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REVIEW: Bones (Seasons 1-3 on DVD)

If you read this blog, you will know that there are some shows I am embarrassed to say, I came late to the dance on.  Supernatural was one and now I am caught up.   Bones is another show like that for me.  I remember reading all these TV web sites and I couldn’t read anything that talked about couples where I didn’t hear about Booth and Brennan.  Quite honestly, it drove me nuts!!!  But not nuts enough not to check out Bones this summer.  It started around 4th of July weekend.  I was in the Rio Grande Wal-Mart looking for a cheap movie to get and I came across a sale on the TV series Bones.  My father watches Bones and raves about it and other people who I know watch it, love it.  Plus there was all this Booth/Brennan nonsense on the internet.   So I decided to check it out.  2 episodes in, I was hooked!!!!

Over the summer and into the fall and winter, we slowly started to watch Bones.  Then my husband and I became obsessed and we just finished watching Season 3 (the shortened WGA strike season that focused on the Gorgoman killer) and we are 7 episodes into Season 4.  It’s one of those shows that I don’t want to watch too quickly but at the same time, I can’t wait to see what happens next.   And it’s not because there is some huge cliffhanger at the end of every episode like Lost, but I am genuinely interested in what happens to these characters.  Where I think Bones has hit a home run vs. where a show like CSI missed the mark a bit is that they have given the characters a life outside of what they do at the office and have done it in a way that I want to know more.  Bones, like CSI, is an intelligent show that solves crimes using science that is both intriguing and fascinating.  But Bones has also let you into the lives of its characters.  For many seasons on CSI, I had no idea about Gil Grissom’s personal life, or the personal insights to any of the other characters with the exception of Catherine.  As the seasons went on, they show runners slowly started to unwrap the layers of the characters but by that time, William Peterson decided to move on, they killed off Warrick, and Jorja Fox left the show.  CSI lost me.    Bones had me from the beginning.

I’m going to start with the periphery main characters and work up to Booth and Brennan.  When Dr Goodman left the show after the 1st season, I was disappointed.  I really liked him.  But when I saw that Tamara Taylor was the new boss at the Jeffersonian, I was thrilled.  I have always liked her in everything she has been in and I really like her as Dr Cam Saroyan.   Cam has great intelligence and fire and she is firm and concrete on how she runs her lab.  But she has a good heart and is always fair with her employees.  I’m very thankful that the writers didn’t create a tumultuous relationship with Cam and Brennan.  Cam had to earn her stripes with Brennan and vice versa but they have a solid working relationship, mutual respect, and a developing friendship.

Dr Zack Addy.  I know a lot of people liked Zack, I wasn’t one of them.  SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! When Zack was revealed to be Gormogan’s apprentice and therefore left the show because he was sent to a mental hospital, I was thrilled.  As a side note, the shortened season had to have an effect on how that was revealed because it came up very quickly and the payoff was blah.  I would have also wanted to know more about why Zack did what he did because it didn’t make any sense to me.  Also the fact that everyone in the lab could so easily forgive Zack and still love him when he was believed to not only be the apprentice but a killer in his own right, I don’t get it!  But whatever, he is gone and I am happy about it. END OF SPOILER!!!!! I don’t miss Zack.  I never warmed up to him and thought he was just very strange and out there.  His character did nothing for me.   There were only 2 things I did like: his relationship with Brennan and how without trying, he was able to impress her, which is very hard to do and his relationship with Hodgins.   Hodgins always called Zack his best friend but I never really knew if Zack felt the same with Hodgins until the accident in the lab and you learn that SPOLIER ALERT!!!! Zack changed the compound so that when the accident happened, Hodgins wouldn’t get hurt or killed.  And because he wouldn’t ignite it until Hodgins was out-of-the-way, it accelerated something and caused the explosion to be worse for Zack than it needed to be.  All because he wanted to save Hodgins. END OF SPOILER!!!!!

As much as I disliked Zack, I love Dr Sweets!!!   I was disappointed when Dr Gordon Wyatt wasn’t Booth’s shrink anymore because he was really funny and made Booth think.   So I didn’t have high hopes for Sweets but he has been a very welcome addition.  To me, it makes perfect sense that they have a psychologist at the Jeffersonian helping out with the cases, even though it drives Brennan mad!!!  Sweets is funny, goofy, charming, and smart.  He takes his job very seriously and get frustrated when other people don’t take him or his profession as seriously as he does.  But he also just wants to fit in and be part of the team.  And by his witty and knowledgable way he conducts himself with his job, he is earning his respect from the squints and Booth and Brennan (even though they don’t like to admit it!)

Hodgins and Angela are great.  I admit, I didn’t like Hodgins at first.  To be perfectly honest, I thought he was an asshole.  But he has really grown on me.  It was a nice surprise to learn how wealthy he is and that, because of his family and his funding, he owns that lab.  He never wanted anyone to know because he just wanted to be a regular…a scientist.  He just wanted to do the job he loved, with people he cared about, without being treated differently because of who he is.  Angela I loved from day one!  I can see how she and Brennan would be best friends because they are so different.  She has the easy, light heartedness about her that makes it easy for her to accept Brennan and all her quirkiness for who she is.  And Brennan in return accepts and loves Angela for exactly who she is.  Angela is also fiercely loyal to her friends.  When she refused to testify against Brennan’s dad and went to jail to protect him and indirectly Brennan, I wanted to hug her.  At this point, Angela and Hodgins are broken up.  I’m still not sure why that happened.  It seemed very abrupt and out of nowhere.  Instead of talking about what happened with her ex-husband and all the feelings that were happening there, they just broke up.  It was dumb.  Now they are apart and Angela is dating a woman.  The whole thing is just odd.  I don’t buy it.  And they still look at one another with love so I am hoping they eventually find their way back to one another.

Seely Booth…the ultimate leading man.   Seely’s a great character.  He oozes charm, silliness, intelligence, loyalty, strength, honor, wit, and toughness.  David Boreanaz plays Booth perfectly.  Booth could have been a real stiff or over the top goofy to the point that he wasn’t believable but Boreanaz has found a way to make Booth a mix of hard-nosed FBI agent and likable love interest for Brennan.  I also like the way the writers haven’t forgotten about Booth being a father.   Sometimes shows will introduce the fact a character has a child and you may meet that child once or twice but then they are forgotten about.  We have actually seen Parker several times and he is mentioned quite often.   The times Booth is with him, you can see what a dedicated father he is and how much he wants the best for his son.  The developing relationship between him and the squints has been handled well also.  He was very skeptical of having to work with this team of scientists but Brennan proves herself right away.  Hodgins and Zack took much longer to prove themselves to Booth (although I think they did early on but he just liked giving them a hard time!)  And he certainly had respect for Cam, especially since they had once dated!  And they weren’t quite sure about having the FBI “suit” roaming their lab and getting involved in their work.   But they all managed to find a level of respect and eventual friendship.  It’s a shame because up until he starts working with the Jeffersonian, Booth seemed to be a pretty lonely guy.  He doesn’t seem to have friends he hangs out with and he seemed to have no family around.  Now in Season 4, we were introduced to his brother Jared, who turned out to be a real turd, and learned that his father was an alcoholic.  Other than Parker, it’s the first real insight to his family life that we get.  So Brennan and the squints have really become his friends and family and even though Booth won’t ever admit it, he is thankful for them in that sense.

Last but certainly not least we have the heart of the show….Dr. Temperance Brennan or as we all lovingly refer to her as “Bones.”   Brennan is one of my top 10 characters of all time (list coming soon!)  She’s more than just a strong, intelligent leading lady.  She is incredibly quirky in a humorous and lovable way.  She is very damaged from her past although she will never admit it.   She is hesitant and struggles with opening herself up to true love and a committed relationship due to how destroyed and abandoned she felt by her parents and how she was treated by her foster family.  She is incredibly arrogant and conceded about her intelligence and talents in her field, but knowing that she is just an upfront, blunt, and honest person, her arrogance doesn’t bother you but actually makes her somewhat charming.   She is an incredibly layered character and even though we know all this about Brennan, I feel there is still a lot to learn about her.  I also wonder how much of her character is Emily Deschanel’s interpretation of Brennan or how similar she is to the woman with whom the show is based on, Kathy Reichs.  Brennan is a character I will always root for.  I love how she is so comfortable with who she is, even though you know, anthropologically speaking, she knows how different she is from “normal” people.  You can tell this in scenes like Season 4 where she goes to Sweets and asks him to teach her how to read people better the way Booth can.  She knows how literal she can be and she is also soooo competitive and used to being the best that she wants to learn to be better at this….even better than Booth.  But Sweets explains to her that she has her level and areas of expertise and so does Booth.  He tells her to let Booth have this area and she acquiesces.  It probably kills her but she does it because of her feelings for Booth (more on that later.)  I’ve talked to people who don’t like Brennan because they think she is cold and without feeling.  I couldn’t disagree with those people more.  Brennan isn’t cold, she just isn’t going to open herself up to just anyone.  Look at all the people she put her trust and love in and have let her down…her father, her mother, her brother, her foster parents, Zack.   She’s also a scientist and fact driven individual.  She’s also a genius.  Her responses to people are very different from most, probably because she is so intelligent, she tends to over think certain situations.  But she has emotions, feelings, and a huge heart.   She is just going to be very selective on whom she opens her heart up to.  And I think this is the perfect segway to the main undercurrent of the show people always want to discuss…the relationship between Booth and Brennan.

It goes without saying that the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz is palpable.  In my opinion, so far in my TV viewing experience, it is the best I have ever seen.  Now since I am only half way through Season 4, it doesn’t bother me that they haven’t gotten together yet.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait for that day to happen!!!  But I have talked to people who are fed up with the will they or won’t they and just want them to get it on already.  Again, I want to see that too, but it has to be right.  I enjoy shows that have the underlying sexual tension between its leading characters (like Castle and Bones.)  So I am ok with it being a slow drawn out process.   Because it will make the payoff when it does happen (I have faith) that much better.  And I also like that it has become a running joke with the characters as well!   But at some point, the writers will need to decide…either get them together or don’t.  I don’t know, at this point, how you can have the chemistry these 2 actors have and the 2 characters have and not put them together but it is TV and you never know.  I think the ultimate goal is to have Brennan and Booth together but until then, I will continue to enjoy the intense looks, the sweet touches, and the loving looks until the magic moment arrives!

I will probably finish season 4 this weekend and then I will be running out to get Season 5!   If you haven’t checked out Bones, you should.  It’s a smart, funny, layered show that will keep you wanting for more!


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TV Shows on DVD

I’m not the hippest person.  Sometimes it takes me a few seasons to get into a show everyone else is watching….Scrubs, Supernatural, and Bones come to mind.   So periodically, I will post reviews or recaps in regards to these shows.   If a show happens to be a favorite of yours and you’ve already seen it but want to re watch it with me and discuss it here, join me!   If you’re like me and haven’t seen the show either and want to watch it anew, excellent!   If we have all seen it before but are re watching again because we love it (that’s The West Wing for me), let’s discuss!  And finally, if a show went for many seasons and I stopped watching but are planning to start again to watch those other seasons (ER for me), hopefully you will enjoy that as well.

Right now the show I am doing this with is Bones.  I have gone through Season 1 and I am about 6 episodes into Season 2.   So I will start blogging those episodes as I watch them.  The only thing I ask please, is that NO SPOILERS be mentioned in these posts so that those of us who don’t know what happens won’t be completely distraught at your ruining our viewing and I have to go all Sydney Bristow on your ass!!!!  I’m kidding…not really.


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