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SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: Veep “Fundraiser” – Pilot S1 E1

This will be a quick one because I HAVE to get back to work! Veep was awesome and I laughed constantly. Veep stars Julia Louis Dreyfus as a former Senator turned V-POTUS Selina Meyer. She is just starting to get used to her new position (she has her own flag you know!) and trying to focus on a Clean Job Commission that is causing quite a few headaches for her new staff: Chief of Staff, Amy (played by Anna Chlumsky), Director of Communications, Mike (played by Matt Walsh), Personal Aide, Gary (played by Tony Hale), recently poached Strategist, Dan (played by Reid Scott), Executive Assistant, Sue (played by Sufe Bradshaw) and annoying White House liaison, Jonah (played by Timothy Simons.)

Veep was laugh out loud funny, very witty, well paced, and extremely well cast. The thing that caught me most off guard was hearing ladies like JLD and Kate Burton dropping F-bombs during the episode! I’m so used to seeing both ladies on network TV so of course that language isn’t permissible. But I have to remember that they’re on HBO so they were letting it rip. JLD was in rare form and I mean that in a good way. She is incredibly funny and her timing is fantastic. I loved when she came out of a meeting after learning that Amy, who was supposed to sign Selena’s name on a card for a Senator who just passed away, signed her own name instead. Selena freaked out, sent coffee flying through the office, and scolded her people to get the card and fix it. She then calmed down and went right back in her meeting. The cast chemistry right out of the gate is really strong. You would think they’ve been working together for 4 seasons…that’s how well they were clicking. This is quickly going to become one of my must see TV shows, I can tell already!

I love TV shows about the White House and politics because I find it fascinating. And I really love when they are comedies. Mostly because politics and the status of our country is no laughing matter. It’s serious stuff. So I find the more serious the topic (in the right context) the funnier it can be. And that’s what you have with Veep.

Veep airs 10am on Sundays on HBO right after Game of Thrones (review on that coming soon.) You must check it out because it’s absolutely terrific!!! Again, sorry for the short recap but duty calls!

And by the way, did the President call? No? Ok.

DVRs: 3 1/2


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SERIES REVIEW: Best Friends Forever

I am so mad.  It’s times like these I can’t see straight with anger and my husband needs to remind me that it’s only a TV show.  But I am furious because it looks like this show isn’t going to make it to next season and this show is AWESOME!!   BFF tells the story of Jessica and Lennon, two BFFs from college who mean the world to one another.

Jessica’s husband is an ass, to put it mildly.  He cheated on her and then served her divorce papers (while Jess was Skyping with Lennon.)   She is devastated so Lennon tells her to come home and stay with her.  Jess flies right back to NYC.  Complicating matters, while Jess is moving back into her old apartment with Lenn, Lenn and her boyfriend Joe have just recently moved in together.  Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

I really feel bad for Lennon.  She’s caught in the middle of wanting to be there for her best friend yet still being respectful to this life she is building with Joe.  The scene that best captures this is when they are watching Steel Magnolias (I love that movie!)  Joe is trying to be supportive by watching this movie he could care less about and immediately becomes my husband in the scene.  My husband is famous for walking in on me watching a show or a movie and start asking 50 thousand questions about what I’m watching distracting me from the show.  It drives me crazy.  And it starts to drive Jess crazy when Joe does this.  She asks him to stop interrupting their favorite movie, when Joe corrects her and says that Braveheart is actually her favorite movie.   They both look at her.  “Well I have a favorite movie with you and I have a favorite movie with you!”  Well handled Lennon!

The thing I love most about the show, and what I love most about all good comedies, is that this show has heart.  This isn’t just making up stupid crazy situations to put people to try to make an audience laugh.  This is a show about when bad things happen, you need the support of your friends to get you through it.  It’s about learning to compromise and how to adapt to new situations for the people you love.  Jess and Lennon are a little strange.  I love that!  They are odd and quirky but so relatable and funny.  I completely believe they are BFFs.  They would do anything for each other.  From Lennon asking Rav to put on this elaborate scheme to make Jess feel better about herself, to Jess asking around about Joe to make sure he’s right for Lenn.  From Lennon chasing Jessica’s ex-husband away and screaming at him to leave her alone, to Jess questioning Lennon to see where she stands on marriage since she thinks Joe is about to propose.

BFF is well written, the cast chemistry is fantastic, and it will make you laugh and tear up.  The scene where Jess is taking a bath and Lenn wants to get her out because Joe needs to do a twosie, is hysterical.  Eventually the girls start fighting and Joe is torn as to whether or not he should go in and help.  He decides to go in and just as he does, Jess pulls Lenn into the tub with her while they are still fighting and Joe laments “this isn’t as hot as I thought it would be.”

I can’t stress enough why you should watch this show.  If freaking Rules of Engagement can last 3 or 4 seasons (and that show is dreadful) then this show should last 5-6.  You need to watch this show!!!!  I can’t believe a show like Whitney will be back next season but this show won’t.  Again, bad timing and lack of promotion will doom a show before it starts.  If NBC “LOVES” this show as much as it says it does, then why did it treat the cast and crew like crap and premiere it when it did?   See my TV Rant post for more on the scheduling debacle in network TV these days.  But I am so pissed off that this show doesn’t have a chance but other crap shows do.   So enjoy this show while you can because it’s terrific!

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REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “No Pressure” S7 E16

Are we seriously going down this road again?  This is 100% my FAVORITE comedy on TV but I am so mad at it right now.  Why are we going down the Ted and Robin road again?  This is such a “been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt, stared in the movie” storyline that I really don’t know the point.  Not to mention it feels as though this is coming out of left field.   Seriously, when did Ted all of a sudden start loving Robin again?  We know they don’t end up together, so why are we wasting episodes on this “love affair” that has no chance of surviving?????!!!!!!!

That’s how I felt after last week’s episode “The Drunk Train” which I didn’t get a chance to comment on.  I was seriously pissed off people, let me tell you.  But after last night’s episode, I think I finally get why that happened last week.   This has nothing to do with Ted and Robin, but will set up something (not sure what) even bigger that’s to come.

Remember back to the episode “Ducky Tie”?   This was the episode where Victoria the cupcake maker (played by Ashley Williams) returns and we learn some very interesting details.  Turns out, while they were trying to see if there were still feelings between them, (there weren’t because Victoria’s getting married) Victoria pointed out the one thing that is keeping Ted from true happiness…Robin.  First Victoria tells him that it’s weird that she dated both him and Barney.  Second, she tells him it’s even more strange that they are all still best friends and hang out all the time.  Finally she tells him that she always felt in competition with Robin and that Robin is the reason she, and other girls most likely, didn’t work out with Ted.  At the end of that episode, Future Ted admits that Victoria was right.  The three of them hanging out wasn’t going to work out.  Now if you have read some of my other HIMYM posts, you know I have been very concerned about this.   Looking at this comment in the “glass half full” realm, I would say, it isn’t going to work out because Robin and Barney eventually get together.  (Also that’s what I REAAAAAALY want to have happen.)  “Glass half empty” view, I think it means either Robin or Barney eventually split from the group.  I can’t imagine Carter Bays or anyone else from this show going with the later.  So let’s just say I’m panicking and need about 24 Sam Adams to calm me down.

“No Pressure” was the episode that I think finally and firmly shuts the door on Ted and Robin.  After last week, I was so worried this going down a completely different path….and one I wasn’t thrilled about AT ALL.  But I really need to learn to trust these writers more.  They’ve done it to me several times now where I take something at face value and make a judgement and don’t give it time to develop.  I am going to stop doing that now.   Well, maybe not but I’m going to try really really hard.  I thought this whole Ted and Robin this was coming out of nowhere because I thought Ted had already moved past Robin.  But if you look at the history (and the show did I nice job of going down memory lane over the last 6 seasons) Robin was always Ted’s constant (Lost reference!!!)   She was The One for Ted.  And I think, even though they were very different people who wanted very different things, they still loved each other.  Unfortunately, it’s more the way you love a BFF and not a soul mate.  Deep down, I think Ted knew that all along but he needed one more chance to make sure.  I think Robin needed to hit him over the head with an “I don’t love you” like she did last night, for Ted to finally move on.  Once she did, Ted was making a clean break when Robin suggested that they still keep their “if you’re 40 and still single, we’ll get married” deal going and he said no.  If it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.  He won’t settle and she shouldn’t either.  Ted annoys the crap out of me most of the time, but when it comes to episodes like this, he’s fantastically great.  Both Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders had amazing scenes together and they were spot on heartbreaking in their performances.    Ultimately, I think Robin is going to be the cause of Ted’s true happiness.   Because even thought Robin isn’t Ted’s “The One,” I think she will be the bridge to Ted meeting The True One.  Look at it this way.  Robin brought Ted to a stream with a broken down bridge over it.  On one side is Ted and other, Robin.  The bridge to Robin is unstable and dangerous.  Basically if Ted tries to cross this bridge, he’s a dead man.  But Robin is on the side of love and happiness.  And while Ted always thought it was Robin he was crossing the bridge to get to, it wasn’t.  She’s there to help him cross to get to the person he is truly meant to be with.  First she had to destroy the bridge (Ted: “Do you love me Robin?”  Robin: “No.”)   BAM!   Bridge destroyed.  Then she is going to help build a stronger bridge which she will help him cross to reach little miss yellow umbrella (like her wedding to Barney perhaps?)   Time will tell on how Robin will build that bridge and help Ted get there.  But I know she will.

I need to touch on Marshall and Lily.  First, Marshall was fantastic in this episode.  He truly showed what it means to be a best friend by going to Robin and asking her to move out so she doesn’t keep breaking Ted’s heart day after day.  Also being the good friend she is, Robin says she understands and starts packing.  Very cool Marshall, having Ted’s back like that!   But you know who’s been really disappointing?   Lily.   What the hell has happened to her character?    Lily was always the core, the foundation of the group.  When someone was about to do something insane, it was always Lily who brought them back down to Earth.  Lily was always people’s champion.  She was always in everyone’s corner.  While the long-term bets on the friends was great, I couldn’t stand how she was trying to sabotage Ted and Robin so she could win a bet.  Who does that?   And I never in a million years, thought Lily would do something like that.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy thing, but Lily has really gotten annoying lately.  From the party she was throwing a few weeks ago to trying to destroy her friend’s happiness for the sake of a bet, Lily isn’t the Lily I have grown to love over the years.   The Lily I know would have sat Ted down and then sat Robin down and talked them through what they were feeling.  She would have been there to support both of them.   She wouldn’t have done things to wreck a potential relationship.  It also makes wonder if the “where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years” talk was really set up to help them or to win her bet.  I’m not going to lie, it knocked her down a few pegs in my eyes.

While I’m 99.9% certain Ted and Robin are done, those dame writers had to leave a slight crack in the vault door open.  During the episode when the bet was that Ted and Stella wouldn’t get married, Marshall kept asking Lily to pay up and she would say, “not yet” at different stages of their relationship.  When Stella finally bailed on Ted, Lilly finally paid up.  In the final scene, when Lily told Marshall to pay up on Ted and Robin, he says to her “not yet.”   Oh Lord.   WHHHHHHHY?  They’re done, over, finished, caput, kaplooee, bridge destroyed!!!  In all seriousness, I wonder what that statement means.

I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would after last week.  But there are a few things I would like more substantiation from…Ted and Robin being officially done (which I think is the case even thought Marshall made that comment), Robin and Barney…are they going to get together or not, and Ted’s wife.   It’s 7 seasons.  It’s time to meet her.


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SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW: Are You There, Chelsea? “Pilot” S1 E1

Right now, I am 0-3 with liking new comedy pilots.  This is show is #3.  Are You There, Chelsea stars Laura Prepon as Chelsea and Chelsea Handler as her sister Sophie.  Chelsea seems to be a very self-centered, drunk, slut.  Which can make for some pretty good comedy!   She works in a bar and it’s the story of her relationships with her family and friends and a young woman trying to find herself and her place in the world.

I actually think this show has promise, I just think it’s horribly miscast.  I know people are going to set my house on fire with my next comment, but, I don’t find Laura Prepon funny or attractive.  She is one actress I just don’t get.  I don’t understand all the fuss about her.  I always thought she was the weakest person in That 70s Show.  I didn’t hate her as Nikki Heat on Castle.  To be fair, I thought she was pretty good.  But she wasn’t good on October Road.  She just always seems to be overshadowed by the usually funnier and stronger cast surrounding her.  The same could be said here.   And I think the biggest disservice to Prepon is having Chelsea Handler in the cast.

Handler is flipping hysterical.  Her delivery is spot on and she is ridiculously witty.  But every time she is on-screen, I’m reminded how so far out of her league Prepon is, comedically.  All I keep thinking is “Gosh, I wish Handler was playing herself because this show would be much better.”   Handler outshines Prepon with every scene she is in.  I understand why Handler isn’t playing herself, because a younger actress is better suited for the way this show was constructed.  But then, cast someone else other than Handler so we aren’t reminded each time she’s on-screen how much stronger the show would be if she was the lead.  Or, if you want a sitcom with Handler, do a show appropriate to her age so you can feature her and have Prepon in a supporting role.  For me, that is going to be the show’s biggest down fall.

My favorites so far have been Olivia (Ali Wong) and Dee Dee (Lauren Lapkus.)  Although, I can see Dee Dee really working your nerves if she’s on too much.  But in the pilot, she was used the perfect amount.  I think she’s subtly hilarious as Chelsea and Olivia’s new roommate.  I have to say, I like the fact that even though she is SOOOOOOO different from Chelsea and Olivia and incredibly dorky, they were never mean to her or nasty.  You can see them doing things to mess with her or talk down to her and they never did.  They give her some rolls of the eyes, which is understandable, but they seem to get along well, at least for now.  I also liked the bartender, Rick (Jake McDorman.)   He seemed the most down to the earth, but also a lot of fun.  There is a slight history (romantically) with him and Chelsea that hasn’t gone anywhere yet, but you can see it has potential.   Then there is her dad (Lenny Clarke.)  He was slightly annoying but I guess he could be ok.  My jury is still out on him.

I’m going to give this show a little more time.  I hope I can get past the Prepon/Handler issue, because the show has potential to be really funny and solid Wednesday comedy, but I don’t know if I can.  Time will tell.   What did you think?

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Oh boy.  The first new show I am going to review had to be a questionable one.  As I mentioned on my podcast, I was looking forward to checking out Work It because it reminded me of a show I loved as a kid….Bosom Buddies.   After watching Work It, I now realize why kids are dumb.

Work It follows the plight of Lee (played by Ben Koldyke) and Angel (played by Amaury Nolasco) who have been out of work for over a year and can’t find a job anywhere.  While getting slammed with a $900 bill from the doctor’s office (since his insurance ran out) he was trying to find another way to get a job.  At said doctor’s office, he overhears a woman talk about how her pharmaceutical firm is looking for sales people.  Unfortunately they are only looking for women.  Being a woman and knowing that there are still many instances where men get jobs over women and the pay scale still isn’t where it should be and there are still many “good old boys” out there, this is just out-of-bounds.  A firm who only wants attractive women because they believe that’s who the doctors want to sleep with?  Being in sales, I understand the doing anything to get the sale concept, but this is just wrong on MANY levels.

When Lee plans to sell his wife’s earrings to get the money for the doctor’s bill, he sees a dress hanging on her door and an idea comes to his head.   He dresses as a woman and goes for the job at the pharm firm.  He gets the job and immediately starts to make friends (kind of) with his new colleagues….Grace, the ultra competitive top sales person (played by Rebecca Mader), Kelly, the air head who likes to sleep with doctors (played by Kate Reinders) and Kristen the kook who, while really strange and out there, is very sweet and looking for a new book club buddy (played by Kirsten Eggers.)  Talk about stereotypical women in the work place…the bitch, the slut, and the ditz.  Boy this really does feel like watching a sitcom from the 80s.

Apparently, Lee and Angel made a deal that whoever got a job, would get the other job there as well.  And when Lee told Angel it wasn’t possible (but not why) Angel stormed away and told his friend is was basically a snob for not wanting him at his snobby pharm firm.  You have got to be kidding me.   You two have been out of work for over year.  The job market is atrocious.   So you are going to condemn your friend because he wasn’t able to get you a job (a job which you have no experience at)?   Last time I checked, Lee wasn’t in charge of hiring…Vanessa was.  So how can Angel make Lee feel bad?   Not to mention it was CLEAR that Lee was a sales person and has the experience and knowledge to win the job.  Angel doesn’t.  So how does Angel feel he is entitled to a job that he has no qualifications for in a competitive job market?   It was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen.

Eventually, Lee fessed up what he needed to do to land the job and Angel is all for doing the same thing.  He dresses up and interviews with Vanessa (played by Rochelle Aytes.)   He doesn’t get the job but because he is able to change Vanessa’s flat tire later on, she hires him.  I can’t even begin to tell you how insulting that is.   But whatever.  He gets the job, everyone celebrates (except Lee’s wife who seems like a real stick in the mud) and the premise for the series is set up.

This show is just one stereotype after another.  While I’m sure many people will be able to appreciate what the show is trying to do and can relate to the tough job market and the willingness to do whatever it takes to provide for your family, I think the majority of people out there, won’t like this show.  It’s so shallow on many levels.  I would have more sympathy for Lee’s family if his wife wasn’t so nasty to him and his daughter wasn’t a spoiled brat.   The only time we see her is when she is bitching about having to use a land line because she can’t have a cell phone anymore and then finally shows her dad some kindness when he gets her a phone back by the end of the episode.  Seems like Lee is the sole provider in the house so I find it a bit odd that the first thing he does after being out of work for a year is to make sure his brat of a daughter has a cell phone.   Surely there must be more pressing bills.

Having said all that, I will admit that there were times when I laughed.  When they all sat down to have lunch together and Lee breaks out a gut busting size hoagie while the other girls are eating salads, when his ace bandage came apart under his skirt and Lee tried to hold it together.  Nothing ground breaking but simple funny moments.  I think the hardest part to over come is how these two men look NOTHING like women.  At least they could have found someone maybe a little more slight in build and softer in features to be more believable as women.  And maybe that’s what the show runners want…two men who are so masculine and large that they think it makes it funnier.   I just think it makes all the characters around them less believable and less likable because it’s hard to believe anyone would be that dumb to buy Lee and Angel as women.

I might watch one or two more episodes to see if this show improves at all.  But it isn’t looking promising!

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RECAP & REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Symphony of Illumination” S7 E10

This is what I have always loved about this show.  The big sentimental moments always strike the perfect cord because I have fallen in love with these characters. And the actors knock it out of the park every time.   There are so many comedies that can’t pull off the serious episodes.   HIMYM has never been one of them because the cast is so terrific.  If you haven’t watched the episode yet, then stop reading now because you don’t want to be spoiled for this episode. But you better come back and finish reading the post!!!!!!

Just to quickly touch on the Marshall/Scott thing…it was funny and fine but since the other story in the show was so much bigger, I really don’t want to spend much time on this.  Marshall was looking to really decorate the new house (Clark Griswold style) and a kid in the neighbor came by to “help” him.  He trapped Marshall on the roof and used his house as his own personal party palace.  Nice little asshole.  It also led to a funny back and forth with Robin and Marshall about Manheim Steamroller vs. AC/DC for Christmas music!  But let’s get to what we really want to talk about, shall we?

Last week, we were left with a pretty big cliffhanger…Robin told Barney she was pregnant.  At first, I wasn’t’ thrilled about this turn of events.  But this will teach me to never doubt the writers of the show again.   Because this storyline is sooooo much better than I could have expected, even if it is much sadder.   There were many bombs dropped in the episode.  The first being that if Robin is pregnant (she hadn’t taken a test or seen the doctor…she was just late and she’s never late, which is a point of pride for her) the baby is Barney’s because she and Kevin hadn’t slept together yet.  Barney was pretty happy about this and pretty supportive.  But they agreed to keep it quiet until they knew for sure.

They go to the doctor and they get the news they were hoping for….Robin is not pregnant and a hugely funny dance ensues.  Later we see Robin celebrating with scotch and a cigar when the doctor calls and asks her to come back in.  At this point, I thought they were going to tell her they made a mistake and she really was pregnant, but a bigger twist happened….Robin was told she could never have children.  What was an even BIGGER twist, was Robin’s reaction.  She was devastated.  She decided not to tell anyone because of how they would treat her and react to the situation (and it was hilarious and so true at the same time!)  So Robin instead told them that she couldn’t be a pole vaulter and that’s why she is so upset.

When going with Lily to the baby store, Lily knows there is really something wrong with Robin and asks her again what has her so upset.  Robin proceeds to tell her about how she never wanted to be a pole vaulter, ever.  But now being told you don’t have the choice, you can’t be a pole vaulter vs. making the conscious choice to not be a pole vaulter is very different.  At least when it’s your choice, you can always change it should you want to.  When it’s not an option, the choice is taken away.  It was very emotional to watch because I’ve had so many friends either have issues with getting pregnant or told they can never have children.  It’s brutal.

Back at her apartment, Ted can also tell that something real is upsetting Robin and it has nothing to do with pole vaulting, but Robin refuses to tell him.  Ted tries to offer to have her go back to Cleveland with him for Christmas but she wants to be in New York.  He keeps pushing and she wants to know why and he tells her because it’s his job to make her feel better.  It’s moments like this I remember why I liked Ted after all (even if he has been a royal douche the last few seasons.)  It’s because that guy is a really good friend when it counts.  He is always there when one of them really needs him and I really respect that about his character.  When Robin thinks she’s all by herself for Christmas and comes back to the apartment, she can’t turn on the lights.  That’s because all the lights are tied into Christmas lights all over the apartment and all over a big tree with AC/DC blasting to the pattern of the blinking lights!  Ted comes out from the kitchen and tells Robin, he doesn’t need to know what’s wrong.  He just knows she needs to feel better and that will always be his job no matter what.  He will always take care of her.  She bursts into tears (as do I) and hugs him.

While all this was going on, Robin was talking to her future children (like future Ted does every episode.)  And she refers to Barney as their father the entire time she is talking to them…..interesting!!!   But what was even more telling (and sad) was that in the end, they were just a mirage.  They don’t exist.  Now I don’t know if that is foreshadowing on both fronts but it broke my heart.  You see Robin sitting by herself in a park staring off at a picture of a family that she will never have. On a side note, where the hell was Kevin?  In her voice over, you hear her talking about being alone at Christmas in NYC.  Why?   Shouldn’t Kevin have been with her?  It didn’t make any sense.

So what do you make of all this?  I still think that it means that Robin and Barney end up together.  But now I’m starting to think that is more my wishful thinking.   It’s also very possible that Robin doesn’t end up with anyone.  At the end of episode when future Ted is telling his kids about Robin, he talks about her professional accomplishments and how she travelled the world and even became a bull fighter (can’t wait to hear that story.)  But he never mentions a husband or family.  Does that mean Robin lives up to what she has always said?   That she doesn’t want to be married or have kids?  It’s very possible.   The writers have always made a point to make sure that we as an audience are reminded of that fact.  You can take it one of two ways….that it’s true and that’s what happens for Robin or she has never wanted it but she changes her mind and it happens anyway.  I’m not sure.  Now just because Ted didn’t mention a husband or family doesn’t mean that’s not how Robin’s life turns out.   I just found it interesting that it was not mentioned in his description of how her life is in the future.   I could be reading WAAAAY too much into it.  But this episode really gave us a lot to think about.  And I would like to give kudos to Josh Radnor and Colbie Smulders for amazing performances in this episode.

I really want to hear from you about this episode, so please inundate my comments section with your thoughts!


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QUICK REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “The Rebound Girl” S7 E11

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  But I will say, I soooooooooooooo did not see that coming.  Usually I can see it coming from a mile away.   But not this time.  And there were so many clues that I feel like a real idiot that I didn’t think of it before she said it….”I’m Pregnant.”   My husband, who’s usually better than I am at seeing this stuff, was as surprised as I was!   But am I happy with this storyline?   I don’t know.

On one hand, I think it’s great because here is the girl who never wanted to get married, never wanted to have children, now pregnant.  And it’s the classic, who’s the daddy (which we all know, it’s going to Barney’s.)   On the other hand, what a clichéd storyline…who’s the daddy and the unexpected pregnancy.  Not to mention, our resident couple Marshmellow and Lily Pad have been trying to have a baby for a while, I wish they could just have the pregnancy and birth without something like this hanging over it.  So I’m a little disappointed the writers went down this path.

I think most HIMYM fans want this to be Barney’s kid (at least from most of the comment sections I am reading on other sites seem to indicate that) and I would have to be in agreement.  I’ve said this before that I really like Kevin and Kal Penn on the show.  But ultimately, I think Robin and Barney are soul mates.  I thought it since their first bro night together.  So that’s where I’m hoping they’re headed.

There was a comment Carter Bays made that made me raise an eyebrow especially when in conjunction with an episode earlier in the season.  In an interview with, he said:

“I would say the wheels of fate are not done turning for these characters, and it’s definitely a big surprise, but there’s more to come,” Bays teases. “This little story isn’t over yet. I almost feel weird commenting on anything just yet because there are more revelations in store.” For one, says Bays, the question of the baby’s paternity will be “settled pretty quickly,” but there will also be developments that give way to “a bigger story.”

“New questions will arise and I feel like, this story, we are using this device a little bit to set the stage for a bigger story that is setting up the events of the rest of the series which, I guess we do a lot,” he says. “It’s a pretty tumultuous show. This in particular is going to lead to kind of a reshuffling of the group. Not necessarily in this next episode, but this episode will set things in motion for that.”

A reshuffling of the group?  What does that mean?  And remember when Ted and Victoria had their last hurrah and Victoria talked about his connection with Robin and how Ted, Robin, and Barney all hanging out together just isn’t healthy in a lot of ways?   Finally, there was the Bob Saget voice over saying how that would come to be true?   I’m not going to lie, I’m a little concerned.   What does all that mean?  Is the gang breaking up?  Is this season a set up for next (which could be the final season) and Marshall and Lily and Ted and his wife remain friends but Robin and Barney (whether together or apart) go their separate ways?   Because I can’t imagine a world where he gang isn’t together from now until the end of time!!!  I seriously don’t know what to think about all this and where this is going.   So I really want to hear from you and what you think this means.


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