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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Arrow “Sacrifice” S1 E22

Well, I thought a Merlyn was going to die, but I thought it would be Malcolm and not Tommy.   It wasn’t until Tommy rushed into the building to save Laurel that I knew Tommy would be a goner.  While I’m a little disappointed because I was hoping they would go down the road of Oliver killing Malcolm and Tommy taking over his father’s cause and therefore putting the once BFF’s as mortal enemies, it also makes sense that they did it this way.   Tommy became a pretty disposable character later in the season.    There were times it seemed he was on-screen just because the writers felt like they had to.  Not to pull out the whole crossroads speech but the character of Tommy did come to a crossroad (especially once he found out about Oliver being the Hood.)   He could align with Oliver and fight the “bad guys” of Starling City or align with his father and fight the revenge fight with his dad and become one of the “bad guys.”   Neither one of these were going to happen. Oliver already has his band of trusted side kicks in Diggle and Felicity so he really doesn’t need someone else at this point.  And Tommy always struggled with his feelings about his father only recently being on good terms with him.  It really wouldn’t have made sense if all of a sudden Tommy was taking up his father’s cause..especially after we saw his reaction to his father’s plan.   So even though you could argue Tommy’s death was a “shock” due to Colin Donnell being a series regular, when you look at the progression (or lack there of) of his character over the course of the season, it wasn’t a shock at all.

Overall, I loved this first season of Arrow.  I like how the superhero element was absolutely present but not in a way that was unbelievable.   Oliver being able to do what he does was well explained over the season.   Are there still questions, sure.   But at least, for my edification, I’m convinced Oliver is the “superhero” we have come to know and love!   And the writers did a very good job with this.  I know some of my friends who watch the show always got bored when the island story line was on-screen but not me.   I wanted to see the transformation of Oliver from spoiled playboy to focused vigilante.  In my opinion, I thought the timing and transition was perfectly handled.  Oliver didn’t transition overnight, but certain things would happen on the island that would force him to jump into a different side of himself I think was there all along but wasn’t awakened until it had to…fight or flight as they say.   And while I still want to know how he gets off and why he is there for 5 years if it appears the main person keeping him there is now dead, I at least am comfortable with the explanation of how Oliver gets to this point, so far.

In addition to Tommy dying, a lot of big things happened.   We learn that Roy Harper wants to meet the Hood so badly not because he wants to thank him for saving his life, but because he wants him to train him to do what he does.   To be Robin to Oliver’s Batman.   But what about Thea?   I don’t think the scene of Roy getting attacked and Thea saving him by throwing that bottle and Roy commenting on her aim was for nothing.  I think it was a mention of things to come with Thea but I’m not sure what.  But I love these two together.

I’m still trying to figure out if I feel bad for Moira or not.  All signs indicate she didn’t have a choice in this because she felt her family was threatened but this is coming from her so we have to take her word on it.  I don’t remember seeing Malcolm actually threaten her family.   If I missed that, please let me know but I don’t remember that.   So I don’t know if I can 100% believe Moira.   Do I believe she loves her family and would do anything to protect them?   Yes I do.   But has she crossed a line she might never recover from?   Absolutely. Has she shown herself to be duplicitous and cagey?   Most definitely.  So I really don’t know how to feel towards her.  But Walter sure made his feeling known.  In the end we see Walter has left her, again, and she was taken in handcuffs to jail.  Not looking good for the matriarch of the Queen family.

Let’s talk about the Lance family.   At first, I hated Quentin.   He was an ass.   But as the season evolved, my views on him softened.   This is a man with a ton of loss in his life and really all he has left is Laurel.  So I can understand him being irrational when it comes to her because he just wants to protect her.  I think his character started to go a bit off course when they had him set Laurel up as a trap to get the Hood.   But he was course corrected and now he’s just a cop, who loves his daughter very much, trying to do the right thing.  I can deal with that.  Watching his opinion of the Hood change over the arc of the season has been interesting to watch.  Here was a cop who was so black and white about the Hood…civilians don’t take matters of law into their own hands.   So in his mind, the Hood was just as bad as the criminals he was trying to catch.   But then, that opinion slowly started to go away as the Hood started giving him tips on criminal activity and would let the police handle it (to some degree.)   Quentin was able to notice that while he doesn’t agree with how the Hood handles his business, he does see he has the people of Starling City’s best interest at heart.   He is trying to do right…even thought it’s a way Quentin doesn’t really approve of.   And I think because the Hood has taken a special interest in protecting Laurel, that has helped soften Quentin a little bit.   So I’m curious to see where his character goes next season in relation to the Hood.

As for Laurel herself, I love Katie Cassidy, but I need more.  Laurel has been a slightly boring character this season.   There are times you see a toughness in her and other layers start to shine through but these moments are fleeting.  Too many times we’re seeing Laurel being the woman two men are fighting over and she has no idea what to do.  And that’s it.  I want to see more from her.  I want to see her fight and be strong, and kick ass in her own right without someone having to do it for her.  With Tommy’s death and her finally choosing to try again with Oliver, at least that is over.   But when we come back next season, I want to see Laurel dust herself off and pick herself back up without someone having to do it for her.  And let’s give her a story where she doesn’t have to be saved or rescued or watched over.   It’s fine to have that every once in a while, but not all the time and for me, it was too many times too often for my liking.

What did you think of Arrow’s freshman season and the finale?   I loved both and I’m already excited for next season!

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2012 CW Fall Preview


  • Hart of Dixie (10/2)
  • Supernatural (10/3)
  • 90210 (10/8)
  • Gossip Girl (10/8)
  • The Vampire Diaries (10/11)
  • Nikita (10/19)
  • Arrow (10/10)
  • Beauty & the Beast (10/11)
  • Emily Owens, M.D. (10/16)
  • Supernatural
  • Arrow
  • None
  • 90210
  • Gossip Girl
  • Gossip Girl’s Final Season: I used to watch this show religiously.  But I stopped last season.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.  The storylines were bad, the characters became uninteresting, and since Chuck and Blair were denied a future again, I was done.  I might tune in for the final season but I think I’ll just wait for it on Netflix.  But for those of you who have stuck it out, it will be a nice swan song for the fans.
  • Supernatural’s New Showrunner: Jeremy Carver takes over for Sera Gamble as co-showrunner (with Robert Singer) and I say thank God!  Last season was bad.  I thought Season 6 was bad, last season was worse. I’m not saying it’s completely Gamble’s fault but she was responsible for the direction of the show and it was….disjointed…to be kind.  Carver left SN two seasons ago to create Being Human on the SyFy Channel with his wife.  Now he is back.  Carver is known for penning some of SN’s most popular and best episodes such as “A Very Supernatural Christmas”, “In the Beginning”, “Changing Channels” and more.   He also wrote the 100th episode “Point of No Return.”  Will that make him a great showrunner, we shall see.  But I can’t see SN getting any worse than it has been the last two seasons, and I really want my show back!!!!
  • Not many new shows this fall on the CW.  I’m most intrigued by Arrow, cautiously optimistic about Emily Owens, M.D., and completely unsure about Beauty & the Beast.  I haven’t seen any of these shows…only clips.  Arrow has an interesting premise about a wealthy playboy who is presumed dead only to be living on an island for five years.  He comes home with a huge secret and lives by night as a vigilante called…Arrow.  It’s based on the DC Comics character.  I was also really excited for The Cape when it was introduced on NBC a year and half ago and that didn’t turn out so well.  Not because the premise was bad, but the writing and execution wasn’t strong.  Hopefully, this show will be better.  Emily Owens stars Mamie Gummer (who I love) in the title role as a dorky intern fighting her inner high school demons when high school literally follows her to this Denver hospital.  It has a decent cast and Gummer is always so charming on-screen.  I just don’t know if the story will be good enough to maintain longevity.  BATB, to me, comes across as the typical police procedural that uses the popular story of BATB to attract viewers.  In fairness, I don’t know enough about it to make a very accurate assessment, but I will tune in to see if it can work for me.

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I’ve decided with as fast and as furious as these renewals and cancellations are coming in and with not a lot of detail behind them, it’s better to put them both on one post.

The CW has just announced the following shows:


  • Nikita
  • Hart of Dixie
  • Gossip Girl….for a FINAL season


  • Ringer
  • The Secret Circle

Ringer probably bums me the most.  It became a much better show as it went on but I think it lost too many people early on to catch back up.  It was getting strong, in the ratings, at the end, but just not enough.

Gossip Girl, it’s about time.  That shows has run it’s course and it’s time to say good-bye…I actually said good-bye this year to the show.  90210 was already renewed before this announcement as were The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.


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2012 Season Finale Tracker

See below for the most up to date list of shows and their season/series finale dates:

Sunday April 29th:
The Good Wife (CBS)

Tuesday May 2nd:
The Biggest Loser (NBC)

Sunday May 6th:
The Amazing Race (CBS)  2 HRS

Monday May 7th:
2 Broke Girls (CBS) 1 HR
Castle (ABC)

Tuesday May 8th:
The Voice (NBC) 2 HRS
Last Man Standing (ABC)
New Girl (FOX)
Unforgettable (CBS)

Wednesday May 9th:

Thursday May 10th:
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
The Office (NBC)
The Secret Circle (The CW)
Parks and Rec (NBC)

Friday May 11th:
The Finder (FOX)
Undercover Boss (CBS)
Fringe (FOX)
Blue Bloods (CBS)

Sunday May 13th:
Once Upon A Time (ABC)
Survivor: One World (CBS) 2 HRS
Survivor Reunion Show
Desperate Housewives Series Finale (ABC) 2 HRS
American Dad (FOX)

Monday May 14th:
Bones (FOX)
Gossip Girl (The CW)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 1 HR
Hart of Dixie (The CW)
Two and a Half Men (CBS)
Mike & Molly (CBS)
Hawaii 5-0 (CBS)
Smash (NBC)

Tuesday May 15th:
90210 (The CW)
Fashion Star (NBC)
Private Practice (ABC)

Wednesday May 16th:
Suburgatory (ABC)
Criminal Minds (CBS)  2 HRS

Thursday May 17th:
Missing (ABC)
30 Rock (NBC)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)
Community (NBC) 1 HR
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Person of Interest (CBS)
The Mentalist (CBS)
Scandal (ABC)

Friday May 18th:
Nikita (The CW)
Shark Tank (ABC)
Who Do You Think You Are (NBC)
Grimm (NBC)
Supernatural (The CW)

Sunday May 20th:
The Cleveland Show (FOX)
Harry’s Law (NBC)
The Simpsons (FOX)
Bob’s Burgers (FOX)
Celebrity Apprentice (NBC)
Family Guy (FOX)

Monday May 21st:
House Series Finale (FOX)
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Part 1

Tuesday May 22nd:
American Idol (FOX) Part 1
Dancing with the Stars (ABC) Part 2  2 HRS
Glee (FOX)

Wednesday May 23rd:
American Idol (FOX) Part 2
The Middle (ABC)
Modern Family (ABC)
Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23 (ABC)
Law & Order SVU (NBC)
Revenge (ABC)

Thursday May 24th:
Awake (NBC)

Tuesday May 29th:
Cougar Town (ABC)  1 HR

Wednesday May 30th:
America’s Next Top Model (The CW)

Thursday May 31st:
Touch (FOX)

Wow.  May 14th and 17th are both brutal and wonderful at the same time due to all the shows closing out on those dates.   Hope this helps your TV planning!


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2012 Network Upfront Schedule

This is the time of year where everyone asks that all important question….is my favorite show coming back or getting canceled?   This year, many shows have been renewed very early but there are still plenty of shows that we are all waiting to hear about.  When are you going to know?   That would be during upfront week.  Actually, upfronts have been happening since March but do you really care what shows The Scripps Network is looking to renew, cancel, and premiere in the fall?  I didn’t think so.

Here is the schedule for the major network upfronts and when you will know about the fate of your show:

May 14th: NBC (Morning)
May 14th: FOX (Afternoon)
May 15th: ABC (Afternoon)
May 16th: CBS (Afternoon)
May 17th: The CW (Morning)

For the most part, CBS has announced what is coming back.  But there are about 5-6 shows that the fates have yet to be determined (or at least announced to us.)   All the other networks have certain shows already renewed or canceled (check out my 2011/2012 Renew Cancel Tracker on the Home Page for up to date information) but there are still many out there that can go either way.

Check back here during upfront week (I can’t believe that’s only 2 1/2 weeks away) where we will discuss the good news, the bad news, and what I’m sure will be some surprising news.


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REVIEW: Supernatural Season 7 Up to Now

I bet you are wondering where all the Supernatural recaps and reviews have been.  If I have issues with blogging, Supernatural is usually one I keep up on….typically because it’s on a Friday night and I can get to it on the weekend.  But I am sad to say that I can’t blame work for this one.  I hate to say it but Supernatural has stopped becoming must see TV for me.   That doesn’t mean I don’t love the show anymore.  It just means that I don’t feel it’s necessary to rush to discuss it because I don’t really know what to discuss anymore.

What made this show so great in the beginning was that the “monster of the week” either lined up with the over all story arc or complimented it in someway.  But the last two seasons seem to have lost their way.  I thought this season was off to a good start but it has gone downhill quickly.  And no, it’s not just because I’m angry at the fact that Bobby died for apparently no reason (which I am…fuming!)  It’s just another season of a “Big Bad” being introduced to us and then somewhat forgotten about.  It’s hard to take a story line seriously when you ignore it for several weeks at a time.  What makes it worse is the timing of the omission.  Only having three episodes since the early December break, we haven’t had a Leviathan centric episode since around Thanksgiving!

What would have made this whole Leviathan story stronger is if Bobby was killed by them earlier in the season.  If you planning to kill Bobby, then kill him early and have that be the reason the boys are going after these creatures.   Once you have fought Lucifer, God, all of Heaven and Hell, anything else seems manageable.  But if a supernatural entity was responsible for killing Bobby, then it gives the boys a purpose and the audience a rooting interest.  This season was pitched to us as the boys fighting a force like nothing they’ve ever seen.  Well how could something be more powerful than God and Lucifer?  But alright, I’ll suspend my disbelief.  I personally would have bought into this season more if it was pitched as the boys having a personal reason for fighting these monsters.  And that personal reason ended up being the death of Bobby.  When Bobby was killed, we were already introduced to these…things…and because it’s what the boys do, they are looking for ways to destroy them.  But wouldn’t it have been more powerful and engaging (if the writers were planning on killing Bobby regardless) if Bobby’s death drove the Winchesters this season?  I think so.  It also makes me wonder if Bobby won’t somehow reappear alive again.  Sam and Dean have died and come back so why not Bobby?   The only reason I feel it’s possible is because of the way Bobby’s death was handled…very quickly and as an after thought.  And if that’s not the case and the reason for Bobby’s death was to give darker layers to Dean, then I am crying foul.   Dean certainly didn’t need any darker layers dumped on top of him.  He was already in a pretty bad place blaming himself for what happened to Sam, what happened to Cas, impacting Lisa and Ben’s lives, not living up to his father’s expectations…I could go on and on.  The guilt and pain that Dean carries on his shoulders everyday is obvious.   And if you can’t see it, there is no better show of his grief and guilt than his ongoing battle with drinking.   That’s the one area of character development that the writers have done well with this season.   It makes sense that after years of seeing what they have seen and going through what they have gone through, that it would take a toll on you mental well-being and you would find way to cope with it through an escape mechanism…like alcohol.  If Dean and Sam just kept going about their days without any impact, it would be bogus.  So Dean using alcohol to drown his sorrows and guilt and use it to escape their insane life seems logical if not depressingly sad.   But how much more can they take?

And while we have spent much of the season seeing how everything has impacted Dean, what about Sam?  I’m sure Sam is also struggling with the death of Bobby.   Maybe not to the level Dean is but he loved Bobby every bit as much as Dean.   Also his issues with the wall coming down and seeing Lucifer in his head has vanished.  Although it will be revisited next week.  Even if the writers didn’t want to focus on this constantly, the least they could have done to show they haven’t completely ignored it, is seeing signs of Sam struggling here and there.  It feels like lately there have been seasons where we focus on Sam and seasons where we focus on Dean.  So far, this has been a Dean season.   Which I’m not complaining about!   But why can’t there be a balance between the two?    There used to be.  So what happened?

As for Bobby’s death, I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am.  So in one season, the show has gotten rid of two of the most beloved characters in the history of the show in Castiel and Bobby.   Why?  Everyone fans knew and loved (depending on who you ask) is gone…John, Bobby, Cas, Rufus, Ellen, Jo.  Only Sheriff Mills remains and I don’t think you can lump her into the other group with the likes of Bobby and Cas.  And all I want to know is why?  If getting rid of Cas and Bobby has significant storyline or character implications (over and above making the boys more brooding) then ok, show me what that is.  So far I haven’t seen it.  Have you guys?   If I’m missing something please let me know.   And it can’t be to go after the Leviathan’s because they were doing that anyway because it’s their job.  So why is Bobby gone?  My husband and I always joked that if Bobby dies, we will stop watching the show.   Well that hasn’t happened obviously but we certainly aren’t as interested as we used to be.  Bobby grounded Dean and Sam.  When one or the other was going down a path that could hurt them, Bobby was the one to make sure it didn’t happen.  When the boys needed some semblance of a regular life, Bobby was the one to make sure it happened…even if it was just having beer and burgers to watch a football game.   Bobby tried to keep the boys sane in the most insane profession you could conjure up.  Now, he’s gone.   And for what exactly?   I have no idea.   And who is going to be that person for the boys now?  Sheriff Mills?  Yeah, not even close.  If the writers think Mills can replace Bobby, they are sadly mistaken.

Like I said, I still enjoy this show.  The 1944 episode was great.  Even last night’s episode was entertaining.  But that’s what Supernatural has become….a nice little entertaining show.  It’s a show where we follow the lives of these two men but that’s it.  Nothing more, nothing less.   That’s not good enough for me.   I want more and I have come to expect more because that is the standard the show set for itself back in the first season.  If all this show is going to be moving forward, is us going through Sam and Dean’s everyday lives, then I would rather the show end now.   But if the show thinks it can get back to the glory days of solid story telling and character development (and the character development is still strong in spurts) then I am still along for the ride.   But season 7 better get somewhere fast if Sera Gamble doesn’t want to lose me as a viewer forever.


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RECAP & REVIEW: Supernatural “The Mentalists” S7 E7

This episode reminded me of one of the early episodes of Supernatural.  It was your basic “monster of the week” where Dean and Sam are using salt and iron and the burning of bones to ward of an evil spirit who is killing off psychics and mediums in the town of Lily Dale, which is know for being the biggest psychic community in the US.  I wonder if there really is such a town?  Not necessarily Lily Dale but the most psychic town in the US.  If someone knows, let me know.  Ultimately, the big reveal that came out this week (if you want to call it that) was that Dean and Sam actually talked about what’s been bugging Dean and why Sam reacted the way he did when he found out about Amy’s death.  I liked it and I didn’t.  Sometimes I think things can get resolved too easily on TV shows and this episode reminded me of one of those times.  However, when it comes to family and your BFFs, you tend to forgive a little easier that you would other people, so it was pretty realistic at the same time.   That’s why I liked it and didn’t at the same time.  I liked it more than I didn’t but I still had some issues with it.  But what I loved the most was how “back to basics” this episode was for Supernatural.  It reminded why I fell in love with this show in the first place…interesting cases, the dynamic brothers solving the crime and saving people while being charismatic and funny and kick ass.  It was awesome.  Don’t get me wrong, for 6+ seasons I have LOVED Supernatural.  Not so much last season but that’s already been discussed.  And as loyal reader Bruce always says and I agree with him, a “bad” episode of Supernatural is still better than a lot of the other crap that’s on TV.  But last night’s show was perfect in a lot of ways.  It was simple, it was interesting, and it had real heart when it came to Sam and Dean discussing their issues.  That formula ALWAYS works well for this show and I welcome it every week.

This week’s case took the boys to Lily Dale where psychics and mediums are being murdered after seeing the visions of their actual deaths.   Since last week ended with the boys going their separate ways (you knew that wasn’t going to last long) they both showed up in Lily Dale, separately.  Eventually they realize though, that it would make more sense for them to work the case together, so they do.  Turns out the killers were a pair of sisters..kind of.  Really only one of the sisters was doing the killings while the other sister was trying to warn people.  You see, there was one victim, whose friend Melanie is already working with Sam and Dean, who went to the boys to ask for help.  After looking at the video of the friend’s room where her “vision” happened, they see a ghost coming up behind her and placing her hands around her neck.  Naturally, Dean and Sam think this is the killer.  But not so fast.  When they find her bones and are about to burn them, she frantically shows up trying to tell them something but they don’t listen.  Her bones are burned and the friend is saved.  Or is she?   The boys leave town and the two girls plan a sleep over since they are both freaked out over what was happening.  Unfortunately, just when the clock strikes 2am (in her vision, that’s when she is killed) her vision starts to come to life and the other sister ghost shows up trying to kill her.  Melanie calls Sam and Dean to let them know what is going on and that’s when they realized they nuked the wrong sister and that the other ghost was there to warn them and the victims about her sister.  That’s why they were able to get the visions of their death before it happened.  She was trying to let them know what will happen to them.  So now they need to find the other sister’s bones.  Only one problem, the grave has the coffin in it, but the remains are gone.   Oops. After a little back tracking, Sam realizes that the pawnshop owner is the one with the bones and he is controlling whom the ghost kills.  Sam deals with him (by killing him) and takes the other sister’s bones and burns them.   Good thing too because her next victim was Melanie, and Melanie was about to join her grandmother in about 15 seconds if Sam didn’t burn those bones!  Dean and Melanie (who had a nice little chemistry going) said a sweet good-bye and then the boys were off on their next adventure.   But before that could happen…..they needed to have a little chat.

As we remember from last week, Sam walked off from Dean after he learned from a nasty little leviathan that Dean killed Amy.   Needless to say, Sam was pissed.  Understandably so.  What surprised me a little last week was how cavalier Dean was after Sam found out, especially since he had been carrying that guilt around about what happened.   Also, the way he reacted to Sam and defended himself about what happened also surprised me slightly since again, he seemed to feel so guilty about it.   It really reaffirms to me that what Dean was truly guilty about was her son witnessing her death and how Dean has now changed the course of that kid’s life in addition to beating himself up over what has happened to Castiel.

But Sam and Dean laid it out on the table this week and we got to the heart at what really bothered the other brother…ironically none of it really had anything to do with Amy’s death.  Sam was pissed that Dean lied to him…again…to protect him instead of telling him the truth.  And Dean was pissed that Sam was acting like “a little bitch.”   Dean explained his side, which was 100% correct, in that he killed Amy because she was dangerous.   Because of who she was, she had to go and because of Sam’s past with Amy, he couldn’t do it.  But if she were any other “monster” Sam would be 100% in Dean’s corner about eliminating her as a threat.  Sam conceded that point.  But Sam’s point to Dean is, stop keeping things from him and lying to him about it.  He’s a grown man and can deal with the truth, especially from his BFF.  Dean said he lied because of the fragile state Sam’s been in.   Now I have to admit, I don’t believe that.  You all know how much of a Dean person I am, but I don’t think that’s why he didn’t tell him and he used that as an excuse.  I just think it was a matter of Dean not wanting to tell Sam, because he knew he would be upset with him…that simple.  Sam asked him not to kill her, he did it anyway, so he didn’t want to tell Sam he went behind his back.  Maybe there was a small part of him that didn’t want to because of Sam’s fragile mental state, but it wasn’t the driving reason the way he made it out to be.  He’s still trying to justify his decision to Sam, which quite frankly, he already did in explaining why Amy had to die.   Ultimately it was a nice moment for the boys.  In the past, these things had a tendency to linger on and on but I like how the show nipped this in the bud quickly and in a way that made sense.  While I like the growth moment they had where they were able to talk about what was wrong and resolve it, when are they going to learn to stop keeping things from one another?   They both hate it when the other does it (and they both do it) and both have said they don’t need protection from the other.  SO STOP DOING IT!!!!   Yikes!  Dean even admitted that really that’s why he’s been walking around so guilty…because he was lying to Sam.  That’s what bothered him so much.  Well here’s a solution…don’t do it anymore!  Men.  I’m just glad all seems to be forgiven and they are back to working together to fight another day!

So what did you think of last night’s episode?  I thought it was great and I’m dying to know what’s happening with the “wedding”episode next week and who Mrs. Sam Winchester could possibly be.


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