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One of the top shows I’ve been waiting to hear about has finally been renewed…..YEAH!!!!!!    Here is the official list so far:

  • Parenthood
  • 30 Rock
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Up All Night
  • Community
  • Whitney

Parenthood was a 15 episode order (really this show should be at 22 but beggars can’t be choosers.)  Community was a 13 episode order and likewise Up All Night and Whitney will be 13 as well (but it’s not official.)  And Parks and Rec was given a full 22 episode order….sweet!!!

I’m stunned Whitney was renewed.  Actually it’s not so much the renewal as much as the amount of people who watch it being enough for a renewal.  I haven’t met one person who has liked that show.  I haven’t read one article, blog or listened to one podcast where someone thought Whitney was a good show.  Who the hell is watching it?

I’m just happy Parenthood, Parks and Rec, Community and 30 Rock are all coming back.  30 Rock, while tired and past its prime, should go out on its own terms and I’m glad it has the chance for a final season.


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Upfront Buzz: NBC: 30 Rock, Community, Parks and Rec Renewed….Kind Of!

We are less than a week away from network upfronts.  Up first…NBC.

Ok, now all of you need to stop laughing right now.  I know NBC has had it rough the last several years but each year I have faith the peacock network will break out of its shell.  It may have done it this year if it premiered Bent and Best Friends Forever and Smash in the fall instead of Free Agents, Whitney, and The Playboy Club.   But what are you going to do.   But that’s been NBC’s problem in my opinion…not having bad shows (although Free Agents was HORRIBLE) but picking the wrong shows to air fall vs. mid-season (or late season for BFF and Bent.)

So what is the early buzz?  Looks like 30 Rock will be back (according to but it will only be back for 13-14 episode and season seven will be its final season.  I think it’s time.  30 Rock was one of the best comedies on TV in its heyday.  But last season and surely this season have not been as strong.  It’s really a shadow of its former self.  But that happens and now it will have 13 or 14 episodes to go out the way it wants, which it deserves.

In the same note, Community and Parks and Rec look to also return next season with abbreviated seasons.  Although no word has come down whether or not these will be final seasons or not.  I hope not for either one but I can understand it for Community more so than Parks and Rec.  When Community is on, it’s the best comedy on TV.  It’s smart, witty, and very clever.  But when it’s off, it’s the worst comedy on TV.  It’s awful.  Unfortunately, Community still has too many of the awful episodes to make it a truly great show, in my opinion.

NBC has already picked up 1600 Penn, Go On, Save Me, Animal Practice, and The New Normal.   One thing I already like that NBC is doing, is ordering new and returning shows to shorter runs.  We already discussed 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Community and it appears as if all the new comedies will get 13 episode orders as well.  Unless something really hits it big, that’s all they are going to get.

I like this very much.  It will give NBC year round original programming and fewer gaps between new episodes since all the shows are on abbreviated schedules.  It’s actually a very good idea.  Since the Olympics are taking over NBC summer programming, NBC has decided to air most its new comedies, right after the Olympics in August.  It’s a big risk since most people are getting their last-minute vacations in before the fall and viewers aren’t really in “fall programming mode” yet, but it could be a risk with great rewards.  It will have the power of the Olympics to really pump their new programming.  If you are going to take that type of risk, why not use the viewing power of the Olympics to promote it?  It could work.

I’ve vented about programming before where I hate when shows are off the air for extended periods of time only to come back for one episode, then off for 2 weeks, then on for 2 weeks, then off for 3 weeks, then on for 2, then off for 2…it’s incredibly annoying!   So if NBC decides to give shorter schedules to show more original programming, I say kudos!   They would basically be managing their network scheduling as cable networks do with their original programming lasting 10-12 episodes a season.

What do you think of the early news from NBC?  Do you like where they are heading next season?  It’s certainly too early to tell but I think at this point, NBC has to try something, so why not?

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NBC Renews Three Shows!!!!

Some NBC comedies got a very nice St Patty’s Day present.   Community, Parks and Recreation, and The Office have all been renewed for the 2011-2012 season.  No huge shockers here but The Office is a teeny tiny bit surprising considering this will be the first season without Steve Carell.  I guess NBC wants to see how the show will fare without him.  Makes perfect sense, I just wasn’t sure NBC was willing to take that chance.  But since most of their shows are awful and not getting renewed, it makes sense that they would keep a solid show….Michael Scott or no Michael Scott.

I guess this may not be good news for Perfect Couple and Outsourced that these were not renewed with the other shows.   And bubble shows like Chuck, Parenthood, and The Event are still waiting to hear their fates which may not come until the official announcements in May.  I think Parenthood is safe, I think The Event is gone, and Chuck, as always, is a toss-up.  I hope Chuck comes back and you know what, each season it finds a way to squeeze itself into the lineup.   But who knows.

Check out the 2011/2012 Cancel/Renew post which is being updated…………NOW!


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Community Update

I have decided not to review Community anymore unless there is an episode that really stands out.  I have watched all 5 episodes and laughed about twice and both times were when Professor Ian Duncan (played by John Oliver) had the line.   That guy is hilarious!

But this season is WEAK.  It really went down hill from last year.   Instead being over the top like the simulator episode and Abed walking around like Jesus, can’t they just get back to them being students and highlight their quirkiness and friend dynamics?  I feel like that is completely gone.   It’s all this off the wall, not even close to realistic plot lines and I don’t enjoy it at all.    And according to the ratings, neither do the viewers.

Sorry Community fans!   Hopefully it will get back to the funniness of last season.

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RECAP: Community “Anthropology 101” S2 E1

Our Greenndale CCers are back.   With the way last season ended, I was curious to see how Jeff was going to handle Britta telling him she loved him and Annie kissing him.  And I was surprised how quickly both were resolved.  I expected the Britta “I love you” part to be addressed, but I thought Jeff and Annie’s kiss would be a secret for much longer than half an episode.   There could have been some really funny episodes with them trying to keep it a secret from everyone but I guess they wanted to flush it out early.   Well people, that’s why I’m not a writer and I sell wine for a living.

To quickly recap (because if I don’t start shortening these, this blog will be “In Search of Lost Time” in no time…and believe me, I am no Marcel Proust) Troy was living with Pierce for the summer and started a Twitter account publishing of all the Pierce-isms called @oldwhitemansays. Britta, as a result of Jeff dissing her at the transfer dance, has become “the people’s champion” and is popular like she has never been before.  Jeff and Annie have discussed their kiss (off-screen) and agreed no one should find out and it never should happen again.  Annie is having a much harder time with this than Jeff is.  Shirley and Abed are doing their thing and just happy to be back with the group.   And Senor Chang is now a student and he enrolled in Anthro 101 because he wants to join their study group.  Since Britta has now become the one to root for, Jeff decides to turn the tables on her and profess his love for her in front of everyone in their Anthropology class.   What ensues is some great back and forth with Britta and Jeff including Abed daring Jeff to propose to Britta but she beats him to the punch by popping the question first and Jeff accepts.    In a burst of excitement Shirley forgives the “lovebirds” for sleeping on the study room table.  Annie then freaks out, punches Jeff, and asks him how he could kiss her after sleeping with Britta.   Well this sends the group into a tizzy and as everyone is standing there absorbing this bombshell, Abed comes into the room with a full-fledged TV type wedding for Jeff and Britta.   After seeing that, B&J admit it was all a farce and they don’t love each other.  Troy then yells at Jeff for hooking up with 2 girls in their group, Jeff retorts by telling Pierce that he is @oldwhitemansays thanks to Troy, and Jeff gets in Abed’s face for always thinking life is a TV show or movie.  I thought that was a little uncalled for…leave Abed alone!  The group breaks up but when they are back in Anthro 101 discussing what they have learned from their group assignment (deciding which of the 9 tools in a box is most important for survival,) Jeff stands up and says not one individual tool is the most important but respect for your tribe is.   The professor (played by Betty White) rolls her eyes and says no, you can combine all 9 tools to make one mega tool and she proceeds to nearly kill Jeff by showing the class how the new tool works.  In the hospital, Jeff wakes up to the group around him and everyone is friends again and going to put the past behind them.  Chang has also requested to be in the group and Jeff says he will think about it.  When Chang leaves, Jeff says he’s in but wanted to make him sweat a little.  The last scene is Chang going all Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on us in a creepy scene in the study room plotting his revenge against the group.  Ok crazy man.

I didn’t mention Betty White too much because frankly I am starting to get a little Betty Whited out.  I have always loved her as an actress but I’m not quite sure how this “Betty White needs to be in everything now that we realize how funny she is again” premise started but I wish it would SLOW down.  And I like Senor Chang, but I like him in VERY small doses.  I don’t need too much of the Chang this season!  Last season was perfect.

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