RECAP & REVIEW: The Good Wife “Outside the Bubble” S5 E4

21 Oct

I haven’t written about the Good Wife in a loooooong time (sorry Kiki!)  But I had to make time this morning because this the penultimate episode before the shit hits the fan episode which is coming next week.  I’ve never been more excited for a Sunday night in my life!

Let’s start with the two dumb story lines of the night.    Surprisingly, I’m not going to talk about Jackie!  She’s always annoying and pointless so why bother…nothing new.   First the case of the paralegal suing the firm.   Are you kidding me?  Does this girl seriously think everyone in the world is hitting on her?  And she’s obviously sue happy because she apparently did this before to another firm.   What does she hope to accomplish here….other than getting the reputation of someone who can’t be trusted because she’s sue someone at the drop of a hat.  If that doesn’t scream “don’t ever hire this girl” nothing does.   I knew someone in my industry who had a reputation of suing companies for sexual harassment.  The first time she won.  The next two times, not so much.   Then she couldn’t get hired anywhere because her reputation was destroyed.  Was it worth it?  I would say no.

The second dumb story line that made me irate involved Diane and Kurt.  I love Diane and Kurt.  What I didn’t like is this idea that they shouldn’t get married because of their political beliefs.   Ask James Carville and Mary Matalin if you can’t be married having differing political views.  This was absurd.  Diane’s friends coming to her home to have a heart-to-heart with her because of Kurt’s views on guns?   Them walking into a bar to meet his friends where Diane is worried she shouldn’t bring up Obama?  WHAT?   Seriously why was she so nervous?   And it wasn’t the nervous “I hope your friends are going to like me because I love you.”  It was “I hope no one brings up Ted Cruz because I will go nuclear on someone.”   Story lines like this really encapsulate what is wrong with this country right now.   If your political view is different from someone else’s, you can’t be in the same room with them.  Wow, if everyone I was friends with I couldn’t be around because we had differing opinions, I wouldn’t have friends.  No one would.  Unless you like to surround yourselves with myopic people who think exactly like you.   How boring!   The differing of opinions is what makes our country great (at least it’s supposed to.)  The key is vocalizing your opinion passionately and vigorously yet respecting that someone else’s opinion may be different from yours and they are just as passionate and vigorous about it.  So respect it.  You don’t have to like it or agree with it.  But it doesn’t make that other person dumb or a jerk (their personalities do that not their opinions.)  It just makes their belief in one area different from yours.   So this story really bugged me.

But enough about that.  Let’s get to the juicy stuff.  We are one week away from Will exploding on Alicia and it’s going to be a doozy.    Can I get a show of hands on how many of you think the 4th years and Alicia’s have handled this VERY poorly?  Everyone in the room?   That’s what I thought.   How dumb can these people be?  You know they are suspicious, you know they are tapping your phones, you know everyone is on edge because of what’s happening with Diane.  So why are you having meetings in the office in plain sight?  And by the way, the office walls and doors are glass, in case you haven’t noticed.   So everyone can see you!!!!   What happened to meeting at Alicia’s or in the parking garage…although how funny would it have been if the partners’ meeting to oust Diane was happening at the same time the 4th years were meeting to leave?   Or how about meeting in your new office space?   ANYWHERE but Lockhart Gardner.   And I knew the one guy was going to be bad news.  He was the one really pushing for Alicia to steal the files of clients.  It’s easy when it’s not your neck on the line to push other people to do the dirty work.  He ends up getting caught feeding information to Viola for her suit against LG and Cary asks Kalinda to give him some time before she tells Will.  Cary brings them together to tell them the situation (again in the office of LG but this time I cut them slack since they’re short on time) and let’s him know he’ll be fired, just roll with it and he’ll come on board in 5 days with them.  He’s pissed saying he’ll lose his bonus and as a result wants them to all share their bonuses with him.  I’m sorry, what is the slime ball who just put them in a dangerous position asking?   For their money?  Well according to Senor Slimeball, if they don’t, he will tell Will what is going on when he’s questioned by him.   If they share the bonuses, his lips are sealed.   Wow, that’s someone I don’t want to start a law firm with!   So he goes out on a limb trying to sabotage a case and gets caught and he wants everyone else to bail him out.  Yep, once we were in the clear, he’d be cut loose.

Diane is back in the office one last time to help WIll and the crew on this ridiculous sexual harassment case.  As a result, she becomes very aware of some things around the office.  First, she notices someone looking at one of her case files.   It’s Alicia.  She confronts Alicia and Alicia apologizes saying it was her mistake.  Diane raises an eyebrow but then let’s it go.   Later, she sees the 4 years in Alicia’s office having a disagreement or very strong, intense conversation.  SEE!!!  Dummies.  Then she goes into Alicia’s office and notices that she never finished decorating her office.   She asks Will if he asked to stop and he says no….brow now raised higher.  Diane has heard all the buzz so on a hunch she has drinks with her client whose file Alicia was in.  Diane very shrewdly is able to get the client to admit that she is looking should Diane leave and take the judgeship and that “the Governor’s wife’s name on the letterhead is hard to pass up.”   GULP.  The look on Diane’s face said it all.   It was amazing.   Even though Diane had her suspicions, I think deep down she was hoping it wasn’t true.   When it was confirmed to be true, she was hurt, angered, betrayed, sickened, and shocked.   She goes back to LG and is looking around her office when…Alicia comes in.  OH.  MY.   GOD.  The look Diane gives her would freeze a boiling pot of pasta.  That cold, icy stare would have sent me screaming for my bed and a bottle of wine…maybe scotch.   Alicia leaves after she can tell Diane is in no mood to chit-chat and Diane immediately turns and slowly walks towards Will’s office.   Will is in a meeting but he knows his partner well…he can tell something is really wrong.   He asked to be excused for a moment and Diane comes in and says “Alicia is leaving the firm with the 4th years and our top clients”….fade to black with the camera on Will’s face.   AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

So here’s what I think will happen.  Diane isn’t taking the judgeship and stays with Will at the firm to try to save what they built.  Together, they go after Alicia and Cary.   And I for one cannot wait to see that!!!   The previews for next week were crazy with Alicia being escorted out by armed guards and coldly telling Will that this wasn’t personal as the elevator doors close.  And of course the scene we’ve all seen a few times now with Will coming into Alicia’s office and destroying what is on her desk.

This season of TGW has been incredible!   Last season started so poorly but this season has been fabulous.  Every episode I can’t wait to see what happens next.   The one thing I am BEGGING the writers not to do and asking them not to go down this path….please please please don’t have Peter cheat, again.   Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, starred in the movie.   It’s old and tired and I think the audience has had enough.  I want to see Alicia with Peter…everyone knows that.   But if you are going to break them up, have it be on Alicia’s terms, not because Peter did something to force her hand.  I prefer you kept them together and so I REALLY don’t want this thing with Melissa George’s character to become an affair.   So please don’t!!!

What did you think of last night’s episode and are you DYING to see next week?  I know I am!!!!

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