veteran players or aren’t going to put up with his crap. Aras, Tina, Gervase, and Kat all called him out on his blatant and poor attempts at manipulation and basically told him to shut it down because they don’t believe him and aren’t going to play that way.  So what does Colton do when things don’t go his way?  He quits.

There are many things I loved about this.   One, that his team called him out and two, that Jeff Probst lit him up!   Probst has been very vocal saying that he was against Colton coming back this season but that he was outnumbered and Colton returned.  So none of this surprised Probst at all and he ripped Colton a new one in front of everyone and on national TV.  It was awesome!!   What’s so fascinating about this is that Colton’s boyfriend Caleb seems like a lovely person.   What the hell does he see in that big hot mess that is Colton Cumbie?  I’m dying to know!!   In the end I don’t really care because I don’t care enough about Colton to really want to know.  I’m just glad he’s gone.

I hope the casting department at CBS/Survivor really start to think long and hard about these returning players. This is the second season in a row the casting department brought back a mentally unstable person and down right disgusting human being back on this show…..Colton Cumbie and Brandon Hantz.   I guess the casting department feels these people bring ratings and good TV.  The ratings part, I can’t tell if these people increase ratings or not.   But as for making good TV, I can assure you, they don’t.  Look at websites, listen to podcasts, read the comments sections…fans of the show don’t like these players.   They don’t bring value, they don’t bring entertainment.   They detract from the enjoyment of the show.   STOP BRINGING PLAYERS LIKE THIS BACK!!!  They add nothing.  It’s one thing to have a horrible person who plays the game well (Russell Hantz) but those two weren’t even good game players.   They sucked.  So I really don’t understand.   But I hope after yet another incident in back to back season wakes this casting department up and they realize that people like that, aren’t worth.  Not to mention, you’re taking a spot away from someone who really wants to be on the show and can possibly be the next Colby, Stephanie, Ozzy, or Parvati.   And can we not have Rupert back anymore either?    Please?    I would appreciate it.

As for this episode, I’m shaking my head at the loved ones tribe.  Talk about making bad mistake, after bad mistake.  First they vote our Marissa because they didn’t like the Gervase behaved after the immunity challenge to “show him he can’t act like a moron.”  Dumb,  you kept Katie and Ciera who are much weaker and voted out a strong player.   Then you vote our Rachel thinking Tyson would switch with her.   Fail.   And now you’ve voted out another player stronger than Ciera and Katie.  Next, you vote out John because you’re worried about what will happen if Candace should get back in the game.  Stupid.   So you vote yet another strong physical player.   This week, it seems pretty clear it’s going to be Ciera but Brad has finally pissed enough people off that Brad is voted out….another strong player.   I just don’t understand.   You need to win challenges at this point.  Yet the loved ones tribe continues to vote out strong players for dumb reasons.   Well, then you’re going to keep losing every week.   Great job guys.

From a strategic standpoint, they’ve also been brain-dead.  The Marissa decision was stupid.  Ok, I can give you that one.  Everyone can make a bad call and that was a bad one.  I’m not totally against the Rachel decision because on paper, it’s not a bad idea…if it works…which is didn’t.  But the John and Brad moves completely baffle me.   First let’s discuss John.  This was bad for a many reasons.  One, he’s strong.  Two, he’s a solid alliance member.  Three, he’s getting clues to the hidden immunity idol that he was willing to share with the man responsible for voting him out.  Four, you look bad to your other alliance members by turning on a member of your alliance so early.  Five, you blatantly tell everyone else that they need to vote for John and you’ll vote for Ciera so he’s not pissed at you.  Finally, six, your reason for voting him out was you were worried about him aligning with Candace.   Wouldn’t that be a good thing?   She has no allegiance to anyone on the returning tribe because they voted her out immediately and she’s been on RI the whole time.  It’s actually one more alliance member you can add to your team.  Once you got the numbers, then you could pick John and Candace off.   So I’m still not sure why that was bad.  John was an epically bad call.   That was when Vytas, Hayden, and Caleb should have turned the tables on Brad and voted him out instead of John.   Then John would still be there and you’d still be a strong alliance of four.   Instead, they vote for John and the next week, Brad is voted out and their strong alliance of five is now down to a weak alliance of three.

Speaking of Brad, while I’m happy he’s gone, this was not the time for him to go, for many reasons.  I applaud Caleb for trying to make a bold move.  I do.  But I think it was a big mistake on his part.  Again, for all his faults, Brad was good in challenges.  So instead of getting rid of Ciera or Katie, you’re getting rid of a strong player and weaken yourself in challenges.   Also, you’re getting rid of someone, no one likes.  I don’t know about you, but if I got to the end, I would want to be sitting next to someone no one likes or respects.  Finally, Caleb made that decision on the fly at tribal council without talking to any of his tribe mates.  I think that’s a huge strategic mistake because now your alliance thinks they can’t trust you and that you can fly off the handle and make wacky decisions without really talking them through.   Most people don’t like having wild cards like that around.   Maybe it will pay off and not hurt him very much but I think it puts a HUGE target on his back and in Survivor, that’s the last thing you want to do.   Having said that, it was soooo awesome to watch because that NEVER happens…ever!!!!  But time will tell if it was the smartest move he could make or the dumbest.

So Brad is out and now heading to RI with John and Candace.  Wow…I can’t wait to see THAT dynamic!!  Because the Codys just LOVE Mr. Culpepper.   You know I don’t think Brad is a bad guy.  I really don’t.  I think he’s amazingly clueless and has no self-awareness and yes, I do think he can be a royal douchebag.   But do I think he’s Colton Cumbie awful?   God no.  I think Brad was trying to play the game, which I always love to see, but I think he went a little over the top and I think he made some really bad decisions that left him with too many enemies.  I don’t know because I wasn’t on the island with him…maybe he is a narcissistic, misogynistic, asshole.   Who knows.  I’ll be curious to see him at the recap show and how people react to him.

What are you thinking of Survivor so far this season?  And what are your thoughts on the casting of certain players and the way the loved ones are playing the game?

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