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AJ Cook Returns to Criminal Minds…Sort of


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JJ is coming back to Criminal Minds, but not as a regular character.   She will return for Emily Prentiss’ (Paget Brewster) final episode later this spring.  The storyline for Emily’s departure is already being set up with this mysterious character that showed up in the last episode regarding another person who has escaped prison and is a clear threat to Emily.  I know that is extremely vague but that is all the information that is available right now.  I’m sure we will get more on this even as early as this week’s episode.

The fact that JJ is returning makes me think that this could be a death for Emily instead of a departure similar to JJ’s.  I don’t like that.  Well I don’t like that these women were cut from the cast to begin with but there is nothing that can be done about it now.     I guess we have to wait and see where this is all going but it is happening this spring.

Are you excited JJ is back even if it is only for one episode?  I’ll take one episode with JJ vs. no episode with her.

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UGH!!! Supernatural and Smallville Delayed One Week

I don’t know about you, but ever since Sam got his soul back, I have been not so patiently waiting for the January 28th return of Supernatural.  Well, I guess we have to wait another week to see what happens because reports came out last night that the CW decided to delay the returns of Supernatural and Smallville until next week, February 4th.

Allegedly the reasons are two fold….Vampire Diaries and Nikita being preempted in Chicago (mayoral debate) and Baltimore (basketball) and with those shows going head-to-head with American Idol, the CW wanted to re-air those 2 shows.    HELLO?????   What about us Supernatural fans!!!!!   (And Smallville fans…sorry!)

Does this sound funny to you because it does to me.   I know Chicago is a big TV market but are they really going to say that had something to do with it?  And Idol is going to be an issue the rest of the season so why would you choose this week to bump S&S for repeats?   I don’t get it.  I just wonder if there was some other behind the scenes reason for this.   Not that I have any idea what that is.  I just love a good conspiracy theory.  Just call me Dr. Jack Hodgins!

Anyway, are you as perturbed as I am that Supernatural isn’t airing until next week?

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The Closer Not Closed After All?

The King of Scoop, Michael Ausiello is reporting that talks are in place to keep the Closer going even if Kyra Sedgwick steps down from her Emmy winning role of Brenda Leigh Johnson.

Sounds like there are a few ways the series could go.    They could add some more episodes to Season 7 (going from 15-21) or running the Closer without Kyra and possibly a new lead (some people have suggested Mary McDonnell’s Captain Rader) or possibly launching a spinoff with many of the current characters.  Either way, unless some miracle happens, Kyra Sedgwick will not be part of the Closer after Season 7, which producers have already announced will be her last.

I completely understand TNT wanting to do everything they can to keep the highest rated cable show on the air as long as they can.  I just don’t see how you have “The Closer” without Kyra Sedgwick.  You can’t have the Closer with Captain Rader.  She’s IA, that’s not her job.  Brenda was brought in to the LAPD from Atlanta (and the show was created) because she was the best cop around who could “close the deal” and get the confession when many other people couldn’t.  So now a cop from IA is going to be able to do just what she could?  I don’t think so.  It belittles the whole premise of the show and Brenda’s character.

Luckily, as much as Kyra/Brenda is the show, the other characters have become very beloved and are incredibly likable, that they can do a “spinoff” with the cast.  It would be tough to do the whole cast because you can call the show whatever you want…”Major Crimes” “The Crew” or whatever, but you will still see the show as the Closer without Brenda.  I would watch a spinoff of Provenza and Flynn.   And hopefully they would have Sgt Gabriel and Det Sanchez go with them.   Maybe Lt Tao.  However, if you are going to keep the whole cast, I could see a new cast member coming in as the chief of Major Crimes and keeping the Closer as is with a new lead.  I would like to see Captain Rader stay, because I love Mary McDonnell and her character but she couldn’t lead Major Crimes.  She would never get the team’s support because there is too much bad blood there.  They have to bring in someone new.  I just don’t know how that would fly because they would have HUGE shoes to fill.

I’m torn about how I feel about this.  Part of me is thrilled because I love this show.   But, I big reason why I love this show is Brenda and relationships with her division and her chemistry with the cast.  Will the Closer be the Closer without Brenda?  I don’t think so.  So the other part of me says, let the Closer go with Kyra leaving, and end the show while it is on top.   As for spinning off, I’m torn about that as well.  As much as I love Flynn and Provenza, I don’t know if I can watch a whole show with them as the leads.  I probably could because they are awesome but can they carry their own show?  I don’t know.   I’m still praying for a miracle and hope that they can somehow convince Kyra Sedgwick to keep going with the series, but that is highly unlikely.

So what do you think?  Are you happy to see the Closer possibly returning?  Would you watch the Closer without Brenda?  Would you watch a spinoff?  Sound off below!

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The Castle Big Kiss is this MONDAY!!!!

I never want my weekends to be rushed….ever!  However, I am so excited for Monday to get here!!!

The big kiss between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett is going down tomorrow night, January 24th at 10pm folks.   Can you stand it?  I know I can’t.   This also looks to be a great episode that revisits the case of Beckett’s mother.   Both Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion have really shined in these episodes so I’m sure this one will be no different.

I just hope they don’t pull a Bones and have this be a dream or a trick.  I want Castle and Beckett’s kiss to be real and mean something. No Dream, no daydream, no wish, no prayer, no nothing.   Just a real, meaningful smooch.

What do you think Castle fans?  Are you ready for this?  Do you think it’s too soon or is it about time?   Whatever you think, don’t forget to tune in Monday Jan 24th at 10pm on ABC!!!

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FOX Execs Discuss the Fate of Fringe and Lie to Me

For you fans of Fringe (and judging by the ratings there aren’t a lot of you) Fringe is moving to the dreaded Friday time slot.  Usually this spells sure death and slim chances for renewal (which is what is bound to happen to the Defenders since they were moved to Fridays) but the Head Honchos (HHs) at FOX say hold on a minute!   The HHs really seem to love the show and are behind it creatively.  But if the ratings don’t improve, I can’t see how they keep it.  I’m sure it’s expensive to produce….when Reilly says things like “they put on a mini-movie every week” I think it’s safe to assume it’s a pretty expensive show.  The HHs are always keenly aware that while the Fringe following isn’t vast, it is VERY loyal.   So what does all this mean?   I have no idea.  I will say what I always say…if you want to make sure your show stays around it, watch it!!!  Tell your friends and family to watch it!!!   Threaten to pee in your co-workers Cheerios if they don’t watch.   Okay so don’t do that last one, but you get my drift.

As for Lie to Me, it’s back 9 for this season was not picked up plus it looks as if they are burning through some episodes recently.  Lie to Me reminds me of one of those shows that never really had a chance.  It would air 8 episodes and then it would be off the air for 3 months, and then it would come back with the last 9-10.  Then it would premiere the next season 2 months later, show 6 episodes and be gone for 6  months.  Not to mention all the time and day changes.  It is suffering through the dreaded “Samantha Who” syndrome.   Lie to Me is a good show and I used to watch it.   But then I stopped for 2 reasons: I never knew when it was on and I hated all the characters except Lindsay Dole.  For those of you that don’t get the Practice reference and are wondering who the hell Lindsay Dole is on Lie to Me, I am referring to Dr Gillian Foster played by Kelli Williams.   The premise of the show is terrific but the characters suck.   But if you are still watching Lie to Me and are a fan, I hope it returns for you.  Doesn’t seem likely but stranger things have happened…like According to Jim running for 8 seasons.


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