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12 Oct

Recently Canceled

Lucky 7
Murder Police
We Are Men

Recently Renewed

Sleepy Hollow

Full Season Pick Ups

The Blacklist
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Additional Scripts Ordered

The Originals
The Tomorrow People

I don’t think anyone is surprised that Lucky 7 and We Are Men were already canceled.  Awful shows with awful ratings usually do it every time.   I am THRILLED to see that Sleepy Hollow was already picked up for Season 2.  Shows like that have been hit or miss and this show has been a huge hit.   Great writing, great cast = sure-fire renewal.  Also very happy to see The Blacklist and SHIELD getting full season pick ups.   Their shows and fan bases are strong and I don’t see any reason these won’t be renewed for a second season.

But Dads?   Really?  I just read that the mid-season comedy Us & Them starring Jason Ritter and Alexis Bledel, just got cut from its original 13 episode order to 6 and that’s all that will be produced.   The reason?   because the “geniuses” at FOX were concerned over the tone of the show.   It’s not as “edgy” as the other comedies it has on the air and therefore they don’t think it will do well.  Let me get this straight.  The network that brings you “edgy” comedies like Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the Mindy Project, which are all failing and certain to be canceled by the end of the season if not before, doesn’t want to take a chance on a softer comedy because it doesn’t fit the tone of the network?   The only “edgy” comedy working is New Girl.  The other ones are failing brutally.   So why wouldn’t you want to try something with a different tone and see if it works?  It certainly has the cast to draw an audience.  It was the buzz of the upfronts and “off-season” so why not try it?   I’m no network exec but that seems ludicrous to me.  But now that they’ve cut the show from 13 to 6, ostensibly canceling it, no one will bother with it and therefore the ratings will be bad and FOX can say “see, a show like this won’t work.”  A show like that won’t work because you morons didn’t support it and pulled before giving it a chance.

What are your thoughts?  Happy with the renewals and full season orders?   Upset with the early cancellations? Sound off below!

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One response to “TV News and Thoughts

  1. Brianna

    October 18, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    I like dads so I’m happy it’s not cancelled but the pilot for Ironside and welcome to the family was just awful


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