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QUICK REVIEW: Blue Bloods “Family Ties” S1 E12

I hate this time of year.  And not because we are getting HAMMERED with snow but illness.  I haven’t been feeling 100% so to catch up, I am going to do some very quick rundowns on this past week’s shows.

Blue Bloods was pretty straight forward this week and not much happening on the Blue Templar front.  They are really going to need to something with Jamie soon.  If they aren’t going to visit the Blue Templar storyline, Jamie doesn’t really have a lot to do except make a comment here or there at the dinner table or show him researching information on his computer.  I still think it would be interesting to dive deeper into the youngest Reagan as a grunt cop and having to live up to the expectations of his brothers, father and grandfather.

Erin seems to be getting herself into a mess.  Her boss, the DA, wants to be the mayor yet her father has big ties to the current mayor seeing as how he appointed him commissioner.  It seems he is using Erin to his advantage when he needs to make certain moves to advance his political aspirations.  I’m not sure if Erin doesn’t see it or if she is pushing it to the side because ultimately justice is still being served.  I think she is too smart not to see it.  But my thoughts changed after they kissed this week.   Oh boy.   This is not going to turn out well for Erin.

The move to Wednesday didn’t really help BB in the ratings but it didn’t hurt it either.  I hope it starts to find an audience because it is a great show.  I think on any other network, this show would get renewed but on CBS, not so sure.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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