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RECAP & REVIEW: Covert Affairs “Half a World Away” S2 E7

Best episode of Covert Affairs yet!   I haven’t really written too much about CA.  In fact, I’m not sure if I’ve written about it at all.   Maybe I’ve only talked about it on the podcast.  Either way, I had to write about this episode because it was terrific.   While we always knew when and where Auggie lost his sight, we never knew how it all went down.   And this episode told that story.   While CA is really Annie’s story, the supporting cast is pretty strong and the character of Auggie (played by the wonderful Christopher Gorham) has gained huge popularity…and after last night’s display of abs and guns (Gorham’s guns not the Army’s), I’m sure he’ll become even more popular!!!   At one point my husband said to me “I know he’s a good-looking guy but is he so good-looking every girl would want to sleep with him?  I don’t get why every girl wants to sleep with Auggie.”   Cue the scene that is Covert Affairs version of the volleyball scene from Top Gun.   “That’s why”  I said to my husband who immediately started laughing saying “fair enough.”  But I also said to him that it’s his personality that makes him so sexy.  At least for me it does.  I love his intelligence and confidence as well as his boyish charm that makes him very approachable and likable.   I also admire his relationship with Annie and how he treated her when she first started at the agency.

In last night’s episode, Auggie is in Istanbul for a jazz festival.  When recording a song, he overhears a voice from his past and Auggie’s relaxing jazz trip turns into a serious and emotional journey to find and kill the man who betrayed him in Iraq four years ago.   Meanwhile, Auggie, in typical Auggie fashion, has befriended a beautiful flight attendant (played by Rebecca Mader) who helps Auggie in his quest to hunt down this man he believed was dead.  I’m a little surprised that Auggie would trust this stranger to help him with something so personal.  Even Franka asks him “how did you know you could trust me?”   “I didn’t” he tells her.  But when you are a blind man hunting a trained assassin, you need some help.   Luckily she was willing and able to help him.

What we learn is that Auggie and 4 of his men were sent to kill the “Jack of Diamonds” also known as Khani, who is an Iraqi assassin with large terrorist rings all over the world.  They find the building where he is hiding out and almost immediately, Auggie and his team are spotted and Khani’s men begin to fire on the truck.  Now, don’t you think it’s a bad idea to pull a military vehicle right up to the front door of the building you are covertly trying to infiltrate?  Call me crazy but this seemed a bit stupid to me.   But I’ll let it go…after all, did you see the man’s abs earlier?  We come to find out that the real threat was not Khani at all, it was the translator, Nasir, traveling with Auggie’s team (and one of his team members) that was leading him right into a trap.  Auggie sees Nasir throw a grenade under the Humvee and immediately runs out to his two other teammates to get them away from the truck (one was wounded and the other was staying with him until help arrived.  The driver was already killed and the fourth man, is Nasir.)   Just as Auggie gets to the Humvee, it explodes killing the two men by the car and blinding Auggie in the process.

Auggie realizes that the voice on the recording is Nasir and decides he needs to go after him.   He figures out that he is planning to hop a cargo plane headed for Washington DC.  He asks for Annie’s help, without telling her the real reason he’s asking for it, and it ends up getting her in some trouble with the FBI who have been tracking Nasir for years.  She tells Joan what is going on and they both try to convince Auggie not to go after Nasir.  Annie explains to him that the FBI have a ton of evidence to put him away forever and destroy many of his other terrorist cells that will save thousands of lives.   He apologies and says he can’t do it her way.  He hops the cargo plan and attacks Nasir.  I’m not sure how Auggie thought he was going to win this (neither was I) but low and behold, he gets the upper hand on Nasir and when he has the chance to kill him, he doesn’t.  He beats him to a pulp and when the plane lands at Dulles, he dumps his body out the door to the waiting FBI.  Yeah Auggie for making the right decision!!!!!   The episode wraps with Auggie telling Annie the whole story and we find out she’s the only person he has ever told that story to.

I like that CA can take a character other than Annie and make them the focus of the episode.   Of course it works so well for Auggie because #1: he has a mysterious back story with how he lost his eye sight and #2: he’s a fan favorite.  Two elements for success.   But I also think Joan, Jai, and Arthur could have compelling stories as well.   But all in good time!  It’s a testament to the writers and cast that I care about each of the players in the series.

What did you think of Auggie’s story and do you want to see more focus on him?   What about the other characters?   Also, are you in the Auggie/Annie belong together camp or the Auggie/Annie should be BFFs camp?   Right now, I’m leaning towards BFFs.  But that could change.   No matter what happens, I want to see more shirtless Auggie!!!!

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