DVR Rating System

Here is the For the Love of TV rating system for shows in general:

0 DVR: If you watch this show, I will tell Dean Winchester you are a yellow-eyed demon and have him kill you

1 DVR: Really not good or worth your time but maybe someone will like it

2 DVRs: It’s ok.  Not worth a DVR but if it’s on and there is nothing else to watch, I’ll watch it

3 DVRs: Solid show that has potential and will be DVRed until it gives me reason not to

4 DVRs: Great show.  I may not watch it live but is 100% on the DVR and will be watched within the week

5 DVRs: This is must see, must DVR, cannot miss for all the fountain cokes in the world, TV

Examples of shows that fall into the rating system categories:

0 DVR: Bad Judge and The Mysteries of Laura

1 DVR: Cristela and Mulaney

2 DVRs: New Girl and Elementary

3 DVRs: Criminal Minds and Bones

4 DVRs: Grimm, Revenge, and Person of Interest

5 DVRs: The Good Wife, Castle, Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist, and Parenthood

So when you see a DVR rating for a show, please reference this as your guide!


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