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QUICK REVIEW: Castle “Slice of Death” S3 E20

I know I have some loyal Castle readers (love you guys!!) and so this may shock and disappoint you with what I am about to say but I feel it must be said.   Castle is getting to the point where I either need to do quick reviews or no review at all unless it’s a major episode or something major happens.   Was that a huge gasp I just heard….oh that was me…sorry!

Here is why I am saying that.  Unless it’s a significant episode like something to do with Beckett’s mom or C&B or the return 3XK, etc, I’m not sure what else there is to say about Castle.   You know I love it.  You know I think it’s brilliantly written and cast.   You know I think it’s hilarious yet poignant at times.  And if the episode has that general theme, do you really need to hear it again?   I can just imagine people coming on here thinking “seriously, this chick is going to again tell us how awesome and funny Castle is and how if she wasn’t already married, she would marry Nathon Fillion in a heartbeat?”   Ok maybe that last part is news to everyone (don’t tell my sweetie!!!)   But you get the point.   And this episode, like last week was no different.

This episode was about rival pizza shops, their owners, and how a dead man ended up in the oven of Authentic Nick’s.   Or was it Terrific Nick’s?   Or was it Authentic Terrific Nick’s?   Or was it Terrific Authentic Nick’s?  I forget.   The point is, the story was entertaining although again cursed by the obvious well-known guest start to point the finger right at them and know as soon as you see them, that they will be guilty (CSI’s Liz Vassey.)  And it was absolutely hilarious.  I loved it and it was a great hour of TV as Castle always is.

With only four more episodes until the season finale which looks to be on May 16th (and yes I will shed a tear at having to wait 4 months to see my favorite cast of characters again) I’m sure there will be some juicy episodes coming up to discuss.  Next week’s episode is the much talked about L.A episode and the title of the season finale is called….Knockout.   Think about the BIG episodes from this season…3XK, Knockdown, Setup, Countdown.  So Knockout says to me, this will be more along the tone of those episodes.  There is also a horrible rumor out there that someone we have known since Season 1 will be dying in the season finale.  Right now I can say that it won’t be Castle or Beckett.   It better not be Ryan, Esposito, or Alexis.  So I fear it will be Montgomery or Martha.   But if it’s Lanie, so be it.  I hate to say that but Lanie has been used to rarely this season that I really wouldn’t notice if she isn’t there anymore.  However, she is with Esposito and seems to be Beckett’s only real girlfriend (although that storyline seems to have been dropped a bit) so it would kind of suck if it was her.   As much as I like Capital Roy Montgomery, he doesn’t do a whole lot either and it would be nice to see Beckett in charge of the department.  I really like Martha but honestly, other than loving Susan Sullivan and Martha having a few lines here or there, will she really be missed?  I don’t know…probably not by me.  The 2 best Martha episodes were 3XK and Knockdown.   Other than that, she’s been ok.  But regardless of who is going down in the season finale (if that is true), I won’t be happy that we will be losing a member of the Castle family.  I don’t want to see anyone go because I love them all.


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REVIEW: Castle “Law & Murder” S3 E19

I feel like every week I say the same thing….Castle was awesome this week!!  I’m sorry, but it was.  I also thought the case was really interesting.  A juror in a murder trial drops dead and Beckett and the Boys are called in to investigate what has happened.  Alexis finally got a bit of a story as well.  I have some comments about that I think will be unpopular but what fun is it if we all agree?

Let’s start with Alexis and Castle.  Alexis comes in and Castle realizes that she is lying to him about where she is going for the day.  Which isn’t like her.  To see where she is really going, Castle tracks her with a GPS tracking app he downloaded on his phone.  As it turns out, she was lying and was somewhere else.  When she comes home and he presses her on where she was, it’s revealed that he knew she wasn’t in the Village due to the app.  Alexis goes off on him and storms upstairs furious that he did that to her.  At the station, he feels horrible and tells Beckett who sides with Alexis and tells him what he did was wrong.  But she also supports him knowing he did it because he was concerned.  Later in the show, Alexis comes to the station to see her dad and Castle immediately apologies to her for tracking her without her knowledge.  She tells him that she was with friends who stole some products from a store.  Castle is floored by this and says that stealing isn’t like her.  She agrees and says she didn’t steal anything.  She went back to the store because she felt bad and paid for all the stolen merchandise.  Castle then asks her about who these friends are and she won’t snitch on them.  He also asks her why she would hang around with people like that and she tells him it’s complicated.  In the end, Alexis and Castle hug and patch things up and go on their merry ways.

Here is my controversial comment.  I had no problem with what Castle did.  (Ducking as bricks are being thrown at me.)  I am going to preference my next comments with the fact that I am not a parent.  So take what I have to say with a grain of salt.  But if I was a parent I would have done what Castle did.  What exactly was wrong with what Castle did?  His daughter lied to him and he wanted to know where she was really at.  What is wrong with that?  Alexis was so furious about Castle “violating her civil rights.”  If I were him, I would have reminded her that maybe if she didn’t lie to him, he wouldn’t have had to do that.  She lied to her father (no matter what the reason) so she is wrong.  Secondly, if she is so annoyed that her “rights were violated” then she can get a job and get her own apartment and live in her own place where she can make the rules and no one will violate her rights.  While I think if Castle did something like that to a spouse or Martha or a friend it would be completely wrong, I think it’s different when it comes to your children.  I think parents have every right to violate certain privacy rights to make sure their kids aren’t doing anything that could potentially be dangerous or illegal.  Children don’t always make the best decisions and I think it’s up to parents to make sure that they do everything they can to protect their children.  And if some privacy has to be lost, so be it.  I also didn’t like Castle apologizing to Alexis yet she never apologized to him for lying.  Just because Alexis is a great kid, doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants and not suffer any consequences.  In my opinion, the tracking was the consequence and if she doesn’t like, don’t lie to your father.  Enough said on that.

Now for the eye brow raising part.  She made a comment about not telling her dad who she was hanging out with.  She also said “it’s complicated” when her dad asked her why she would hang out with people like that.  Anyone else think this could be a setup for a juicy storyline coming down the road for Alexis?  I think so.  I’ve always wanted to see a little more for Alexis than just being the goody two shoes.  Now this could be a foreshadowing to something coming for her.  I hope nothing serious happens to her of course.  But I would like to see something more than just her being a good student and hugging her dad before she goes to school or he leaves for his job.

As for the case, it was great.  The trial of a murdered woman gets very interesting when a juror is murdered.  At first it looks like the brother of the defendant is the guilty party, but he isn’t.  As the investigation moves forward, more and more suspects pop up and we also find out that the defendant on trial for murder, didn’t commit the crime.  So now Beckett and the Boys have to figure out not only who killed the juror but who really killed the young girl.  There were lots of back and forth as to why the juror was killed and if there was some connection to him and the female victim.  Turns out there was a connection after all.  The juror’s brother killed the girl by accident and fled the scene.  Unfortunately the original defendant on trial saw the abandoned car and was just there to steal the car.  Little did he know that there was a body in the trunk.  Oops.  That’s why he was getting pinned for the murder.  Since the juror knew his brother actually committed the crime and not the man on trial, he paid the court clerk to get him on the jury.  He was going to be the juror that got the man off.  Unfortunately for him, the girl who was murdered came from an incredibly wealthy family who also happened to be large contributors to the DA’s campaign.  The brother of the original victim caught wind of what was going on and poisoned the juror so he wouldn’t be able to help the defendant go free.  But the ultimate bad guys was the DA.  The juror tried to contact him with proof of the defendant’s innocence but the DA wouldn’t listen.  The family wanted the defendant convicted and the DA would continue with the case because of their financial connection to him.  The scary thing is that this probably happens in real life more than we know.  In the end, the brother of the juror get arrested for killing the young woman and the her brother gets arrested for killing the juror.

On the Castle/Beckett front, not a whole lot of development but I LOVED the interaction with them at the end.  In the beginning of the show, Castle asked Alexis to go with him for a showing of Forbidden Planet.  It happened to be one of his favorite Leslie Nielson movies before Nielson became the popular comedic movie star.  She said she couldn’t because she had plans (remember her lie causing Castle to have to track her?)  Hee hee.  Sorry I couldn’t resist bringing that up again!  But at the end of the show, when the case is over and they are wrapping up their day, Castle asks Beckett what she is up to and she tells him that Josh is working so she is going to see this movie called Forbidden Planet by herself.  He raises his eye brow but she doesn’t notice.  She asks if he’s ever seen it and he says no.  She goes off about how much he would love it and she insists that he come with her…her treat.  He agrees and as she walks away, he has this HUGE smile on his face.  It. Was. Awesome!!!!   She promise they can have candy and popcorn and he suggests possibly getting cheeseburgers afterward.  They get into the elevator and she starts to tell him about the movie and Leslie Nielson and again, he flashes that huge grin.  Loved it.   LOVED IT!!!

I already can’t wait for next week!!!!


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Chaos Premieres Friday April 1st on CBS at 8pm

There are a lot of shows premiering this week.  And by the way, Sunday night is going to be a brutal night because 3 shows are premiering at the same time (The Borgias, The Killing, and The Kennedys….all cable shows.)

This was one of those shows that I heard about last summer but completely forgot about until I saw a commercial for it the other day.  Chaos is about a group of rogue CIA agents that go on all these wacky missions.  It looks hilarious and interesting at the same time.  It stars Eric Close, Freddy Rodriguez, Tim Blake Nelson, and James Murray.  It premieres this Friday April 1st on CBS at 8pm.  Other than Supernatural there really isn’t anything else I watch on Fridays so I am going to check this out.

Preview clip is below so check it out and tune in Friday to see if Chaos is going to be added to your viewing lineup!

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REVIEW: Bones “The Blackout in the Blizzard” S6 E16

I’ll be honest, the case this week wasn’t that interesting to me so I am not going to touch on it.  Sorry!  But I want to talk about the 2 core relationships on the show: Angela and Hodgins and of course, Booth and Brennan.  So this was the much buzzed about episode with Booth and Brennan trapped in an elevator and a major conversation about their relationship takes place there.  I would say some interesting conversation happens there but I think a pivotal conversation happens later at Booth’s apartment.  But let’s get to Ang and Hodgins first.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I cried watching these two.  TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin are so incredible.  People always talk about the chemistry between Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and make no mistake, those people aren’t wrong about that.  I am also one those people.  But no one every really talks about the chemistry between Conlin and Thyne.  It is wonderful.  They were so good, I felt guilty watching their scenes.  The reason why, is because I felt like I was intruding on a real couple’s private concern and pain.   Angela was very concerned about being a carrier for this genetic marker that could mean the baby could be blind.  Hodgins was just tested to find out if he was also a carrier (which is the only way the baby could be in danger of being blind.)  He spent most of the episode trying to reassure Angela that everything would be fine.  It was such a long shot (like 1 in a million) that he was going to be a carrier.  However, his buddy Wendell could see that he was also nervous.  Hodgins tried to blow it off and remind him he needs to be strong for Angela but Wendell could see right through it.  Finally Hodgins gets the call.  You don’t need to hear the conversation and you never need to hear him actually say it.  It is all over his face and in the tone of his voice that he is also a carrier.  He breaks down in tears in front of Wendell and is so worried to tell Angela for fear she is going to hate him.  I know I’ve been there when you hear news of something that is completely out of your control and you are so afraid to tell the person this also affects because you fear they will be disappointed in you.  I was crying right with him.  Wendell was being a really good friend by understanding Hodgins’ fear and sadness but also by respectfully telling him that Angela won’t be mad at him and that they will get through this.  As this is going on, Angela walks in with a smile on her face which quickly disappears when she sees Hodgins face.  Wendell excuses himself and we see Hodgins telling Angela through the glass window and she lovingly grabs his face and hugs him as he tearfully tells her that he’s a carrier.  It was such a touching moment and was crying like a baby!!   Towards the end of the episode, after the case was solved and they were heading home, Ang and Hodgins had another beautiful scene.  Hodgins started talking about how Ang would need to learn sculpting because if the baby can’t paint, he/she could sculpt and still have Angela’s artistic influence.  And he wants to take up piano so he can teach the baby piano together.  I loved how he was taking this situation and looking for all the positives.  Angela did remind him that there is still a chance the baby will be just fine and no matter what happens, they can handle anything because they have each other.  Another water works moment for yours truly!  Since the writers are farting around with Booth and Brennan, it’s nice to see such a strong, solid couple we can always rely on.   And speaking of Booth and Brennan….

What did you think of Booth and Brennan during this episode?  I love them.  I have always loved them and I will always love them.  I was cracking up with the elevator scene.  First and foremost, being from Philadelphia (where David Boreanaz grew up) and being an Eagles fan, I can COMPLETELY appreciate Booth wanting those Vet Stadium seats (I actually have 2 seats myself!)  There was some great interacting between B&B and Sweets with Sweets trying to get them to talk about their feelings towards each other.  It got a little ugly when he brought up Hannah but he and Booth were fine by the end of the episode.

What I was waiting for was this BIG conversation B&B were going to have about their relationship in the elevator that was teased to us but it never happened.  Unless you count Brennan bringing up the idea of them sleeping know considering their stamina it would be quite satisfying!   Ha!!  That was fantastic.  But other than that, nothing of significance was discussed and it was the same old, “we’re not a couple” and “we don’t need to talk about this right now” and blah blah blah.  I was pissed.  I thought I was going to tweet Hart Hanson about how I have had enough of all of this teasing of B&B getting together and it never happening.  Because he would listen to me.  I’m sure of it.  But then the scene in Booth’s apartment happened.  And I’m torn on how I feel about it.

In Booth’s apartment, Booth admitted that what happened between him and Hannah really threw him for a loop.  Therefore, he is not ready to go down a serious path just yet.  His heart and head need some time to recoup.  On the flip side, Brennan admits that when he first asked her to get together, she was impervious to those types of advances.  But she also admitted that she could see a time where she isn’t so impervious and would consider opening up to the idea of a relationship with Booth.  So what they decided to do was write down a date and burn it for good luck.  Supposedly that will be the date they are ready to get together.   The good news is that I think this is great progress.  Both parties for the first time, basically admitted that they would like to start a relationship together, just not right now.  That’s a HUGE step from them never admitting to wanting to be together and being just friends and colleagues and also him being ready but she isn’t and then she’s ready but he isn’t.  They are on the same page to want to try just not yet.  The bad news is that with this blind date that was written down and not shared means Hart Hanson and crew can drag this on for seasons to come.  Ugh!!!!!!  Also, I understand what Booth was trying to do, but I thought it was incredibly silly.  I would rather him have grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye and said “look, we aren’t in a position to do this right now.  But I am willing to wait.  Wait until you’re ready and wait until I’m ready to give this a chance.  What do you say?   Do you agree” as he extends his hand for a “seal the deal” handshake.  Brennan would then slap his hand away and say “this is how you seal a deal” and rip off her clothes, rip off his clothes, and have sex with him during the 3 week hiatus.  Really, would that have been too hard to direct?   Ha!!!  In all seriousness, can you imagine how all the B&B fans would be for 3 weeks if THAT happened?  I know I would be dancing in the streets.

While I think it’s great that B&B are moving closer and closer to a relationship together, I still feel like this isn’t happening any time soon.  This is also seems to be the type of story you get after a major fight in the writers rooms.  I have no inside knowledge of this and I am only guessing but I can just imagine writers are very split on what to do with B&B.  I can see some writers vehemently opposing their getting together until the end of the series.  And I can see some writers vehemently saying that they need to stop jerking the viewers around or they are going to stop watching the show.  This placates both parties.  B&B didn’t get together but they did give the fans hope that yes something will happen just not right now.  I have to admit that for a while, I really wasn’t sure that the writers were going to ever put them together.  Now I have confirmation that they will I just may have to wait until I turn 80.

How did you feel about this episode?  Were pleased with the “advancements” in B&B’s relationship?  Or are you just as frustrated as before?   And aren’t 100% convinced the Angela and Hodgins are going to be the best parents ever?   I want to hear from you!!!


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QUICK REVIEW: Castle “One Life to Lose” S3 E18

We’ve had a string of pretty heavy Castle episodes lately.  And while I like them very much, Castle gained popularity and fans based off the funny, quirky nature of the show.  The writer who doesn’t take himself too seriously working with the NYPD detective that takes everything too seriously.  It’s what made me fall in love with Castle.  This episode brings us back to that premise with a shout out to Fillion’s soap opera days on “One Life to Live.”

“Temptation Lane” (I love that name!  It’s soooo soapy) is the soap opera where their head writer has been killed with an axe and Castle and Beckett are brought in to find out who killed her.  The episode itself has a very soap opera feel when the behind the scenes shenanigans are just as compelling as the stories they are playing on set!  The lead actors hate one another.  The husband of the victim was having an affair with the lead actress.  The “mother” of the head writer really isn’t her mother after all…just a scam artist.  The head of the fan page of Temptation Island threatened to kill the head writer with an axe.  Martha and Lance (Corbin Bernson) once worked on a soap together and had great chemistry on and off the set.  It was great!!

The best part for me was Beckett being a fan of Temptation Island.  You could tell in the way she was talking about the cast and characters that she knew more about the show than just her surface investigating.  The nail in her coffin was when she was upset on learning one of the characters was going to get killed off and Castle called her on it.  “You watch Temptation Lane!” he tells her. She tries to deny it but there is no use any more.  The secret is out that Beckett is a TL fan!!  It’s not surprising though.  She was a closet Richard Castle fan so it seems Detective Beckett likes her guilty pleasures during her down time!!!

There were so many suspects and lots of options and reasons for who the killer would be.  But it came down to one really obvious person.  This is one big issue I have with shows (not just Castle.)  They cast a popular, recognizable guest start who eventually is the guilty party.  In this case it was the victim’s assistant (played by Tina Majorino.)  I know there were lots of guest stars…Rebecca Budig, Cameron Matheson, Corbin Bernson, and Jane Seymour.  But they were on the screen a decent amount of time early on between all four of them.   Majorino’s character was on-screen briefly in the beginning and then you didn’t really see her again until the end.  Why cast a name person to be on the screen for 4 minutes unless it somehow comes back to them in the end that they are the killer?   And that’s exactly what happens.  But like I said, I see lots of shows do this so I’m not really ripping Castle.  I’m just asking casting departments to be slightly more clever in casting the killers so it’s not so easy to figure out.

Of course I can’t wrap up a Castle post without discussing my favorite non couple that will soon be a couple (hopefully before my nieces and nephews have grandchildren)…C&B!!!   You know what one of my favorite C&B moments is?  Whenever they are sitting in front of the white board or are sitting in the 12th discussing the case and they get on one of their back and forth kicks where they finish each other’s sentences in regards to a theory they have about a particular case.  They know each other so well that they can go back and forth with a theory and always be on the same page!   The best comment about that came from Ryan when he said to them “you guys practice that?”  Ha!!!

There was also a very sweet moment when Beckett told Castle how she started watching TI with her mom and that’s why she knows the show and still watches it.  It reminds her about that moment with her mom and makes her feel close to her again.   Then as C&B are sharing that nice moment, guess who calls on her cell phone to ruin the moment??  That’s right…Josh.   Ugh!!!!  It’s time like those Andrew Marlowe, I am not very happy with you!!!

Sorry my posts have been lagging behind!!!  It’s been very busy with my real job and then my boss got me sick.  Talk about a double whammy!!!   But thanks for your patience and I’ll try to get these up faster!!


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QUICK REVIEW: Glee “Sexy” S2 E15

Gleeks are not going to like me for this review.  This was back to being a typically bad season 2 episode.  Although I liked the songs and the renditions more than other people, the stories, again, were awful and all over the place.  Nothing made sense.  Plot lines were disjointed and completely far-fetched.  Aside from the songs, the only part of this episode that really stood out as great, was Burt Hummel.  Mike O’Malley really deserves the Emmy this year because he is outstanding!

Not too sound like an old fart, which I’m sure I will, but what was the point of this episode?  I don’t understand.  Was it to tell kids to not have sex?  To tell kids to have sex?  To teach high-school kids how to be sexy?  To teach kids to wait until they’re 30 for sex?  There was such a mixed message in this episode I really don’t know what the message was.  And if I were in McKinney, I would be more confused about sex than ever.  Even Will gave mixed signals.  In the course of 30 seconds, he flashes a sign to Holly that says “Too Much?” meaning that maybe she should tone it down. Then he shows all signs of being turned on by her as well as dancing along with the kids!!!  Are you kidding me?   While I thought Gwyneth did a great job with Joan Jett’s “Do You Want to Touch Me” it was completely inappropriate for high school kids.

It must be in Darren Criss’ contract that at least once an episode he and the Warblers have a song.  Remember the completely random number from the Super Bowl that was dumb and pointless?  So was this one.  The Warblers now need to be sexy?   That doesn’t seem to fit with their rigid structure and their devotion to tradition.  I hate when writers do this, especially on this show.   The theme of the show is SEXY so character development and staying true to character be damned because we are sticking with the theme!  And how do the Warblers practice their “sexy?”  With an all girls’ school watching to let them know if they are sexy.  It didn’t work.   The number wasn’t sexy at all.  And by the camera flashing all over the place and bubbles spewing everywhere, it killed whatever possible momentum it may have had.  Really?  You think drowning high school kids in bubbles are sexy?  Ok.  The only thing that came out of this was the Kurt is definitely NOT sexy.   Which leads to a sex talk between him and Blaine which leads to….

Blaine completely stepping over the line and having a sex talk with Burt.  How is this in any way acceptable?  I know it came from a good place and I know he was very sweet about it but it doesn’t change the fact that it was completely out of line.  I mean would it have been ok if Quinn went to Finn’s mom to tell her how she should talk to Finn about sex?   No.  I don’t care if you are talking about gay sex or straight sex, it isn’t right for the girlfriend/boyfriend/potential love interest to go to the parent and tell them how they should handle this very private, personal discussion with THEIR child.  At least I give Blaine credit for realizing how completely out of line he was being and acknowledging it.  And Burt handled it like a perfect gentleman.  But it wasn’t all bad because it led to the best part of the whole show.

Burt sat down with Kurt to talk about sex.  As you can imagine both parties were completely uncomfortable but both handled the situation with respect and grace.  This is where the writers have done an excellent job with Burt’s character and Mike O’Malley has hit it out of the park.  Burt is staying true to character by still being uncomfortable and getting used to his son being gay yet still showing sensitivity and compassion and a real effort to try to understand his son and be there for him.   It’s always so wonderful to watch.

The other stand out of the episode was Naya Rivera.  Here is another person that no matter what stays true to her character.   And we learn that she is also confused about her sexuality.  She has real feelings for Brittany but is it because she’s her best friend or something more?  She admits that she likes both men and women but right now, there is no one she cares about more than Brittany.  Holly helps them figure this out by singing a beautiful rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide.”  Afterwards, Santana goes to Brittany to tell her that she truly loves her and wants to be with her but Brittany says she’s with Artie and she while she loves Santana, she also loves Artie.  But she is going to stay with Artie because she can’t hurt him.   That was an interesting comment by her.  I know she said she loved Artie but she gave her reason for staying with him so she won’t hurt him.  So would she rather be with Santana but to not hurt Artie she is staying with him?  I hope that isn’t the case.  As well all know, Brittany is not the sharpest tool in the shed and I can totally see her telling Artie that she wouldn’t leave him so she wouldn’t hurt him but not because she loved him more.   If that happens you might as well stick a knife in him.  I never understood when people say things like that.  “I can’t leave so and so because it will hurt them.”   But staying with them out of pity won’t hurt more?   Ugh.   I know I need to cut them some slack.  They’re only high school kids.

Finally we have the Will/Emma/Carl/Holly quadrangle going on.  We find out that Emma still hasn’t done the deed with her HUSBAND OF 4 MONTHS Carl.  For some reason, Carl decides talking to a substitute teacher who is subbing for the sex-ed teacher will be able to help them out.  I’m not even going to go there on that ridiculousness.   But when the 3 of them sit down, Holly flat-out asks Emma if she still has feelings for Will and she honestly answers that she is confused by her feelings for him.  Carl then tells her that she and her confused feelings can stay at the condo while he goes to a hotel.  I feel bad for Carl.  He was in a lose-lose situation from the beginning and John Stamos deserves better than that!   Maybe he can run off with Holly?  On no wait!  Now she has decided to make a play for Will since going after someone who some one else is in love with turns her own.   That’s pretty twisted and rude but alright.

Some people had a major issue with the fact that Gwyneth performed most of the songs.  I didn’t have a problem with it at all.  Why have a guest star come on and sing one song?   What’s the point?  She sang 2 songs and did a duet with Will.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.  And all her songs were good (especially since I actually knew them!!)  Where I do agree in regards to guest starts on the show, is that the episode becomes completely about that guest star and not the plot.  This has been brought up countless times and is truly one of the biggest downfalls of this show.  They constantly sacrifice the plot for guest stars and increasing iTunes downloads.  It makes me fear how they are going to handle this SPOILER ALERT………STOP READING NOW….character death that happens at Regionals…..SPOILER ENDED.

I warned you Gleeks that you weren’t going to like this post!    Sorry!!!


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REVIEW: Glee “Blame it on the Alcohol” S2 E14

Not a bad episode.  It was rather enjoyable frankly.  Glee is having a few decent individual episodes this season but I’m still not sure what that means for a serialized show where the “major” plot lines either go no where or are completely absent.

Kurt and Bert

This was the first time I completely disagreed with Kurt.   He was 100% wrong with the way he reacted to his father.  Bert went into Kurt’s room to ask his help with something and he see that Blaine has slept over.   Bert isn’t too happy about that and rightfully so.  Later in the show when the 2 are talking, Bert tells him that from now on, if he has a guy sleep over, he needs to ask his permission and clear it with him first.   Sounds perfectly reasonable to me…a little too reasonable some might argue.  Kurt takes this as his father being homophobic again.  Bert very clearly and fairly lets him know that he would have a problem if Finn wanted to have a girl sleep over in the same bed.  Kurt then tells him it wouldn’t bother him as much though.  In the end, Kurt gives his dad a half assed apology and walks out.

Kurt clearly did not understand his father’s issue.  Someone you are sexually attracted to, cannot sleep over in the same bed as you when you are in high school!!  Oh and by the way, the same rule applies to Finn with girls.  How is that being homophobic?    That’s being a parent laying down some ground rules in their home.  I hope the writers don’t go down this road with Kurt.  You know the road that every time something doesn’t go his way someone must be homophobic.  First off, it would completely cheapen all the amazing stories they have done with his Kurt’s sexuality.  Second, it would also cheapen the character.   Kurt is smarter than this and he and his dad have gotten through a lot together in this area.  Don’t minimize that by going down this road!  Bert was right and Kurt was wrong.  Let’s chalk it up to that happening sometimes and moving on from it.


The funniest most cringe worthy part of the episode!!!  Will and Beiste go out to her country western bar and tie a pretty good load on.  They seem to be having a great time blowing off some steam and also crank out a nice rendition of “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.”  Beiste gets Will home and I like that the show keeps building on their friendship.  Will starts to grade papers and gives everyone an A+…love it!  But then another classic drunk move happens…Will goes to drunk dial Emma.  But we all know, it wasn’t Emma.  The husband and I were pretty sure it was Sue but when she didn’t say anything to him in the hallway, we thought, maybe it was Teri.  Nope it was Sue!!  And what does Sue do (during alcohol awareness week mind you) she plays the drunk message from Will on the school PA system!!!!!   It was fantastic!!!  If I were Will I would kill her for that!!!!  See now this is the out-of-line Sue I can deal with because the material Will just threw right into her lap was priceless!!!   She still should have NEVER done that to him in front of the students but it was so great, I can forgive it.

Mr Schue/Glee Kids/Drinking

I know I’m getting old when I side with the adults and I have MAJOR issues with how some of these things were handled!!  Ha!!!  Rachel’s dads are out-of-town and Puck is planting the idea of having a party at her house with a beer ball, booze, the whole nine yards.  Rachel of course says no but after a little peer pressure (and a really bad song about headbands) she decides to live a little and have the party.  Everyone comes over and she is serving wine coolers (I’ve been to some of those parties!!)  The party stinks and everyone wants to leave.  Rachel isn’t happy (maybe her God awful Little House on the Prairie dress has something to do with it)  but Puck offers a solution of breaking into her dads’ liquor cabinet and replacing it before they get back.  She says ok and the party really gets underway.  This I have no problem with because this is normal teenage experimentation and fun.   I also loved the part where Finn broke it down for Rachel how girls can get a parties when they get drunk.  It was so true!!!!

The next day, they are all hung over in school.  (Don’t worry I didn’t forget about the Spin the Bottle portion of the party, but that’s for another segment.)  By the way, could they be anymore obvious with the big sunglasses?  But Artie’s genius plan…drink Bloody Mary’s!  In school?  Are they crazy??  And by the way, didn’t anyone smell alcohol on them?   Well apparently the bloody mary’s got them all loopy again but no one in the school noticed.  This is where writers annoy the crap out of me.  You mean to tell me not ONE school official noticed about 16 kids walking around school with a buzz on?  Then you take the same 16 buzzed kids and put them in a closed auditorium where their behavior is really off, and you can’t smell alcohol on them?  And even if you can’t, you don’t notice that something is severely up when certain kids are slurring their words a bit?

The final kicker is when the kids have to perform in front of the school and they are all nervous.  Are you serious?   You perform live in front of people all the time and NOW you are nervous?  It was a completely ridiculous reason for them to be able to introduce alcohol again into the show.  So to calm their fragile nerves, Rachel happen to have a concoction of 7 different alcohols, cough syrup, Hawaiian Punch and some other gunk that probably would have poisoned or killed most people.  They all drink, go on stage, and Brittany ends up puking on Rachel and Santana ends up puking on stage as well.  It was like the pie eating scene from Stand By Me all over again!!!

Finally Will is clued into what is going on and in the Glee room tells them that they have no right to drink and act like that ever again.  Quinn tells Schue that’s the pot calling the kettle black (which Brittany thinks is totally racist…ha!)  He has them all sign wavers that there will be no drinking leading up to regionals but that if any of them “fall off the wagon” his cell phone is at the top of the page and they can call him anytime of the night to come and pick them up and drive them home.

Ok here’s the thing.  I liked the cell phone element.  When Will and Beiste were talking in the lunch room about being hypocrites telling kids not to drink when they did it, Beiste brings up a realistic point.  Kids are going to drink and experiment no matter what they say.  So you hope to give them the best guidance and direction and pray they make the right decision.  What she should have also said was that if they make the wrong decision, you punish them to the point that they will think twice about doing it ever again.  So Will giving them his cell phone in case of an emergency, I have no problem with because it’s a matter of safety.  I would rather young kids feel like they have a safety net if they get themselves in trouble so something worse doesn’t happen as a result of bad judgement.  I don’t believe that is condoning the action but merely looking out for someone’s well-being.   That’s not a bad lesson to teach.

What I did have a problem with is what Quinn said to Mr Schue and the fact that none of them were punished in some way. If I were Schue and my students started coming back at me for my drinking this is how I would have handled it: #1. I’m your teacher and you can’t talk to me that way.  #2. I’m over 21 years-old which is the legal drinking age.  You are not.  #3. I’m an adult.  You are not.   Therefore I can have a drink, responsibly, when ever I chose and I don’t have to answer to any of you.  It really pissed me off that Will backed down to the kids coming after him.  He has NOTHING he needs to apologize for.  And there is one HUGE fundamental difference between him and them…he is over 21 and therefore it is perfectly ok for him to have a drink.   They are not!!!!   How was this point completely missed in all this??   Also, Will should have made them have some sort of detention or after school project to pay for what they did.  They should have had some kind of punishment to show that what they did, wasn’t cool and won’t be tolerated.   I thought it was handled very badly and was very lazy on the writers part.


To wrap up quickly, at Rachel’s party, they played Spin the Bottle and Rachel and Blaine ended up kissing.  It was a pretty good kiss.  So good, that since Blaine liked it, he started wondering if he was really gay.  When he opened up to Kurt about this (because he is going on a date with Rachel as a result) Kurt was hurt because of his feelings for Blaine but I think felt threatened that he was a losing a great connection with him so he blew off Blaine’s feelings.  Blaine put him in his place by telling him how disappointed he was in Kurt because he of all people should be supportive of Blaine trying to figure out who he is.  He’s never had a boyfriend so maybe he isn’t gay or maybe he’s bi-sexual.  Either way, Kurt should be supporting him not reprimanding him for being confused.  Kurt is always preaching about being tolerant and not being judged so I was glad Blaine showed him that Kurt is doing exactly what he gets on other people about.

The end result was pretty funny since Rachel and Kurt had a bet over Blaine being straight or gay.  Kurt thinks it was all because he was hammered when they kissed that he is confused and Rachel is convinced there is chemistry between them regardless.  At the coffee shop, Rachel goes right up to a very sober Blaine and plants one on him.  He then steps back, says wow, and thanks Rachel for clearing everything up….he’s gay!!  You think Rachel is going to be crushed but she isn’t.  Instead she hugs Kurt and thanks him for giving her some new material to be able to write about since she dated a gay guy.   Ha!!!!   Kurt’s happy all around.  His friendship with Rachel is just fine and the love of his life is still gay.  Yeah!!  Although to nit pick a little, I think that would have been a great storyline of Blaine questioning whether or not he is gay.  I was hoping that was going to drag out longer but it didn’t.  Most importantly for me though, Rachel and Kurt’s friendship is still in good shape.  They took so long to get to this place and Rachel really needed a good friend that I’m glad this didn’t bust them up.   Now if he can only give that girl some party attire fashion advice!!!

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