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RENEWED SHOWS: Girls and Veep

HBO announced a pair of renewals today.  Both freshman comedies Girls and Veep were renewed for a second season.   Both shows received 10 episode orders and are averaging just over 3.6 million viewers per week.

While I’m not a fan of Girls, Veep is awesome so I am thrilled it will be coming back!   But congrats to the cast and crew of both shows and to the fans of the shows!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Garden of Bones” S2 E3

Just when I thought Joffrey couldn’t be any more evil than he already is, he breaks the mold yet again.  Joffrey Lannister (I refuse to call him Baratheon) is easily the most disgusting, vile, awful character on TV.  I know everyone hates Ellis from Smash, but while Ellis is like a stink bug that every time you flick off your window screen August it just comes right back to annoy you, Ellis is 20,000 more tolerable than Joffrey (and that’s saying A LOT.)  Ellis isn’t evil, he’s just a stink bug.  Joffrey, is down right evil.  At first I wanted to beat him through my TV screen for wanting to beat and humiliate Sansa because of her brother’s actions.  I couldn’t understand why he was doing this to Sansa when it’s Robb he has the problem with.  Then I realized, it’s not uncommon to “send a message” through your enemy’s family instead of the enemy himself.  In many cases, that’s actually the best way to get your point across and have your enemy pay attention to you.  It’s cruel, but it works.  So that’s what Joffrey was doing here…the little shit.  Luckily for Sansa, his Uncle Tyrion comes storming in insisting that this torture stop.  “She is to be your Queen!” he scolds at his nephew.  I love how Tyrion can make the King look so small and weak with just some simple obvious statements.  As well as put the King’s minions in their place when they ask stupid questions….”Are you threatening the king?” Minion #1 asks.  “No I’m simply teaching my nephew a lesson.  The next time he speaks, kill him.  That was a threat.  See the difference?”   I think I am going to make up t-shirts that say “I love Peter Dinklage/Tyrion Lannister.”  Tyrion believes his nephew’s violent ways are the result of sexual frustration so he decides to send him two prostitutes to help him get all that anger out of his system.  When Joffrey realizes it was his uncle who sent the girls, he decides to go in another direction.  Instead of having sex with the girls, he would rather torture and beat them.  Or rather, have the one girl beat the other while aiming a cross-bow at her threatening her life if she doesn’t do what he says.  What a nice young man he’s become.  Cersei must be so proud.

From one disturbing story to another, let’s talk about what the hell crawled out of Melisandre’s vajay-jay shall we?  Well before we get to that, let’s back up a smidge.  Renly and Stannis Baratheon have met up with one another on a very windy and rock hillside.  But they don’t have a Sam and Dean type of reunion, instead it’s more like Cain and Abel.  These two are driving me crazy and I’m not the only one.  Catelyn is also annoyed by them.  Basically both Renly and Stannis want the Lannisters defeated.  Easy enough.  The problem is, they both want the throne.  Here’s my suggestion….why not band together now to defeat the Lannisters and everyone else who wants a shot at the throne, and then you two can battle it out after that.  Don’t they realize that they can’t be the only people wanting to take over King’s Landing?  Sheesh.  Men.  I’ll give Stannis credit for at least trying to throw a compromise out there.  Granted it was something that really only suited him, but give the man props for trying.  Meanwhile Renly’s acting like Kat from A League of Their Own.  But enough of those two.

To solidify his place on the throne (if he ever gets there of course) the god of light’s spokesperson has told him that he needs an heir.  So last week, Stannis threw Melisandre down on that massive map and had his way with her.  Flash to this week and Davos is taking Meli to a cave where she promises to reveal what she looks like underneath her cloak.  Little ho bag that Meli is.  Well, not only does she drop her cloak to reveal, everything, but we see her VERY pregnant belly that has something rather large moving around inside it.  Wait, didn’t they have sex just last week?  I know it’s last week in our time but how long has it been in GoT time?  It certainly hasn’t been nine months!  Anyhoo, Meli starts her breathing and pushing (I wonder when she had time for a lamaze class) and the next thing you know this black, slick, creepy, thing pushes his or her way out and stands before her.  It’s like the smoke monster meets the creature from the black lagoon.  I hope Davos was registered at Pottery Barn to he can get the little tyke something special.  But seriously what the hell was that?  At the end of the scene my husband and I slowly turned towards one another with our jaws dropped and shoulders shrugged.  Between the dragons and the comet and now this….I love this show!!

On the battlefield, Robb Stark is killing his way right to Kings Landing.  After the latest battle, it was pretty bloody and violent.  Lots of casualties, including the foot of a civilian.  Robb meets a young woman named Talissa (I think) and was quite smitten with her.  Because really, what’s more conducive to romance than watching someone chop off someone’s foot with a hacksaw.  For some men it’s lacy lingerie.  For Robb Stark, amputation.  He tries to find out more about her but she blows him off because if it wasn’t for him, so many lives wouldn’t be destroyed.  That’s always the ultimate fight when it comes down to people who are for war or against it.  The people against it say it’s too many innocent lives lost for no purpose or not enough payout.  The people for it say it’s a necessary means to an end that will result in a better way of life for all citizens and that the people who volunteer to help, know the risk going in.  You can see both sides.  But I have to believe that won’t be the last we see of her.  Especially since Robb was giving her the sexy eyes as she was leaving in the back of a wagon.

My girl Dani has finally reach a city, Qarth,  where she and the other Dothraki’s can finally shower and get something to eat.  Boy they must stink to high heaven!  She is met by the leader of the thirteen who kindly welcomes her but will only allow her entrance if he can see the dragons.  Dani does her best to keep the dragons sleeping in their crates and as a result, the thirteen rescind their invitation.  She goes to push for entrance and Mormont warns her to be careful how she handles this.  So she proceeds to threaten to burn their city and all of them if they don’t let them in.  Something tells me that’s not the approach Mormont meant when he said be careful how you handle this.  But it worked.  A gentleman from the thirteen emerges and vouches for Dani and her crew.  He solidifies his promise by slicing his hand with a dagger and showing it to the rest of his troops.  I must say I would be slightly concerned if someone I never met promised to vouch for me and that the way his people believe his promise is after he slices his hand with a Ginsu knife. I would definitely sleep with my eyes open.  But the doors open and they are led into what appears to be the beautiful city of Qarth.

In Harrnehal, the Night Watch recruits are being tortured and killed one by one.  Arya is about to watch her friend Gendry get eaten by a rat while set on fire just when Superman arrives!  Well not really it’s actually Tywin Lannister that stops the nonsense.  He tells his vipers that there is more value to these people alive than dead.  He instructs them to put all the recruits to work because they are free labor.  He wants them all put to work, except for the young girl.  One of Lannister’s idiots tries to convince him it’s a boy but Lannister isn’t fooled.  He spots her immediately and takes her in as his personal assistant of some kind.   I guess that’s going to keep her safe for the time being….that is until he discovers she’s Ned Stark’s daughter.   Here’s my question though.  I thought all the Night Watch recruits were people everyone in the seven kingdoms supported because they fight for all their freedoms on the Wall.  So if that’s the case, then why are Lannister’s men capturing, torturing, and killing them all?  I know their initial mission was on asshole Joffrey’s orders to kill all of Robert’s bastard children and there was a bastard in the mix of recruits.  But they should have believed that they got their man when Arya pointed out “Gendry” dead on the ground near the skull helmet.  So if the mission was complete, why kill all the other recruits?  The Lannisters suck.   Well, all of them except Tyrion and right now I’m giving a slight pass to Tywin.

What are your thoughts on the new season of GoT?  I must admit, it’s much easier when you have a better understand of who everyone is, where they come from, and what their goals are.  But for the love of all that’s good, can someone please name their kid Mike or Amy.   Please.  I’m begging you.  At least we have a Robb and a John.  More of that would be lovely.

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SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: Veep “Fundraiser” – Pilot S1 E1

This will be a quick one because I HAVE to get back to work! Veep was awesome and I laughed constantly. Veep stars Julia Louis Dreyfus as a former Senator turned V-POTUS Selina Meyer. She is just starting to get used to her new position (she has her own flag you know!) and trying to focus on a Clean Job Commission that is causing quite a few headaches for her new staff: Chief of Staff, Amy (played by Anna Chlumsky), Director of Communications, Mike (played by Matt Walsh), Personal Aide, Gary (played by Tony Hale), recently poached Strategist, Dan (played by Reid Scott), Executive Assistant, Sue (played by Sufe Bradshaw) and annoying White House liaison, Jonah (played by Timothy Simons.)

Veep was laugh out loud funny, very witty, well paced, and extremely well cast. The thing that caught me most off guard was hearing ladies like JLD and Kate Burton dropping F-bombs during the episode! I’m so used to seeing both ladies on network TV so of course that language isn’t permissible. But I have to remember that they’re on HBO so they were letting it rip. JLD was in rare form and I mean that in a good way. She is incredibly funny and her timing is fantastic. I loved when she came out of a meeting after learning that Amy, who was supposed to sign Selena’s name on a card for a Senator who just passed away, signed her own name instead. Selena freaked out, sent coffee flying through the office, and scolded her people to get the card and fix it. She then calmed down and went right back in her meeting. The cast chemistry right out of the gate is really strong. You would think they’ve been working together for 4 seasons…that’s how well they were clicking. This is quickly going to become one of my must see TV shows, I can tell already!

I love TV shows about the White House and politics because I find it fascinating. And I really love when they are comedies. Mostly because politics and the status of our country is no laughing matter. It’s serious stuff. So I find the more serious the topic (in the right context) the funnier it can be. And that’s what you have with Veep.

Veep airs 10am on Sundays on HBO right after Game of Thrones (review on that coming soon.) You must check it out because it’s absolutely terrific!!! Again, sorry for the short recap but duty calls!

And by the way, did the President call? No? Ok.

DVRs: 3 1/2


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SEASON PREMIERE: Game of Thrones “The North Remembers” S2 E1

Game of Thrones’ second season premiere was last night on HBO and it didn’t disappoint.  I’m not going to lie, it took me a little bit to remember all the players (thank goodness for all those Season 1 GoT recaps on the networks to help!)   I think we are in for a crazy ride this season with many power struggles ahead.

After watching the premiere last night, it’s very clear that last season set up all that is to come.  I realize that the last two episodes of season 1 also did that.  But my jaw was on the floor between the killing of Ned Stark and the birth of the dragons that I didn’t think about it that deeply until now.  But last night showed us a very simple premise….NO ONE likes the Lannisters.  They are everyone’s enemy.   Therefore, everyone across the land is coming after their claim to the throne.

It’s fascinating to watch how it’s all coming together.  While everyone is united in their hatred of the Lannisters and want to see them pushed out of power in King’s Landing, many of these other kingdoms can’t take them out on their own.   They need help.  They need to ban together with another kingdom or faction to achieve their goals.  But as we witness the individual brainstorming sessions, we learn that each of these other factions have their own rifts with the families planning to align with them.  In other words, everyone hates everyone else for one reason or another.  The key will be one of two things….who can put their egos and differences aside to team up to take out the Lannisters or who is smart enough to align with the right contingent to achieve the goal yet not be betrayed.  Because if you aren’t family, you can’t be trusted and it makes you an enemy.

I was worried going into season 2 that I wasn’t sure who I would root for.  After all, there is no more Ned Stark. But I do have my top three…Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister, and Daenerys Targaryen.  Robb is awesome.  He is his father’s son and he will avenge this death.  The best part about the Stark family is that they want no part of the throne in King’s Landing.  All they want are the Lannisters out of power and destroyed and to return as King of the North never to be bothered again.  Seems fair to me.  Robb’s problem is, to take out the Lannisters he needs a stronger army.  His army is solid and they will die for him (plus he has Jamie Lannister prisoner which helps) but he needs to be even stronger.  He needs ships.  He best friend/pseudo brother Theon Greyjoy offers to ask his father (who fought against the Starks) to use his fleet of ships to assist them.  Robb then asks his mother to meet with Renly Barathian to see if his troops will align with them for one super power army.  If Robb can get both, it would make him near unstoppable.   That is of course, if others don’t usurp him in the process!

Then we have Dani.  Since her portrayer, the lovely and fantastic Amelia Clarke, call her Dani, that’s what I’m calling her.  Plus it’s much easier to spell!  Dani is leading the Dothraki’s through what looks like the desert to get to King’s Landing to avenge her family’s removal from the throne and her husband’s death.  The problem is, they are running out of food and water.  She sent three of her best men in different directions to seek help.  Her closest confidant is concerned about her and is worried that if she isn’t careful, no matter where she goes, they will be defeated and her dragons will be seized.  “No one will take my dragons!”  Dani exclaims.  You’re damn right sister!  I would hope at some point, that someone would be willing to team up with her.  If for no other reason than the fear the Dothpak have on the rest of the kingdom.  She is a fantastically strong character considering what she’s been through and I am fully in her corner.

Finally, we have the great Peter Dinklage.  Emmy winner, Peter Dinklage resuming the role of Tyrion Lannister.  Already I see a major shift in his character.  He’s not just the amusing, black-mark-on-the-family, playboy he was last season.  Yes he’s still all those things.  But something has changed in him.  He doesn’t like how his nephew Joffry and his sister Cersei are ruling King’s Landing and how they are destroying their family’s name.  He openly mocks Joffry about his leadership on the battlefield (he has none) and tells his sister that her only redeeming quality is her love for her children and her cheekbones.  He is furious with the way they have handled the Starks.  Since Robb has Jamie, they had huge bargaining chips with having Ned, Sensa, and Aria.  Well Joffry beheaded Ned and Cersei let Aria get away.  Now all they have is Sensa.  She’s still a powerful chip but not nearly as powerful as having all three.

It’s clear to anyone that Joffry is evil and Cersei is corrupted by power.  Joffry is killing people for enjoyment, abusing his soon-to-be wife, Sensa, threatening the life of his mother, and ordering the death of all the Barathian bastards since the secret is out that he is really the bastard of Cersei and Jamie and not Cersei and King Robert.  Cersei denies this of course but since Stannis Barathian released that information to the entire kingdom, everyone knows.  It weakens the Lannisters so Joffry is doing everything in his power to eliminate any possible threat to his throne.  I just hope a direwolf takes him out at some point and gives him the rightful death he deserves!!

Finally, speaking of Stannis, he is leading his own charge to take back the throne with a very interesting team of people.  Including Mesliandre, who apparently worships her own created deity.  She has a group of followers who also worship with “god” and Stannis has become one of the them.  Some of the men closest to Stannis are very concerned about his growing allegiance to Mesliandre.  One even goes so far as to poison a glass of wine he offers to share with Mesliandre hoping to kill her off while killing himself at the same time.  I believe I read somewhere that this character was very close with Stannis and would do anything for him.  I would say so!  But it fails.  He dies, but the poison has no effect on her at all and she chants something while a glowing red beacon of some sort flashes on her neck.  I can’t wait to find out more about her.

Oh and there’s a weird-looking comet that is hovering over the kingdom.    Just a FYI.  It’s supposed to signify the presence of dragons.  No one believes it, but we know better don’t we!

That about sums up the season premiere.  It really went fast and I loved every minute of it!  What did you all think of the premiere?  Let me know!!!


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HBO Renews “Luck” For a Second Season

Well I haven’t even watched the first episode but I guess I should because HBO has already renewed Luck, which premiered on Sunday night, for a second season.

These cable networks don’t mess around.  Game of Thrones, The Borgias, Luck were all renewed after 1 or 2 episodes.  Hell Boss was renewed before an episode even aired!!!  Cable knows what they like and they know what works.  If only some of the networks were that confident and decisive.

Congrats to the cast and crew.  I’m looking forward to checking out your show…probably this weekend!


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Game of Thrones Season Two Premiere Date!!!

I am sooooooo excited!!!!  Game of Thrones is coming back and it finally has a premiere date.   Game of Thrones is back on HBO Sunday April 1st at 9pm for it’s 10 episode season.  I really wish these were 12 episodes per season but beggars can’t be choosers.

In other HBO knows, “Girls” will premiere Sunday April 15th at 9:30pm.  “Veep” staring Julia Louis Dreyfus will premiere Sunday April 22nd at 10pm.   Girls is about a group of girls in their 20s and will highlight all the funny and crazy things girls endure at that point in their life.  It stars a bunch of people I have never heard of…Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams…and I have absolutely no interest in this show.  Veep stars Dreyfus as a former senator who is now the Vice President of United States and her job is not exactly what she thought it would be.  Talk about vague.  Aren’t these show descriptions becoming more and more formulaic?  Veep also stars a solid cast including Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, and Reid Scott.  This I will be checking out.

I was hoping to read the first two books in the series to catch up before the premiere.  Yeah, that’s not going to happen.  No biggie.  But I can’t wait for the premiere.  It feels like forever since we last saw Daenerys Targaryen emerging from the fire with her baby dragons surrounding her.   Good God I can’t wait!!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: True Blood “Soul of Fire” S4 E11

About 2/3 of the way through tonight’s episode, I looked at my husband and said “this feels more like a season finale than the penultimate episode.  I wonder if I miscounted how many episodes were left in the season.”    Then the last scene happened.   Holy crap!!   There was a lot of interesting stuff that happened but then there were a lot of stupid things that happened.   Then there was the stuff I couldn’t give two craps about.  Let’s get the boring stuff out-of-the-way, shall we?


Sam is still on a quest to find Marcus and make him pay for killing Tommy.  He and Alcide figure out that Marcus has Luna’s daughter and when she calls Luna to check in, they figure out that Marcus is at Alcide’s house.   They run right over.  Marcus and Debbie have been hooking up and he wants her to run away with him and his daughter.   She doesn’t want to because she loves Alcide.  Even though she believes he cheated on her and everything she is doing with Marcus is to get back at Alcide, she still wants Alcide.   Unfortunately for her, Alcide doesn’t feel the same way when he busts into the bedroom with Sam to see Debbie and Marcus together.  Sam and Marcus go at it and when Sam looks like he is about to choke Marcus to death, he let’s go.    Then Alcide jumps in when Marcus jumps up and attacks Sam again and starts shooting at him, and Alcide finally finishes Marcus off.  Then he dumps Debbie and walks.  Hopefully that’s the last we see of her.

Andy and His Fairy

Talk about random and weird.  Considering the fact that Sookie is a fairy and they have appeared in Bon Temps before, I think it’s safe to assume that Andy didn’t dream what happened to him nor was it a V trip.   A fairy named Mirella appeared in the woods and wanted Andy to make love to her.   But before he could, he had to promise to protect her.  To prove it, her finger lit up like E.T. and she pressed it to Andy’s finger, which then lit up.  He promised to always protect her and then they made love.   When he gets back home, Arlene was worried about him and sent Terry out looking for him.  Andy then proceeds to tell Marlene what happened and she thinks Andy’s mind has gone to mush from all the V he was taking.

So what was up with that and what was the point?   Is that a storyline they are starting to set up for next season or will it have something to do with the season finale next week?  I have no idea.  I find it strange that we saw the fairies in the season premiere but haven’t seen anything again until tonight.  Hopefully we will get some more details next week.

Marnitonia vs. the Vamps vs. Everyone Else in Town

The war is still going on.  Mostly everyone in town is trapped in the Moon Goddess and Eric, Bill, Pam, and Jess are about to attack the MG.  They can’t get past the barrier that Marnitonia set up which is a wall of sunshine so Bill wants to negotiate with Marnitonia.  This is the first stupid thing that happens.  Why would you try to negotiate with a woman the CLEARLY wants you dead?  There is no other resolution that works for her so why bother?  For leverage, Marnitonia brings out Sookie.  So you know what Bill’s brilliant idea is?  He and Eric will sacrifice their lives so Sookie can go free.  This is the second stupid thing that happens.  You are both going to die for Sookie?   Couldn’t you at least throw everyone else who is in MG a bone as well for something so drastic?  And how can you trust that she will live up to her word?  It was beyond stupid.   At least Pam had some sense to say screw this, this is ridiculous.  Now her mistake was trying to shoot a rocket launcher through the barrier which only came back at them.  NO one was hurt, except for Jason who was badly burned and blinded from the blast.   This is the third stupid thing that happens.  Why do that to Jason only to bring him back with Jessica’s blood?  It’s the part about the show, I hate most.  You “kill” a major character or severely injure the major character to the point you think they are going to die only to use vamp blood to bring them back to life.  It shouldn’t be that easy.  It should be harder to bring them back or there should be a situation where you can’t bring them back.   Because if all you are going to do is just bring them back anyway, why bother injuring them in the first place?  As soon as I saw Jason on the ground, my first thought was that Jess would give him her blood and he’d be fine.  Which is exactly what happened.  BORING!!!  There is never any fear that Alan Ball would have the guts to kill someone major.  So Jason ends up being ok.  Meanwhile Eric sends Pam away furious at her for disobeying him.

Inside the MG, Marnitonia has just killed Casey because she was freaking out.  She told Casey it was ok to leave and when Casey went to walk out, Marnitonia sent a knife flying through the air and straight into Casey’s chest.  Yikes!  At this point Antonia frees herself from Marnie.  They get into a fight and Lafayette is the only one who can see what is going on.   This really freaks out Tara who wants to know when the hell Lafayette turned into a medium who can see and communicate with dead people.  Lafayette tells everyone that Antonia is telling Marnie how she wants to be free of her because she has turned evil and she is not behind her on this anymore.  Marnie casts some sort of body merging spell and Antonia gets sucked back into Marnie against her wishes.  At this point, Jesus realizes he has to do something drastic.  He tells everyone that Casey still has a pulse and asks Marnitonia if he can try to save her life.  She allows him.  He asks Lafayette for his help and they carry her to a back kitchen area to “fix” her.   Lafayette tells Jesus that he’s nuts because she is dead.  He agrees and says he is going to use Casey to tap into his inner Brujos.  It works and Jesus (in his freaky demon face) is able to separate Antonia from Marnie permanently severely weakening Marnie’s power.  As a result of the spell, Marnitonia’s original spell is broken allowing the vampires to enter the MG.  When Bill and Eric enter, they immediately go for Marnie and her butt buddy jumps in front of her.  Eric goes right up to him and rips his heart out of his chest.  He walks up to Marnie and starts sucking on the ventricles and I start gagging.  As Marnie tries to cast another spell, Bill shoots her about 10 times including one fatal shot to the head.  Marnie/Antonia/Marnitonia is finally gone.   Or is she?

The interesting part was when all the chaos in the MG was breaking apart, both Eric and Bill were talking with one another and each glanced over at Sookie at one point but never went over to her at all.  For two men who were about to give up their lives for her, you think at least one of them would have walked over to her to make sure she’s ok.  You would also think that Sookie would have run over to her boyfriend Eric and throw her arms around him.  None of this happened which I found rather odd.

At the end of the episode, we go to Lafayette’s house where he and Jesus are recapping what just went down.  Jesus looks significantly freaked out (I would too if I stuck my finger in a dead girl’s cavity and then sucked her blood off my finger…once again causing me to gag.)  Jesus also looked quite sad over what he had to his dear friend Marnie.  While it was necessary, it was still painful for him because he knew Marnie was a better person than that and they were good friends.  But Lafayette eventually calms him down and they turn over to go to sleep.  Just then, Lafayette opens his eyes to see Marnie floating over his bed.  You know what happens next….Marnie enters Lafayette and her spirit has now taken over Lafayette setting up the season finale next week.

Before those last 30-40 seconds, I was wondering what the hell they were going to do in the season finale.  Because up until that point, I thought everything was wrapped up.  But it looks like poor Lafayette is not done being hated with a crazy woman inside him.  It’s hard to believe that the season finale is next week.  That was a fast 12 episodes this summer.  Wow.   But True Blood gets to the point where it’s time to wrap up the season and it’s time to wrap up the season.  Looking forward to it!!!

What do you think peeps?  Are you ready for True Blood to wrap up?  Are you excited for the season finale?   What do you think of tonight’s episode?  Let me know!


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