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RECAP/REVIEW: Castle “47 Seconds” S4 E19

Finally!!!!   Progress!!!!   I’m sorry, did she just say progress?  Yes I did.  Progress at last!!!  Did she watch the same episode last night that we did.  How can she call what happened last night, progress?  Is she drunk again?  Normally you might be right.  I might be drunk.  But since I am on this new diet plan, alcohol is out the window for the time being.   While I’m sure many of you are frustrated over the fallout from last night’s “47 Seconds” (and believe me, I have my issues) I see this episode as the step in the right direction we have needed for a while now.  We are finally heading in the direction of putting Castle and Beckett where they belong….together.  I still think she’s drunk, I don’t care what she says about some dumb diet.  Well then, allow me to elaborate on why I think what happened on last night’s Castle is finally a move down the road to togetherness for Beckett and Castle.  Hopefully this will calm some of the fans down who are really worried at this point.

For a while now, many of us Castle fans were ready for the show to make a move on the Castle/Beckett front.  Either put them together or keep them apart.   But something has to happen.  In recent interviews, Andrew Marlowe has said, this is a season of secrets and the ramifications of those secrets.  He’s also on record saying that Castle and Beckett will be together.   So in my opinion, this is the first step towards moving them together.  Castle and Beckett are both harboring huge secrets from one another.  At one point or another, those secrets will be revealed to the other (the first one happening last night.)  Now, we all know what’s going to happen….it’s going to worse before it gets better.  What do they say in the military?   They break you down before they build you back up.  That’s what’s happening here.  Castle and Beckett are going to be broken down so that eventually, they can be built back up.  This was the first hammer to fall.  So it says to me that we have already begun the process of eventual partnering.  Think of it like this…Beckett and Castle have been on the same road together for about 2 years now.  But they’ve hit a fork in the road and they are about to take different paths.  While it seems as though they have gone in different directions, they haven’t.  Because no matter which route they take, all of them will eventually lead back to the same one road where they meet up again.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Keep telling yourself that.  Because it’s true.  It will get better.  But now I know that the plan is in motion, I am ready to be a little more patient, because I think the pay out will be spectacular when it does happen!

Having said all that, I want to get into the actual reveal of secret #1 and discuss how Mr. Rick Castle handled it.  The case last night was a good one.  A news team is covering an “Occupy Wall Street” type protest in Boylan Park when a bomb goes off killing some people and injuring many others.  The FBI is involved, Homeland Security is involved, and the NYPD is there in a support role to figure out who was responsible for the bombing.  Isn’t it interesting though that the NYPD was there in a “support role” yet it seems to me that they solved the entire case.  Although if we were watching Criminal Minds or The Mentalist, it would have been a federal agency that solved the crime, but whatever.  I digress.  Beckett and the Boys come across a suspect they believe is the bomber and all evidence at this point, is pointing towards him.   Beckett is really pushing him in the interrogation room and the suspect is getting very flustered.  He admits to Beckett that he had the backpack (which had the bomb in it) but he didn’t know what was in it and that he blacked out after that.  He can’t remember anything.  That’s when she calls BS on him and tells him that he can’t use trauma as an excuse.  She was shot in the chest and she remembers every single thing from that day, so she doesn’t believe him.  Meanwhile, Castle wasn’t at the precinct when Beckett went in to question the perp.  So she doesn’t think he’s there.  He eventually showed up and asked Esposito if they made any progress on the case. He tells him, “better than that, we have the suspect.  Beckett’s questioning him now.”    So Castle goes into the viewing room to watch the interview.  That’s when he hears Beckett admit to remembering everything.   Leading up to this, he had a conversation with Martha about telling Beckett his feelings again.   She gives him great advice (as usual) and he decides that he wants to tell her.  But he decides to wait until after the case.  Unfortunately, if he had told her when he planned, she would I have reciprocated (I know she would have) and we wouldn’t be in this mess.  But he didn’t and now he believes she doesn’t return his feelings since she has known this whole time and hasn’t said anything.  Castle tells Martha and she gives him bad advice for once by basically telling him that he has his answer and he needs to move on.  He agrees but decides he will still work with Beckett but will push his feelings away and they will become nothing more than work partners.  Back at the 12th, Castle’s approach and rapport with Beckett is obviously different.  Beckett senses it but as usual, doesn’t address it or say anything.  Castle is distant and short with her.  Very business like.  But Castle being Castle, he makes sure he drops little quips along the way letting all of us know how he fells about secrets and betrayal….”sinning by silence isn’t strong, it’s cowardly.”   After the case is solved (it was the reporter and one of the victims who were involved basically to make her career stronger) Beckett wants to celebrate and the boys say they can’t.  So she thinks it will be her and Castle and he blows her off.  She also asks him what he wanted to talk to her about and he says….nothing.  He leaves but not before giving her the stink eye when the elevator door shuts.

While I believe Castle has every right to be heartbroken over this, I also think he’s being a bit of a hypocrite.  Is he forgetting about the big secret he is keeping from her?   He has to know that when she finds out, she’s going to be severely pissed at him.  Also, he has his reasons for keeping it from her.  So can’t he deduce that while on the surface it may appear that she didn’t tell him the truth because she didn’t reciprocate his feelings, couldn’t there be more to it than that?  Couldn’t she have HER reasons for not telling him the truth?   Why wouldn’t he give her the benefit of the doubt to explain?  Castle has seemed to be the type of person to confront things and not let them fester (save for this whole telling Beckett how he feels nonsense.)  Why wouldn’t he confront this head on?  It seems a little out of character for him.  If it were me, I would have taken her up on the drink and talked to her about it and get into her head about why she didn’t say anything then and why she hasn’t said anything since when she’s had lots of good opportunities.  This is where Castle does have the right to be pissed.  They have both been in life and death situations about 2-3 times this season.  There were moments where Kate should have said something and obviously could have easily done so.  But she didn’t.  It’s a little different from “he guess what?   Remember when I told you to back off your mother’s case for your own sanity.  Well I really did it because someone is threatening you and I have been looking into on my own.  Oh and by the way, Love You Babe!!”  So in that sense, I can see where Rick would be devastated and jump to the conclusion of Kate not loving him back because of all the opportunities she has had to tell him.  But he has to remember that Kate’s number one valued trait in a person is trust.  If she doesn’t trust, you are dead to her.  Even though he has good reason for keeping his secret, he has to know that by doing so, he is breaking her number one rule.  That could be a point of no return for her.  So if I were him, I would have gone out for the drink and I would have opened up to her and been honest with her first.  Then I would confront her secret and just lay everything out there.  But he didn’t.  He’s keeping it to himself and as usual, these two aren’t addressing how they really feel……UGH!!!!

Looks like next week, Castle’s back to dating anything that moves, which gets under Beckett’s skin, and we see Beckett asking Lanie’s advice on whether or not to tell Castle how she feels.  I’m so happy to see that friendship returning.  They don’t do enough of that in my opinion.  But this is where I will want to slap Kate around.  Do you really need to ask Lanie if you should tell Castle your feelings?  OF COURSE YOU SHOULD TELL HIM!!!  If you want a relationship with the guy, tell him how you feel.  If don’t, then don’t.  It’s pretty simple.   So Miss Kate Beckett, this next song goes out to you…..

Kate Beckett’s Theme Song

I’m still trying to figure out how all this is a good thing.   She didn’t really make her argument.  Did she not read what she just wrote above?   How is this all a good thing?  I’m glad you asked.   Because all this HAS to happen before they get together.  There is no way around it.  The secrets and the fallout from learning the secrets, has to materialize before Castle and Beckett can be making Caskett babies.  The longer we went without these secrets coming to light, the longer till Castle and Beckett can be a couple.  Therefore, since secret #1 has come out, we are already starting to pass towards the last big hurdle (the fork in the road) to eventually get to our happy ending.  I’m sorry their happy ending.  It’s going to suck right now.   Probably through the season finale and most likely the early part of next season.  But I promise (I cringe as I say that since I have no creative control over the show) by this time next season or close to it, our dynamic duo will be together the way we have ALL wanted them together since the beginning.  Fear not Caskett shippers, our day is coming and it will be here before you know it.  Hang on, because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  But the pay out will be worth it.  I know it will be!


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Quick Thoughts on Revenge, The Good Wife, Castle

Since I’m still catching up, here are some quick thoughts on shows I have watched but haven’t had a chance to write about yet:


Were you surprised it wasn’t Daniel that died and it was actually Tyler?  It didn’t surprise me.  I had a feeling David wasn’t going anywhere.  It would have been quite a bomb if it was.  It sounds funny saying that seeing as that’s how the show started…with us seeing Daniel in blood, falling to the sand.  I’m glad they didn’t kill him because with some of the information Tyler relayed to him before he was killed, it will be interesting to see how Daniel plays it?  Will he believe Tyler or will he stand by Emily?

What did surprise me was how quickly we learned who actually killed Tyler.  To me it was obvious Daniel was struck over the head from behind.   That’s why he was bleeding out of his ear and has blacked out on some of the details.  But who was it?  Well it was…….DON”T READ IF YOU DON”T WANT TO KNOW……Takeda.  He was basically cleaning up the mess she made by letting her emotions get involved.  We also saw Faux Amanda/Real Emily get into his car and take off.  So is this the last we see of Faux Amanda Clarke?  And how soon until Jack learns who the real Amanda Clarke is?

The best part is, I could watch this for another 10 episodes this season.  But you know what, there are only 3 left!  We don’t have a new episode until April 18th and only one episode between then and the finale currently scheduled for May 23rd.  Seriously who does this scheduling?

This and Homeland are my favorite new shows of the season.  I can’t wait to see how this season will wrap up. “Chaos” certainly could have been a season finale.  So if it wasn’t, I can’t wait to see what Mike Kelley has in store the finale episode!!!!

The Good Wife

Will is on suspension for 6 months.  And I have to say, I would be seriously pissed if my sisters just decided to show up on their own to stay with me without me asking them to come.  I would let them stay one week and then I would send them on their way.  Who needs that?  I don’t like Will (although I’m starting to soften my stance) but he doesn’t deserve that.  Yikes!

Can someone explain to me how he is able to be at the office while on suspension?  I thought he couldn’t be anywhere near LG during that time and I thought Diane said she had to remove his name from the firm’s name. Am I wrong?  Isn’t that a conflict?  Kiki probably knows so if you’re reading this Kiki, please clue me in!

My guess is that something is going to go down between Alicia and Caitlin.  I love Anna Camp and I love her character.  I’m not ready to say she’s a bad seed, but my husband hasn’t trusted her from Day One.  And as soon as Kalinda told Alicia to look out for that one (meaning Caitlin) that was all my husband had to hear to validate his point.  “Kalinda’s always right!!!!”  I have to agree with him.  Once she said that, my eyebrows went up.  It’s as if Caitlin is too good to be true.  So something has to be wrong with her right?   LOL!

Tonight Colin Sweeney is back!   Also, last week kicked off the final episodes of season and we have 6 weeks in a row of TGW!!!!  I was really getting annoyed how many hiatuses there were with this show.  It’s bad enough being on Sunday during football season when it’s constantly starting 20-30 minutes late.   Then you put it off the air for 3-4 weeks at a time.  Don’t get me started.

Best.  Show.  On.   TV!!!!


I’m trying to get a pulse on how fans are feeling about Castle and Beckett these days.  Last week’s “Once Upon A Crime” was a great episode but we were back to the looks, the compliments, the hand holding.  Come on!!!  I’ve said this before.  If you are going to have them act like a couple, then make them a couple.  If you aren’t going to make them a couple, then knock it off.

I read another post where the writer (whom I really respect and agree with 99.5% of the time) felt this was a step in the right direction in movement in their relationship.  I don’t see it.  How?   Because he said she was cute?  Because she held his hand at Martha’s reading?  This has been the slow build all season to the fact that they are definitely comfortable with one another, they absolutely care about (LOVE) one another, but nothing else is happening!   That’s why it’s frustrating.

We only have 3 more episodes starting March 19th.  In one of these episodes, the secrets have to come out.  I don’t know if it will be Castle’s or Beckett’s or both.  But something has to happen.  I think at Paley Fest this week, Andrew Marlowe indicated that this was a season of secrets and the consequences of those secrets.  So that tells me something will be revealed before the season is up.  Also the number one question was is it time for Castle and Beckett to get together to which Stana Katic replied a resounding YES!  I knew I liked her!  Marlowe also reminded us that there are also a lot of interesting storylines to tell AFTER they get together.  Which tells me that it is going to happen at some point soon.  The secret thing has to blow up first, but I have a feeling that next season (Season 5) will be the moment they finally get together!  I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s my hunch.  But the waiting is brutal!!!!!

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REVIEW: Castle “Pandora and Linchpin” S4 E15 & 16

I haven’t done a Castle post in a while.  And while it’s one of my favorite shows on TV, I don’t think it warrants a review every week.   But whenever they do these two parters, it’s usually time for a post.

In the past, Castle has been exceptional when it comes to these two-part episodes.  While this one had moments of genius, it was just ok.  It wasn’t bad by any stretch.  Just, ok.  And maybe it’s because I’m so used to such a high level of storytelling, that when it’s average, it feels worse than it actually is.

First off, the case seemed soooooo far-fetched.  I know it’s a TV show and I know I need to suspend disbelief. I get all that.  But killing a little girl in the hopes it will set off WWIII and it was all set it motion by a CIA agent that was former KGB?  Yeah right.  The CIA would have known she was KGB and would NEVER have allowed her to become an agent.   I’m sorry but my suspension only goes so far.  I wasn’t surprised in the least that Sophia (played by Jennifer Beals) was the one behind everything.  My husband called it right away.  But I just thought she was going to be a bad agent…not former KGB!!!  Please!!!  Ok, enough on that.

While I love Ryan and Esposito beyond all comprehension, why were they giving Beckett crap about keeping details from them.   I understand they’re a team.  I understand they always work together and share everything.  But come on.  Beckett is your supervisor.  If she tells you can’t tell you something, you know she must have a solid reason.  And Ryan and Esposito have to be smarter than that….I know they are.  Why were the writers writing them to be so oblivious?  They knew the chief of detectives allowed Beckett and Castle to be discreet with this mission (to the point that they couldn’t even tell Beckett’s boss.)   So put two and two together to figure out that this is probably a FBI or CIA issue and back off.   They know Beckett would never keep anything from them unless she had to, so why give her grief?  And I know Espo was pissed that Castle knew and he didn’t but, they go everywhere together so it’s possible Castle was with Beckett at the time she was brought into this secret mission therefore he had to be brought in as well.  Again, put two and two together!  It drove me crazy.

Finally, Beckett and Castle.  I hate to say this but I am now at my wit’s end.  I’ve had enough.  We have had so many episodes this season where they have acted like a couple towards one another without actually being a couple.  If the writers are going to have them act like a couple, THEN MAKE THEM A COUPLE!!!!!!    Sorry to shout but I am so mad about this!   At first I was annoyed by Beckett’s jealousy.   Then, I backed off because I understood it.  But then it bugged me again.

When Beckett saw the chemistry between Sophia and Rick and learned that she was his inspiration for the CIA agent in the Derek Storm books, I think she felt like she was just another “muse” in a long line of muses that Rick would charm to get his story.   Was she really as special as she thought she was?  It makes perfect sense that she would question this and that she would take a step back and start to question not only his feelings for her but her feelings for him.  Kate is always so guarded and while we have been seeing those walls coming down over the last 2 seasons, I started to see them race back up again with every interaction with Sophia.   But I think Castle noticed this and tried as hard as he could to assure her that his relationship with her (meaning Kate) is much different from his was with Sophia.  But the question is, if you are always going to be jealous every time another woman is around Rick or has a past with Rick, then why not tell him how you really feel so he can assure you of his feelings for you?  I understand Kate’s apprehension but it’s starting to get to the point where you need to make a decision or move on.  Either decide to be with him and be a jealous as you want, or decide not to be with him and back off.

What has got me at my wit’s end is the fact that there have been how many times that either Castle or Beckett or Castle and Beckett are in life or death situations and they STILL have yet to say how they feel about one another.  How many times can the show go there?   The show is getting into Bones territory now.  The writers need to do something with Castle and Beckett.  Either do something to break them up forever or do what the fans want and get them together.  Otherwise you are insulting your fans by constantly having these intense situations where nothing happens to move Castle and Beckett forward.

Have to say, the one thing this show always does well is the edge of your seat moments with Castle and Beckett.  Even though I know neither character is dying, I am still gripping the edge of my couch with white knuckles during those scenes.  From the car was going further and further down into the water to Beckett frantically trying to unbuckle her seatbelt.   From Castle trying to find Beckett’s gun to the water slowly filling up the car.  It was incredible.  I know they aren’t dying but I couldn’t help but think “how the hell are they getting out of this?”  I loved it.  This show does very well with tension.   I also like the idea of Alexis doing more than just school and hanging out at home.  I love her being Lainey’s intern.  It bring both actresses to the forefront in a different light.  So I would like to see that continue in subsequent episodes.

So what are you thinking Castle fans?    Are you as annoyed as I am or are you still on board with the direction of Castle and Beckett?

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REVIEW: Castle “Til Death Do Us Part” S4 E11

I know this picture has nothing to do with episode 11 but I had to include it.  I am a HUGE dog person and his shot was so cute and so sweet that I just had to post it.  It’s from the upcoming episode “An Embarrassment of Bitches.”  I hope it’s a permanent thing that Beckett keeps him.  I’m going to assume it’s a him because both of my dogs are boys.  If Katic and Fillion are dog people, this episode looked like it was a lot of fun to shoot.

I’m including this picture for one reason and one reason only…Kate Beckett has the BEST coats.  She always has on these classic, stunning coats.   I love them.  So I had to post this!

Anyway, back to the episode at hand!  I don’t have a whole lot to say about this episode other than it was a great episode.  Classic Castle.  You have Ryan and Jenny’s wedding which we have been building to for a season.  And kudos to the writers.  Usually a couple gets engaged on TV and 8 weeks later they’re getting married.  This really was about 1 year from when they got engaged so it made perfect sense! I loved seeing Ryan trying to keep his cool while doing the cleanse.  Really, why would anyone do that?   But I would have attacked Esposito as well for that doughnut if I hadn’t eaten in over a week.  I don’t know how the man kept it together as well as he did.

I will say though, I completely disagreed with Esposito and Castle wanting to tell Ryan about Jenny and the victim.  I was with Beckett on this.  What good would it do to drudge up something that was years old.  All it could do is hurt him and he and Jenny are happy so leave it alone.  Esposito did decide to tell him anyway (after wisely giving Ryan some Moo Shoo Pork) and it ended up not fasing Ryan at all because he and Jenny already talked about it.  Whew.  I would have been really upset if that broke them up or canceled the wedding or whatever.  I still disagree with them though!

I’m not sure why Esposito and Lainey broke up in the first place, but it appears that the feelings haven’t 100% died down yet.  Esposito was determined to find out who Lainey’s “plus 1” was for Ryan and Jenny’s wedding and when he saw he was a doctor who played basketball for Kentucky, he knew he needed to step up.  Turns out Lainey’s “date” was her gay friend’s boyfriend to make Esposito jealous, as was Esposito’s date who ended up being his cousin who played for the NY Liberty.  Awesome!  Esposito commented on how beautiful Lainey looked (which she did) and escorted her down the aisle.  Damn they are cute.

The case was interesting.  A Giglio who ended up dead.  Originally everyone thought it was a lady who was scorned by him but it turns out it was all business when a woman found out that the victim was sleeping with women connected to her firm to get dirt on the company to take them down.   So he had to die at her hands.  Many kudos to the writers because I was sure it was going to be Jamie Ray Neuman.  Usually the famous guest start is guilty but this time, it wasn’t the case!

Finally we have Kate and Rick.  More cute glances.  More sweet conversations about “if we were getting married, would you want to know my number?”  It was adorable and it was typical.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Guys, we have got to do something here with these two.  Please!  If you aren’t going to put two people together who are clearly in love with one another, then don’t even go there with the flirting.  I said this in my review of “Cuffed”…I know the goal is to eventually get them together, but in a little while.  Then why torture us with those moments?  It’s not like we need reminding that they love each other.  We don’t.  We know it.  They know it.  You know it too!  So if you want to wait, fine.  I’ll wait and be patient.  But this makes it harder and every episode where you do this, it becomes more and more unbelievable why they are apart.

I am so happy Castle is back from break.  Did you miss it?  I did.  Hopefully we have a long string of episodes before the last break before the end of the season.  I think we will.  Did you like “Til Death Do Us Part?”  And what are your thoughts on Castle and Beckett at this point?  Are you getting annoyed yet or are you still ok?

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QUICK REVIEW: Castle “Cuffed” S4 E10

“But next time, let’s do it without the Tiger.”   Oh come on already!!!!!   Will you two just get it on for the love of St. Peter!!!   Seriously though, how great was that line and that look Kate gave Rick as she walked out of the cop shop?   And then Rick’s reaction to her statement and look was priceless.  I love it, but I am starting to get annoyed by it.

I really think the show needs to back off the over the top flirtation and innuendo with Kate and Rick.  We know how they feel about one another.  We know they want to be together but just can’t admit it yet.  For me, when the writers do that sort of thing, it makes it worse for me.  It just makes me want to scream at my TV to just finally admit to one another what EVERYONE already knows.  It’s almost like they have this need to constantly remind us of their chemistry and sexual tension.   Here’s a breaking news alert….we already know!!!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% on board with Kate and Rick and how Andrew Marlowe has managed them up to this point.    But to be completely honest, I am starting to get perturbed at these teasers.  As a Caskett fan base, we don’t need to be reminded of how they feel about one another.  And when you have those moments, like at the end of the episode, it just infuriates me.  It’s like dangling a bunch of Big Macs to people at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting.   Ok so that was the part of the show that bothered me.   I am moving on now.

You know what I loved?  The humor and witty lines in this episode.   They were so good that I have to wonder how much of it was ad-libbed vs. how much was scripted.   From the old woman saying she would shoot the pretty one first and Ryan and Esposito trying to figure out which one she is talking about, to my two favorite Beckett/Castle exchanges…”how do you run in these things” (pertaining to her high heels) and Beckett telling Castle “you better not be enjoying this” (when bending behind her to help her push the trunk) to his reply of “I’ll let you know in a few minutes.”  There were some great ones last night.  I have to say, I’m so glad Castle asked Beckett about her heels because how many times have we seen cop shows where a female cop is in high heels.  It’s so true!!!

I liked the flow of “Cuffed” because it was a little different.  You see Beckett and Castle handcuffed and in what looks like an abandoned house trying to figure out how they got there and what happened to them.  So through their memories and them trying to trace back their steps, we see the case unfold.  As it turns out, they stumbled upon an illegal endangered species black market operation and therefore they were captured.  At first they thought they stumbled upon a human trafficking situation.  But they were quickly corrected when they broke down the wall next to them to find a Bengal Tiger in the next room.  Yikes!   Needless to say, the tiger was pretty hungry a quickly making mince meat out of the wall to come after Beckett and Castle.  But our favorite dynamic duo/bromance comes to save the day and rescue Beckett and Castle from the famished cat.

Overall, it was a fun episode with some great lines and fantastic banter.   I must say though, I really don’t like the new captain.  She’s awful.  Every time there is an issue, she always jumps to the conclusion that it’s Castle’s fault.  And she still has yet to credit him for all the good he does for the department.  On top of which, she has no faith in her people and has to institute new rules so she can feel more in control.  To be fair, it’s not a bad idea that she came up with because this at least the second time that Beckett and Castle were trapped somewhere and needed to be rescued.  On top of it, no one had any idea where they were at.  So in terms of her team’s safety, it’s a good idea.   But it’s her intentions that I question.  Maybe because I haven’t seen a compassionate side of her and only the ambitious side, that I don’t buy she did this out of concern, but more out of control.  Either way, I’m not a fan of hers at all.

So what did you think of last nights episode?  I love these witty, light-hearted episode (especially after a heavy one like last weeks.)  This is the mid-season finale so we probably won’t see Castle back until mid-January.  Which sucks!!!


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QUICK REVIEW: Castle..Kate’s Psyche and Her Future

I love that we are getting deeper into Kate’s psyche this year.  Castle has always had Martha and Alexis (more so Martha) to come home to and let out his inner most thoughts.  We could really get to see what was making Castle tick.   But not so much with Beckett.  There was always logical assumptions you could make based on things you’ve seen but we never heard it straight from her because she doesn’t have a sounding board.  It was kind of the reason I wished the show would have brought her father into the picture more or develop the friendship with Laney more, so that Kate could have someone to go to and let everything out.  At least with the therapy session, you get that to some degree.

So what are we learning in Kate’s therapy sessions?   For starters at the beginning of the season, she confirmed what everyone already knew, that she was very aware of what happened on the day she was shot and that Castle confessed his love to her.  We’ve learned she is coming to terms with her own feelings for Castle. But probably the biggest thing that has come out is what happened last week, after that tremendous episode, and that is that she realizes she wants her life to be different and she wants to be different from the way she is now and she’s ready to do something about it.

Before, Kate had always defined herself through choices she made that everything to do with solving her mother’s murder.  Because in her mind, if she doesn’t solve this, she will be disappointing her mother and letting her down.  So she shut everything and everyone else out in her life to focus on this and her career.  Well what’s changed?   Rick Castle.  This is the ultimate admission to herself of her feelings for this man.  For 30 some years, she has lived her life one way.  Now, with meeting Castle, falling in love with him,  and this case almost literally killing her, she is ready to make a change.   THAT’S HUGE!   It’s a major milestone for Kate.  She is ready to let go of the anger, of the hurt, of the pain, of the intensity, and allow herself to let someone into her life that she loves and that she can share her life with.  It’s incredible.  Because before, this wasn’t happening until she solved the case.  But now, I think she realizes, what the hell is she waiting for?  How much longer is she willing to put her life on hold for the sake of this case?    The one thing I’m surprised the therapist hasn’t said to her yet is that there is no way that this is the way your mother would want you to be living your life.  While I’m sure she would appreciate and be so proud of everything Kate has done, she would want her daughter to have a life outside of work and to share it with someone deserving of her.  But it looks as though Kate came to that realization on her own without her doctor needing to go there.  The real question now becomes, what does she do with this new revelation?  Does she still keep it to herself until she has a few more sessions?  Does she tell Castle?   Does she take some small steps to make subtle changes in her life?   I’m not sure in which direction she’ll head first, but I am so excited to see this journey for her.

But you know what’s hanging out there ready to put a whole big pile of stink in middle of all this bliss?  The fact that Castle is looking into this on his own and making deals behind her back to keep her safe!   My big fear is that Kate will have this new-found relief of guilt and pressure from her mother’s case and she will be working in therapy to let this all go.  And just when she’s at that point, Castle will reveal (or worse she’ll find out on her own) something that could lead to a resolution and she’ll get sucked right back in while at the same time go completely ballistic that he did this behind her back.   That’s my big fear.   Because that could drive a wedge so far between them, it could do damage for a while.  So I hope the writers are VERY careful with this storyline.  But I can’t wait to see where it goes!

I also have to quickly mention that I was ready to hug and kiss Esposito last week.   Everyone knows how much I love Ryan and Esposito and that I think they are the unsung awesomeness of the show.   But Jon Huertas was off the chart fabulous.  We’ve now seen multiple episodes where you see Beckett’s relationship with Ryan and Beckett’s relationship with Esposito separate from her relationship with both them.   Those three are so tight and I believe they would run through fire for each other.  Aside from Beckett and Castle and Ryan and Esposito, Beckett’s relationships with each of them and both of them are my next favorite because they have been developed so well.  I couldn’t stop tearing up watching that scene when he showed her the rifle that shot her.  You could see how painful that was for her and he was so respectful and gentle but so determined and strong at the same time.  What an amazing scene.  And hats off Jon…you rocked it!!!!

So what do you think about Kate and where is character is heading after the big therapy session?


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REVIEW: Castle “Cops and Robbers” S4 E7

While I LOVED this episode of Castle, I am going to gripe about the show a little bit.   But let’s get into the good stuff first.

Stana Katic is a rock star!   She really knocked it out of the park in this episode.  I always appreciate an actor who can say so much with just a look or an expression.   It’s very subtle but it says so much.  And this episode was full of looks that said a million words…when Kate saw Alexis, when Kate came in as the paramedic and she and Castle saw one another, when she finally saw that he was ok.  It was awesome.

One thing I think Castle is good at is building tension even when you know there isn’t any there.  For example, is there anyone here who thought Castle was going to die?  No.  But even though we knew it wasn’t happening, I still thought the show did an excellent job with the tension of not knowing what was going to happen.  The way I look at it is that while we as the audience know nothing will happen to Castle, the other characters, don’t know that.  And we go through their anxiety with them.  That’s why this cast is so excellent.   Castle, Martha, Alexis, Kate all had me fearing for Castle and Martha because their fear was palpable.  So overall, I found the episode to be exciting and edge-of-your-seat thrilling because the cast made it so.

I have to say that my husband called it right away.  As soon as he saw “Sal”  aka Rob in the group and acting the way he was acting, he said he was involved.  He even said, I bet he’s the brains behind it all.  At first I thought he was right but when he had the seizure, I thought we were over thinking it.  But I married a very smart man people, and he was right all along.  But even though he saw that he was involved, we still couldn’t see how or why.  Neither could Beckett and the boys.   There was a safe deposit box that had letters and pictures in it (who cares right?)    You had the owners of the boxes who were dead.  You had robbers who weren’t after any money at all and didn’t seem to have a stake in the robbery.  You had an assumed dead wife and son who weren’t dead after all.  It was bizarre to say the least.

In the end it was all clear (thanks to Castle, Beckett, and the boys) that the older couple were the in-laws of Rob.  The presumed dead wife and son were Rob’s and they faked their death because he was beating them.   She communicated with her parents through the safe deposit box because it was safer.   But Rob figured this all out, planned the robbery to get the location of his wife and son, and planned to find them and take Conner, his son, away from his wife.  They were able to track down Rob and stop him before he hurt his wife and took his son away.  Yeah!

I loved how Kate was handled in this episode.  Here is a very confident, strong, intelligent woman completely out of her element when the lead robber (Dr. Trapper John) wanted to communicate only with her.  By the way, I love how all the robbers were TV characters (Dr Huxtable, Dr Howser, and Dr Quinn..fabulous!)   But Kate has no training in hostage negotiation and the safety of these people comes down to her.  You could see it all over her face, how much this was weighing on her.  As usual, she did an excellent job of keeping her cool and managing the situation to the best of her ability.  Plus, she was able to bring her homicide, investigative intuition into the mix to really figure what was going on in that this wasn’t your typical bank robbery/hostage situation.  Her best moment came when she went toe to toe with Trapper John regarding the bus he wanted in exchange for Castle’s life.  She flat-out told him that the bus will be there in 15 minutes and if he shoots Castle, she will personally put a bullet in his head.   “That’s one why to negotiate” the Captain said.  Ha!   She was perfect.

The best moment though had to be when Kate finally gets into the bank (after an unexpected explosion) and she sees that all the hostages (but most importantly Castle) are all alive and ok.   She has a smile on her face that could light up the entire state of Alaska at winter time.  They couldn’t stop looking at one another and smiling, that is until Martha reminded her that there are other people who would like to be freed from their handcuffs as well.  Oh Martha, why did you interrupt such a beautiful moment!   It’s ok, I love her.

This leads into the gripe area of my post.   While I love these episodes and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these episodes, this is where Andrew Marlowe will start to put Castle and Beckett in the same situation as Booth and Brennan on Bones.  If you put two people who love each other but haven’t admitted it to one another yet (yes I know Castle did and Kate knows it but work with me here) in these life or death situations over and over again and they DON’T say anything, it starts to become ridiculous.   I worry that a few more episodes like this and that is the situation we will find ourselves in.  After what happened, how does Castle or Beckett not say something?   Life is short.   With their professions, they could get hurt or killed at any moment.  Granted most novelists aren’t in danger but due to Castle wanting to do research with the NYPD, he has put himself in a dangerous situation.  But how does Kate and Rick not mention anything to the other at all.   Plus, it is SOOOOOO obvious to everyone else, that it does border on the absurd.   That is my only fear about the show right now.  And at some point, to not anger fans or get them in the frustration range of Booth and Brennan, if you are going to continue with these life and death type episodes, something has to give.   I’m still ok with where this is going, but last night was the first time I started to get slightly frustrated.  I plead with Andrew Marlowe to keep the frustration to a minimum.  Other than that, fabulous episode!

What did you think Castle fans?   Are you starting to get frustrated or are you still ok with the Castle Beckett direction?   And what did you think of Cops and Robbers?  Sound off below!


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