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TV RANT: Shows That Premiere WAAAAAAAY Too Late in the TV Season

My apologies for the formatting.  Not sure why the paragraphs are messed up making it harder to read!  Tried fixing but it didn’t work.

I don’t know about you but I have a shit load of TV shows that I try to watch.   My husband makes fun of me constantly about the amount of shows on our DVRs.  Remember I have three (yes you read that right…THREE)  DVRs.  Every single DVR right now is at 60% full or more.  Part of the problem is being so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up.  But the other problem is that it seems like every other week, ANOTHER show is premiering.  Seriously, what the hell?  It’s impossible to keep up with all these shows.  It’s already hard enough because almost every channel out there has original programming ’round the calendar.  And it wasn’t that big of a deal when AMC, HBO, Showtime, F/X, Bravo, TBS, TNT, etc premiered shows April – July because that was when the TV season was winding down and they only had shows that typically had runs of 10-12 episodes.   Plus it’s nice to have new programming for the summer.  But when the networks start jumping in on the fun (and moving your current shows all over the place) it gets to be too much.

Take a look at the list of shows that have premiered since mid January:

  • The River
  • The Firm
  • Smash
  • Alcatraz
  • Are You There Chelsea
  • Betty White’s Off Their Rockers
  • The Finder
  • GCB
  • Scandal
  • Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apt 23
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Bent
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • I Hate My Teenage Daughter
  • Remodeled
  • Rob
  • Work It
  • Touch
  • Missing
  • Awake
  • NYC 22
That’s 21 shows!!!!!   And guys, that’s just the network shows.  I didn’t even put in shows like House of Lies, Luck, Girls, Veep, etc.  Not to mention, all the returning mid-season shows like Cougar Town, 30 Rock, Breaking In, Survivor, The Voice, American Idol.   It goes on and on.  But look at that list!!!   And anything in bold premiered in the last 2 weeks!  It’s ridiculous.
First of all, it’s too many shows.  I understand having shows ready to go in case other shows fail but guess what?  There were plenty of shows that failed but these shows still premiered late.  On ABC, Charlie’s Angels, Pan Am, Work It, and Man Up were all canceled.  Charlie’s Angels lasted 3 or 4 episodes.  Same with Man Up.  Work It lasted two.  Pan Am was slightly longer but still pulled from the schedule only to have episode burn off later.  So why couldn’t Scandal, GCB, Missing, or Apt 23 premiere sooner?   NBC canceled Free Agents after 3 episodes.  So where was Bent or BFF?  I don’t get it.  Why order that many shows to pilot if you are just going to premiere them in a dead month and then burn them off when the ratings suck?  Oh, and not promote them.  Why?
Secondly, people are too entrenched in what they are already watching or too far behind on their DVRs to try something new this late.  I’m both.  If it wasn’t for this blog, there are so many shows I would blow off because I already have too many shows to watch and I’m so far behind on many of them, I have no time to catch up let alone start a new series.
It’s really unfair to the cast, the crew, the creators, and the TV viewers.  Scandal is a good show.  Bent is a solid comedy.  Detroit 1-8-7 was an awesome show.  The Chicago Code was a fantastic show.  But you know what?  No one watched them.  Why?  Because they premiered too late and there was no promotion to help get the shows off the ground.  To put it very simply, they were set up for failure.  So TV audiences are missing out on great shows because the networks don’t know how to schedule.
We are in a “throw it against the wall and let’s see what sticks” environment.  While I don’t believe what I am about to say is the case, it does APPEAR that the networks aren’t putting a great deal of thought into their shows’ schedule after the major fall premieres.   I believe the networks put forth huge efforts to make sure their fall schedules are strong and successful. Sometimes they win.  Lots of times they lose.  But they put, what they believe, is their best foot forward.  After that, whatever happens, happens and whatever is left over, we’ll deal with it then.  That’s how it seems.  How else do you explain shows premiering in this quantity this late into the season.  These aren’t summer shows.  These were promoted as mid-season shows.  When exactly do the networks think mid-season begins?  Because I can tell you right now, it isn’t April.
March, April, and May are no man’s land…dead zones…for new premiering shows.  They are too late for mid-season and too early for summer.  February should be the latest they premiere for mid-season.  If you miss that, then June for summer programming it is.  Now there are always exception to the rules, but it should only be the exception, not the norm.  And as each TV season progresses, it seems to be getting worse and worse.
So what’s the solution?  It seems simple to me but if it were that simple, you would think someone would be doing it.   My first suggestion (with all of my vast years of TV programming experience) would be to limit the shows ordered to pilot.  Once the networks have determined what will premiere in the fall and what will premiere mid-season (by no later than the second week in Feb) then you create your back up plan…2 comedies, 2 dramas with maybe a game show or reality show just in case.  Now this can change depending on your network. A network like CBS which is more drama focused, maybe you have 3 dramas in the works.  Plus, CBS likes to give their shows full seasons regardless of ratings (see A Gifted Man and $*%# My Dad Says.)  So CBS isn’t likely to pull as much as trigger happy NBC.  So maybe CBS only needs 1 drama and 1 comedy.  It all depends on the schedule.  NBC on the other hand has been so bad for so long, they need more shows just in case.  But when something fails, then bump a pilot up.  Why have reruns of Grimm when Awake could have premiered?
Suggestion number two, is tighten up the schedule to fit more shows.  We’ve all bitched about it.  I know I have.  What is she talking about?   Bitched about what?  About when our shows go on hiatus for weeks at a time!!   First, don’t premiere shows the last week in Sept or first week of Oct.  Premiere your fall schedule right after Labor Day weekend (and not before!)   Then, run your shows solid through the week before Thanksgiving and have a mid-season break through the holidays.  Then come back the first or second week in January and run through March/April.   Then, if you have left over shows, no one will be upset if they premiere in April or May because the major TV season will be complete and people will have time to watch something new!   Unfortunately, the problem with that is May Sweeps.  You miss that time period by moving things up.  But there are two ways to handle that: move sweeps to April (if the NFL can remove kickoffs from the game of football….Bruce I want your thoughts on that genius idea….then Sweeps can be moved to April) or start the fall season later (the end of Sept/beg of Oct) end at the same time (mid Nov) and then come back mid Jan and run through early May.  It just makes for a really short early part of the season, but it gets you to May Sweeps.  I don’t like the latter idea but if Sweeps are that important, you have to make it work.
Lastly, if you don’t need it this season, can you move it to next season?   If a show like Bent or Scandal really wasn’t necessary this year, why can’t you keep in the bank until next fall?   Just have a smaller pilot season if you know those shows are moving to next season.  I’m not sure if this is more expensive due to locking up cast and crew without really using them for an extended period of time.   My thinking behind this is, if you don’t think a show like Bent is good enough to risk putting on the regular fall or mid-season schedule, then why order the show to pilot and why pick it up for 9 or 13 episodes?  I have to imagine it’s more expensive to have shows waiting in the wings for spots on the schedule and then burning them off vs. not having something to fill the pipeline and running repeats of another show.  I don’t know the answer to that.  But really that’s what this all comes down to….money.
I believe the way it works is the networks sell advertising on futures.  Meaning, they do their up front presentation to the major advertisers and show them their fall and mid-season line-ups.  They forecast what ratings will be and the advertisers make their decisions based on the strength of schedules and price.  In some cases, the advertisers make out by paying for ad space based off a 2.3 rating when a show ends up getting a 3.7 rating.  In other cases, they lose when they pay for space based off the 2.3 rating and the show gets 1.1 and eventually gets canceled.  Now your ads are running during reruns of 30 Rock.   Not good.  And it’s already tough enough for advertisers when DVRs, iPads, Netflix, Hulu, and Computers make watching shows so much easier (and without all those pain in the ass commercials!!!)   So I empathize with the position the networks are in.  But something still needs to change.
Network TV is in a difficult position right now.  Between mediocre to bad shows being developed, to having to compete with the cable channels that have more freedom and flexibility with content, to other ways to view programming, to the pressure of driving more revenue, network executives are scrambling to create successful line-ups and find more ways to reach viewers, live.  It’s not easy, I get that.   But, there still has to be a way to fix these over-programmed TV seasons.  There are talks of not relying so heavily on Nielsen’s (which have boxes in a few thousand homes vs. the millions of people who watch TV) and finding a way to better capture what people are really watching.  There are studies that show the ratings we see on our favorite sites aren’t really capturing all the people truly watching a particular show.  So what will networks and advertisers use in the future?  It’s yet to be determined.  But it’s a good sign to see that industry people are starting to realize that as technology advances, the ways in which we view TV shows are ever-changing and that using archaic methods to make major decisions about programming that affect people’s livelihoods, needs to be adapted and altered.  If that happens, the way TV programming is managed currently is sure to change for the better.  At least, one would hope.
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My Big News

So remember last week when I told you to check the blog on Friday the 16th for my big news.  Well it’s been so crazy that I completely forgot to post the news!!!  So I decided to post it on Friday the 23rd instead.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!  Break out the bubbly, turn on the 80s music, and let’s get dancing!!!  Ok maybe you don’t need to go to those extremes, but I will.  A simple “congrats” will suffice but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to you breaking out a dance session to Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” in my honor!

I will certainly miss my old company and all of the great people I left behind whom I love dearly.  Some weren’t so great but that’s to be said with any company.  I’m just happy because this will hopefully be a step in settling my life down and getting some “me” time back.  And by “me” time I mean “you” time since that will hopefully mean I can get blogging more.  And simply getting to watch more TV to be able to blog more.

So I’m very happy and since I have all next week off I will be catching up on the blog quite a bit.  Can you believe I JUST caught up on the series finale of Chuck.  Chuck!!!!  One of my all time favorite shows!!!  That’s how crazy I have been.  So I have lots of thoughts on the finale….I seriously thought I would never be able to see again after crying so much.  Plus I want to catch up on other shows and discuss them with you.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and support and I look forward to talking TV with everyone next week!

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New Focus on the Blog

I’ve decided that I need to pare down what I am trying to blog on.  I’m trying to get to everything (although it may  not seem like it on here) but I can’t get to every show.   I’m trying to hard to catch up on all three DVRs that are full of shows that I leave little time to actually write about them.  So I’ve decided that I’m only going to write about my favorites and new shows when launched.  I have a lot of favorites, but even that list had to get cut.  Writing about an episode a week or two after it aired, is pointless.  So I am going to keep it to this list, unless something big happens on another show.   Now I may not post on every episode because sometimes an episode just doesn’t warrant its own post, but I will try to get to it every week.

The initial list includes the following shows:

  1. Castle
  2. The Good Wife
  3. Revenge
  4. Smash
  5. Bones
  6. Parenthood
  7. Game of Thrones
  8. Supernatural
  9. Once Upon A Time
  10. Alcatraz (as long as it’s renewed)
These are going to be the shows I make an effort to blog on every week.   Keep in mind, this is just network shows (with the exception of GoT) and for the most part a regular season show (meaning not a summer time show like Suits.)   Now, as shows get canceled or new shows arrive, the list will be updated.   But for now as things stand today, these shows are my goal.

The next tier:

  1. Survivor
  2. HIMYM
  3. Person of Interest
  4. The Mentalist (when a Red John episode)
  5. Grimm
  6. Blue Bloods
  7. Glee (only because they do so many horrible things, it must be discussed)
  8. Ringer
  9. Pretty Little Liars
  10. Comedies

These are the shows I will try to get to when it’s relevant…a story arc is focused on (like Red John), something significant happens (Marshall’s dad dying or the recent Robin/Ted development), or I have some extra time to discuss another show.   There are lots of other shows that could fall in here but I’m trying to keep focused.

I’m sure there are some shows I’m forgetting,  But I’m sure you guys will remind me!  Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean I will never talk about Rizzoli and Isles again or Criminal Minds again.  It’s just a better way for me to stay on top of the shows that matter the most to me.  But this is also about you so tell me if there is something specific you want to keep reading and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


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Big News Friday!!!!!

This is probably the longest I have gone without a post.  It’s been hard and you guys know that who follow me. But I may have some news later this week that might change that…in a good way!!!!

So you have to check out the blog on Friday March 16th for the news.  Like my teaser?

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RIP Whitney Houston 1963-2012

My husband and I were watching Supernatural on our DVR last night when he randomly picked up his iPad to look up something.  His home page is MSN.  While watching the show, I hear my husband say “Oh my God” in a way that let’s me know something really sad and surprising has just happened.  He passes me his iPad and on the top of the screen in a huge font it reads:


I couldn’t believe it.  Well, after her battle with addiction over the years I could believe it, but I was still shocked.  It was the same way I felt when I heard Michael Jackson has passed away.  We finished watching Supernatural (which only had about 8-10 minutes left) and then turned on the news channels to watch the coverage.  At this point, she had only been gone about 3 hours.  It was so hard to fathom.

Growing up in the 80s as a really young kid, there were two female recording artists that were the biggest and the best and my friends and I had all their albums and knew all their songs….Madonna and Whitney Houston.  At that time in your life when you’re in grade school and heading into high school in the late 80s, I can hear Whitney Houston songs and equate them to certain moments in my life…my first school dance, the first boy who asked me to dance, sleep overs at friends houses, summers at the shore.  I remember the first time I heard a Whitney Houston song off her first self titled album.  It was “Saving All My Love for You” and I remember thinking I have never heard a voice like that in my life.  The more her music permeated into our everyday lives, the more she was on TV.   You saw interviews with her where she came across as the kind of person you would love to grab a cup of tea with and sit down talk about whatever.  She was warm, friendly, humble, and gracious.  A real class act.

I think most people remember Whitney Houston for three magical songs (although her career spawned multiple hits)….”I Will Always Love You”, “One Moment in Time”, and “The Star Spangled Banner.”  I don’t know one person who when they hear the name “Whitney Houston” doesn’t say something like “Wow, she still has the greatest rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard.”   I also know people who are still annoyed that her “One Moment in Time” has been replaced by some Jennifer Hudson song that doesn’t even come close.  But since “The Bodyguard” is one of the Top 10 selling albums of all time, most people remember her remake of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.”  It still moves me to tears….especially today.

I know Ms. Houston had her struggles the last several years and a very difficult marriage to Bobby Brown.  I don’t want to get into that but all I want to say is that I was heartbroken for her because I’m sure that time in her life, while happy at some points, wasn’t all she had hoped for.

People may say, “why do you get so upset when a musician or actor dies?  It’s no sadder than anyone else and it’s not like you knew the person.”   That is true.  And I don’t get upset when every celebrity passes away.  When Amy Winehouse died, my first thought was “there’s a surprise.”  I don’t mean that to sound cold, it’s just that her music has no connection for me.  I’m sure her fans were devastated by the news.  And it goes without saying that you pray for her family and friends when something that tragic happens.  The reason a death like Whitney Houston hits me so hard is that her music juxtaposes my life in so many ways.  Like I mentioned before, many big moments from my youth, I can attach to one of her songs.  When I hear that certain song, it brings me back to that time.  So in a way, she and I did have a personal connection.   And I think when you speak of an icon in an industry like Whitney Houston was in hers, you will find many more people with stories like mine because she touched so many lives that she never even knew.

I want to extend my deepest condolences, sympathies, and prayers to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother Cissy, and all her family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.

We’ve lost an angel down here on Earth.  But Heaven has gained a new one.  May you finally find the peace and happiness you deserve!

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On Hiatus for A Week!

Have you ever had one of those really busy or really bad (or both) work weeks that stretched into another week? I’m having one of those right now.  Have you ever been so in the weeds with work you miss family functions over the weekend and a Sunday Big Game* party with your friends?  I just had one of those.  Compounding all my issues, the Giants won the Sunday Big Game*, which angers me, but that’s a post for my buddy Bruce at SportsAttitudes!

So For the Love of TV has to go on hiatus this week to get caught up and out of the weeds with work.  I will try as hard as I can to discuss Alcatraz and the premiere of Smash but I may not get to it until next week.

Until then, please pray for my sanity!

* After reading Bruce’s post on his web site, I got severely freaked out using the words that will be oh so cleverly hidden in this SUPER post.  I knew you had to pay the NFL to use those specific words in official documents but I thought a harmless TV blog that could fit all of its readers into a really small salad BOWL, would be ok.  But just to be safe, I’m calling it the Sunday Big Game!  Hopefully you all know what I mean.

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500 POSTS!!!!!!

I was trying to think if what I wanted my 500th post to be about….Castle, Revenge, Parenthood, how hot Dean Winchester is (he is you know…insanely hot!)  God I sound like a freshman in high school.  But Dean can do that to me!

Instead I decided to just celebrate the fact I got to 500 posts!!!!!  Holy crap I can’t believe it.  When I started this blog over a year ago, I never in a million years thought this would go as long as it has, that I would have a podcast (I really need to do one of those soon), or have some amazing loyal readers that are shockingly not my mother or someone I paid to say nice things!

Okay I literally just ran downstairs to grab a Sam Adams to toast myself…what a loser.  Here’s to the first 500. Please God let the next 500 be slightly better.


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