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QUICK REVIEW: Harry’s Law “Bangers in the House” S1 E6

I really didn’t think I would ever say this, but I am loving Harry’s Law.  I am so glad I decided to give this show a chance.  I was ready to give up after 2 shows but my rule is go at least 3 shows before making a decision. Good thing I did.  This show is good.  It is flowing so much better and the characters are really coming together.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…please please please make Tommy Jefferson a regular cast member because he is awesome!!

Both cases were interesting.  One was Tommy going against Rachel and the Pippy Squeaky Rude Bug, Adam in an ageism case.  A man is suing his old company for firing him because he was old.  Turns out his employer, Biff from Back to the Future, says he only fired him because he needed to downsize and other employees were in worse financial situations than the fired employee (his home was paid off, he had a pension, etc) therefore he chose to fire the employee who could better handle the lay off.   Both sides make very good points and the jury verdict was perfect.   Basically they rule in favor of the plaintiff but the damages awarded are only $75.  Therefore, the jury admits that what happened was wrong but they understand why the employer did what he did.

The other case was a mediation.  Where’s Kate Reid?  I guess she’s busy so Harry is called to mediate with Malcolm’s help.  Two rival gangs are getting into it over something pretty stupid.  I’m with Harry on this, I don’t get gang life and why people have to die over the silliest of things.  In this case, one gang member used to date this girl and now she is dating a guy in the rival gang, so the shunned gang member set his car on fire.  And apparently Cincinnati civil war will break out unless Harry can mediate a truce.  In addition, there is a young man, Lewis, who wants out of the gang and wants Harry’s help fearing for his life.

In the end, the gangs don’t want Harry mediating but want Malcolm instead. He takes the lead and determines that the burned car was worth $8,000 (not the $12,000 he was claiming) and that the kid who burned it should pay him $8,000.  He also tells the thug that burned the car that it wasn’t about the girl, whom he really didn’t care about, but it was more about his pride and to get over it.   The leaders of both gangs agree with Malcolm’s decision and leave peacefully.  But before they leave Harry has something she wants to say.  She tells them that in about 5-10 years, everyone in that room will either be dead or in jail….it’s inevidable.  But if there are members of these gangs who want to avoid that and get out, she will be more than happy to help them start a new life.  And if she hears of anyone dying as a result of wanting to leave a gang, she will come after them with every lawyer and law enforcement agent she can to hunt them down and prosecute them.  The message is sent.

While back at her office, Malcolm gets a call and I get really nervous.  Harry shows up in a hospital and goes to a bed where Lewis is laying.  He is severely beaten but he is alive.  Harry is devastated but Lewis is thrilled.  She doesn’t understand and continues to apologize to him.  He explains to her that she doesn’t get it.  She saved his life.  Because of what she said, he is able to leave and go to college like Malcolm, and he is still alive.  It is such a powerful scene.  I am heartbroken for this kid who was beaten within an inch of his life and I don’t understand the mentality of gangs.  If he wants to leave, just let him go.  I don’t understand why he has to die or be beaten to a pulp.  I understand that it happens I just don’t get why.  I never will.  But it shows once again, how Harry is making a terrific difference in these people’s lives.  She can’t completely change the culture but if she can work within the culture and find a way to make it better, that’s really all she can do.  And I applaud her for it.

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