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2011 CW Fall Preview


  • 90210 (9/13)
  • America’s Next Top Model (9/14)
  • The Vampire Diaries (9/15)
  • Nikita (9/23)
  • Supernatural (9/23)
  • Gossip Girl (9/26)
  • Ringer (9/13)
  • H8R (9/14)
  • The Secret Circle (9/15)
  • Hart of Dixie (9/26)
  • Supernatural (Castiel is now God….what!!!!  Also, I hope S7 will be stronger than S6 was.)
  • Nikita
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Ringer (Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to TV…hollar!!!!)
  • Gossip Girl
  • 90210
  • America’s Next Top Model
  • H8R
  • Supernatural’s Season 7 Return: Fans of the show saw Castiel last season turn from trust worthy, lovable Cas into cunning, manipulative, all-powerful God.  The Castiel you knew is gone is the quote from the S7 promo.   You aren’t kidding.  Not to mention, Misha Collins will not be around as much this season as in previous seasons.  Castiel/Misha fans are really crying foul over that.  Since I’m not as big a Castiel fan as other people are, it doesn’t bother me.  But, after a very disjointed S6, the idea that the angel the boys have grown to trust has now turned on them and become the most powerful entity they know, and how that will impact their relationship and what they do for a living moving forward, could be very compelling.   That could be a tremendous storyline but not if Misha Collins is only going to be in 5-6 episodes, if he’s in that many.  According to an early press release from The CW, in S7, the Winchesters will be facing a foe unlike any they have encountered before.   What will make this so tough is that all their weapons, tactics, and methods won’t work the way the have in the past and they will really need to rely on each other to succeed.  Hmm.  I’m not sure how you could have a bigger for than Lucifer, but I’ll go with it.  I will say that I really like the idea of having to come up with a new way to defeat the Big Bad with none of the methods or weapons working on the villain.  And I hope they don’t forget about Sam and the wall coming down in his head.  They have to deal with that!
  • Nikita’s Sophomore Season: It’s hard to write about Nikita because I still have 6 episodes left to watch (which I will be doing after this post.)  I love the show but I wonder if it will hold its audience from last year.  Sophomore shows always have an interest from me because I think they can potentially have tough years if they weren’t that strong in their rookie year or if they were strong, how well they hold up after the new schedule comes out.  Nikita will be one of those sophomore shows, I keep an eye on.   Plus, it’s awesome!!!
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar’s TV Return:  I know people who are still upset that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is no longer on the air.  I didn’t watch it during its first run through but I watched Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix this summer and I am part way through season 3 (so no spoilers please!)  SMG is certainly a force on network TV and I’m sure the CW is THRILLED to have her as part of their network family.  I heard the Ringer panel at Comic Con was ridiculously crowded simply because people couldn’t wait to see her.  I wish her and cast much success with the show which looks fabulous and I can’t wait to watch it!!!
  • Only four new shows on the CW with one I certainly won’t be watching (H8R) and one I most certainly will be watching (Ringer.)  As for Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle, I am definitely going to check out Hart of Dixie.   Love the cast and the basis for the show.  It has some potential so I will give it a chance.  I’m not sure about TSC.  I really don’t need another teen show…even if it is about witches and looks somewhat interesting.  Plus I already have Grey’s, Person of Interest, The League, The Office, and Whitney in that time slot.  TSC may be a casualty of simply no time to watch.  It’s obvious that I am most excited for Ringer and SMG’s TV return.

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2011 Fall TV Season Network by Network Previews

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

It’s hard to believe that it’s actually time to start previewing the fall season!  Technically, there are shows premiering this upcoming week!   Granted it’s Cops and Sunday Night Football, but a new premiere is a new premiere!!!   With it quickly approaching, it’s time to do the network by network breakdown of the fall season.  Here is how it is going to break out:

  1. Returning Shows (which will have their premiere dates in parentheses next to the title)
  2. New Shows (again with premiere dates)
  3. Shows I am Most Looking Forward To (Returning or New)
  4. Shows I am Losing Interest In But Will Give One More Season To
  5. Shows I Could Care Less About
  6. What To Watch For
  7. Early Thoughts on the New Shows
I am only doing the five major networks (CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW.)  I’m not getting into Showtime, HBO, etc.  I’ll probably do a cable preview at some point because there are shows like Dexter and Episodes that I am looking forward to.   But that will come later.   If I can make it work, I will do a separate page at the top so you can find it easily.  But if it doesn’t work out, I’ll have all the posts on here.

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Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Promo

“The Castiel you knew is gone.” You’re not kidding. Season 6 was certainly a disappointment for me. It wasn’t as strong as other seasons of Supernatural. I thought the story telling was disjointed and sporadic at times and there was no real clear-cut direction to the season. I hope going into Season 7, that changes.

Below is a brief clip. It doesn’t show much insight into the new season. You know what it does do? Get me ridiculously excited for the return of my favorite brothers on TV!!!!!

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The CW Adds Additional Episodes to Four Shows

Four shows that currently have full season orders are getting a few more episodes to tell their stories this season.   Both Gossip Girl and 90210 are each getting TWO extra episodes bringing their season totals to 24.  Supernatural and Nikita are each getting ONE extra episode bringing their season totals to 23.   I wish it was the other way around, but I won’t complain!

I have a weird relationship with Gossip Girl.  It was a great guilty pleasure the first two seasons but lately it’s become more of a chore to watch it.  The only characters that really interest me are Chuck, Blair, and Lily.   Other than that, I could care less.  I thought I was going to drop GG last season but I got sucked back in (thank you Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick) but I’m on the fence about this season coming up.  90210 is not a great show but when it’s on, I watch it because it’s mindless enjoyment and I’m not going to lie, I love a good teenage angst type of show!

Supernatural and Nikita are my favorite shows on that network so I will always take more episodes.  Hell if I could watch 42 episodes of Supernatural a season, I would.  So bring it on!!!


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CW Releases Premiere Dates for Fall Shows

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!   Everywhere you go!!”

Can it really be time to announce premiere dates for fall shows?   I guess so.  Doesn’t it seem like we just finished discussing season finales?    Especially me since I just got to discussing many finales about 2 weeks ago!!!

I have to say, it does make me a little bit giddy.  Fourth of July weekend is next weekend which means Labor Day weekend is right around the corner which means the Fall Show Premieres are only a few weeks after that!!!   I know we are about 3 months away but do you know how fast that’s going to go?   Blink and it will be September.    Trust me!!!  Plus once the calendar flips to August, there will be more information coming out about the shows, hopefully I will get some early DVDs to let you know what looks good and what doesn’t, and we can start prognosticating on what we think our favorite shows will be bringing to us during the 2011/2012 season.

So to kick this off, let’s look at the CW premiere dates:


8pm 90210


8pm H8R (NEW SHOW)
9pm American’s Next Top Model


8pm The Vampire Diaries


8pm Nikita
9pm Supernatural


8pm Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is premiering much later than normal.  Usually GG is one of the first premieres of the season.  No news on One Tree Hill yet.  Since this is its final season and it looks to be an abbreviated season, it’s probably not going to premiere until mid-season.

Mark your calendars CW fans.   What shows are you most anxious for their return?   Which new shows are you most looking forward to checking out?



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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Supernatural “Let It Bleed” & “The Man Who Knew Too Much” S6 E21 & 22

Season 6 has finally wrapped and I am still trying to find the right way to recap my thoughts on this finale and the season as a whole.  If you read my blog, you know that I wasn’t a huge fan of this season.  I just felt there was little direction as to what the true end game was.   Usually when we start a season of Supernatural, the mission is clear..finding the yellow eyed demon that killed their mother and destroying him, saving Dean from having to go to hell (as a result of a deal he made with a cross roads demon to save Sam), stopping Lilith and preventing Lucifer from rising,  stop the apocalypse.  This season wasn’t so clear-cut.  At first it was figuring out who/what Sam is, then it was fighting Crowley in his quest for souls in Purgatory, then it was the Mother of All, and in the background was the war in Heaven.  Usually, one of those is the main arc for the season with the others contributing to the main arc or stand alone as side stories.   But it was never clear what the MAIN arc was.  It seems to me at this point, it was the war in Heaven all along with Castiel trying to find a way to stop Raphael from taking over and destroying the world.   Now why couldn’t that have been laid out to us earlier on in the season instead of waiting until episode 20 of 22 to tell us?   There still would have been mystery and intrigue as to what was going on and how Castiel was going to stop Raphael and how Crowley, Eve, the souls,and the Winchesters all tied in.   But instead, I watched this season very confused as to what I was supposed to care about.   Now maybe I’m a complete idiot (which is very likely) and should have seen all this coming a mile away, but I didn’t.   I knew Cas and Raph were at odds but I didn’t know why.  And the war in Heaven always seemed like an after thought.  So much for that being the case I guess.  Hence my season long frustration.  I talked with some people in the comments section about this.  While I think there were some great individual standout episodes this season (Frontierland is one of my all time favorite episodes), the episodes didn’t seem to mesh well into a season long success for me.  I kept saying that I had faith they would pull it together for the finale.  While it was pulled together, the result didn’t really have much impact for me the way it did in other seasons.

Let me touch on the one aspect that worked well before I get into the other stuff.  I like the way they handled Sam rebuilding his soul piece by piece.  I’m glad they didn’t forget about that since it was several episodes ago when Death gave Sam his soul back and put up the wall that he told him not to scratch it.  Castiel needed to find a way to distract Dean from trying to stop him, so he took down Sam’s wall, leaving him in a coma with Dean and Bobby unaware of how they can help him.  Cas promises to return to help Sam but with the decisions Cas has been making lately, Dean and Bobby aren’t so sure.  They get a lead on stopping Cas and Crowley but Dean doesn’t want to leave Sam.  He does because he knows that’s what Sam would want and leaves him a note and a gun (who doesn’t leave their love ones a gun when running out to do an errand I ask) letting him know where they are in case he wakes up. He wakes up alright but not before some crazy inner fighting that happens between him and a few other “Sams.”

In order for Sam to wake up and become COMPLETELY himself again, he needs to fight Soulless Sam and Hell Really Kicked the Shit Out of Me Sam.   Here’s my question though…and please tell me if you had the same question or if I am reading too much into this….was Sam fighting the other 2 portions of his soul to see who would be the dominate soul when this was all said and done?  So if Soulless Sam beat Sam and Hell Really Kicked the Shit Out of Me Sam, Soulless Sam is who we would get but he would have the memories of the other two?  So that’s why Sam had to fight them?  I always assumed that when the wall came down, it just meant that Sam remembered everything.  So I took what happened to mean that he had to fight his own inner demons to “win out” as the dominate soul and then absorb all their memories about what happened when he was each of those people.  Either way, it should be interesting to see how all this affects Sam going into Season 7 with all this knowledge about himself now.  But as weird as it was to figure out what the hell was going on in the early goings of “The Man Who Knew Too Much” I thought it was pretty cool how Sam regaining his full soul and complete memory went down.

Something I liked and didn’t like at the same time was what happened with Lisa and Ben.  When we started the season, Dean was living his new life with Lisa and Ben with Sam in hell (so he thought.)  By the end of the season, Lisa and Ben, literally don’t know who Dean is anymore and it’s safe to say they are gone from his life for good.  While I am glad the Lisa and Ben storyline looks to be over and done with, I’m not sure I like how it went down.   I heard on a podcast and I completely agree that wiping away Lisa and Ben’s memories really didn’t help them at all and in fact, may have put them in more danger.  Castiel felt horrible about what Crowley did to Lisa and Ben so Cas did two things….saved her life and wiped the memories of Lisa and Ben so they couldn’t remember Dean and everything surrounding him.   While I wouldn’t have a problem if they wanted to wipe their memories of her current boyfriend and his death and their kidnapping, they shouldn’t have wiped the memories away of Dean completely.  The monsters that come after Dean will still know that Lisa and Ben mean something to him whether they have their memories or not.  So instead of being able to use some of the tricks Dean taught them so they can protect themselves, they won’t know that anymore because their memories are gone.  And I understand that this was done more so to wrap up the Lisa and Ben storyline for Dean and not have it hang out there anymore, but it still doesn’t make sense.  I know I’m nitpicking and they ultimately accomplished what they wanted…ending the Lisa and Ben story.  I just think it could have been handled better because technically, they really aren’t out of his life because evil can still go after them because Dean will always care about them.   Having said all that, it was a sweet gesture for him to want to get their lives back to normal.  It was crushing for him but, in Dean’s mind, it was better for them that they don’t know him and they don’t know what’s out there.  And now they can move forward peacefully with their lives.  One can hope.

As for Castiel and his mission, I don’t know what to think.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I’m not a Castiel fan.  I don’t hate the character, I just don’t have this overwhelming Castiel love that some people do.  I mean people go crazy for this guy and I don’t get it.  He’s a good character and over the last 2 seasons, I’ve liked the relationship he’s built with Sam and Dean.  But that’s it.  I think there have been much better characters on the show than Castiel (and much worse) but the heart of the show for me will always be Sam, Dean, and Bobby.  Not Castiel.  So his betrayal of Sam and Dean (if you want to even call it that) didn’t bother me as much because I always felt like as much as Castiel really likes the Winchesters, he would always put his love for God and the greater good, first.  As he should!  But this war in Heaven took it to a whole new level.  In fairness to Castiel, even though he made some questionable decisions that led him down a dark path, his goal was always to save the people.  Raphael wanted the apocalypse to happen and wipe out man kind so he can start all over again.  Castiel didn’t want that to happen.  You could argue, it’s because he cares about the Winchesters so much.  Before he met them, maybe he would have been on Raphael’s side and not cared so much.  But I doubt it.  That doesn’t seem to be who Cas is. But lately Cas showed many different sides to him so who knows at this point.  Deep down though, I think Castiel would have wanted to stop Raphael’s plan regardless of his connection with the Winchesters or not.   What I still don’t understand is why they are being so hard on Cas.  Both Sam and Dean have made deals with demons before to save someone they love and because they thought the end justified the means.  So why can’t they see that with Cas?  Cas is only working with Crowley so he can save Heaven from Raphael and therefore hundreds of millions of people.   But Castiel’s biggest problem and where I stop defending him is that he crossed too many lines in his quest for salvation.   And you have to wonder, at what point did this stop being about saving people and start being about a power trip for Castiel?   Because in my opinion, that’s what happened.

It started back in Frontierland when he had Balthazar unsink the Titanic to be able to kill more people who shouldn’t have lived (his justification) to get more souls.   Once he found out about the way to open the portal to Purgatory (the blood of a virgin, the blood of a creature from Purgatory, and some latin) he went on a murderous rampage.  He killed Ivy Crane and some virgin probably.  Then to distract Dean, he took down Sam’s wall.  Castiel was down right evil.  So right before our eyes, Castiel was becoming a darker and darker entity.  It could be because he felt alone and that everyone betrayed him.  Rachel was his lieutenant but she betrayed him (in his eyes because we don’t really know what happened.)  The Winchesters betrayed him by not being on his side and fighting against him. Balthazar betrayed him by going behind his back and telling the Winchesters about his plan so they could stop him.  And Raphael was never on his side.  It makes you wonder if anyone in Heaven was on Castiel’s side or did he become a rogue force.   From his standpoint, he had no one supporting him anymore so he was going to do whatever he though necessary to defeat Raphael.

Once Cas and Crowley had the blood and latin they needed they were ready to open the gate to Purgatory.  Only one problem, Cas doesn’t want Crowley around anymore so he hustles him away.  Crowley, being Crowley, does the only thing he can do….he now sides with Raphael to defeat Castiel.     When he shows up with Raph, he gives Cas the same ultimatum Cas gave him…flee or die.  So Cas flees but not before he swaps out the real blood for fake blood so Crowley and Raph can’t open the gate.  When he comes back to rub it in their faces, he tells him he opened the gate and now all the souls in Purgatory are inside of him making him one powerful son of  a bitch!   Crowley gets out of there real fast and Castiel kills Raphael with a snap his fingers.   Bobby and Dean are there to witness the whole thing and we are seeing a new Castiel.  Dean is shocked and tells him that they should get those souls out him so he doesn’t explode.  He refuses.  Meanwhile Sam has woken up and stumbles in with an angel sword and stabs Castiel.  It doesn’t work.  It’s because, according to Castiel, he is their new God.  If they chose not to believe in him or follow him, then they can all die.  Alrighty then!!!  This is right around the time the real God should show up and put Castiel in his place….and fast!!!!

I don’t know if Castiel can be redeemed at this point (I’m sure the writers will find a way) but I do know his relationship with the Winchesters will never be the same.  This is where I can finally empathize with Dean.  Once Castiel purposely took down Sam’s wall knowing what it could do to him so he could distract Dean, he would be dead to me.  I can’t see Dean or Sam forgiving that.   I don’t think I can.  Castiel may be at the point of no return.  And with all the power he now has with all the souls inside him, he becomes a very scary individual.

What does all this mean for Season 7?  Well, right off the bat the boys are going to have two things to deal with…first, Sam’s wall being down so now he remembers EVERYTHING and how that will affect him and second, Castiel walking around Heaven thinking he’s God but being a very powerful entity with lots of different sorts of souls inside him.  I don’t think the types of souls inside Castiel have any affect on his decision-making, I just think it makes him one very powerful pain in the ass.  First thing I hope for with Season 7 is a succinct, solid arc that is clear from the beginning to the viewers.  The second is that I hope is that the arc isn’t fixing Castiel.  That can be part of S7 but it better not be the main arc.  And third, continuing the individual monster hunts that build and connect to the main arc.   That’s what I want to see.  Overall, season 6 wasn’t my favorite.  In fact it was my least favorite.  But I still love the show and have a lot of faith in the story telling and the cast.    I already have lots of hope for Season 7.  And hey, every show is due a clunker of a season right?  Well now they have it out of their way and they can get back to what makes them great….solid, fascinating story telling with a stellar cast that can make you laugh or cry at the drop of demon blade.


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I know.  I’m in my mid 30s.  Why the hell would I watch a high school kid show?   Because when I watched the original, they were my age (actually a year younger) so when they did the reboot I had to watch and now I am hooked.   Like Gossip Girl, it’s a guilty pleasure.  I would have never thought to review it but a few things have been happening that I wanted to discuss and if anyone else out there is watching and wants to chime in, I’d be glad to hear your thoughts!

Naomi and Max

I absolutely love this relationship and how it is forming.  Aside from the popular pretty girl falling in love with the “nerd”, it’s a very realistic storyline.   They were both embarrassed about seeing one another so they hid it.   But they finally realized that they didn’t want to hide it anymore so now everyone knows they are dating.  What I find interesting is the college aspect that most high school romances face…how will we survive if we go to schools far away from each other?  Naomi got into CU (California University where all of our former 90210 favs went) and Max got into MIT.  “Where’s that?” Naomi asks.  Of course she did.  When Max explains it’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, therefore in Massachusetts, Naomi realizes that they will have to do the long distance thing.  She is more than willing to try and Max wants to just enjoy their time together now and see how it goes.   Later on when Max blows Naomi off so he can hang with his friends, she isn’t too happy with him, thinking he isn’t making much of an effort, and storms off.  While stomping away, she drops an admissions form that Max sees…for Boston University.  That night, Max meets up with Naomi and brings her to a telescope to show her where he is going to school.  “That’s MIT?” Naomi asks.  “No that’s Cal Tech.”  Max is going to switch schools and pick Naomi over MIT.  Oh boy.  They are such teenagers.  I can understand Naomi possibly switching from CU to BU.  BUT NOT GOING TO MIT????  Is he crazy?????  He is going to blow off going to, arguably, the best school in the country that he has always wanted to go to and worked so hard to get into, because he of a girl he started dating 2 months ago?   My God I hope his parents change his mind.  It’s really sweet but really stupid!!!

Jen Clarke

This is a character I love to hate and the actress who plays her is wonderful.  When last we saw, Jen left her baby with Ryan (the father) and basically left town without a word of notice about 6 months ago.  So Ryan, with the help of new girlfriend Debbie Wilson, is raising Jack on his own.  This week, Jen returns, a changed woman according to her, and wants to be back in Jack’s life.  I don’t know how you could trust this woman again.  She would have to do some major ass kissing to get back into my good graces after abandoning her child.  She wants all in (even taking the baby to Paris for the summer) and Ryan says no.  She can start with seeing him twice a week and see how that goes.  Eventually she agrees on the condition that she makes all his fashion decisions.  Glad she pick a life changing one there.  I give Ryan a lot of credit because I don’t know if I could have let Jen back into his life.   She would really have to prove herself to me before I let her any where near Jack.   Ultimately, he did the right thing.


Wow has this turned sinister.  And all over a guy?  Again…teenagers!!!!  But this has gone beyond being pissed that one of your best friend’s started dating your boyfriend.  She is destroying Silver’s life and messing with her future.  For some background, Adrianna became a pop singing sensation this year after she stole a song from her dead partner/boyfriend at the time, Javier.  She sang the song at his funeral and became a huge You Tube sensation.  She passed the song off as hers and achieved instant fame and notoriety.  As a result, she became a total bitch.  She started dating Navid again but she completely ignored him.  Navid had a lot of problems with his family and she could never be bothered to really listen to him and be there for him because she was more concerned about photo shoots and what people were saying about her on Twitter and what party she is being invited to.  She was also awful to all of her friends.  It’s really the main reason why Silver and Navid fell in love. He started spending time with Silver when Adrianna was no where to be found and they hooked up.   Eventually, Adrianna found out and has been trying to ruin Silver ever since.   First it was stupid things like exchanging bottled water for tap water in Mexico to make her sick to which Silver retailiated by swaping Adrianna’s sunscreen with body lotion.  But then it got really bad.  Adrianna faked forgiving Silver in order to be able to get into her bathroom and she switched out Silver’s bipolar medication for something else.  This resulted in Silver completely blowing her NYU interview and therefore was declined admission to the school.  She became so depressed she needed to be admited to the psych ward at the local hospital.   And while Silver was in the hospital, Adrianna made her move by gettting Navid drunk, waiting until he passed out, and crawling into bed with him.

So what is the point of making Adrianna so unlikable?  Because after this season, I don’t know how she could ever redeem herself.   I like the character of Silver but I always thought she was a little high and mighty for my taste.  She is very quick to judge people yet she has made her fair share of bad choices for being so judgemental of others.   Like hooking up with your best friend’s boyfriend.  But she doesn’t deserve what is happening to her.  I just think the writers have taken Adrianna past the point of no return.  Jen Clarke is a great villain, much like Amanda Woodward was someone you loved to hate!   But Adrianna isn’t a likable villain.  She’s evil.   It’s one thing to be upset that your boyfriend chose your best friend over you and they had been sneaking around behind your back.  You have a right to be pissed about that.  But it’s another to sabotage your friend’s future and health by messing with her medication that results in her blowing a college interview and gets her admitted to the hospital.  What kind of person does that and then takes joy in seeing her demise?  A pretty sick and twisted individual that’s who.  And not once did she ever stop to think about the role SHE played in driving Navid into Silver’s arms.  Because quite frankly, if she wasn’t such a narcissitic bitch, Navid would still be with her.  I hope she gets arrested and leaves the show because I’ve had about enough of Adrianna Tate Duncan.

Everyone Else

Boring!  Don’t care about Annie and Liam.  Never cared about Ivy.  Dixon is in a slump right now but I normally enjoy his storylines.   I do like Teddy’s gay storyline so I do pay attention to that but there isn’t that much to say other than go Teddy!

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