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SEASON FINALE REVIEWS of Scandal, Grey’s, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and Elementary Coming Soon

Heading out for the weekend so I will recap these shows Sunday and Monday.   Lots to talk about!   Here’s a quick preview:

Castle: Rick proposed to Kate!!!!   Rick proposed to Kate!!!!  But what does this mean for them going forward and is this really a good thing?  I’ll discuss.

Grey’s: Callie and Arizona had quite the blow up.   Who’s side am I on?   Come back to find out.   Plus, Richard better not be dead!!

Scandal: Enough already.  Ok enough!   Either keep Olivia and Fitz together or break them up but ENOUGH with Olivia running around saying “we can’t do this.”  I’m so done with that.   Did you know David was wearing the white hat all along?   Did I?  And what about Quinn becoming baby Huck and Huck’s reaction to it.

How I Met Your Mother: FINALLY!!!   We got to meet her.   Now we just need Ted to meet her.   But when Carter Bays says this will be the longest wedding in the history of TV, does her really mean that next season will cover the span of only 56 hours?  I don’t know how I feel about that…or maybe I do!

Elementary: haven’t watched it yet but I will by Sunday, so don’t spoil me!

Have a good weekend peeps!


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RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Target” & “Hunt” S5 E 15 & 16

WOW.   Just….wow.  Easily the two best episodes Castle has ever done.  It was very reminiscent of the two parter they did a few seasons ago (Tick, Tick, Tick & Boom) where I was on the edge of my seat dying to know what was going to happen next.  But what put this twofer (a little 30 Rock reference) ahead of the others was the emotional tug on your heart-strings from so many angles in addition to the action packed portions of the episodes.

Believe it or not, I’m going to start with the 3 negatives so I can get them out-of-the-way and because they were so minor.  First, I thought Dylan Walsh was woefully underused as a guest start.   In these twofers, Castle has always had really strong guest stars from Adrian Pasdar to Dana Delaney who have been excellent in their roles and really added a strong character base to such a plot driven series of episodes.  I was really excited to see Walsh as a guest star because I’ve always been a fan of his.   But because this was so Castle focused, Walsh really wasn’t needed.  I think we only saw him for about 5 minutes in “Hunt” so for me, you could have cast any actor to play that part because he wasn’t as integral to the story and didn’t seem to enhance it at all.  Second, the lack of Beckett and Castle working together on this.  Now I know they did, but not in their usual way.  Again, this is minor because I liked the way she was more Kate the girlfriend than Beckett the cop in these episodes.  She was there as the woman who loves him and is broken over seeing this happen to Alexis and to him.  I was hoping to see them go off to Paris together to get Alexis back but I applaud Marlowe for taking the daring risk of not doing that because it honestly made better sense for the story.  Rick would leave Kate behind because he couldn’t risk her doing the things he needed to do to get Alexis back because she is an officer of the law.  He, on the other hand, is a desperate father frantically trying to save his little girl.  Therefore, he can use his contacts, however shady they are, to get the information he needs and not put Beckett in a difficult situation.  And even though it was the right call and I agreed with it 100%, there was a part of me, who so loves seeing them work together, sad that the one time you really need Beckett’s skills to team up with him, is the one time we can’t see it.   Finally, the CGI of Paris was horrible.  Wow, it couldn’t have looked any worse.   But that’s all for the negative.   See I told you it was minor!

I’ve read many articles over the years where the cast of Castle doesn’t get their due credit for being “serious” actors.  Because this show has many episodes where the goofiness and silliness is played up, the serious tones don’t seem to carry as much weight.  After watch “Target” and “Hunt” I would defy anyone to tell me these people aren’t serious actors.  I’ve always said that Stana Katic is painfully underrated for her acting skills.  She’s one of best on TV in my opinion who can really hit certain notes from a comedic side as well as a serious side.   She has the chops for both.  And over the years, she has gotten stronger and stronger.  Her best scene of the twofers was when she was questioning Hanson’s girlfriend and that girl gave her nothing but attitude and disrespect.  The next thing you know, Beckett kicks her chair so hard that chick goes flying off her chair into a wall and Beckett gets in her face screaming about how she’s in her way of finding a missing girl.  Holy. Shit!  I’ve seen Beckett get fired up before but this was something different.  She would have been last person on earth (well maybe second after Castle) that I would have ever messed with at that point.  She was brilliant!   This was a combination of cop being agitated at a person blocking her investigation and a girlfriend so angry that this bitch would block her ability to find her boyfriend’s missing daughter.  Not a good combination for little miss sassy pants!

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Alexis character.  I certainly don’t dislike her but I always thought she was written a little too perfectly.  And I know I’m being a hypocrite because I’m always the first one to defend the Reagan family on Blue Bloods and they (except for Danny at times) are written the same way.   But it’s one thing for adults who have been around a long time and who are bound by the law, to be so black and white, good vs bad in their convictions.  It’s a whole other thing for it to be a young girl in high school to be so righteous.  See how I justify that?   But seriously, Alexis seemed way too mature for her age.  Now is there something wrong with showing a responsible, respectful, good person?  Absolutely not.  In fact, I wish we saw more of that.  But no one is THAT perfect.  I mean this girl never made a mistake.  EVER.  And making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human.  So that’s always been my gripe with Alexis.  But I have to admit, there was no one rooting for her to be saved more than me.  And Molly Quinn was sensational.  True to Alexis’ character, she played her as calm and cerebral during the early parts of the situation always looking out for her friend.  It wasn’t until she was able to Skype her dad and see him that she lost it a bit.   And I would be the same way.  If I saw my dad, I would lose it.  It wasn’t until later when she realizes that not only is she not in NYC but she’s in Paris, did she really get scared.   And later when we saw her in that cage not knowing what was going to happen, not knowing where her friend was, not knowing if she was going to live, did we see her eyes swollen and red with fear.  I’m glad she played it that way and they wrote it that way because as strong and as smart as Alexis is, she’s still a 19-year-old person with no training or experience in these situations.  You bet she’d be scared out of her mind.   My only gripe is at the end when she is rescued and Castle brings her back home, when she’s walking up to her front door, all she says very cavalierly is “wow I’m so glad to be home” like she had a really bad flight back from spring break instead being held hostage for days by crazy people.   Maybe it’s me, but I would still be a little more shaken up and she seemed like she was ready to just get back to normal.  Even with that, Molly Quinn, you were outstanding!!

So 1,200 words in, let’s get to our main man and all that went down for him.   Because not only did he have to save his daughter’s life, but in the middle of all this mayhem, he meets, for the first (really second) time in his life, his father!   Nathan Fillion was BRILLIANT in these episodes.  He didn’t just knock it out of the park, he drilled it to the moon!  The first scene we really see a whole new Castle is from last week’s “Target” when he asks Beckett to have a moment alone with the man who drove the van with the girls in it.  I know there has been much discussion over this scene and my opinion is that I have no problem with it.   He’s a father desperate to find his daughter and this man is his only lead.  You do what you have to do to find her.  No issues at all with that.  Extenuating circumstances cause people to do extraordinary things they wouldn’t normally do or condone.  And I think it was even better that we didn’t see it!

So Castle has left everyone behind and has headed to Paris to find Alexis.  Her friend Sara was released but Alexis was not.  Fearing she’s not collateral damage, he high tails it to Paris to use his contacts there to track Alexis down.   One of Castle’s old connections, that he used to help him with some of his books, introduces him to man named Jacque who will help him find Alexis.  Jacque is able to help and tells Castle the kidnappers want 3 million in Euro in exchange for Alexis.  When they go to the drop point, in a move I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t see coming, Jacque turns the tables on Castle and puts a gun to his head and takes his money.   Just as Rick is about to meet his maker, bullets start flying from an unknown location and all the baddies (including Jacque) are taken out.  Castle turns around to see Mr. Barbra Streisand standing there telling him that he’s the good guy and that he should come with him immediately.  When back at his place, Castle sees all the pictures of Alexis on the wall and Jackson Hunt (that’s the name he gave to Castle) explains to him that this whole situation is his fault.   That Alexis was kidnapped because of him as a payback for killing a former KGB member’s wife and child years ago.  Castle is understandably confused and asks how this could have anything to do with Alexis and that’s when Hunt tells him that they went after her because he was careless and slipped.  They went after her, because she is his granddaughter.  “Rick, I’m your father.”  As if this man doesn’t have enough to deal with….WOW!!!!!  Now that’s how you introduce a long-lost father into the fold!

My fear with this storyline is that I really thought Brolin was going to end up being a bad guy.   Turns out, he’s nothing of the sort.  He’s actually a hero in many ways.   We learn that he had a wonderful night with Martha but being a spy, was called away on an assignment, he couldn’t disclose that to her, so he left.  A year later he learns about Castle.  Then Castle learns that his father has been keeping track of him all these years and that they even met once.  Curious, Castle asks when.  He tells about the time they were in a book store and Castle was looking for something to read and his dad recommended Casino Royale.  “That was you?” Rick asks him and he confirms it.  Castle tells him that’s the book that made him want to become a writer.  Aw.  Then Hunt tells him the words every kids wants to hear from their father “Son, I’m really proud of you.”  The look (and the tears) in Castle’s eyes were indescribable.  It was beautiful.  I loved the way the writers and the actors handled this moment and this whole encounter.   It could have been really cheesy or really cliché.  Instead, it was so perfectly handled.  Brolin played it so well.  He was very matter-of-fact about his life without seeming cold and distant.  He also told Castle how he followed his life and career, as any proud parent would, without being creepy.  It was perfection.  And Rick, well talk about bad timing.  Your whole life this enigma finally comes back and instead of having a Walton’s type reunion, you have to pull all that aside because your daughter’s life is at risk.  And to top it off, once his plan to rescue her is enacted, they just have to run and not look back.  He won’t know if his father made it out or not and that’s the way it has to be.   So no steak dinner reunion for these men.  It’s hi, nice to meet you, love you, now let’s go bomb these KGB freaks ok?

His plan works like a charm and Alexis is rescued by her dad and pop-pop.  When they get home, Martha and Kate are both there so excited to see them and hugs and kisses are flowing everywhere.  Castle walks into the kitchen where a package arrived for him.  He opens it up and inside is a copy of Casino Royale.  Dad is ok!!!!  He then looks at Martha with a huge smile on his face and says “mom, there’s something I have to tell you.”  Face to black.

What an amazing set of episodes from Castle.  I really have to say that I am so impressed with how Andrew Marlowe has handled this season.  He finally puts his leads together, Beckett’s mother’s storyline is no longer a who done it but a how are we going to catch him direction, Alexis is kidnapped, and Rick meets his father.  And the fans were worried Season 5 might suck with Caskett together.  Please!!!!  This show is better than ever!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Recoil” S5 E13

Castle has always done a fantastic job with any episodes involving Johanna Beckett’s murder.  Last night revisited that story line and honestly, this was a weaker episode.  It’s hard to compare it to some of the other nail-biting, edge of your seat episodes they’ve had in the past, but since it’s not really about who anymore but when, it didn’t seem to pack as much punch.  Having said that, there were parts of the episode that were really fantastic.

Jack Coleman plays a great baddie.  Senator Bracken sure fits that bill. As we learn, not only does Beckett have a major beef with the Senator, but apparently so do a lot of other people who claim that he is responsible for their love one’s death.  In this case, a woman is murdered and she has ties to Senator Bracken so immediately Beckett and the boys think he’s guilty.  But as evidence is revealed to them, it turns out that Bracken was not the perp, but the victim.  Someone is planning to take out the Senator, this young woman found out and was killed.

The investigation leads to a man named Robert McManus, who we learn his son was murdered and he blames Bracken.  In their hunt for McManus, they find his apartment and Beckett, finds him.  She sees that he is a broken man and let’s him escape by “missing” when she shoots at him.  This really messes with Beckett especially when she finds out that he has C4 he is planning to use to attack Bracken.   Now innocent lives, not just Bracken’s, are at risk and this crushes Kate.  They track down the vest loaded with C4 and other evidence linking McManus to the crime and they arrest him.   None of this sits well with Beckett.  The vest was too complex for McManus to have rigged and there were too many pieces of the puzzle that didn’t fit.   Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that the bomber is going after Bracken where he is giving a speech on energy conservation.  She orders the evacuation of the building and after a quick sweep, nothing was found.  The Senator is furious for her blowing his big campaign speech and threatens to take her down.  Just when this is looking really bad for Beckett, she starts hearing a pinging sound.   It’s the same sound she heard on the cell phone recording the night the young woman was shot.  She realizes the bomb is in the car and runs to the Senator to keep from getting into the limo.  Just then, the detonator is activated and bomb explodes.  Castle tracks down the bomber (who was Bracken’s limo driver for years) and the Senator thanks Beckett for saving his life.   The real bomber is captured and McManus was just the man the bomber was framing do deflect attention away from himself.

I loved seeing how this affected Kate.  She’s always been a no-nonsense cop.  Things are very black and white with her when it comes to the law.  In “Recoil” we saw that line blur for the first time in her career.   We all know why Kate hates Bracken and that she’s just waiting for the chance to take him down.  And we learn in this episode that his criminal acts aren’t limited to just the Johanna Beckett case.  Turns out, if the claims against him are true, this man is pretty evil.  I give Kate so much credit because, like Castle said, if it were me and this is the bastard that had my mother killed, I’m not sure I would have saved his life.  And she did it twice.  The first time, she let McManus go because this is a man who is planning on killing the person responsible for her mother’s death.  It would certainly keep the blood off her hands and rid the world of an awful human being.  So would it really be so bad if she let him go and enact his plan?   She realizes that yes it would.  Especially when she finds out that this went from a sniper rifle attack, where just Bracken would be killed, to a bombing attack where innocent people would be killed.   She could never live with herself if she thought she let a killer go who was now going to destroy innocent people’s lives.  So she find McManus and stops him.   Only that’s not the right guy.   The second time is when she hears the clicking of the cigarette lighter and sees that the bomb is in the Senator’s limo and therefore, she runs to block him from entering the car.  So she saves him, twice.  Ok technically, McManus wasn’t a killer but in her mind, she wasn’t sure so she just went on the information she had.  So from a decision standpoint, where she could choose to let it happen or stop it, twice she chose to stop it.

I think the best part of this episode is seeing Kate struggle so much with this.  And it’s completely understandable.  The daughter in her wants her mom’s killer to pay for what he did no matter how that happens.  But the cop in her says it has been done through the right channels and the right way.  She doesn’t have the luxury of allowing someone to commit murder.  Well, really no one does, cop or no cop, but the dilemma is slightly stronger when you are an office of the law and you have sworn to always uphold it.  Kate’s integrity is a huge part of her makeup.  She is incredibly ethical and the lines of right and wrong are always very clear to her.  That’s why to see her start to blur that line was really eye-opening from her character’s perspective because she’d never done that before.  She would never even think of doing something like that.  But cops are not machines and I can’t blame them when a case is personal, that emotions, at times, can cloud their judgement. But Kate stays true to her character and eventually choose the right path.  In the end, while watching Bracken on the news with Castle, she tells Castle that eventually he’s slip up and that when he does, she’ll be there to make sure justice is served.  I, for one, am really looking forward to watching Kate bring him down.

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QUICK REVIEW: Criminal Minds, Castle, Revenge, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods

Criminal Minds

This is not a show that needs recapping every week but every once in a while, an episode or string of episodes happen that warrant discussion.  Last week’s episode broke my heart.  In the early days of Criminal Minds, I rooted for JJ and Reid to get together.  A big part of me, still does.  But I’ve moved on from the idea of those two getting together.  As a result, I was 100% on board with this romance between Maeve and Spencer.  And before you start referencing Manti Te’o asking how can you have a relationship with someone you’ve never met, this show handled it very well to the point I totally believed it.  Matthew Gray Gubler and Beth Riesgraf did a fantastic job selling this relationship that up until this episode, only existed via cryptic phone conversations.  The reason for this, she had a stalker.  So she was in hiding until the stalker was caught. Unfortunately, the stalker found her and kidnapped her and as a result, Reid, who is a very private person, needed to out his relationship to the team and ask for their help in finding her.  Turns out it was someone applying for a PhD and Maeve denied her application and therefore Diane (Michelle Trachtenberg) flipped out and murdered her ex-fiance and ultimately murdered herself and Maeve with a bullet to the head.  It was such a sad scene for so many reasons.  First, Spencer had never seen her face.  Even when Garcia had her picture, Reid refused to see it because he wanted the first time to be face to face.  He also wanted to tell her that he loved her because the last time they spoke, she said she loved him and he didn’t respond.  When he finally saw her, it was with her strapped to a chair with Diane pointing a gun at Reid’s head and Reid pretending to love Diane and not her so he could get her free.  Instead of telling her that he loved her, he had to tell her that he didn’t love her so he could protect her.  Unfortunately, Diane saw through all this and while holding Maeve against her, put a gun to her own head and pulled the trigger, killing both of them.  I told my husband I was afraid she was going to die but then I thought, there’s no way CM would do that to Reid.  Yep, well, wrong again!   Maeve is dead and Reid is crushed.  It was brutal to watch and I’m really curious to see how this will impact him moving forward.  Reid is so private and doesn’t open his heart to many people.  And for him to be ready to make a committment to this girl, only to have her murdered in front of him, will completely damage his already fragile psyche.


Still one of my favorite shows on TV and I’m loving this season.  The last two episodes were great.  Seeing Meredith (Darby Stanchfield) around making things tricky for Castle and Beckett was priceless.  But it was also a nice change of pace to see Meredith and Beckett go to dinner together and really get along.  Unfortunately before she left, when Kate asked why they didn’t work, Meredith told her the truth.   Castle knew everything about her but she really didn’t know much about Castle.  He’s fun and romantic and sweet, but he never let her in, especially when it came to his dad.  And she couldn’t handle being in the dark.  It really resonated with Kate because she’s in the same situation…to some degree.  Castle knows everything about her darkest time…her mother’s death.  But Beckett knows nothing about, what appears to be, Castle’s darkest period…his father.  And I know there were people who thought Meredith did that maliciously, I don’t agree.  I think she was honestly answering Kate’s question without trying to sabotage anything.  I also think that Kate’s relationship with Rick is VERY different from Meredith’s.  Yes, she is just in the dark about Castle’s history with his father as Meredith is, but she has seen so many different layers to Castle that I’m pretty sure no one else has.   They have been through so much together and she has been around some very vulnerable sides to Rick, that she can’t compare her relationship with Castle to his relationship with anyone else.   She has seen a deeper side to him.  But I think this issue regarding his father, could be a driving wedge between them.  I hope it isn’t but I think it’s inevitable.

I just quickly wanted to mention how much I enjoyed last week’s episode which focused on Esposito. I like when the show puts focus on another character (especially Ryan and Esposito) because I care about them just as much as Castle and Beckett.  Ok maybe not AS much, but it’s close.  Esposito is such a great guy.  I love seeing a hard-nosed, tough guy get hit in his heart (figuratively) because he has no chance to avoid showing his soft side.  I hope the show brings Joey back.  I know cop shows always have those episodes where the cop gives the troubled kid his card where the cop says to call anytime and the cop promises to keep tabs on the kid.  Well I would like to see that.  Not all the time, but I think twice a year wouldn’t be out of the question.


I would have to agree with everyone else…this season of Revenge isn’t as good as last season.  I liked the simplicity of last season with a target of the week under the umbrella plan of taking down the Graysons.  Now we have Aiden involved and his story.  Then you have the Initiative involved.  And there’s the Ryan brothers going after the Porter brothers.   It’s too much.  I don’t know why things need to go to this massive levels of story telling.   Sometimes, less is more.  I’d rather go back to last season’s methods with twists and turns complicating matters along the way.   But having said that, I still love the show.  If we can cut down on the side stories (mainly Aiden and the Initiative) I would be ok.  I’m not a fan of Aiden would rather him go away and just have Emily do her thing.  I also don’t know why we needed some major secret group being behind some the Grayson’s decisions.  I would rather have had the Grayson’s be responsible for all their own decisions without having to drag this secret society in.  But if the show can wrap those two things up and go back to business as usual with Emily driving everything and Nolan being there to help her, things will be good again.

The Good Wife

Alicia and Peter sitting in a tree.  F-U-C….whoa!!!!  I’m not going to go there.  But how about that trailer scene? AWESOME!!!   If the show continues down this path with Alicia and Peter doing their thing and Will possibly working on a relationship with Laura (Amanda Peet) I would be very happy.

The second half of the season is already cranking.  They got rid of Kalinda’s God awful husband storyline, the firm is slowly starting to pick itself back up again, the case of the Justice Department going after Eli (headed up by Wendy Scott Carr) resulting in bringing in George O’Malley is fantastic, and Louis Canning is now one of the firm’s creditors which should be an interesting wrinkle.  My biggest complaint?  Cary Agos.   Can we PLEASE find this man a storyline worthy of him?  I’m so tired of him being on the back burner.  It’s time to bring him to the big front burner and let him dominate a storyline.

Blue Bloods

I know I’m really late to the party in commenting on this but I think it’s really shitty the way Jennifer Esposito and her character were handled on the show.  If what she is saying is true, then it’s horrible.  The short version, Esposito had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  It went misdiagnosed for years and her form of the disease is pretty severe.  I know people with Celiac and there are varying degrees with some leaving people down right ill for weeks, especially when you don’t know what’s wrong.  Esposito was violently ill but when she finally was diagnosed properly her doctors suggested she have a reduced work load on the show to accommodate her illness.  According to Esposito, CBS didn’t grant the reduced work load nor did they release her from her contract.  She was put on medical leave without pay but because she was still under contract, she wasn’t able to seek employment with another network TV show.   She could do theater, film, or cable TV (as long as it didn’t air at 10pm) but she was pretty much stuck.   That’s the part I don’t get.  You won’t grant her request because it isn’t fair to the cast and crew, that’s fine.  But then let her go so she can find other work.   And they wouldn’t do that.   So she went on medical leave and now she’s gone for good.   I hate it because I thought she was fantastic and her chemistry with Donnie Wahlberg was amazing.  I think it’s a big loss for the show.  Having said that, I don’t think the new replacement, Megan Ketch has been bad.  I actually like her.  Not as much as Esposito of course, but Ketch is doing a good job.  It’s tough shoes to fill and I think no matter who it was to fill them, fans weren’t going to like her.  Now apparently Ketch is moving on and Megan Boone is set to replace her for 4 episodes with an option to be picked up a series regular.  Guess we’ll see how she does.

In terms of the season, as always, I love this show.  I know people can get annoyed at how the Reagan family always does the right thing and makes the right decisions.   But I don’t care.  I like the fact that they are good people trying to do the right thing.  What’s wrong with that?  They still have flaws.  They still struggle with decisions.  But if they always try to go the right way, I’m ok with that.


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RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Probable Cause” Season 5 Episode 5

Best.  Castle.  Ever.   To me, it’s a real testament to the writers and the actors when you know what the outcome is going to be and you’re still anxiously watching the episode with excitement and anticipation…that’s what this episode was for me.

I’m going to get my one pet peeve out-of-the-way right now so I can focus on all the delicious good stuff.  ABC, you ruined the surprise for me when you listed the actors at the beginning of the show.  I’m sure most people don’t know who Michael Mosley is.   Or if your like me with a lot of actors, you know the face because you’ve seen them in virtually every show (which was Margo Martindale for me for years) but you’re not sure of their name.   But for me, I know exactly who Michael Mosley is, because I think he’s excellent, and so when I saw the “Guest Starring” and underneath it “Michael Mosley” I knew it would be a 3XK episode.   I bit of advice, if you want to pull off a big “ta da” moment in the episode, for those of us (me and his mother) who know who he is, it would have been a bigger “TA DA!!!!!” moment had I not known he was in the episode.  Just eliminate his name!!  Shows have done that before when they don’t want to ruin the surprise.  Hell you did it for Revenge this year when you left Madeline Stowe’s name off the opening credits to not give the surprise away.  Not that it was much of a surprise but I digress.  I’m begging you (and this goes for everyone, not just Castle and ABC) for those of us insane TV fans who knows the actors playing key characters, if you want to have a big reveal, don’t put the actor’s name in the credits!  Simple.  Easy.   Done.  I’ve said my piece.

As for the episode itself….wow!!!!  What an amazing job all the way around.   Think about it.   You know Castle isn’t guilty of murder and (me and Mrs. Mosley) knew who was behind it.  But it didn’t matter.  It was still so riveting to watch how this was all going to play out.   And even though we knew Castle would be innocent and 3XK was involved, Beckett didn’t.  Ryan and Esposito didn’t.  So I was happy to take that ride with them.  Castle, at this point, is all about these characters.   I’m invested in this show because I’m invested in these characters.  Whether we have a light-hearted Castle, a serious Castle, a romantic Castle, or serialized Castle, every Castle works because of the actors/characters.   You can see it in every scene in this episode.  When Kate is sitting with Esposito, and she calls him Javi instead of Esposito, and she’s talking about helping Castle and Javi says that he loves him too but that he has to follow the evidence (more on that later.)  And then the scene with Lanie and Beckett where Kate is pouring her soul out to Lanie.  When I watch this show, I really feel as though these people would run through fire for each other.  It’s why, when the story is somewhat transparent, it doesn’t matter because I still don’t know how it will impact the characters and how they will handle it.  And that is what I really want to see as much as how the storyline will play itself out.

There seemed to be much debate, surprisingly to me, over Beckett and the Boys reaction to Castle and the charges against him.  I was shocked to hear and read that some people thought they were too easy to believe the evidence and not Castle.  First off, I don’t think that’s what happened.  Second, that’s their job.  That’s why they’re so good.  Not because they go soft on each other but because they do what is their duty…find the truth.  As Esposito said, if it was anyone else, they would follow the evidence wherever it took them and go from there.  Until they could find a reasonable explanation, they had no other choice.  I think it was very true to character and the right thing to do from a storytelling aspect.  And there were several drops from Ryan and Esposito about how they don’t like that they have to go after their friend but they have no choice.  Kate said multiple times how this is way off base but that she’ll go by the book until she proves otherwise.  I was thrilled with how the writers handled it.   And in the end, the truth won out and Castle has all charges against him, dropped.  Case closed right?

As Castle and Beckett were heading home, they had to wait for a bridge to close.  No sooner were they discussing how they thought it might have been too easy, BOOM, their car is hit from behind.  Who hits them, well that would be 3XK.  After some back and forth, Castle gets the upper hand and shoots 3XK several times sending him over the side of the bridge.  Alas, when divers go to retrieve his body out the next morning, the body is nowhere to be found and Castle knows this story is far from over.

So why was 3XK after Castle?   Because Castle ruined 3XKs anonymity.  He felt he couldn’t be who he needed to be because people knew he was out there.   He couldn’t kill and hunt they way he wanted to because of Castle.  So he needed to plan Castle’s demise and destroy his and Kate’s lives at the same time.  When that didn’t work out, he planned another metal attack….he came after them on the bridge and planned his “death.”  That way, if people think he’s gone, he can go back to doing what he loves most…hunting and killing.     So he’s still out there and Castle is fully aware that he and everyone he loves could be in danger.

These are the episodes when Castle is at its best.  Don’t get me wrong, I love what made Castle fall in love with it from the beginning and that’s the funny, silly, don’t take itself too seriously show.  But when the show goes to the serious moments, the cast really shines and the writers do a terrific job making us believe in what we are seeing.  And just like I am on the Monica Potter better get some damn Emmy love this year, Stana Katic better get some damn Emmy love this year because she has been brilliant.

What did you think guys?   Did you love this episode?   Were you surprised by the 3XK reveal?  Sound off below!!

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SEASON FINALE INITIAL THOUGHTS: Castle “Always” S4 E23 (Quick Recap)

Official Recap and Review Coming Tomorrow!!!   


I thought they couldn’t top last year’s finale…I also thought there was no way I would cry as much as last year. Well I was 100000000 times wrong.

I hate to say I told you so buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!   I know everyone was worried over a month ago when Castle found out about the “I Love You” she really remembered and it really splintered them.  But as I told you, it didn’t.  I really felt that by the finale or beginning of next season, they would be together.

The bad has to happen before the good….and Lord in Heaven was it good!!!!    Seriously though, wasn’t tonight’s episode (especially the last 2-3 minutes) much more worth it after EVERYTHING Castle and Beckett have been through?   Admit it, it is.

I’m not in my right mind to fully recap this yet.  But I will tomorrow after I’ve had a chance to digest what has happened.   But let’s run down the big issues:

  • Ryan and Esposito have some making up to do and their relationship both professionally and personally will need to be repaired.  And I hope, we don’t come back next season and everything is back to normal with them.  That “betrayal” in Esposito’s eyes, needs to be flushed out.
  • Beckett has quit the 12th.   I’m not sure where the story goes from here.   Does she free-lance?  Does she work for the NJPD?  Does she become a private investigator and hire Ryan and Esposito to come work for her?  I’m not sure.  But at this point, I don’t care.
  • There is a man out for Beckett and he has a name (sort of) and a face (a really handsome face…damn it!)  Before, we knew there was a shooter…someone after Kate.  But he was a faceless, nameless, person with connections we knew vaguely.   Now we know who he is (sort of) and so does Kate.  There is a bigger story at play that is just scratching the surface and getting started
  • FUN FACT: Did anyone else notice that the name of Alexis’ school was “Marlowe.”  You can see it on the podium as she is giving her valedictorian speech.  For those who are looking at their screen saying “so what”, Marlowe is for Andrew W. Marlowe…the creator and show runner for Castle.

I think that’s all the big stuff that happened.  Why are you all yelling at me?   What do you mean I’m forgetting some……OH THAT’S RIGHT!!!   What we have all been waiting for since the pilot has happened…Castle and Beckett are together for real.  Not a dream, not a cover….for real.  She wants him, he wants her, and they go at it.  It.  Was.  AWESOME!!!   There is nothing hotter than watching a man throw a woman against the wall (in the heat of passion mind you) and start going to town on each other.   It was great and beautiful at the same time.  Kate’s wall completely came down.  She’s known it for a long time, it’s been slowly coming down which she has admitted.  But sometimes it takes a come to Jesus conversation (like the one between her and Castle around the half way point of the finale) and a near death experience to have that wall crumble completely around you and you are finally ready to face what you have been wanting to face for a long time.  In a strange way, with everything going on, she finally feels….safe.   And there is no one that makes her feel safer than Rick Castle.   And it all came out.  All the repressed feelings, all the anger, all the passion, all the frustration…..all the love.   It all came out in a beautiful, fiery, ball of flame in Castle’s living room.  As she caringly grabbed his hand to lead him to his bedroom, she was finally ready to go where she hadn’t been quite ready to go…quite ready to face.  Into the arms of the man she has loved for a long time.

Sorry if this is very jumbled and quite frankly a mess right now.    But I had to let my initial thoughts out and to share them with all the Caskett fans out there who have been waiting for this moment for a long time.   I will more intelligently recap it tomorrow.   But for now, I’m just enjoying what I just witnessed and I am doing a little happy dance around my computer!!!!!   Castle and Beckett….together at last!!!!!   WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!!

Ok so what are your initial thoughts?  Did you love it?   Hate it?  (How could you hate it, but to each his or her own.)  Did you stand up and cheer like I did when they started kissing and going at it?   Are you worried about Ryan and Esposito at all?   Let me know what you think!!!!

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RECAP & REVIEW: Castle “Undead Again” S4 E22

See what happens when you communicate?  Even if you are communicating on a different matter that has subtext relevant to what the big issue at hand is, it still counts!  Last night we got the conversation all of us Caskett fans have been waiting for since Castle learned Beckett remembered him telling her that he loved her.

The case was pretty interesting.  Much more interesting than I thought it was going to be.  And while I like Lanie, I like this ME MUCH better.  I love that he puts Castle in his place time and time again!  The quick recap is that a man was murdered by what appeared to be a zombie…”Killer’s A Zombie” (high-five) is how Castle announced it at the 12th.  While Beckett and Esposito were on one side of believing this was a human un-sub not a zombie un-sub, Ryan and Castle were on the side of believing it was a zombie.  When the suspect shows up dead at the morgue but then is alive after the ME slams a syringe in his arm, the zombie theory gains some momentum.   But as to be expected, there were no zombie’s committing crimes.  The “killer” Kyle, was part of a zombie underground culture and was drugged by a man who wanted the victim dead for sleeping with his fiance.  The drug is able to put the victim in such a state that a person can control and get them to do whatever they want.  One of the side effects is the appearance of death.  So even though Kyle did actual killing, he wasn’t charged since he was on drugs (slipped to him by the real killer) and instructed to do what the killer wanted.  He had no recollection of the murder and was free to go.

Can you imagine?  You wake up, IN THE MORGUE, when the last thing you remember is being with your zombie pals yucking it up.  You find out that not only were you drugged, but you were brainwashed into murdering another human being.   And, people thought you were dead because of the side effect of the drug.  I don’t know about any of you, but that would certainly mess me up for the rest of my life.  He will need some serious therapy to even begin to work through that insanity.

Speaking of therapy, we have the biggest piece of communication to finally happen between Castle and Beckett, even if it wasn’t a direct discussion.  After seeing Kyle walk off and both Castle and Beckett commenting how they hope he can get past what happened to him, Beckett tells him about how therapy really helps.  That at first you just want to figure out how to put one foot in front of the other but that eventually you get back to a good place.  The light starts to go off in Castle’s head.  She tells him that she is getting to the point where she can finally face everything that happened that day….EVERYTHING.  He tells her that he understands.  She also reminds him of the conversation they had regarding the wall she has built up and that the wall is finally starting to come down.  Castle tells her he would like to be there when the wall comes down and she agrees with him.  “Tomorrow” Beckett asks?   “Tomorrow” Castle confirms.    (Key the flying doves and the opera voices singing Hallelujah!!)

So after being a douche bag the past few weeks, Castle learns that she wasn’t ready to face what happened.  She needed time and to able to talk to someone who can help her get to a point where she can face him honestly.  If only he’d asked her about this weeks ago he would have saved himself all the grief and putting her through hell.   But I knew there was a method to the madness and I think the way it played out is SOOOOOOO much better than what we originally wanted..Castle confronting Beckett about what he had heard her say.

Beckett is ready for her wall to come down and tell Castle how she feels and Castle is ready to throw her on her desk and have crazy stinky sex with her to show his reciprocation of feelings.  But remember, we have one more secret to come out.   I believe it comes out next week.  Check out the promo below and the scene where Castle is asking her not to look into this or she could get killed, I think is the result of her finding out he was investigating behind her back.   Now, is that before or after the kiss it appears Beckett is going for at the end of the clip?   We don’t know.  But I’m sure it will leave us wanting more IMMEDIATELY as soon as the finale is over.

What are your thoughts Castle fans?   Are you happy with “Undead Again” and looking forward to the finale?  Do Castle and Beckett HAVE to get together in the finale for you to be satisfied with the season?   Sound off below!!!

Castle and Beckett’s “Talk:

Season Finale Promo:

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