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Just when you thought the cast of The Good Wife couldn’t get any stronger, it does!!   TV Line has reported that Lisa Edlestein (House) has signed on as a recurring character on The Good Wife.   She will have a past with Josh Charles’ Will Gardner (of course she does) although it’s not clear if it will be a personal relationship, business relationship, or both.

You of course know what I am hoping for!!   That Dr. Cuddy and Will Gardner had a HUGE personal relationship, that she is the love of his life and they decide to rekindle their passionate relationship so Alicia and Will have no chance of getting together!!   Come on, does it really shock you that those are my thoughts?   It shouldn’t if you follow my The Good Wife posts!!

TGW fans, what are your thoughts on the casting news?  I am thrilled.  I have always like the actress and think she will be a wonderful addition to an already stellar cast.

Is it September yet?

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BREAKING NEWS: Criminal Minds

WHEW!!!!!   I think all Criminal Minds fans can let out a HUGE sigh of relief!   Thomas Gibson has officially resigned with Criminal Minds for 2 more years!!!!   While I’m sure 99.9% of the fans are thrilled with this news, you know who is even more thrilled at this point?    That would be the writing team at CM!!!   The writers have been back at work for a few weeks now…could even be close to a month…and production on Criminal Minds 7th season is scheduled to commence in two weeks!!!    So imagine being in the that writing room and creating stories for the show without knowing if the “main” character of Aaron Hotchner will be back or not.  That had to be frustrating and stressful.   But luckily for them (and us) Hotch will be back!

Even though negotiations seemed to be intense and at times very far apart, I think most people believed Gibson would be back on Criminal Minds.  Especially since Gibson had been fulfilling all of his Criminal Minds obligations.  I’m just thrilled that it is no longer a guessing game and we now know for certain.  So other than Mandy Patinkin, our original CM cast is back and fully in tact!

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Another regular series cast member is off another hour-long drama.   Laurence Fishburne is out on CSI.  Last year when he renewed his contract, he only signed for one season so it isn’t that much of a surprise that he decided not to renew his contract again.  Plus, Fishburne is going back to what put him on the map…movies.  Marg Helgenberger is already on record as coming back for next season, but only in a part-time capacity.

So what does all this mean for the one time #1 show on network TV?   Well for one thing, the show has already been moved to Wednesday nights at 10pm from the prime Thursday 9pm slot.  Right there, the show is going to take a hit.  Now, not only are you losing Fishburne, but Helgenberger won’t be back full-time next season.  I also have to wonder what happened behind the scenes with Fishburne and the CSI team.   The reason I say that is because typically, production starts for the Fall shows in July.  It’s June 8th.  Fishburne didn’t give a lot of notice to the CSI team to find a replace and change or adjust stories as a result.  Or did he and CBS is just letting the cat out of the bag now and they have a plan?    I’m not sure it’s the latter because I don’t see the benefit to waiting to announce he’s leaving.  Plus, I’m pretty sure you would have had a replacement lined up to announce with his departure if CBS knew about this.  So what took so long for Fishburne to decide and wouldn’t CBS have put a timeline on it to be ready for production?

Either way, he’s out and as of right now, no one is in to replace him.  I stopped watching CSI when Grissom left.  Part of it was because I couldn’t see CSI being the same without him but the other part was because I had grown tired of the series.  When you don’t focus on the personal aspects of the characters at all, and you solely look at it being a case-of-the-week show, you can only watch so many episodes about the science of finding the killer.  At least that’s the case for me.  I know you would get some stuff like Grissom and Sara and Catherine’s issues with her father.  But you would only get 1 or 2 episodes in a 24 episode season that opened up the characters at all.  And when the best character leaves (Grissom), a great character leaves with him (Sara), and another great character dies (Warrick) it crushes a show, for me.  I love Catherine and Nick, but it’s like having Criminal Minds with just Morgan and Garcia.  They’re awesome but you are missing a huge group/family dynamic.  So I haven’t watched CSI in about 3 seasons and I don’t plan to revisit it anytime soon.


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In somewhat surprising news, both Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen are no longer with the show.  However, they have apparently been offered the opportunity to be guest stars which is a bit strange.  So Kathy Bates and Nate Corrdry are the only regulars to return next season.  Although I hope this means the promotion of one Tommy Jefferson (Christopher McDonald) to a series regular.  He was the best part of Harry’s Law last season.  I also have to wonder if Damien Winslow (Johnny Ray Gill) and possibly Rachael Miller (Jordana Spiro)  will be promoted series regulars as well.  I guess we’ll see.   But I would think they will probably introduce some new characters, especially if Tommy, Damien, and Rachael aren’t regulars.


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Criminal Minds News: It’s Official!!!! Prentiss is in and Seaver is out!!

In news that I’m sure will surprise no one but will probably send most fans into a happy dance, Paget Brewster will be back as Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds this season.  I am so excited about this because I can’t wait to see the dynamic of the team when she returns.   As you all know if you watch CM, everyone except JJ and Hotch think Prentiss is dead.  How will they all react when they find out she’s still alive?  Especially her partner Derrick Morgan?  I can’t wait to see!!!   I would have to make the assumption that her return also means it will also bring back the great storyline of trying to find and capture Doyle.  Will they do it with Prentiss or will they have to do it before so she can come out of hiding?  I am really anxious to see how they handle that.   I remember being furious this time last year when I found out JJ wasn’t coming back except for 2 episodes to wrap up her story and that Emily would be cut and most likely leaving as well (which she did.)  I couldn’t understand, other than the financial aspect, why CM was getting rid of two strong female characters.  I thought if you wanted to cut back on actor salaries, Joe Montangna must be making a pretty penny.  Couldn’t they cut him?  I don’t like to say that because I love Montangna as an actor and think he’s terrific.  But I don’t think he brings as much to CM as the other characters.  My opinion.  I like Rossi but I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t see him again.  Everyone else though…Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, JJ, Garcia, and Reid…would break my heart.   That’s why I’m so happy that both ladies are back and everyone else is also in tact.  Now if they can just sign Thomas Gibson to that damn contract because he is the heart and soul of the BAU and I don’t want to see CM without him!!!

But God giveth and He taketh away.  With Paget Brewster’s return, that sent Rachel Nichols’ Agent Ashley Seaver packing.  No loss though.  She just never fit in and unfortunately for the actress was set up to fail.  So many viewers were upset with the dismissal of Brewster and Cook that no matter who came in to “replace” them (more so Cook) it wasn’t going to work and the fans most likely weren’t going to like her.  And that ended up being the case.   Nichols is great so hopefully she ends up on another show soon.  She just didn’t fit CM.

What are your thoughts CM fans?   Are you happy to see our favorite ladies back in action?

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JJ Returns to Criminal Minds…For Good????

UPDATE: Thanks to loyal reader Allie, who brought to my attention that this news is even better than previously thought.   Not only has CM signed AJ for next season, she is signed for TWO MORE SEASONS!!!!   That’s right, AJ will be around through 2013!!!!   How excited are you???  I know I am thrilled!!!!

This is not a late April Fool’s Joke.   According to mega scooper Michael Ausiello, Criminal Minds is in the process of bringing back Jennifer Jarreu, aka JJ, aka A.J Cook as a full-time series regular for next season.  Can I get an Amen?   Amen!!!!     In other news, show runner Edward Bernero is subsequently leaving Criminal Minds.   EP Erica Messer is set to take over as the new show runner.

So what does all this mean?   It means JJ is back for good!!!!  It also mean Agent Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols) is probably going bye-bye.  Especially if Pager Brewster returns.  Right now, Brewster is set to star in a new NBC comedy called My Life as an Experiment.  If the pilot gets picked up for series, she is going to stick with it.  If it doesn’t, CM has picked up an option on her.  Meaning she would probably return to the show.   Can I get another Amen?   Amen!!!!!   So if Cook and Brewster return, there is no need for Agent Ashley.   No big loss since she hasn’t really hit it off with the fans.   But if Brewster’s pilot is picked up and she doesn’t return, Agent Ashley may stick around.  I still doubt it, but it bodes better for her.

On the uh-oh front, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore still have not signed their contracts.   Can I get a …. wait a minute.  They are NOT signed yet.   GULP!!  They are in negotiations so that is a good sign.   But CBS better find a way to keep Hotch and Morgan or the next unsub the CM team will be coming after is me!


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Criminal Minds: Paget’s Final Episode Promo Clip

I can’t tell you how much I hate writing that.  There was talk that this might not be Emily Prentiss/Paget Brewster’s final episode since behind the scenes, TPTB (the powers that be) were trying to sign her on as a regular next season.  But Brewster was on the pilot circuit looking for a comedy.  Luckily for us Prentiss fans, Brewster hadn’t signed on with any pilot, until the end of last week.  Brewster signed on to play the female lead in the Jack Black produced NBC comedy, My Life as an Experiment.  Now we can take this a few ways:

  1. All hope for CM is lost because she is signed to do the pilot for NBC next season
  2. All hope for CM is NOT lost because just because she signed up for a pilot doesn’t mean it will be picked up and she could still be back on CM.
  3. She’s still pissed about the way CBS/CM handled AJ’s departure and hers and therefore will never be back
  4. She’s still pissed but is trying the pilot circuit and if it doesn’t work out she could still go back to CM with a cast she loves

What does all this mean?  It means I have no idea what is going to happen.  My gut tells me that she must be really angry still about CBS/CM’s treatment of her and therefore had no problem leaving and trying something new.  Why else would she leave a hit show that was trying to bring her back to try to be on a comedy on NBC?  Has she watched any of the NBC comedies lately?   Yikes.  It could also be money.  They may want her back but on the cheap to which I don’t blame her for saying “up yours” if that’s the case.

The crappy part of the whole thing is that the people who lose the most?  The fans.  Paget Brewster is fantastic so she will be fine and be a big success because she is so talented.  CM will plug right along being one of network TV’s most popular shows.  But the fans have now lost two favorite, beloved characters from this show.  Three if you count Mandy Patinkin’s Jason Gideon.  I don’t count Lola Glaudini’s Elle Greenaway because no one seemed to like her character.   And now there are rumors of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore’s contracts (which are up at the end of this season) being far apart in the negotiations with TPTB.  That’s really not good.  L&O had survived many seasons with rotating casts but I’m not sure CM can.  Emily was a great replacement for Elle.  But IMO, Rossi (Joe Montegna) still hasn’t been able to fill Gideon’s shoes.  As much as I love the actor, he is no Jason Gideon.  And Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols) hasn’t struck a cord AT ALL with fans.   Actually I take that back…she has struck a resounding NEGATIVE cord with fans.   So CM has been going in the wrong direction with the new cast members it has brought on board.  In fairness to Seaver/Nichols, she hasn’t been on-screen that much to create a connection and the creative team doesn’t seem to know what to do with her yet, therefore how can they expect the fans base to relate to her.  I guess time will tell but it isn’t good so far.

With Emily going away (I am going to assume for good until I hear her pilot wasn’t picked up) and Gibson and Moore’s contacts being up in the air, how would you feel about an overhaul of the cast of CM?  You would basically have Matthew Gray Gubler (yum) and Kristen Vangsness as the only original cast left if Gibson and Moore leave as well.  I wouldn’t like that at all.  You might as well move Gubler and Vangsness to CM: Suspect Behavior and go with only one of those shows (and Vangsness is already on that show anyway.)  But what are your thoughts?

Either way, Emily’s last episode (as far as we know) is tonight.  Check out the promo below and bring your Kleenex tonight at 9pm on CBS.  And don’t forget, JJ returns and Gubler is directing this final episode for Paget!!!


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