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TV News Update!


House of Lies
Ripper Street


Do No Harm (that didn’t last long!)


Christina Applegate is leaving Up All Night after this season

The cancelation of Do No Harm, is no surprise.  It premiered to the worst numbers in the history of TV’s big four (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX.)  With that benchmark, there was no where for it to go but canceled.  So I guess I can removed that from my DVR.

I’ve made this argument before.  I think shows that premiere in February and beyond for “mid-season” are too late.  Mid season should have a premiere week like the fall season.  Maybe you have a few new shows air early, but for the most part, everything premieres at one time and nothing new really premieres too much after that.  The reason being, everyone is set in their TV viewing habits, for the season, by Feb.  Also, when you stagger all these premiere dates out between Jan-May, people forget what is premiering and when.  I forgot about shows like Do No Harm and Monday Mornings.  I have no idea when Zero Hour premieres off the top of my head.  If I have to remember all these dates, screw it.  I can’t be bothered.  I have more important things to do.  That’s not to say I wouldn’t be interested in those shows, I just can’t be bothered to remember when everything new is premiering.  It’s insane.  Not to mention, I already have my DVRs packed with shows.  You have to be something really great (like The Following) to make it into my DVR for mid season.  Or, promote it really heavily (like Smash did last year) to make sure I know when your show is on.  But even then, it’s a crap shoot with me.

Networks are doing mid season shows a disservice to premiere them so late and so staggered.  In my opinion, don’t even bother airing it because more than likely, it’s going to fail.  You have the rare gem (The Following, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy) that premiere mid season and became big successes.  Although the jury is still out on the Following but the early numbers are very impressive.  But many times, your stuck with a Work It, Alcatraz, Don’t Trust the B, The Cape, or Eli Stone (which still bugs me that it was canceled.)  And in some instances, these aren’t bad shows.  Eli Stone, Alcatraz, The Chicago Code, Bent…these were good shows.  But no one cared because they premiered too late.    As long as networks continue to keep premiering mid season shows this way, this is what is going to happen…many more failures than successes.

Christina Applegate is leaving Up All Night.  I stopped watching that after four episodes last year and never came back.  I loved Applegate and Will Arnet but I couldn’t stand Maya Rudolph’s character.  I love Rudolph, but her character was beyond annoying.  She detracted from the show for me.  So I stopped watching.  I heard they re-tooled the show but I was already onto other shows at that point.  And now the rumor is that they are re-tooling the re-tooled show.  What is going on?  If you need to re-tool your show that many times, you should just wave the white flag because your show must not be that good and you obviously don’t know what you want.  I give shows credit that when they see something wrong, they try to correct it.  Although there are some shows that still don’t care, but for the ones that do, I applaud them.  Changing or adjusting a few things here or there is one thing.  Completely re-doing your show twice in less than a year?  Then there’s a bigger problem.  The series creator has left the show.  The original show runner left the show.  Now one of the stars is leaving the show.  Ok NBC, enough is enough.  Pull the show.  If the people behind the show don’t even believe in their show, why should I or any viewer?   Pull the plug.

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Latest Casting News (For Me Anyway)

As I am getting caught up, you may be reading some news that has been out for a while but is new for me.   So guess what, we’re talking about it people!


Carrie Anne Moss has been cast as Gertrude Verbanski, as the woman in charge of Chuck and Sarah’s rival company who also becomes a potential love interest for Casey.

While I am all for Casey getting some lovin’ (finally), I was really hoping it was going to be with Alex’s mom and the former love of his life, Kathleen (played by Clare Carey.)   So that’s a little disappointing but I’m willing to give Moss’ character the benefit of the doubt.

The Firm

The final piece of casting for the midseason drama The Firm has taken place.  Molly Parker (of Deadwood fame) has been cast as Abby McDeere, Mitch’s wife, originated in the film by Jeanne Tripplehorn.   She joins Josh Lucas (Mitch McDeere, originated in the film by Tom Cruise), Juliette Lewis (Mitch’s crazy receptionist Tammy, originated in the film by Holly Hunter), and Callum Keith Rennie (Ray McDeere, Mitch’s troublesome brother, originated in the film by David Strathairn.)  The midseason premiere will pick up 10 years where the movie left off with Mitch and Abby starting their new lives in Washington, DC.

I am stoked for this show.  I loved the book (by John Grisham) and really enjoyed the movie.   So I am anxious to see what has transpired for the McDeere family and how they have rebuilt their life after the catastrophe that was Bendini, Lambert, & Locke.

CSI Miami

In what some fans are calling a “shocking” return casting decision by the show, Alana de la Garza is returning to CSI Miami.  How is that possible considering Mrs. Horatio Caine was killed at the end of Season 4?   I’m not sure.   The safe assumption is that it is in some sort of dream sequence or out-of-body experience for Horatio considering he was shot at the end of last season.


Alicia Coppola has been cast as Alexandra Leeds in the USA hit summer show, Suits.  Leeds is an old acquaintance of Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) and her presence will drive him absolutely insane.  Whether or not that insanity level is of the bad, lawyering nature or the good, sexual nature, remains to be seen.  Either way, if she plays her typical character (currently she is playing the head of the Mai on The Nine Lives of Chloe King) that exudes intelligence, sexuality, fire, and trouble, it will be quite interesting to see those fireworks between her and Harvey.

A Gifted Man

Mike Doyle has been cast as Dr. Victor Lantz, who will be a recurring character, on the new fall show A Gifted Man on CBS.  Doyle is probably best known for his portrayal of forensic tech Ryan O’Halloran on L&O: SVU.


Odette Annable (Brothers & Sisters) has been cast on House for the upcoming 8th season as a series regular.   She will be filling the void left by Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn) and Dr. Thirteen (Olivia Wilde.)   WIlde’s character will be on House but only briefly.   The show is still looking for a new Dean of Medicine.  They will be tough shoes to fill having been vacated by Dr. Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein.)   Stay tuned!

Blue Bloods

Looks like Jamie Reagan is getting a new partner.  But don’t worry Renzulli fans, he isn’t going anywhere.  Renzulli (Nick Turturro) has been promoted so he will still be around but as a result, Jamie is getting a new man in the streets.   Check that, a new woman in streets!   Monica Raymund (Lie to Me) has been cast as Lean Sosa, rookie cop who becomes Jamie new partner.   They did know each other from the academy but I get the impression they weren’t playing poker every Saturday night together.   I’m not as excited about this casting because I hated her character on Lie to Me.  But we’ll see how this goes on Blue Bloods.

Parks and Recreation

Patricia Clarkson (Six Feet Under) has been cast as Tammy 1, Ron Swanson’s (Nick Offerman) first wife.  His current wife is Tammy 2 (played by Megan Mullally.)

Once Upon A Time

One of my favorite actors in TV has just been cast on one of ABC’s new fall dramas.  David Anders (Sark from Alias) has been cast as a doctor on the mythological, fairy tale show.   I know I went back a few years referencing a show he was on but he will always be Sark to me.   But I guess I should have referenced his role on The Vampire Diaries as John Gilbert or Heroes as Adam Monroe or 24 as Josef Bazhaev.   Either way, the guy is awesome!!

Also cast was Paula Marshall as Malificent.  Malificent is probably one of the scariest villains in Disney history (just ask my husband)…Sleeping Beauty’s evil queen.  I don’t’ know if that’s bad luck for the show because while I like Marshall, every show she is on as a regular, the show gets canceled.  The cast and crew might want to keep their resumes ready to go!

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CASTING NEWS: CSI (AGAIN), HIMYM, House, Glee, and Castle


CSI has made another significant casing announcement this off-season.    Sam Malone, otherwise known as, Ted Danson, is going to be a series regular on the hit TV show.  On CSI’s 12th season (wow!) Danson will be the new supervisor in charge and his experience comes from a lab in Portland.


Castle and Beckett and the boys are going to have a new captain in the fall and she is much different from Captain Montgomery (I still haven’t gotten over his death.)  Captain Victoria Gates will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald of 24 fame.   Captain Gates is said to be tough but she is more concerned about climbing the NYPD corporate ranks than the grunt “police work.”   Doesn’t sound like she and Beckett will be getting along initially.   I’m really anxious to see how Jerald’s chemistry works with this very solid cast.

How I Met Your Mother

Remember the guy that left House/acting altogether for a job at the White House?   Well he’s back!    Kal Penn is joining HIMYM in a recurring role as a love interest for Robin.   Not sure how long he’ll be sticking around since he is hitting the campaign trail with Obama in 2012.   But this will bring and interesting dynamic for all of us who are hoping the bride Barney is marrying at the end of the season is Robin.  Barney looks to be starting things again with Nora (who I love) which left Robin slightly perturbed.  But now Robin seems to be moving on herself.   How will this impact a potential Barney/Robin romance?   Time will tell!


Jesse Spencer has renewed his contract with House and will be back as a Dr. Robert Chase for  House’s eighth season.   I know a lot of House fans were sweating that one because it REALLY was down to the wire to sign him.  And after Lisa Edlestein’s Cuddy suddenly parted ways with the show, I don’t think House fans could take another major departure!


In what really isn’t that surprising (but some people are reportedly shocked by this news) Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer will NOT return to Glee for Season Four.   Season Three of Glee, which kicks off Tuesday Sept 20th 2011, will be their final season.  I don’t know why people were surprised by this.  Ryan Murphy had already said that as characters graduate from McKinley, they won’t return to the show.  This is a show about a high school Glee club, not this particular group of people and we follow them through life (like we do in shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl.)  So these people will move on, new people will come in, and the McKinely High School Glee Club, has been and always will be, the focus.  Sounds reasonable to me.  So it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Rachel, Finn, and Kurt will all graduate this year and move on with their lives apart from McKinley.  The question will be, who else is graduating?   I would have to think Quinn and possibly Santana.  Puck should but he could easily be left back.   Brittany may never graduate.   So we have to see.


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James Spader Joins The Office

Ugh.  This is good news and bad news.  The bad news is, James Spader has signed on to be the new office manager on Season 8 of The Office.   The good news is, it will be short-lived because he has his sights set for the CEO position which he will get.   Therefore we still need to find a replacement for Michael Scott.   Which I still believe, is impossible.

As you can probably tell, I’m not the biggest James Spader fan.  I can appreciate that he’s a good actor but for some reason, he just rubs me the wrong way.  Maybe it’s the fact that every role he’s in, he comes off as so completely arrogant and obnoxious that I equate his characters with him.  Not fair, I know, but it’s the truth.   I was already concerned about filling Michael’s shoes, and this casting doesn’t have me very optimistic.  But like I mentioned above it’s not permanent so I guess I can see how it goes.

What do you think The Office fans?   Do you like the casting or not?

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NBC and Law & Order: SVU have found a replacement for Christopher Meloni as well as an additional female presence when Mariska Hargitay reduces her work load during the midseason.    Danny Pino (Cold Case) and Kelli Giddish (Chase) have been cast as series regulars on L&O: SVU 13th season.

Pino is best known for playing detective Scotty Valens on Cold Case for seven seasons and has had other guest spots on shows like The Shield and Burn Notice.  Joining Pino is Giddish who most recently starred on the canceled NBC show Chase and had a great guest spot on The Good Wife this past season and whose resume includes shows like Damages, The Burg, All My Children, and even did a guest spot on L&O: SVU in 2007.

I don’t watch SVU so I would be curious to hear what fans of the show think.  I know Meloni’s shoes are very hard to fill but I loved Pino on Cold Case so I hope fans of the show will be pleased with the casting.   While I didn’t like Giddish on Chase, I really liked her on The Good Wife and I was hoping she was going to continue with the show this upcoming season.  Oh well.   But hopefully she will fit in well with the SVU cast.

What are your thoughts SVU fans?   Are we happy or not so much about this casting news?


Two very popular actresses and characters are returning to SVU this season.   Stephanie March and Diane Neal are both returning as ADA Alexandra Cabot and ADA Casey Novak respectively.  Neither actress has a specific number of episodes they are returning for so we’ll have to wait and see.

Both of these women are fantastic in these roles so I am thrilled that they will both be returning in the fall!!!

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Just when you thought the cast of The Good Wife couldn’t get any stronger, it does!!   TV Line has reported that Lisa Edlestein (House) has signed on as a recurring character on The Good Wife.   She will have a past with Josh Charles’ Will Gardner (of course she does) although it’s not clear if it will be a personal relationship, business relationship, or both.

You of course know what I am hoping for!!   That Dr. Cuddy and Will Gardner had a HUGE personal relationship, that she is the love of his life and they decide to rekindle their passionate relationship so Alicia and Will have no chance of getting together!!   Come on, does it really shock you that those are my thoughts?   It shouldn’t if you follow my The Good Wife posts!!

TGW fans, what are your thoughts on the casting news?  I am thrilled.  I have always like the actress and think she will be a wonderful addition to an already stellar cast.

Is it September yet?

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Another regular series cast member is off another hour-long drama.   Laurence Fishburne is out on CSI.  Last year when he renewed his contract, he only signed for one season so it isn’t that much of a surprise that he decided not to renew his contract again.  Plus, Fishburne is going back to what put him on the map…movies.  Marg Helgenberger is already on record as coming back for next season, but only in a part-time capacity.

So what does all this mean for the one time #1 show on network TV?   Well for one thing, the show has already been moved to Wednesday nights at 10pm from the prime Thursday 9pm slot.  Right there, the show is going to take a hit.  Now, not only are you losing Fishburne, but Helgenberger won’t be back full-time next season.  I also have to wonder what happened behind the scenes with Fishburne and the CSI team.   The reason I say that is because typically, production starts for the Fall shows in July.  It’s June 8th.  Fishburne didn’t give a lot of notice to the CSI team to find a replace and change or adjust stories as a result.  Or did he and CBS is just letting the cat out of the bag now and they have a plan?    I’m not sure it’s the latter because I don’t see the benefit to waiting to announce he’s leaving.  Plus, I’m pretty sure you would have had a replacement lined up to announce with his departure if CBS knew about this.  So what took so long for Fishburne to decide and wouldn’t CBS have put a timeline on it to be ready for production?

Either way, he’s out and as of right now, no one is in to replace him.  I stopped watching CSI when Grissom left.  Part of it was because I couldn’t see CSI being the same without him but the other part was because I had grown tired of the series.  When you don’t focus on the personal aspects of the characters at all, and you solely look at it being a case-of-the-week show, you can only watch so many episodes about the science of finding the killer.  At least that’s the case for me.  I know you would get some stuff like Grissom and Sara and Catherine’s issues with her father.  But you would only get 1 or 2 episodes in a 24 episode season that opened up the characters at all.  And when the best character leaves (Grissom), a great character leaves with him (Sara), and another great character dies (Warrick) it crushes a show, for me.  I love Catherine and Nick, but it’s like having Criminal Minds with just Morgan and Garcia.  They’re awesome but you are missing a huge group/family dynamic.  So I haven’t watched CSI in about 3 seasons and I don’t plan to revisit it anytime soon.


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In somewhat surprising news, both Brittany Snow and Aml Ameen are no longer with the show.  However, they have apparently been offered the opportunity to be guest stars which is a bit strange.  So Kathy Bates and Nate Corrdry are the only regulars to return next season.  Although I hope this means the promotion of one Tommy Jefferson (Christopher McDonald) to a series regular.  He was the best part of Harry’s Law last season.  I also have to wonder if Damien Winslow (Johnny Ray Gill) and possibly Rachael Miller (Jordana Spiro)  will be promoted series regulars as well.  I guess we’ll see.   But I would think they will probably introduce some new characters, especially if Tommy, Damien, and Rachael aren’t regulars.


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Criminal Minds News: It’s Official!!!! Prentiss is in and Seaver is out!!

In news that I’m sure will surprise no one but will probably send most fans into a happy dance, Paget Brewster will be back as Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds this season.  I am so excited about this because I can’t wait to see the dynamic of the team when she returns.   As you all know if you watch CM, everyone except JJ and Hotch think Prentiss is dead.  How will they all react when they find out she’s still alive?  Especially her partner Derrick Morgan?  I can’t wait to see!!!   I would have to make the assumption that her return also means it will also bring back the great storyline of trying to find and capture Doyle.  Will they do it with Prentiss or will they have to do it before so she can come out of hiding?  I am really anxious to see how they handle that.   I remember being furious this time last year when I found out JJ wasn’t coming back except for 2 episodes to wrap up her story and that Emily would be cut and most likely leaving as well (which she did.)  I couldn’t understand, other than the financial aspect, why CM was getting rid of two strong female characters.  I thought if you wanted to cut back on actor salaries, Joe Montangna must be making a pretty penny.  Couldn’t they cut him?  I don’t like to say that because I love Montangna as an actor and think he’s terrific.  But I don’t think he brings as much to CM as the other characters.  My opinion.  I like Rossi but I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t see him again.  Everyone else though…Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss, JJ, Garcia, and Reid…would break my heart.   That’s why I’m so happy that both ladies are back and everyone else is also in tact.  Now if they can just sign Thomas Gibson to that damn contract because he is the heart and soul of the BAU and I don’t want to see CM without him!!!

But God giveth and He taketh away.  With Paget Brewster’s return, that sent Rachel Nichols’ Agent Ashley Seaver packing.  No loss though.  She just never fit in and unfortunately for the actress was set up to fail.  So many viewers were upset with the dismissal of Brewster and Cook that no matter who came in to “replace” them (more so Cook) it wasn’t going to work and the fans most likely weren’t going to like her.  And that ended up being the case.   Nichols is great so hopefully she ends up on another show soon.  She just didn’t fit CM.

What are your thoughts CM fans?   Are you happy to see our favorite ladies back in action?

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JJ Returns to Criminal Minds…For Good????

UPDATE: Thanks to loyal reader Allie, who brought to my attention that this news is even better than previously thought.   Not only has CM signed AJ for next season, she is signed for TWO MORE SEASONS!!!!   That’s right, AJ will be around through 2013!!!!   How excited are you???  I know I am thrilled!!!!

This is not a late April Fool’s Joke.   According to mega scooper Michael Ausiello, Criminal Minds is in the process of bringing back Jennifer Jarreu, aka JJ, aka A.J Cook as a full-time series regular for next season.  Can I get an Amen?   Amen!!!!     In other news, show runner Edward Bernero is subsequently leaving Criminal Minds.   EP Erica Messer is set to take over as the new show runner.

So what does all this mean?   It means JJ is back for good!!!!  It also mean Agent Ashley Seaver (Rachel Nichols) is probably going bye-bye.  Especially if Pager Brewster returns.  Right now, Brewster is set to star in a new NBC comedy called My Life as an Experiment.  If the pilot gets picked up for series, she is going to stick with it.  If it doesn’t, CM has picked up an option on her.  Meaning she would probably return to the show.   Can I get another Amen?   Amen!!!!!   So if Cook and Brewster return, there is no need for Agent Ashley.   No big loss since she hasn’t really hit it off with the fans.   But if Brewster’s pilot is picked up and she doesn’t return, Agent Ashley may stick around.  I still doubt it, but it bodes better for her.

On the uh-oh front, Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore still have not signed their contracts.   Can I get a …. wait a minute.  They are NOT signed yet.   GULP!!  They are in negotiations so that is a good sign.   But CBS better find a way to keep Hotch and Morgan or the next unsub the CM team will be coming after is me!


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