RECAP & REVIEW: Survivor “One Armed Dude and Three Moms” S27 E4

12 Oct

I’m really enjoying this season of Survivor…even more now that Colton is gone.   And if you’ll permit me, I’m going to talk about last week’s quitter for a moment since I didn’t get a chance to yet.   Everyone knows I never wanted to see Colton on Survivor again.  Unfortunately, the casting department thought it would be a great idea to bring him back.  Thankfully, he’s gone after episode 3 because he quit yet again.

I have to be honest, I didn’t realize he quit the first time until Probst said it on air last week that the first time, when Colton was medivaced out, that it was all a lie and he faked his injury to get out of the game.   I’m not sure why he would do that when he seemed to be in a strong position in the game but when asked about it, Colton didn’t really deny it so maybe it was true.   But there is NO DOUBT he quit this time.   And why did he quit?   Because the game wasn’t going his way.  He’s a spoiled, bratty, narcissist and when things do go his way, he throws a temper tantrum and quits like a 3-year-old.    This is why Colton is not only a nasty player but an awful player.  He has no idea how to adapt, how to play the game, and how to bide his time until he can play the game he wants.  It was the same way on One World.  He didn’t want to be on the guy tribe, he wanted to be on the girl tribe.  So he created chaos and fortunately for him, the players (if you can call them that) that he played with, weren’t strong enough to combat or smart enough to see through his bullshit.  So he was able to get far in the game.   This time around, he’s on a tribe of veteran players or aren’t going to put up with his crap. Aras, Tina, Gervase, and Kat all called him out on his blatant and poor attempts at manipulation and basically told him to shut it down because they don’t believe him and aren’t going to play that way.  So what does Colton do when things don’t go his way?  He quits.

There are many things I loved about this.   One, that his team called him out and two, that Jeff Probst lit him up!   Probst has been very vocal saying that he was against Colton coming back this season but that he was outnumbered and Colton returned.  So none of this surprised Probst at all and he ripped Colton a new one in front of everyone and on national TV.  It was awesome!!   What’s so fascinating about this is that Colton’s boyfriend Caleb seems like a lovely person.   What the hell does he see in that big hot mess that is Colton Cumbie?  I’m dying to know!!   In the end I don’t really care because I don’t care enough about Colton to really want to know.  I’m just glad he’s gone.

I hope the casting department at CBS/Survivor really start to think long and hard about these returning players. This is the second season in a row the casting department brought back a mentally unstable person and down right disgusting human being back on this show…..Colton Cumbie and Brandon Hantz.   I guess the casting department feels these people bring ratings and good TV.  The ratings part, I can’t tell if these people increase ratings or not.   But as for making good TV, I can assure you, they don’t.  Look at websites, listen to podcasts, read the comments sections…fans of the show don’t like these players.   They don’t bring value, they don’t bring entertainment.   They detract from the enjoyment of the show.   STOP BRINGING PLAYERS LIKE THIS BACK!!!  They add nothing.  It’s one thing to have a horrible person who plays the game well (Russell Hantz) but those two weren’t even good game players.   They sucked.  So I really don’t understand.   But I hope after yet another incident in back to back season wakes this casting department up and they realize that people like that, aren’t worth.  Not to mention, you’re taking a spot away from someone who really wants to be on the show and can possibly be the next Colby, Stephanie, Ozzy, or Parvati.   And can we not have Rupert back anymore either?    Please?    I would appreciate it.

As for this episode, I’m shaking my head at the loved ones tribe.  Talk about making bad mistake, after bad mistake.  First they vote our Marissa because they didn’t like the Gervase behaved after the immunity challenge to “show him he can’t act like a moron.”  Dumb,  you kept Katie and Ciera who are much weaker and voted out a strong player.   Then you vote our Rachel thinking Tyson would switch with her.   Fail.   And now you’ve voted out another player stronger than Ciera and Katie.  Next, you vote out John because you’re worried about what will happen if Candace should get back in the game.  Stupid.   So you vote yet another strong physical player.   This week, it seems pretty clear it’s going to be Ciera but Brad has finally pissed enough people off that Brad is voted out….another strong player.   I just don’t understand.   You need to win challenges at this point.  Yet the loved ones tribe continues to vote out strong players for dumb reasons.   Well, then you’re going to keep losing every week.   Great job guys.

From a strategic standpoint, they’ve also been brain-dead.  The Marissa decision was stupid.  Ok, I can give you that one.  Everyone can make a bad call and that was a bad one.  I’m not totally against the Rachel decision because on paper, it’s not a bad idea…if it works…which is didn’t.  But the John and Brad moves completely baffle me.   First let’s discuss John.  This was bad for a many reasons.  One, he’s strong.  Two, he’s a solid alliance member.  Three, he’s getting clues to the hidden immunity idol that he was willing to share with the man responsible for voting him out.  Four, you look bad to your other alliance members by turning on a member of your alliance so early.  Five, you blatantly tell everyone else that they need to vote for John and you’ll vote for Ciera so he’s not pissed at you.  Finally, six, your reason for voting him out was you were worried about him aligning with Candace.   Wouldn’t that be a good thing?   She has no allegiance to anyone on the returning tribe because they voted her out immediately and she’s been on RI the whole time.  It’s actually one more alliance member you can add to your team.  Once you got the numbers, then you could pick John and Candace off.   So I’m still not sure why that was bad.  John was an epically bad call.   That was when Vytas, Hayden, and Caleb should have turned the tables on Brad and voted him out instead of John.   Then John would still be there and you’d still be a strong alliance of four.   Instead, they vote for John and the next week, Brad is voted out and their strong alliance of five is now down to a weak alliance of three.

Speaking of Brad, while I’m happy he’s gone, this was not the time for him to go, for many reasons.  I applaud Caleb for trying to make a bold move.  I do.  But I think it was a big mistake on his part.  Again, for all his faults, Brad was good in challenges.  So instead of getting rid of Ciera or Katie, you’re getting rid of a strong player and weaken yourself in challenges.   Also, you’re getting rid of someone, no one likes.  I don’t know about you, but if I got to the end, I would want to be sitting next to someone no one likes or respects.  Finally, Caleb made that decision on the fly at tribal council without talking to any of his tribe mates.  I think that’s a huge strategic mistake because now your alliance thinks they can’t trust you and that you can fly off the handle and make wacky decisions without really talking them through.   Most people don’t like having wild cards like that around.   Maybe it will pay off and not hurt him very much but I think it puts a HUGE target on his back and in Survivor, that’s the last thing you want to do.   Having said that, it was soooo awesome to watch because that NEVER happens…ever!!!!  But time will tell if it was the smartest move he could make or the dumbest.

So Brad is out and now heading to RI with John and Candace.  Wow…I can’t wait to see THAT dynamic!!  Because the Codys just LOVE Mr. Culpepper.   You know I don’t think Brad is a bad guy.  I really don’t.  I think he’s amazingly clueless and has no self-awareness and yes, I do think he can be a royal douchebag.   But do I think he’s Colton Cumbie awful?   God no.  I think Brad was trying to play the game, which I always love to see, but I think he went a little over the top and I think he made some really bad decisions that left him with too many enemies.  I don’t know because I wasn’t on the island with him…maybe he is a narcissistic, misogynistic, asshole.   Who knows.  I’ll be curious to see him at the recap show and how people react to him.

What are you thinking of Survivor so far this season?  And what are your thoughts on the casting of certain players and the way the loved ones are playing the game?

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