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QUICK REVIEW: Criminal Minds, Castle, Revenge, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds

This is not a show that needs recapping every week but every once in a while, an episode or string of episodes happen that warrant discussion.  Last week’s episode broke my heart.  In the early days of Criminal Minds, I rooted for JJ and Reid to get together.  A big part of me, still does.  But I’ve moved on from the idea of those two getting together.  As a result, I was 100% on board with this romance between Maeve and Spencer.  And before you start referencing Manti Te’o asking how can you have a relationship with someone you’ve never met, this show handled it very well to the point I totally believed it.  Matthew Gray Gubler and Beth Riesgraf did a fantastic job selling this relationship that up until this episode, only existed via cryptic phone conversations.  The reason for this, she had a stalker.  So she was in hiding until the stalker was caught. Unfortunately, the stalker found her and kidnapped her and as a result, Reid, who is a very private person, needed to out his relationship to the team and ask for their help in finding her.  Turns out it was someone applying for a PhD and Maeve denied her application and therefore Diane (Michelle Trachtenberg) flipped out and murdered her ex-fiance and ultimately murdered herself and Maeve with a bullet to the head.  It was such a sad scene for so many reasons.  First, Spencer had never seen her face.  Even when Garcia had her picture, Reid refused to see it because he wanted the first time to be face to face.  He also wanted to tell her that he loved her because the last time they spoke, she said she loved him and he didn’t respond.  When he finally saw her, it was with her strapped to a chair with Diane pointing a gun at Reid’s head and Reid pretending to love Diane and not her so he could get her free.  Instead of telling her that he loved her, he had to tell her that he didn’t love her so he could protect her.  Unfortunately, Diane saw through all this and while holding Maeve against her, put a gun to her own head and pulled the trigger, killing both of them.  I told my husband I was afraid she was going to die but then I thought, there’s no way CM would do that to Reid.  Yep, well, wrong again!   Maeve is dead and Reid is crushed.  It was brutal to watch and I’m really curious to see how this will impact him moving forward.  Reid is so private and doesn’t open his heart to many people.  And for him to be ready to make a committment to this girl, only to have her murdered in front of him, will completely damage his already fragile psyche.


Still one of my favorite shows on TV and I’m loving this season.  The last two episodes were great.  Seeing Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) around making things tricky for Castle and Beckett was priceless.  But it was also a nice change of pace to see Meredith and Beckett go to dinner together and really get along.  Unfortunately before she left, when Kate asked why they didn’t work, Meredith told her the truth.   Castle knew everything about her but she really didn’t know much about Castle.  He’s fun and romantic and sweet, but he never let her in, especially when it came to his dad.  And she couldn’t handle being in the dark.  It really resonated with Kate because she’s in the same situation…to some degree.  Castle knows everything about her darkest time…her mother’s death.  But Beckett knows nothing about, what appears to be, Castle’s darkest period…his father.  And I know there were people who thought Meredith did that maliciously, I don’t agree.  I think she was honestly answering Kate’s question without trying to sabotage anything.  I also think that Kate’s relationship with Rick is VERY different from Meredith’s.  Yes, she is just in the dark about Castle’s history with his father as Meredith is, but she has seen so many different layers to Castle that I’m pretty sure no one else has.   They have been through so much together and she has been around some very vulnerable sides to Rick, that she can’t compare her relationship with Castle to his relationship with anyone else.   She has seen a deeper side to him.  But I think this issue regarding his father, could be a driving wedge between them.  I hope it isn’t but I think it’s inevitable.

I just quickly wanted to mention how much I enjoyed last week’s episode which focused on Esposito. I like when the show puts focus on another character (especially Ryan and Esposito) because I care about them just as much as Castle and Beckett.  Ok maybe not AS much, but it’s close.  Esposito is such a great guy.  I love seeing a hard-nosed, tough guy get hit in his heart (figuratively) because he has no chance to avoid showing his soft side.  I hope the show brings Joey back.  I know cop shows always have those episodes where the cop gives the troubled kid his card where the cop says to call anytime and the cop promises to keep tabs on the kid.  Well I would like to see that.  Not all the time, but I think twice a year wouldn’t be out of the question.


I would have to agree with everyone else…this season of Revenge isn’t as good as last season.  I liked the simplicity of last season with a target of the week under the umbrella plan of taking down the Graysons.  Now we have Aiden involved and his story.  Then you have the Initiative involved.  And there’s the Ryan brothers going after the Porter brothers.   It’s too much.  I don’t know why things need to go to this massive levels of story telling.   Sometimes, less is more.  I’d rather go back to last season’s methods with twists and turns complicating matters along the way.   But having said that, I still love the show.  If we can cut down on the side stories (mainly Aiden and the Initiative) I would be ok.  I’m not a fan of Aiden would rather him go away and just have Emily do her thing.  I also don’t know why we needed some major secret group being behind some the Grayson’s decisions.  I would rather have had the Grayson’s be responsible for all their own decisions without having to drag this secret society in.  But if the show can wrap those two things up and go back to business as usual with Emily driving everything and Nolan being there to help her, things will be good again.

The Good Wife

Alicia and Peter sitting in a tree.  F-U-C….whoa!!!!  I’m not going to go there.  But how about that trailer scene? AWESOME!!!   If the show continues down this path with Alicia and Peter doing their thing and Will possibly working on a relationship with Laura (Amanda Peet) I would be very happy.

The second half of the season is already cranking.  They got rid of Kalinda’s God awful husband storyline, the firm is slowly starting to pick itself back up again, the case of the Justice Department going after Eli (headed up by Wendy Scott Carr) resulting in bringing in George O’Malley is fantastic, and Louis Canning is now one of the firm’s creditors which should be an interesting wrinkle.  My biggest complaint?  Cary Agos.   Can we PLEASE find this man a storyline worthy of him?  I’m so tired of him being on the back burner.  It’s time to bring him to the big front burner and let him dominate a storyline.

Blue Bloods

I know I’m really late to the party in commenting on this but I think it’s really shitty the way Jennifer Esposito and her character were handled on the show.  If what she is saying is true, then it’s horrible.  The short version, Esposito had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  It went misdiagnosed for years and her form of the disease is pretty severe.  I know people with Celiac and there are varying degrees with some leaving people down right ill for weeks, especially when you don’t know what’s wrong.  Esposito was violently ill but when she finally was diagnosed properly her doctors suggested she have a reduced work load on the show to accommodate her illness.  According to Esposito, CBS didn’t grant the reduced work load nor did they release her from her contract.  She was put on medical leave without pay but because she was still under contract, she wasn’t able to seek employment with another network TV show.   She could do theater, film, or cable TV (as long as it didn’t air at 10pm) but she was pretty much stuck.   That’s the part I don’t get.  You won’t grant her request because it isn’t fair to the cast and crew, that’s fine.  But then let her go so she can find other work.   And they wouldn’t do that.   So she went on medical leave and now she’s gone for good.   I hate it because I thought she was fantastic and her chemistry with Donnie Wahlberg was amazing.  I think it’s a big loss for the show.  Having said that, I don’t think the new replacement, Megan Ketch has been bad.  I actually like her.  Not as much as Esposito of course, but Ketch is doing a good job.  It’s tough shoes to fill and I think no matter who it was to fill them, fans weren’t going to like her.  Now apparently Ketch is moving on and Megan Boone is set to replace her for 4 episodes with an option to be picked up a series regular.  Guess we’ll see how she does.

In terms of the season, as always, I love this show.  I know people can get annoyed at how the Reagan family always does the right thing and makes the right decisions.   But I don’t care.  I like the fact that they are good people trying to do the right thing.  What’s wrong with that?  They still have flaws.  They still struggle with decisions.  But if they always try to go the right way, I’m ok with that.


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And the cancel/renew season is officially underway!!!  It started last week with the cancellation of Terra Nova, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.  But coming over the wire from is news that Blue Bloods, will be getting a third season!!!!   Woo hoo.  I love that show.

Also rumored, 2 Broke Girls, Person of Interest, NCIS, NCIS: LA are also getting renewed.  Based on the ratings it’s really no shock but it’s always nice to officially hear that your show is coming back.

Now if I can only hear some news about The Good Wife renewal…..


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Blue Bloods Creators Have “Exited” the Show

I think this is good news for us Blue Bloods fans.  Last week, both Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green, the show’s creators, were asked to exit the show.  Basically, they were fired.  Why were they fired? It was over the traditional “creative differences” moniker.  Although it sounds as though, in this case,  this may actually be true.  And let me be clear, I am not happy over the fact that 2 people who created a terrific show, just lost their jobs.   That’s not where I am going with this.

Burgess and Green were apparently let go because the show wasn’t procedural enough for the network’s liking.  What makes this somewhat eye brow raising is that the original show runner, Ken Sanzel was fired 9 months ago because of creative disputes with star Tom Selleck.  You know what those disputes were?  Selleck thought the show was TOO procedural.  Soooo now what?  The star thinks the show was too procedural and the network (who decides whether or not to keep you on the air) thinks it isn’t procedural enough.  I have a feeling the network will win this one though.  How that will impact Selleck’s feeling about the show remains to be seen.  In my opinion, I don’t know how you can make the show more procedural.  The whole Blue Templar thing seems to be completely gone and other than building on the family stories, it already is a “case of the week” format.

So why did I start this by saying this was good news for fans of this show?   Because if the networks wanted to canceled Blue Bloods, why go through all of this?  If the network planned to let the show finish out this season with the remaining 3 episodes and then not renew for next season, why bother firing the show’s creators now?   It doesn’t make any sense if the network planned to cancel BB.  Now maybe that is also my wishful thinking because I love the show but it seems an interesting indicator of what will happen come upfronts in 3 weeks.

Are you excited about this news (not for the fact that people lost their jobs but for the idea that a fan favorite may be returning) or are you still nervous about its renewal chances?


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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Hall of Mirrors” S1 E13

I really like Blue Bloods.  I love the cast, I love the characters.  I like the idea that this is a family drama as well as a cop show.  There is so much to like about Blue Bloods.   That’s why it’s time that I have a little discussion with the show.   Blue Bloods: I love you, but you are starting to a get a bit predictable and it’s time to start moving the show to another level or you are going to start to lose people.  And even though your audience is loyal and steady, it’s still in mediocre land and you can’t afford to lose viewers.

Each week we have a single case that only Danny and Jackie can solve.   Each week, Frank is getting more involved which means whatever he thinks the outcome should be, it is because Frank is never wrong.  Each week we have 60-90 seconds of the Blue Templar stuff which doesn’t really shed any information on what is going on.  Each week we have the family dinner where Erin and Danny disagree about something and grandpa grunts something grumpily at his family.   See what I am getting at here?  While it’s good, it’s the same thing every week.   They need to start taking some risks here.

Take this week’s case.  It’s about a detective who has gone undercover into a terrorist sleeper cell to get information about a terrorist plot against NYC.  There is also another undercover cop working in the same cell as well.  The detective gets shot and the race is on to see who shot him but more importantly why and they only have 48 hours because the attack is supposed to happen in 2 days.   They need to know if he was shot because they found out he was a cop because that could endanger the other cop who is also undercover.  Turns out the guy that shot him was just jealous because the girl his family arranged for him to marry doesn’t like him and likes the undercover cop instead but he had no idea he was a cop and the cover is still secure.  Danny takes him down and Frank takes down the sleeper cell and the attack is thwarted.

You know what would have been even better, if it turned out the other undercover cop was the one who shot him and the other cop was really undercover AS A COP for the sleeper cell so they can track what the police know from the inside.  Now that would have been a great twist!   It really would have shaken Frank and Danny and I would have loved to see the fall out from that.  But they didn’t go there and went with the nice easy wrap up that makes the Reagans look perfect and all is right with the world.  And if you want the cop portion to always be neat and tidy, fine.  But then give me something interesting with Erin in the DAs office.  Her kissing her boss was a start but then let it go down a sketchy road.  Let’s see how her potentially bad choice could negatively affect her family.  What a crazy dynamic that would be!    And what about this BT?  13 episodes in, I would actually welcome a break from the cop stuff and give me 42 minutes of pure BT history, investigating, people involved, the Reagans involvement, everything.  If you want to continue with this, you have to give me something more than Jamie looking at a computer screen for 60 seconds or having a 2 minute conversation (actually being threatened for 2 minutes.)  The BT stuff has been so random and sporadic with no consistency that at this point, I don’t even really remember what is going on.

I take my TV shows personally.  I know, it’s pathetic, but I do.  And when I see a show like this that has amazing potential, I get very frustrated when I see it taking the easy route all the time.  It’s fine to ease us in for the first half of your rookie season.  In my opinion, it’s the right thing to do.  But now it’s time to start letting the foot of the brake.   This is a great cast and you have some potentially interesting storylines here that could really make this show pop.  It’s time to “go there” Blue Bloods.  Take this show out for a spin and show me what it can do.  Your viewers are ready!!!

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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Family Ties” S1 E12

I hate this time of year.  And not because we are getting HAMMERED with snow but illness.  I haven’t been feeling 100% so to catch up, I am going to do some very quick rundowns on this past week’s shows.

Blue Bloods was pretty straight forward this week and not much happening on the Blue Templar front.  They are really going to need to something with Jamie soon.  If they aren’t going to visit the Blue Templar storyline, Jamie doesn’t really have a lot to do except make a comment here or there at the dinner table or show him researching information on his computer.  I still think it would be interesting to dive deeper into the youngest Reagan as a grunt cop and having to live up to the expectations of his brothers, father and grandfather.

Erin seems to be getting herself into a mess.  Her boss, the DA, wants to be the mayor yet her father has big ties to the current mayor seeing as how he appointed him commissioner.  It seems he is using Erin to his advantage when he needs to make certain moves to advance his political aspirations.  I’m not sure if Erin doesn’t see it or if she is pushing it to the side because ultimately justice is still being served.  I think she is too smart not to see it.  But my thoughts changed after they kissed this week.   Oh boy.   This is not going to turn out well for Erin.

The move to Wednesday didn’t really help BB in the ratings but it didn’t hurt it either.  I hope it starts to find an audience because it is a great show.  I think on any other network, this show would get renewed but on CBS, not so sure.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Little Fish” S1 E11

This show keeps getting better and better.  There doesn’t always need to be huge cases or disasters happening to make the show work.  Sometimes less is more.  This week there were 2 cases…a cold case from Franks past involving the disappearance of a young boy and the death of a high-end escort that had reached out for Danny’s help.

Danny and Jackie

The high-end escort, Anna,  calls Danny and is obviously scared by something.  He says he’ll meet her at the station but she refuses.   The next day, she’s found dead (by Anthony and Jamie) and they find Danny’s number on her person so they turn it over to him and Jackie.  As he and Jackie investigate, they find out she used to be involved with this guy, Johnny Vega who runs an escort service and is just and overall scuz bucket.  They also find a girl, Jolene, connected to both the victim and Vega.  She won’t talk at first but eventually she does and she reveals she was at the victim’s apartment when Vega came in a killed her and took her away.  They bring the case to evidence to Erin and they now have a case against Vega and they arrest him.  What complicates things, is that the FBI was using Vega as a confidential informant against a large crime family and he is instrumental to their case.  So the FBI doesn’t want the NYPD to arrest him.    You can imagine how this goes over with Danny and Jackie.  They don’t back down and the case moves forward.  Vega’s lawyer asks the judge for the witness to testify in front of Vega so he can face his accuser (which by law the defendant has that right.)  The judge grants it and also grants Vega bail.  Danny and Jackie are now afraid for Jolene’s safety and when they go to put her in protective custody, she refuses and recants her testimony.  This isn’t good.  However, Danny and Jackie were given some surveillance FBI video (courtesy of Erin’s friend in the US Attorney’s office) and they were able to spot the judge in the case as one of Vega’s customers.   Jackpot!!!!  When they go back to trial Danny storms in with the US Attorney and has the judge removed and Vega is sent to jail until a new judge is appointed.  The witness is now safe.

Danny and Jackie really work well together and I’m glad they have made her is regular partner instead of the back and forth from before.


This was Tom Selleck’s best episode to date.  The bones of a young boy were found in an apartment building 2 blocks from his school.  The boy was a missing child from a case Frank worked on over 25 years ago.   You can tell from Frank’s reaction to everything surrounding this case, that this really hit him hard.  As he and his father said, “it’s the losses that keep you up at night.”  But how could it not?  He knows exactly what Laura (the mother of the murdered boy) is going through.  He lost his son and he is unsure as to the nature of that death just as Laura was.  He had some moving scenes with her as he was keeping her abreast of the investigation and finally telling her they caught the man who killed him.  Speaking of which, did that scene leave you a bit empty?  I was glad Frank found him and got him to confess but we never found out why it happened?  I would like to know why this man, who seemed to be a normal person who obviously has been struggling with what he did all these years, killed this kid.  I give Frank kudos for his composure during the revelation of the killer.  I didn’t yell or threaten him or lose his temper ever.  He kept calm and even toned, got him to trust him, and eventually the killer tripped over his own words and confessed without even knowing he did.  Nice work Frank.  I will suspend the idea of you remembering after 25+years that this guy was missing his hammer from his tool belt that day.

The Family Dynamic

BB has really done a nice job of convincing me that this is a family who care about one another and not in a sappy “The Waltons” kind of why.  In a very realistic and down to earth fashion that makes me want to be a Reagan.  From Danny and Erin going to share a beer after nailing Vega to Henry being there to help and support his son during the investigation is very real and not forced.  But it’s never more real than at family dinner night.  That’s exactly how my family is.  There are things you disagree about and you hold your position firmly while throwing in some jabs at the family member you are arguing with.  The best part was when Danny mentioned about his frustration over the police calling Anna “just another call girl”, his boys ask Linda what a call girl is.  She stumbles for a minute and then explains that it’s a woman who talks on her phone a lot.  “So kind of like Aunt Erin?”  Ha!!!  That was great so accurate.   In my family that would be a running joke for the rest of Aunt Erin’s life!!!    What I really like is that even though Danny and Erin disagree a lot of the time, they have so much respect for one another and would do anything for each other.  But they never low blow one another.  You see some family dramas where people can’t separate the two.  Or the argument turns nasty and personal instead of staying on point.   They don’t do that.

In case you are wondering why there is a new review of Blue Bloods so early in the week and haven’t heard the news, Blue Bloods has moved from Fridays to Wednesdays at 10pm after Criminal Minds.   Yeah!!  That’s a great sign for the show.  (Not so good news for the Defenders who move into their old time slot on Fridays.)


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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “After Hours” S1 E10

There is another blog I really like to read.   The funny thing is, the person who writes that blogs likes shows I don’t and hates shows I like.  In a weird way, it’s kind of why I like the blog.  On this one occasion, they wrote about the latest episode of Blue Bloods and made a comment I completely agree with…the Reagans are too perfect.   Everything is always wrapped up in a neat little bow, the Reagans always make the right decisions, and every episode wraps up with everyone hanging out having dinner together, laughing and smiling.   It’s a little sappy and sweet.   Having said that, I still really like the show.   Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wasn’t rooting for Danny to cheat on Linda with that ho bag who ran the club.   But if he did, it would certainly bring a more interesting dynamic to their relationship and the trust issues many cop families have with one another.   The only problem with that storyline, at this point, is that you have to be fully invested in the characters to really care what happens.   Right now, I don’t think we are there yet.   Which leads to my biggest issue with the show…lack of character development.  And it’s why I am so disappointed right now (that and the fact that I should have played LeSean McCoy in my fantasy league vs. Chris Johnson.)   I thought Blue Bloods was going to be different from the other police procedurals where it would be more about the characters than the cases.   To some degree, the show has focused on the characters, I just don’t think they have executed it very well.

You know I have mentioned this before.   I am a character driven person.   Blue Bloods seems to have focused more on the cases at this point vs.  the characters.   I’m not saying we haven’t learned anything about the Reagans but it seems to be more surface level knowledge than really diving into what makes these people tick.   For example:


I really like Frank but he has been walking around like Demi Moore in Ghost.  I know he lost his wife and his son, but I need more context.  When did Mary die and how?   Did Joe die before Mary or after?    Is that why Mary didn’t want Jamie to become a cop?   Does Frank have his doubts about Joe’s death?  I understand Frank being brooding but I want to know more.  This may sound very harsh, but even with his wife and son gone, he still has his father, his daughter, his other 2 sons, and his grandchildren to live for.   At some point, you think Frank could find SOME reason to smile…maybe once?   But maybe if I had more background on what happened with Mary and his thoughts on Joe, I would empathize with him more.

Danny and Linda

Probably the people I have the most connection with because Danny seems to be the featured Reagan every week.   Which is another thing that bugs me.   Why is it that every week, it’s Danny’s case that is featured?   It’s as if instead of this show being about the Reagan family, this show is about Danny Reagan with his family being interspersed here and there.  I think there was one episode about Jamie (Chinatown) and one, sort of kind of, on Erin (Brothers.)    And until last week, we really didn’t have a lot of insight into Linda.  But “After Hours” showed us a little more into Danny and Linda’s relationship.  Although it still felt a little forced to me.  It seemed out of left field that Linda was concerned about Danny’s fidelity.  Linda always came across as a strong, confident woman and there didn’t seem to be any history of trust issues or Danny having a wandering eye.  I would have had more respect for that storyline if it had a slow build up, over the course of several episodes, leading to maybe Danny crossing that line and how they deal with it.  But to do it all in one episode, it lost any impact.


I’m ready for more Erin.   The episodes where Bridget Moynahan has been featured, she’s been terrific.  But I think there is more there….what happened to her marriage and how has that effected her?  Why did she become and DA and not a cop…again, did this have anything to do with her mom or her brother’s death?  What was her relationship with Joe like and how has his death effected her?  Does it make her job easier or harder to have her brothers on the force and her father as the commissioner?  I would also like to see episodes similar to “Brothers” where it focuses on Erin’s job and everyone else is her support.


It’s almost as if the writers don’t know what to do with Jamie and I think he could be most interesting of all the Reagans…if the writers paid attention to him.  He graduates from Harvard Law School and decides not to become a lawyer but to be a cop like his family.  Jamie says it was his calling but there has to be more to it than that, especially if he knew his mom and dad wanted him to have NO part of the cop life (apparently neither did his fiance.)  But here is the youngest Reagan, in a family of cops, working the beat with a veteran beat cop.   How is that not interesting?  How does his partner and his fellow cops treat him?   Is he treated more harshly or easily because of his lineage?  What is his day-to-day job like for him?  I guess there are only so many “exciting” things that happen to beat cops but I would like to be able to make that decision for myself by seeing more of Jamie on the streets.   And then there is the whole Blue Templar angle.  Which leads me to….

The Blue Templar

Ok not a character but a part of the show that appears to be important to the writers but hasn’t been executed as well as it could have.   The FBI is coming after Jamie to help them.  He thinks about it and declines.   But after talking to his grandfather and learning that Danny is in the BTs, he looks into on his own.  Then “Chinatown” happens and the agent who helped him is looking for payback, so that leads me to believe Jamie will be back at some point helping the FBI.  After he finds one of the detectives who was there the day Joe was killed, he sets up a meeting with her but not much comes out of it.  I don’t know what is going on here, but focusing on the BTs for about 2 minutes an episode, isn’t doing anything to help maintain the interest in this storyline.  At least not for me.  I agree with my fellow blogger that this storyline needs a revamp and the writers need to figure out what they want to do here.  And if it is going to be important, they need to give it more attention and focus than 2 minutes every other episode.   And this ties into making Jamie’s story come more to the forefront.  Can you imagine if the rookie, youngest Reagan is the one who uncovers what really happened to Joe?  How would that make Frank and Danny feel?   What would that do to his relationship with Danny?   What if it is revealed that Danny knew the whole time since he is a BT?   There could be some great stuff here, if the writers start getting their heads out of their bums.

I know it seems as though I am really ripping this show and the writing team.  But it’s because I think this show has sooooo much potential and it is coming up short right now.  You know what they say, you are always  hardest on the ones you love.

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Happy Turkey Day!!

So I am hosting my in-laws on Thursday and my family on Friday…yes I know, I will also be drinking quite heavily.   I am already starting to cook so the blog may be taking a back seat for a little bit.

However, I have tons of thoughts on Blue Bloods, Supernatural, and Dexter.  So at some point I will probably talk about them because they were so good this week I can’t forget about them.

Until then, have a great Thanksgiving and make sure you are all safe in your travels!!!

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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Chinatown” S1 E8

Jamie and Sydney

Jamie meets up with the FBI agent in Chinatown regarding the Blue Templar investigation.  Jamie tells her that he wants no part of the investigation and he will not help them.   As he walks away, he notices a crime being committed.  2 men are assaulting 2 women.  The 2 women and 1 man get away but Jamie is able to chase 1 of the men.  He runs him down into an intersection and he is struck by a car and killed.   He calls it in but he is off duty so this is going to be a problem.  I don’t know what the big deal is but apparently he should have called 911 since he was off duty.  But as Jamie later tells his dad, his natural instinct kicked in and he went to handle the situation himself.   By the time he called 911 and help arrived, the suspects would have been long gone.  I think he did the right thing.

Danny and Jackie show up to investigate the crime and tell Jamie that IA (Internal Affairs) will be looking into this, especially since he is the Commissioner’s son.  He is willing to cooperate fully.  During the IA interrogation, the questions are tough.   He is grilling him about why he didn’t call 911 since he was off duty and was he sure the victim had a gun.   He also asks Jamie what he was doing in Chinatown and did he talk to anyone or meet anyone?   He says he was just out talking a walk since his apartment wasn’t far and that he wasn’t meeting anyone.  However, witness said they saw him talking to a woman with red hair.   Uh oh.   He said she was a tourist asking for directions and he helped her.  The IA agent wants her name and phone number.   How stupid is that?  If she is a tourist, why the hell would Jamie have her name and phone number.   The finish up and Jamie heads out.

Jamie gets called back in a few days later because the woman he was seen talking to has come forward.  Jamie looks nervous.   She comes in and she completely confirms his story about needing directions to Canal Street to buy purses.  The IA agent is convinced and thanks her for her time.   Before she leaves, she states the following: “Office Reagan helped me and when I saw the article in the paper, I just wanted to return the favor.”   Well played Agent Anderson!   So guess who is going to be back on the Templar case helping the FBI, whether he wants to or not?   That would be Officer Jamison Reagan.

Unfortunately for Jamie, his bad week doesn’t end there.   When he gets home, he is looking up information about Joe’s shooting.   Sydney wakes up and asks him what he is doing up at 3am?  When he blows it off, she proceeds to tell him that IA came to question her and ask her how their relationship was doing.  She told IA fine, but she told Jamie that they aren’t.   Her boss gave her an opportunity on a huge case for their firm for 6 months…in London.  She knows he can’t go, but she can and she is.  He tells her that he was meant to do this job.  She agrees and says she loves him too much to stand in his way and she gives him back the engagement ring.

Sydney hasn’t been around too much to care either way if they break up.   And it was clear from the beginning that this was doomed.   They met at Harvard Law and when they fell in love and committed to one another, she thought she was going to be marrying a lawyer.   Then Joe dies and Jamie becomes a cop.   Not really the life she signed up for.  To some degree, I don’t blame her.  And if she can’t handle it, it’s better for both of them that she gets out now.   See ya Syd.  Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

The Case

Turns out what Jamie stumbled upon was a pretty big case.   The guys were Chinese gangsters who were involved in an adoption scam.   They ran an “escort service” and when any of the girls turn up pregnant, they would turn them over to a Dennis Eng, who ran a clinic for Chinese families who were either illegals or couldn’t afford insurance.  Eng’s sister Nancy was married to a fertility specialist, Dr. Warren Wakefield.   When the IBF treatments weren’t working for his clients, he suggested an adoption option for them where he could get babies from China for the couples.  Wakefield paid the girls $5,000 for the babies while he sold them for about $40,000-$50,000.  Nice guy.  So money was going to Wakefield, Eng, and the Chinese gangsters.  Danny, Erin, and Jackie busted the whole, with Jamie’s initial assistance.


Does anyone else find it strange that Danny has a different partner every other week.  He started with Ava, then he went to Jackie (played by the awesome Jennifer Esposito.)  Wouldn’t the top detective in the precinct have one partner and it be consistent?  It doesn’t make sense that he would rotate between 2 partners.  I wish they would just stick with Jackie.  Esposito is fantastic and she plays off Wahlberg very well.  Plus she seems to fit better as a hard-core police detective better than Ava.

The Others

Everyone else was kind of filler this week.   But we did learn that Nicki, Erin’s daughter, wants to follow in her uncles’ and grandfather’s footsteps and become a cop.  She also wants to be the first female Reagan to be a cop!   Good for her.  I think it may be a little soon for her to make that proclamation but I still think it’s touching.

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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods S1 E1-6

Six episodes in and I think I like Blue Bloods.  I know I like the cast and I think it’s an interesting dynamic (mixing a family drama with a cop show.)   The stories are compelling, although a bit far-fetched at times and most of the characters I like, although I have my issues.   Let’s breakdown the Reagans:

Henry and Frank Reagan

The heads of the Reagan family.  Frank (Tom Selleck) is the current police commissioner and Henry (Len Cariou) is the former commish and Frank’s dad.  Henry is still a very strong and dominating force over the Reagan family but he does so playfully and respectfully.  Even though he is retired, he is still very involved in his son and grandchildren’s lives in the police force and can sometimes insert himself into a case even though he really shouldn’t be (just like in “Officer Down.”)     But Henry has a good heart and you can tell his family really loves and respects him.   Frank is also a good, powerful man in his own right.  But I don’t think I have seen Frank smile once in 6 episodes.  Have you?  He seems a very dour person as well as monotone.  I don’t know if this is from the fact that is wife is gone, Joe being killed,  or so many years on the force have hardened him, but I don’t see a lighter side to Frank.  I hope the show explores that at some point because I want to know why Frank is the way he is.  He’s not nasty by any stretch.  Just sad.

Danny and Linda Reagan

Danny (D0nnie Wahlberg) is the oldest Reagan and one of the top detectives in the NYPD.  Now Joe may have been older than Danny but I’m not sure and since he is deceased, Danny is the oldest living Reagan sibling.  He’s married to Linda (Amy Carlson) and they have 2 boys.  I like Danny but I think he needs to tone it down a little.  He can be VERY over the top trying to be a tough guy detective.  The screaming and throwing things can be effective with certain episodes but not as everyday interrogation management.   He is also one of those guys who thinks he is always right and no matter how he does his job, he’s right.   The dynamic between him and his sister Erin, who is an ADA, is very interesting because of how different their view points are.   Especially since they are both on the side of putting the bad guys in jail, Erin is very by the book where Danny just wants to get the perp anyway he can.   Speaking of Erin…

Erin Reagan-Boyle

Erin (Bridget Moynahan) is the only daughter in the Reagan clan and the only one who isn’t a cop…she’s an ADA (Assistant District Attorney.)   Erin is going through a divorce from her husband and she has a teenage daughter named Nicky (Sami Gayle…Baby June from Broadway’s 2008 Revival of Gypsy.)   Erin is very intelligent and congenial but she fiercely believes in her convictions.  She has no problem getting in brother Danny’s face about how he handles his job and will battle the other Reagan men on the law’s side of justice.    Monyahan also does a nice job of balancing the softer side of Erin with the fervid DA inside her character.   I’d like to see a little more from her side of the job.  I know this is primarily a police drama but I think you can show the DA side in regards to NYPD cases and still have the “cop show” feel.

Jamison (Jamie) Reagan

Jamie (Will Estes) is the baby of the family and the rookie cop with a Harvard Law degree.  He is engaged to Sydney (Dylan Moore) who I think is a little unsure about Jamie’s sudden calling to be a police officer.   I’m also curious how you go to one of the best law school’s in the country and decide to become a cop.   Was it because of Joe’s death?   Was it for his dad’s approval?   Or was it simply his calling?   Nothing says he can never use his Harvard law degree but it is an interesting choice.   So Jamie is a beat cop learning the ropes from Srgt. Renzulli (NYPD Blue’s Nicholas Turturro.)  Renzulli likes to toy with Jamie but still looks out for him and teaches him the day-to-day job.  I also like that he doesn’t give him grief about being the commish’s son.   You would think it would be no brainer storyline…veteran cop tasked to train the head honcho’s son and hates every minute of it.   But kudos to the writers for not going in that direction.

That’s the quick look at the Reagans.   I think Blue Bloods is getting better and better every week.  One part of the show I think needs better development is the Blue Templar storyline.  Other than the “Pilot” and “Privilege” there hasn’t been more than a 1-2 minute mention of the Blue Templar.  I’m still not sure what it is.   If I remember correctly, the BT is a secret society inside the NYPD that has since turned corrupt and violent.  In the pilot, Jamie is approached by 2 agents (possibly FBI) who tell him about the BT and inform him that his brother Joe was working with them to bring down the BT from the inside.  They play a recording of Joe saying how he has infiltrated the group and will keep them update on developments.  He was killed soon after and these agents believe it was the Templar.  They ask Jamie to join them and to finish what his brother started.   We also see that Danny has one of BT pins in his locker and that when Jamie tries to talk to both Danny and Henry about it, they shoo him off the subject quickly.   I’m curious about this but I think there needs to be some more information about it so we aren’t left out in the dark.   I’m sure the writers don’t want that storyline to take over the show and I can appreciate that.   But if they don’t start giving the viewers something to keep interest, they risk losing viewer interest altogether.

If you haven’t checked out Blue Bloods yet, I suggest you give it a try.  And then let me know what you think!

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