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QUICK REVIEW: Franklin & Bash “Pilot” S1 E1

Franklin & Bash premiered this week on TNT Wednesday night.  It stars two of my favorite people…Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer as Peter Bash and Jared Franklin.   They have their own law firm and they also employ a private investigator, Carmen Phillips (played by Dana Davis) and researcher Pindar Singh (played by Kumail Nanjiani).   I wouldn’t go as far to say they are ambulance chasers (even though they did witness an accident and ran over to the one victim looking to attract him as a client) but they do take any case they can without any care or direction.  They end up getting that case and winning while Stanton Infeld (played by Malcolm McDowell) watches in the gallery.  He is one of the senior partners at Infeld Daniels.  Turns out they beat his nephew, Damien Karp (played by Reed Diamond) who is supposedly an up and comer at the law firm of Infeld Daniels.  As a result, Infeld hires them (along with Carmen and Pindar) and an automatic in-house feud between Franklin & Bash and Karp commences.

For summer time shows, I don’t need anything very heavy.  It’s like reading a book.  I can read Dan Brown or Tom Clancy in the winter time because I am ready for something thought-provoking and intense.  But in the summer, give me my James Patterson and Nicholas Sparks.  It’s lighter, it’s easier to follow, and I don’t have to think too much.  I feel that way about my shows too.  Franklin & Bash is one of those shows.  It’s relatively entertaining and incredibly predictable.  It’s characters are pretty standard characters without too much originality.   Bash is a great people person, a ladies man, and everyone loves him plus he’s very good at his job.  But the ladies man does long for the woman he used to have but doesn’t anymore because he screwed it up and now she is engaged to someone else so of course he wants to win her back.  She also happens to be an ADA he fights in court constantly, Janie Ross (played by Claire Coffee.)  Franklin is the wild card, hates authority, doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, wise-cracking best friend and partner of Bash.  It reminds me a lot of The Defenders but without all the smugness.  Plus I am willing to forgive a lot more for summer viewing on an non-major cable TV network than a fall, major network, broadcast TV show.  I really didn’t like The Defenders.  I didn’t like the writing because it felt like they were trying to be a serious law show, defending serious clients, with crack pot, jokes of lawyers in Belushi and O’Connell.   As soon as a law show tries the “our client is innocent because he’s a great guy and we believe him, therefore you should too” defense and they win off of that, the show has lost me.  This show is slightly different in that right now, they aren’t trying to be serious lawyers with serious cases.  They defend car accident defendants who were distracted by naked girls and prostitutes who fell in love with their clients.  This show certainly isn’t trying to be The Practice.  It isn’t taking itself too seriously so that’s why I don’t mind it.

Considering I really enjoy The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles, and HawthoRNe, Franklin & Bash, right now, isn’t as good as those shows are.  But if I have nothing else to watch on Wednesday night and it’s on, I will watch it because I like the cast and I didn’t hate the show.  I’m not going to make a point of DVRing it or making it must see TV this summer, but if it’s on and I’m home, I’ll definitely watch it.


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Thank God this season is finally over.  A show that started out with so much promise, originality, and interest has turned into a joke of show.  The show should be called iTunes instead of Glee because that what this show is all about.  iTunes downloads!!!  I know that sounds really harsh and I hate being that harsh on someone’s creative work but it’s true.  And I’m always hardest on the things that have so much potential but are falling way short.  Glee has become that for me.  The show I watched last night didn’t even feel like a season finale.   I felt like I was watching a nice little episode of Glee that had a few moments in it.  But it was very underwhelming.  Granted not every season finale needs to have the impact Castle and The Mentalist have, but it doesn’t need to be boring either.  And that’s what “New York” was for me…boring.   I’m sure there are Finn and Rachel fans screaming at me right now that it was the best finale ever and that I must not know good TV when I see it because it rocked and I should give them back their Barbie dolls.   Finn and Rachel together is fine but there were some bigger moments for me personally but regardless, it was still blah.  And I am still upset at Ryan Murphy because I have now seen Cheyenne Jackson on THREE episodes of Glee and he still has yet to sing on one of them.  So I am a little bitter, if I’m being honest.


  • The kids reaction to NYC.   These kids are from a small town in Ohio and had never seen a city as large as Philadelphia let alone New York City.  There reactions were perfect and I enjoyed seeing them dance and skip all over the city with joy as they finally made it big!
  • Rachel meets Patti Lupone.  This was adorable.  Rachel was so nervous to meet her but she said Kurt would never forgive her if she didn’t so she stops Patti and introduces herself.  I assumed Patti wasn’t going to be her rumored cantankerous self and she wasn’t.  She was very sweet to Rachel and gave her typical Broadway vet to aspiring high schooler advise…don’t give up on your dream and he’s really cute (meaning Finn.)  On a side note, I got to meet Patti Lupone one night after seeing her in Gypsy on Broadway and she was a lovely woman.
  • Kurt and Rachel’s BFF day in NYC.  This was my favorite part of the episode.  I love the friendship that has developed between them vs. the nasty competitiveness they had before.  These are two people with very similar personalities who want the same things out of life and only those two really understand that about themselves and each other.  From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to breaking into the Gershwin Theater and being able to sing on the WICKED stage was fantastic.  Plus it helps that they pick one of my all time favorite Broadway songs…”For Good” and did a really wonderful job with it.   The best part was Kurt helping Rachel to figure out that her one true love, the whole time, has been herself.  I’m kidding (sort of.)  It’s the Broadway stage and her dreams of becoming a star. So while she isn’t sure if she should pursue Finn or her career, that moment on the stage with Kurt showed her what was really important to her.
  • Blaine telling Kurt he loves him.  Hands down the most realistic scene of the episode.  Kurt gets back from Nationals and immediately meets up with his boyfriend to tell him all about it.  And while Blaine is listening to Kurt and seeing how this trip affected him, Blaine couldn’t help but tell Kurt “I love you.”   And it was the way he said it that was so perfect.  He said it so matter-of-factly like it was the most natural thing in the world.  Now the debate comes with Kurt’s reaction and I want your opinion on this.  Did you think Kurt’s reaction was a little odd or was he so blown away that someone told him he loved him that he reacted in a shocked way?  I think it could go either way but my initial reaction was “that was strange.”  To me it felt like he wasn’t ready for those three little words and it through him for a loop and he just said it back to Blaine so it wouldn’t be awkward.  The “love you too” seemed very flip to me.  But I can see how some people would think he was just stunned the boy he loved all year told him that he loved him and just wasn’t expecting it.
  • Rachel and Finn deciding to be a couple until she leaves for NY after her senior year.   I always liked the idea of the high school quarterback and the dorky glee club girl who no one likes being a couple.  Although I’m not the biggest Rachel Barry fan, there are times she tugs at my heart-strings (damn her.)  Finn has been giving Rachel google eyes for about 4 episodes now so it’s about time he cut ties with Quinn and made his move on Rachel because it wasn’t fair to Quinn.  I liked how it was his friends that pushed him to got for it with Rachel.  “Can we talk about the huge Jewish elephant in the room?” asks Puck.  Probably one of my favorite lines ever on this show!!!   Rachel realized and tried to explain to Finn that she will be going back to NYC after graduation to pursue her dreams and nothing or no one will stop her.  He very sweetly asked her what she is going until graduation over a year from then.  And she realized she could have Finn for the year until she moves.   However I would like to point out two things.  First, who says she’s going to get into a school in NYC.  Second, why can’t Finn go to NYC or they do the long distance thing and try it.  She doesn’t have to have one or the other in my book.

  • Original Songs.  They aren’t good.  I hate to say it but people would rather watch the Glee kids belt out tunes we know vs. tunes no one’s ever heard of.  They aren’t completely terrible.  But they aren’t good either.  The only one I sort of liked was from last week’s “Funeral” episode called “Get it Right.”  Other than that, they should stick to Broadway and Pop/Rock songs.
  • No Sue and Emma for 5 seconds.  I understand Sue’s big episode was last week but she wasn’t even IN the finale at all!  At least Emma got a 5 second flash in the glee room with Will’s arm around her.   But I don’t understand how Jane Lynch isn’t in the season finale at all.  Hell Teri Schuster got more air time than Sue and Emma combined!   But considering Jessalyn Gilsig’s been a “series regular” all season and the last 2 episodes are really all we have seen of her this season, I can’t complain.  But I’m glad she’s leaving for Miami.
  • Rachel being nice to Sunshine.  I know many people probably thought this was a nice moment…and it was.  But it was completely out of character for Rachel.  She has a hard enough time letting Mercedes take the spotlight away from her (although she has gotten better about that) let alone help out and give the competition encouragement to beat her.  Rachel can be a heartless shrew when she wants to be but she can show some softer, sweeter sides to her.   But the writers need to make up their minds on her.  Is she a woman determined to be a star and not let anyone get in her way.  Or is she going to be nicer to people and help out the competition so they can beat her.  It doesn’t make sense.
  • Brittany gets a song over Mercedes?  After the performance Mercedes gave last week, I knew she wouldn’t be featured in this week’s nationals competition because it always has to be about Rachel. Therefore last week was Mercedes moment.  Why it can never be during a competition I don’t get, but whatever.  But I never thought I would see a solo performance by Brittany before I saw one from Mercedes.  “My Cup.”  Are you serious?  Granted it was just a 3 minute practice run for a new song for the competition (more on that later) but it’s 3 minutes I would still rather give to Mercedes or Quinn even.
  • Brittany being the smart one.  I have said time and time again that I hate the way they portray Brittany sometimes.  I don’t mind if you want to show a girl who isn’t that bright for comic relief, like when Kurt said he felt like Eloise and Brittany said “I have pills for that.”   Hilarious!!!  But when they do things like have her interview her cat and she actually expects it to answer her, I hate it.  It’s too over the top.   But it also doesn’t make sense that Brittany would be the voice of reason for how the year ended for the Glee club and Santana.  Again, very out of character.
  • Matthew Morrison’s song and Will Schuster’s Broadway opportunity.  I have seen Matthew Morrison on a Broadway stage and the stage manager was right when he came down and told Will that he had “it.”  MM does have “it” when it comes to performing on stage.  He’s incredible.   And I have also complained that we don’t get to hear him sing enough for my liking.  So he finally get a song to belt out and it’s one of his original’s from his debut album.  While I don’t begrudge him wanting to use the show to promote his album, I really wish he would have sung something else.  On that note, I don’t understand why Will wouldn’t have tried the Broadway show for the summer.  He said it himself.  After school was out, he would rehearse for a few weeks and then open the show.  If it was a success, he could have taken a sabbatical for a year and stayed with the show.  If the show tanked and closed, he could still be back with New Directions and try to get them to nationals.  How do you not at least try???   He does owe it to himself to give it a shot.  But instead of taking the opportunity given to him that so many people strive for and very few get, he chooses to stay in Ohio teaching glee club.  Ok.
  • Sam and Mercedes hiding the fact they are a couple.  It didn’t surprise me they went there.  It’s about time Mercedes got some love!!!  But I don’t know why they feel the need to hide it.
  • The songs not being ready for nationals.   I can’t even begin to talk about how ridiculous this was.  Your kids aren’t professional song writers and you think you can just whip up two original songs the night before the competition?  Really?  You think writing an original song is that easy?  No wonder the songs stunk and no wonder you lost.  I’m surprised you came in 12th!!!  Not only were the songs not written, but they obviously weren’t rehearsed.  How can you rehearse and practice songs you don’t have written?  But they show up the day of the show and the songs are done and everything is perfectly sung and choreographed.  Yeah right.  Do the Glee writers think we are that stupid?  They must.   Once you won sectionals, you have how many weeks to prep for nationals?  Why didn’t you start writing songs then if you were so set on going the original song route?  And if you weren’t sure, don’t you think you should have practiced another routine just in case the songs weren’t good?   What if all they came up with was Brittany’s “My Cup?”  Would they have performed that?   I was seriously floored by this!!
  • Finn and Rachel’s date.  While this was absolutely adorable and very romantic, it wasn’t even close to being realistic.  First, what high school kid just so happens to pack a suit and formal dress on a show choir trip?   Neither kid was prepared for this impromptu date so where did the clothes come from?   I guarantee you they couldn’t afford to buy them in NYC!  Which brings me to my next point.   Where does Finn get the money to take Rachel to Sardi’s?  Granted he didn’t take her to Daniel but for a high school kid, Sardi’s can be expensive.  At least fifty possibly seventy dollars.  And what kid has seventy dollars to blow on dinner?   Then when he goes to kiss her, she takes off and runs away from him.  Wherever they were walking looked nothing like the Times Square area of NYC.  So did Rachel know where she was going?  She’s 17 years old in New York for the first time.  Would you really run away from him by yourself in a huge strange city if you aren’t sure where you are going?  I know I’m nitpicking here but come on.  As realistic as Blaine and Kurt’s scene was, this was the complete opposite end of the spectrum of realism.  I can only suspend my disbelief so far.
  • Quinn drops her revenge because of a haircut.  Last week she develops this plan to take down Finn and Rachel by destroying the team’s chances to win nationals.  But after her haircut, the revenge is out the window and by the end of the episode, when Finn and Rachel are walking into the glee room, she greats them warmly.  All because of a haircut?  Granted it was absolutely adorable on her but for real?  I don’t know one broken-hearted teenager that can get over being dumped that quickly.  Especially when you are the popular pretty one and got dumped for the dorky not as attractive as you are one.  No.  Stinking.  Way!  Not happening and I don’t buy this at all.  Quinn’s another one where I can’t figure out if the writers want her to be a bad girl or a good girl.  Same with Rachel.  Starting off bad and growing to be good is one thing.  I’ll take character growth and development any day.  But that isn’t happening here.  One day these girls are ruthless, the next they are sweet as anything.   I still can’t get over the fact that Quinn forgave Lauren for what she did to her.  That was awful.   Lauren purposely hurt Quinn but yet Rachel’s never done anything to Quinn and Quinn hates her.  I don’t get it.  I like bad ass Quinn because I find her more interesting and layered.  I also wish they would revisit her friendship with Mercedes that seems to have been completely forgotten about.  That was one of my favorite parts from last season.
  • Will giving up his Broadway dream.  I know we already talked about this but it’s so ridiculous that he would give up a chance on Broadway to stay and manage the glee club, I had to bring it up twice!
So that was season 2, the iTunes season.  Not a lot of substance or character development of any kind.  Some good episodes, some lousy episodes.  Some great music, some not so good music.  And a bore of a season finale.  I’m going to give Glee one more season.  But if this keeps up, I won’t be back and season 3 will be my last following Glee.

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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Castle “Knockout” S3 E24

I think I’m still trying to recoup from Monday night’s incredible season finale of Castle.  I am blown away by the work of the writing team, the crew, and of course the cast.  What a fantastic hour of television and it has now moved up to #2 on my favorite shows list (The Good Wife is still #1!)   That was one of the best season finales I have seen in a long time.  And it capped off a truly tremendous season for Castle!

There were many big moments in the episode so I will try to break them all down.  Some really stuck with me, some simply moved me, some surprised me, and some left me wondering.  But I am anxious to hear your thoughts when we wrap up.

We started the episode with Lockwood breaking out of prison with the help of some cops who turned dirty and are working for him.  This makes everyone frantic for Beckett’s safety.   I think we also start to see Beckett turn a little fearful.   How could she not?  This man is a professional and incredibly dangerous.   Montgomery puts a detail on Beckett but he pulls Castle into his office to have a conversation with him about Kate.   He tells her that she won’t stop until this case is solved, even if it kills her.   But the one person that could stop her from killing herself, is him.   At another point in the episode, Castle gets a visit from Jim Beckett, Kate’s dad.   A Jim Beckett sighting!!!  We were supposed to meet him in one of the earlier episode but unfortunately those scenes were cut.  It’s another thing that is so awesome about Castle.  Sometimes in an episode this big, you never introduce a new character because it can seem disjointed and out-of-place.   Jim Beckett’s arrival flowed perfectly with the episode and his being there made perfect sense.  It’s obvious with the way they are talking that Kate has talked to her dad quite a bit about Castle even though we have never actually seen those conversations.   And much like Montgomery telling Castle he needs to stop Kate, so does her father and he implores him to have a talk with his Katie.

Castle, who no doubt wanted to talk to Kate himself about how dangerous this is all getting, now how some other powerful people in his corner…her captain and her father.  If you saw the sneak peek I posted last week, this is the scene in that clip.   He tells Beckett that she needs to stop or else these guys are going to kill her and that if she doesn’t do it for herself, she should do it for the people who love her like her father and (hard gulp) Josh.  “What about you Rick?”   Hello!  She only calls him Rick when it’s REALLY personal.  But all the cards are finally on the table.  He brings up the kiss, he brings up almost dying in each other’s arms and that he isn’t sure what they are but he knows they are partners and friends.   “Is that what we are?”   Damn she is getting right to the point.  Almost as if he told her loved her right then and there, she would jump into his arms and they would make out and have sex for weeks!!  Alright maybe that was more wishful thinking but don’t lie, you thought it too.  He is starting to get frustrated because he doesn’t know what they are but he does know he doesn’t want her to die.  He also brings up a hard truth to her that if she figures out what happened to her mother, she will lose a piece of herself because she won’t know who she is without this case.  With that, she wants him out of her apartment.  Truth hurts!  But this is what makes C&B so great.   She is angry with him and yells at him that he doesn’t know her.   What she really wants to scream at him is “Damn it Castle, why do you have to know me so well….like no one else does!!”   And again, this could be my wishful thinking, but I think she is also upset that he is coming to tell her how to live her life when he can’t even tell her how he feels about her.   She knows he loves her.   He knows, that she knows, that he loves her….but tell her already!!!   I think she needs him to be the first one to say it so she can let her guard down and open up to him completely.  But until he does, she won’t.  So he leaves with no one blinking on the feelings front….at least, not yet!

This leads to another great scene with Castle and Martha.  Martha can be a cook sometimes but when it comes to scenes like this, she always hits it out of the park.  Susan Sullivan is always wonderful with Nathan Fillion in these scenes!  Castle is obviously torn.  He doesn’t know how to help Kate and he is so afraid for her life.  So he goes to his mother and asks her advise on what to do and how to help her.   She can see her son is in pain and at a loss for what to do for Beckett.  Martha tells him to not waste another minute.   He should tell her how he feels.

As the investigation moves forward, the team realizes the reason Lockwood killed McAllister and broke out of prison was to go after the 3rd cop involved and possibly Beckett as well.   So the team wants to find this 3rd cop.  Now there were plenty of hints as to who this 3rd cop was last week and this week before he was actually revealed.  First was last week.  I mentioned in my recap that I felt when we met Captain Montgomery’s wife and the mention of his retirement and everyone blowing it off saying “he’s not going anywhere” was a good indication that he was going to be the one that dies in the season finale.  If he is the one that’s dying, what better way to have him go out then him being the 3rd cop that Lockwood is hunting.   Then there were some oh so subtle moments in the season finale.  Like when the 3rd cop was mentioned by the team and Montgomery just slightly lowers his eyes and his head.  If that wasn’t a guilty look, I don’t know what is!!!   So it was not that big of a reveal when we learned that Montgomery was the 3rd cop.   What was also not surprising was his death.   Lockwood basically told Montgomery either Beckett or your family are going to die.   You pick.  You knew he was going to protect his family and you knew he wasn’t going to give up Beckett.  Therefore, Monty was going down.  What was brutal was how it went down.   He lures Kate to the airplane hangar claiming to new evidence.  As she arrives looking for the Captain, he appears in the dark.  Once he appears, she gets a text telling her the Montgomery is the 3rd cop.  He explains how everything went down when he was a rookie and as he is finishing up, Lockwood’s team appears to kill Kate.  So Montgomery tells Castle (who has been hiding the whole time) to get Kate out of there.  She refuses to leave knowing what’s about to happen and she tells Montgomery that she forgives him.  But Castle literally picks her up and drags her out of there kicking and screaming.  Flashing back and forth between Montgomery and Lockwood’s team facing off and Castle trying to keep Beckett safe and quiet was great to watch and the editing department did a great job with this scene.  You see Montgomery draw his gun and aim to shoot at Lockwood and his men but you don’t hear the first gun shot until you are flashed back to where Castle and Beckett are and you hear the gun fire with them.  So they know and we know what is going on….the Captain is taking one for Beckett and his family.  Montgomery takes most of Lockwood’s men out and when Lockwood goes to check on him, Montgomery gets one final shot into Lockwood’s gut killing him.    Thank God.   When it’s all over, Beckett runs back in and cries over her Captain.  It was a touch scene to watch.  What was also tough was when Ryan and Esposito found out about Montgomery and neither one wanted to believe it, especially Esposito.  He fights Ryan for a bit but then realizes the person he was mad at was his Captain, not Ryan.   But they are both devastated by what they learn and Seamus Deaver and Jon Huertas were incredible in all their scenes but particularly that one.

As we get to the funeral scene, we flash to Montgomery’s office where Castle, Beckett and the boys are all sitting and Beckett tells them that no one, other than the four of them, will ever know about Montgomery being the 3rd cop.  He was a hero and he will be remembered as such.  We see Beckett and the boys in their dress blues as the pall bearers for the service and we Captain Montgomery’s wife and children there.  And I was crying my eyes out as usual.  Beckett gets up to eulogize her boss and at the very end, Castle notices a reflection of light in the cemetery coming from behind a grave stone.  He sees it aimed right at Beckett and he runs to protect her as the shot rings out.  People scatter and Beckett is on the ground….she’s been shot!!!!  Rick tells her to stay with him and then comes the big bomb…..he tells her he loves her and to please stay with him!!!   Guess who finally blinked!!!!

Now people have been calling this a cliffhanger.  I guess it is but usually the cliffhanger is, will Beckett survive the shooting.   The answer is….OF COURSE SHE IS!!!!  But I guess the real cliffhanger is what happens as a result of not just her shooting, but Castle telling her he loves her.   I have 2 guesses.  The first is that she reciprocates and we move forward in the series with them as a couple.   The other guess is that she loses lots of blood, survives but has memory loss and doesn’t remember Castle telling her that he loves her.  He doesn’t repeat it because Josh, the doctor boyfriend, is healing her and Beckett and Josh have gotten closer as a result.  So out of respect for them, Castle steps back.   I really hope for guess #1 to come true but I worry guess #2 is closer to what will really happen.  I don’t know that for sure, it’s just a guess.  And Andrew Marlowe is on record saying that Victor Webster (Josh) will be back next season.   Ugh!

What an incredible season of Castle this has been.  I remember when this was just a cute little show with a great cast that was pure entertainment for my Monday nights.  Now with the addition of some pretty spectacular ongoing cases (Beckett’s mom’s killer and 3XK)and the chemistry the entire cast has built, not only with C&B but with everyone involved,  this has become must-see-TV and is one of the best shows on TV.   From a drama standpoint, I don’t think there are two better written shows out there right now than Castle and The Good Wife.  Parenthood comes in a close 3rd, but those 2 are far and away the best.   I can’t say enough about Andrew Marlowe and his writing team who have done a phenomenal job this season.  And I also can’t say enough about the stellar cast…Tamala Jones, Molly Quinn, Susan Sullivan, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, Jon Huertas, Seamus Dever, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion….OUTSTANDING!!!!  I will really miss Santiago-Hudson and his character of Captain Roy Montgomery.   I always thought he was  a tough but fair leader in the 12th.  I am curious to see if Beckett gets a promotion out of this or if they bring in someone else.   If they bring in someone else, they are going to have big shoes to fill!   I think Castle definitely deserves some Emmy nods in many departments and especially Stana and Nathan for acting but they had an incredible season!

I hate this layoff because I already can’t wait for next season!!!!  But at least this will give me some time to reflect on the shows a bit more and start to guess about what will happen in the fall for season 4.

What did you think Castle fans?   Best episode ever?   Best season so far?   Were you pleased with the finale?  Are you sad to see Captain Montgomery go?   And what do you think will result from Castle telling Kate he loves her!!!!   I want to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for a great first season (with me at least) and I really appreciate all the loyal readers out there (especially my loyal Castle readers!!)  See you in the fall (but probably sooner!!!)


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QUICK REVIEW: Castle “Pretty Dead” S3 E23

This should be fast since this was a run of the mill episode.

A beauty pageant is in rehearsals for their big night and one of the contestants ends up dead.  There are a huge amount of suspect and it changes constantly.  It even changes 3 times within the last 8 minutes of the episode.   Turns out the beauty queen and her boyfriend were blackmailing the Donald Trump of the pageant and it ended up getting her killed.

Meanwhile, Alexis has broken up with Ashley.  Ashley has always wanted to go to Stanford and he got in.   But Alexis, who’s only going to be a senior in high school next year, hates the idea of him being so far away.  She wants him to stay but she doesn’t want him to not go to school where he’s always dreamed of going.  Ashley decides to stay in NY but Alexis feels guilty about it so she breaks up with him.   She’s devastated but thinks she is doing the right thing.  I love Alexis.  Believe me I do.   But sometimes I think her character is just too unrealistic.  Alexis has got to be a 40-year-old woman in a high school senior’s body.  No kid her age makes these kinds of adult, responsible decisions all the time.  She’s TOO perfect.  Other than the time she lied to her dad, we never see Alexis make a bad choice.  While most of me loves seeing a character like her on TV for kids who watch the show to respect..especially with all the dreck that’s on TV…there’s another part of me that wishes we would see a not so perfect Alexis.  We got a glimpse of that when Alexis lied to her dad about where she was because the people she was with stole merchandise from a store.  (She of course went back to the store and gave them money to cover the difference but whatever.)  But it made her more real in my eyes.  Great kids can still make dumb choices.  Why?   Because they are kids!!  It’s an unwritten rule that as a child, you have the right to be painfully stupid sometimes because you don’t know any better.  I certainly don’t want Alexis to become a delinquent.  Just maybe not so perfect that’s all.

Ashley is heartbroken that Alexis has broken up with him so he goes to talk to Castle about helping him get back together with Alexis now that he has decided to go to Stanford after all.  He asks him, “Mr. Castle, haven’t you ever wanted something so much but they just keep pushing you away for no good reason?”   Cue Beckett!!  Hello Kate.  Nice to see you have perfect timing.  So of course Castle goes home to talk to Alexis and tells her to give it a shot with Ashley.  Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.   I wish I could take credit for that line.  Do you think Tennyson would mind?   Probably.  Anyhoo, they get back together and Alexis has some GREAT news for her dad.  Not only is she taking his advice and dating Ashley again but she is now going to Stanford!!!  She has enough credits to graduate early in the fall so she is applying for early admission!!  Needless to say, Castle almost had a heart attack!!!

This was a fine episode but obviously from the previews we saw, next week is going to be HUGE!!!  Can I just say that I HATE the line where Beckett says to Castle “We are over!”  That has to be a red herring right?   RIGHT!!!  Please calm me down.  It looks to be a monster of an episode and I can’t wait!!!



There has been this rumor floating about the death of a Castle regular character.  I threw this person’s name out before but now my gut tells me it’s going to be Captain Montgomery.  Two things happened to solidify my choosing of him.  First, we met his wife.  Now that we can actually put a face with his wife, it would make it that much harder when he is killed (if it’s him.)  And really, why else bring her in to the fray at this point?  Second, Beckett’s line: don’t worry he isn’t going anywhere, in regards to Montgomery saying he’s retiring next year.  Whenever someone says that, you know the opposite happens.  So my fear is that Roy is the one who meets his maker in next week’s finale.  I hope not.  I hope it’s motorcycle boy but he isn’t a regular so it can’t be him.  I really don’t want anyone to go but it’s going to happen.  Who do you think it will be?

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REVIEW: Castle “To Live and Die in LA” S3 E22

I know what we all want to talk about.  I have been thinking about it all day!  But before we get to the juicy and hot Castle and Beckett breakdown, let’s get through a quick rundown of the episode itself shall we?   Before we get started, I must say, WOW there were a lot of guest stars in the episode….D.B. Sweeney, Jason George, the dude from Prison Break, and Mr Kiss Frontman…Gene Simmons!!!   So many bad guys to pick from!!!

This episode was slightly different from most Castle episodes (and I’m not talking about the fact that it was in L.A.)  In the opening sequence, we know who the bad guy is (the guy from Prison Break) because we see the murder.  For the audience, it’s not a matter of who done it, but how is Beckett going to catch him.  Unfortunately, the case is going to be a tough one for her because the victim had a very close, personal connection with Beckett.  It was Mike Royce her mentor and superior officer that at one point, she was in love with.   Remember Mike Royce?  He was from this season’s 3rd episode “Under the Gun” in which we learn that Beckett’s old partner is now a bounty hunter mixed up in some criminal activity and Beckett finally has to arrest him.   Needless to say in that episode, they didn’t end on good terms.  But it still hit Beckett like a ton of bricks when she saw her former mentor lying the street dead.

The case leads them to a suspect in L.A.   ROAD TRIP!!!!  Of course Captain Montgomery wants to give this case to someone else because Beckett is too close to it.  Are you starting to sense a recurring theme here?  Beckett being too close to a case?  Between her mother’s case, when one of her girlfriend’s was being accused of murder, and now this.  Can’t it one time be someone Esposito or Montgomery who are too close to the case?   Why does it always have to be Beckett?  Anyhoo, Montgomery boots her off and she decides to take some vacation time.   Guess where she is headed?  Vegas baby!!!!  No I’m just messing with you.  She goes to L.A.  I love how you could see in Montgomery’s face, when Kate tells him she is taking some vacation days, that he knew exactly what she was going to do….and he didn’t stop her.   When Castle wants to go after her, she tells him that she needs some alone time.  Yeah, like that’s going to fly.  She jumps on a plane and she is on her own.  Or is she?  She is summoned up to First Class where waiting for her with champagne, is none other than Lanie.  Again…kidding!  It’s Castle.  He once again shows that no matter what, he will always have her back and be there to support her.  Whether his actions could get him in trouble or worse, killed, it doesn’t matter.  Where Beckett goes, so does Castle.

I have to say, it was nice to see them out of the 12th and in, dare I say, a pseudo vacation mode.  It was a different side of Beckett than we have seen before.  Don’t get me wrong, she was still all business and there to do a job.  But she seemed, more relaxed and even, at times, very funny.  And of course, there is her entrance where she meets Ganz (Prison Break dude) for the first time…hello hotel pool!!!!  I liked seeing this side of Beckett.  What I loved most (other than her scenes with Castle) was how free she was.  She broke into someone’s house to get evidence in her case (that really isn’t her case.)  She lied and kept evidence from D.B. Sweeney (with a really bad bleach job) so she and Castle could stay ahead of them.  She also had some great back and forth banter with Castle at the pool after she exposed herself to Ganz and after Castle almost was caught by Ganz going through his cabana.  She meets him behind some bushes and when he wants to know what happened she punches him!  “I was trying to keep him from seeing you and he saw right through me.  He called me green Castle what the hell were you thinking?”  I love how she hit him again when she said green.  You could tell that was the comment that really pissed her off!  But he gets Ganz’s phone numbers off his cell phone which ends up being huge for them.  “Please don’t poke me again” he said.  “Poke you, I want to kiss you.”  Yeah she does!!!  We have always seen such a by-the-book Beckett that it was great to see her outside of her comfort zone.  Actually I should say, the comfort zone of the audience in how we are used to seeing Beckett.  Could you imagine how she would react back in NYC if the shoe was on the other foot and Sweeney was the guy in her town screwing with her investigation?   It was refreshing to watch!

The case is moving along and I think this is as good a time as any to talk about Beckett, Ryan and Esposito.  These colleagues have shown numerous times how they have each other’s back.  But I think it’s more than doing anything for your partner or your boss.  These people truly care about one another and will do anything for each other…even risk getting in trouble with the ultimate boss, Montgomery, to cover for each other.  I’ve always loved Ryan and Esposito’s partnership and friendship but it’s their relationship with Beckett that I am starting to notice more and more.  I know they would also look out for Castle because he has earned his stripes, but it’s still not in the same way, the would watch out for Kate.  Even though she is their boss, I think they are very protective of her.  And even though they know she could kick all of their asses, they still like to make sure she is always protected.  And I think Beckett, though she would never admit it, loves that about them and likes knowing that whatever she needs, they will be there.

Eventually, C&B start working with the LAPD and together, along with the boys help, they are able to find out that Ganz is the one that killed Royce.   They track him down through his partner and while witnessing the sale of the magic bullets, they arrest his other partner but Ganz seems to have slipped through the cracks.  Castle realizes, so has Beckett.  She finds Ganz and chases him through the Santa Monica pier area that has been famous in so many movies, and while he tries to get away, he shoots him in the leg.  As she has a gun aimed at his head, looking like she is ready to pull the trigger, Castle and the cops coming running towards her and it snaps her out of her dream world of killing Ganz for Royce and she reads him his rights.   Later Castle asks her how close she came to pulling the trigger.  She never answers and says that she just wants to go home.

Now for the part you have been waiting for…..Lanie and Esposito analysis!!!!   Sorry I can’t help myself…..Castle and Beckett analysis!!!!!

There were so many comments made and looks generated that really moved C&B to a new level.  It also highlighted just how much these two people are really in love with each other without admitting it to the other or themselves.   Castle, as we all know, has known for some time that he loves Kate.  But out of respect for her relationship with Josh and their working relationship, he has stayed professional.  Kate knows Castle has feelings for her.  It was evident in her comment to him when she first came to Royce’s crime scene and Castle didn’t want her to go and see his body.  “Castle if it was me, would you walk away?”  So she knows.  And this episode was about Kate finally admitting to herself that she has reciprocal feelings.  Let’s look at the hotel room scene.   They are discussing Royce and Beckett is opening up to Castle about her relationship with Royce.  She also mentions how she can’t believe she will never see him again.  As a result, Castle opens up to Kate:

“You know what I thought when I first met you?  That you were a mystery I was never going to solve.  Even now, after spending all this time with you, I’m still amazed at depths of your strength, your heart, and your hotness.”

LOL!!!  It was such a serious and poignant moment that I was not expecting the hotness remark.  It was vintage Castle!!!  Kate’s response: “you’re not so bad yourself Castle.”  Then they stared at each other for what seemed like 5 minutes and I swear I thought he was going to lean in for a kiss!!!  Maybe that was also my wishful thinking.  But then I remembered that Castle is a gentleman and knows she is with someone else so he would never do that to her and put her in that position.  She decides she should head to bed and bids him good night.  As she goes to enter her room, he calls out her name “Kate” and she turns and simply says “Good night Castle” and confoundingly shuts her door.  Castle stares at her door.  Meanwhile she is behind it rubbing her head realizing what we have known all along, she loves him.   Her debate, should she go back out to tell him?  You see a shot of her door handle and her hand reach for it and then hesitate.  Back to Castle outside and he stands as he watches her door, hoping that she changes her mind and comes back out.  His wish has been granted!!!!  She decides to open the door and go see him but alas, he isn’t there and all Kate sees is Castle’s door slowly closing.  AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  It was a perfectly shot scene.  The best part in my household was my husband hitting my arm saying, she’s going to go see him, she’s going to go see him!!!   I didn’t realize he was THAT much of a C&B fan!!  Even though they didn’t profess their love for each other that night, it was still a HUGE step forward with Kate finally admitting to herself what we have all known for quite some time….she loves Rick.   Now we just need to get rid of motorcycle man and have her tell Rick how she feels!!!!  Maybe this next part will help her get the courage she needs.

After they decide to leave L.A. (and give D.B. Sweeney a parting gift of a plush robe as a thank you for his help) they jump back on a plane and head for NY.  Kate is reading Royce’s letter and we are included on one particular section:

“And now for the hard part kid.  It’s clear you and Castle have something real.  And you’re fighting it.  But trust me, putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake.  Risking our hearts is why we’re alive.  The last thing you want is to look back on your life and wonder…if only.”

Kate then looks over at a sleeping Castle and one can’t help but wonder what was going through her head at that point.

It’s 100% clear that it isn’t a matter of IF C&B get together but when.  I would have to think, Marlowe wouldn’t put these moments in place if it wasn’t happening soon.  Maybe not in the next episode.  Maybe not even by the season finale.  But I would think at some point during season 4, Castle and Beckett will be a legit couple.   You heard it here first friends!!!!   I just don’t know how you keep them apart at this point.  After everything that happened last night, how can you possibly not put them together soon?   Castle knows he loves her and she knows she loves him.  Her mentor and friend basically told her to shit or get off the pot.  So what is stopping them?  At this point either one of two things have to happen….they get together in the immediate future or something monumental happens to drive them apart.  Dear God it better not be the later!!!   I don’t think it will be.  Marlowe would be more hated than Hart Hanson if he did something that drove C&B apart after all these lovely moves to draw them so close together.

What do you think Castle fans?   Were you happy about the C&B progress?  Do you think they get together by seasons end or will it be next year?  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!!!


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Castle “To Love and Die in LA” Review coming tonight!

Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God!!!!!!!!!   I cannot stress how AWESOME Castle and Beckett and scenes were last night.  And that letter!!!!  I didn’t like Mike Royce when we last saw him but I am LOOOOOOOVING him now!!!

I think C&B took a huge step in the right direction last night and I can’t wait to discuss it with you.  Unfortunately, I am on the road working today so it will have to come later tonight.  So check back around 9-10pm.

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REVIEW: Castle “The Dead Pool” S3 E21

KISS HER!!!   KISS HER DAMN IT!!!!!   This is what I was screaming at my TV set last night at the end of Monday night’s Castle.   Oh.  My.  God!!!!   That 20 second look between Castle and Beckett!!!  It was giving me chills.   If that isn’t the best non verbal communication of love TV has ever produced, then I don’t know what is.   But let’s get the simple little matter of the case out-of-the-way first.   Shall we?

A young potentially Olympic swimmer from UNY is founded murdered at his school’s pool.  At first, it looked like a simple jealousy killing.   But it turned into something a lot more sinister with a good kid trying to do the right thing and as a result getting killed for it.  As it turns out, a rival swimmer, Brian, is using an undetected steroid to be able to compete on the team.   He came from a very wealthy family and his father will stop at nothing to have him be successful.  The swim coach had a connection from his past in Wilmington to be able to get these drugs and supplied them to Brian.  The victim found out about it and was planning to expose what was going on.  A former Olympic swimmer and super star, Rob,  who was a mentor to the victim, was also revealed to be a steroid user as well.  Rob’s past as a steroid user would have also come out if the victim revealed what he knew so Rob was the one who killed him.

We also had the side story of the jackass from Lie to Me playing Castle’s mentee, as he calls him, Alex Conrad, who just finished his first mystery novel.  I feel bad for saying that.  The actor, Brendan Hines, is probably a fine young fellow.  But he has now played 2 characters I absolutely hate so I just can’t like him.   Sorry!!   He comes to the station to see Castle and meets Beckett.  He starts chatting with her about the swimmer case and gives her some good insight into a new direction to look for the killer.  She really appreciated the help and agreed to talk to him later for research for his next book.   Well that went over with Castle about as well as a wet fart in church.   Castle doesn’t take too kindly to Conrad injecting himself into Castle’s turf….most especially not with Beckett.   The jealousy in his eyes the whole time was hysterical.   You could see him retreating to a high school kid who’s buddy just swooped in and started going after his crush.   To teach him a lesson, and to keep him from getting together with Beckett that night, he invites Conrad to Castle’s infamous poker game.  This time we are treated to two of my favorite writers….Michael Connelly and the divine Dennis Lehane.   I must say, I really liked the way the paid tribute to the late Stephen Cannell.  When Conrad went to sit in Cannell’s seat, they told him he couldn’t because that was Stephen’s seat.  Beautifully done Castle!!!  Connelly and Lehane really break the rookie in.   More like break his chops!!  And Castle is loving every minute of it, as am I!!!

In the end, Conrad realizes he needs to do a lot more research and heads off to a prison to learn more about prison life.  When Beckett asks Castle why he gave Conrad such a hard time, his response completely surprised me.   “Yes.  Fine.  It’s true.  I’m jealous.  There I said it.  I want you all to myself and to have you spending time with another writer?   That upsets me.  If that makes me petty, so be it.  Guilty as charged.”  Well I didn’t see that coming.   Nor this…”Actually, I kind of think it’s sweet.   And that’s why you don’t have to worry about me hanging around with Conrad anymore.  From now on I am a one writer kind of girl.”   When Beckett had the flat expression slowly turn into a smile before she said that him, it made me light up inside because I really didn’t know how she would take what he just told her.   And the waters works really came forward when after Conrad leaves and Castle says to Beckett “thank you.”  She turns around and simply, firmly, and sweetly says “always.”  Oh sweet Jesus I need tissues again!!!  And while I was sobbing and they were gazing at each other was when I started shouting KISS HER at my TV!!!!

I know there have been many Castle fans (mainly C&B fans) that have not been very happy with the direction C&B have been going in this season.  Some people feel that they move forward and then take 2 steps backwards.  Some people I talk to say they aren’t even sure they are going to end up together and that possibly C&B will remain great friends.  Those last 3 minutes of The Dead Pool prove that there is NO WAY, C&B aren’t getting together.  Those last 3 minutes also show the complete and utter love, respect, admiration, and compassion they have for each other.  Those last 3 minutes took C&B to a whole new level!   Those last 3 minutes are one of the best C&B moments of the entire series.  It was incredible.  As long as I can get moments like that throughout the series until they actually get together (and they will get together) I can handle the wait.  Because moments like last night’s are sheer perfection!

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