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REVIEW: Game of Thrones “The Kingsroad” S1 E2

I hope with every fiber of my being that it is a Direwolf that comes and kills every Lannister that is still living….starting with Prince Shithead, I mean Prince Joffrey and ending with Queen Bitchlips, I mean Queen Cersei.   Seriously, how much did last night’s ending bother you?   Because it bothered the hell out of me.  I kept shouting at Ned not to do it but my shouting couldn’t save the Direwolf.

We start with Daenerys (really couldn’t we have named her Caroline or Amy…these names are killing me and my spell check) and she is still terribly sad over this arrangement/marriage with Khal, her new husband and head of the Dothrakis.  However she starts to make some friends and her first order of business is to ask one of them (who apparently has been in a brothel since age 9) how to please her husband.  Her new friend proceeds to show her and gives her some pointers on how to make him happy.  The only reason I can think of that would make her want to do this, is because the other ways they have been intimate are painful for her (both physically and emotionally.)  At least if she can take some control back in the bedroom, she will begin to regain some control over her life.  Maybe even soften him up to the point where she could leave.  I guess we’ll wait and see.  Her brother the asshole, Viserys, is still on this mission of power.  He and Dothrakis are on the move to get into a position to take out King Robert.

Speaking of his highness, he and Ned are on their way to King’s Landing, along with his two daughters Sansa and Arya.  Catelyn, Ned wife’s, is really unhappy that he has chosen to leave Winterfall and not remain with his family.  The last time he went away, he came back with a son from another woman.  We know her name, Wyla, but we still have not met her and Ned doesn’t like to speak of her.   While he loves his son Jon, who is his son with her, he does seem terribly ashamed of his actions while he was away.  Catelyn is not only upset about Ned leaving for fear of being cheated on again, but also because she doesn’t trust the Lannisters and she fears for Ned’s life.  She insists that they were behind the murder of Jon Arynn (Ned’s predecessor) and now she believes they had something to do with Bran’s “fall.”  I’m not sure at this point if King Robert is aware of this revelation but I have to believe that he isn’t based on his words and actions.  Sansa is being prepped to marry Joffrey and she is really happy about it.  She really wants to impress him.  He seems equally interested in her.  The go walking together and come across Arya “sword fighting”…the sword are sticks…with the butcher’s son.  When Joffrey asserts himself and belittles the butcher’s son and starts to slit his face with his real sword, Arya yells at him to stop.  Joffrey doesn’t so Arya takes her rather large stick and smacks him on the arm.  The butcher’s son flees and Joffrey comes after Arya with the sword and calls her a rather nasty name I refuse to put in writing.  As he threatens her with the sword, her Direwolf comes out of the woods and bites his arm so he drops the sword.  Yeah Direwolf!!!!  Arya then picks up his sword and aims it his throat.  Loser Joffrey then starts crying like a wimp begging Arya to leave him alone and she then take his sword and hurls it into the water and runs away.  Meanwhile Sansa offers to run and get Joffrey help while he yells at her to do so.  I love Arya.  I love her spunk and feistiness.  I have a feeling that some day, she will rise to power and control all the kingdoms!   In the woods, Arya finds her Direwolf and begs her to run away so they won’t find her.  She refuses and stays by her side ( I want a Direwolf!)   She has to throw a rock at her to convince her to leave so she won’t get caught.  Arya is eventually found in the woods and brought to the king and queen instead of her father.  When Ned goes to see Robert and Cersei he asks why she wasn’t brought to him.  Then each child (Joffrey and Arya) explain what happened.  Joffrey obviously lies and Arya defends herself.  The king has had enough of the arguing and Queen Cersei asks sweet Sansa to come forward to say what really happened.  Not wanting to betray her sister or soon-to-be husband, she says he can’t remember and Arya attacks her…ha!   As a result, the Queen asks that the Direwolf be destroyed since he came after her son.  The king doesn’t like it but gives the command.  Ned says he will take care of it.  His daughters are crying saying it wasn’t her fault and she was only protecting Arya.  Unfortunately once the king gives his order, there is nothing Ned can do.  So he goes outside to see this sweet face tied up to a post and kills the wolf.  From that moment on, me and the Lannisters, are on opposite sides.   They have made an enemy out of me and I will NEVER root for them.  They are evil and I hope what goes around, comes around.

Another reason the Lannisters are so awful is that they are still trying to kill Bran.  Once they got word that he wasn’t dead, the sent an assassin to kill him.  Unfortunately for the assassin, not only was Catelyn there to protect her son but so was his Direwolf and the Direwolf ripped the assassin to shreads….literally.   Then he jumped on the bed, checked on Bran, and went to sleep.   Mission accomplished.  This all happened while Catelyn watched.  At least she knows that if her husband or herself can’t be there to protect Bran, the Direwolf will.

So not a lot of plot moved forward but we starting to see the battle lines being drawn.  We all hate the Lannisters (although my jury is still out on Tyrion because I don’t think he’s part of the cool click and he maybe on the outside looking in.)  And we all hate Viserys Targaryen for killing Ned’s sister and then whoring his own sister out to Khal for ambitious reasons.  I really like all the members of the Stark family (especially Arya) and I am sympathetic to Daenerys.  I really hope she will start to gather her inner strength and see if she can escape the clutches of her jerk of a brother and brute of a husband.   And I forgot to mention in my last post and they weren’t mentioned this week but what the hell are those creepy Winter Walkers?  That was so freaky and disturbing at the same time.  I don’t know what to make of that but they are also looming out there.

What do you think of Game of Thrones so far?  I am thoroughly enjoying it and now that I am starting to understand the characters a bit more, I think it will be even more enjoyable.


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QUICK REVIEW: Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming – Pilot” S1 E1

Game of Thrones premiered last Sunday night and is based of the books from George R.R. Martin “A Song of Fire and Ice.”   Apparently the first book is over 800 pages long and the first episode covers about the first 100.  I haven’t read the book and after watching the first episode, reading the book may be helpful!  I have to admit, embarrassingly so, that I was very confused.  I still am a little bit.   There was a lot of information thrown at us and I am still trying to digest it all.

The basic gist that I got is that King Robert’s right hand man (and Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark’s mentor) Jon Arynn has died (or been killed.)  As a result, King Robert comes to see the leader of Winterfall and his good friend Ned and asks him to take over Jon’s place in the capital of King’s Landing, Westeros.  Now, I believe there are 7 kingdoms and Ned Stark is the leader of the kingdom in the North, Winterfall.  King Robert, I think, is the ruler of all 7 kingdoms and therefore the most powerful in all the 7 kingdoms.  Now over in the land of Penros, Viserys Targaryen is trying to win back the throne.  I’m not sure if it’s Lord Robert’s throne on someone else’s but, none the less, he is after a throne.  In order to get that throne he needs to build an army so he enlists the help of the Dothraki warriors.  How does he do this?  He makes his sister, Daenerys, marry the leader of the Dothrakis.  This guy is such a sleaze.  When she tells him she doesn’t want to do this, he tells her that he doesn’t care if he has to make her sleep with 400 Dothraki warriors, she will do it so he can be King.   Really nice guy.  I can tell I am going to root for this jackass.   She marries him and she is miserable.   I don’t blame her.  We also learn that Targaryen is responsible for the death of Ned’s sister who was also going to marry King Robert.  Needless to say, Ned and Robert don’t like Targaryen too much.

Meanwhile, back in Winterfall, accompanying King Robert on his journey to Winterfall is his wife Queen Cersei, her twin brother Jaime, her dwarf brother and male whore Tyrion, and Cersei’s son and heir to the throne, Joffrey.  They all meet Ned’s family…his wife Catelyn and their 5 children: Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon.  There is also another son, the bastard, Jon Snow, who is the son of Ned and an unknown woman at this point.  To help strengthen their alliance against possible invaders, Robert suggests that they become family.  He suggests that Ned’s oldest daughter, Sensa, marry Joffrey.  Ned isn’t sure about this but he doesn’t say no.

Catelyn receives word from her sister that Jon Arynn was killed and she believes it was someone from the Lannister family who killed him.  The Lannister family is the Queen’s family.  Uh oh.  So not only did the Lannister’s allegedly kill Arynn but they may possibly be coming after the King to take him down from the inside.  Even creepier is the fact that the Queen seems to be having a sexual affair with her twin brother Jaime.  Either he really isn’t her twin or they are both even more disgusting than previously thought.  Bran unfortunately has a bad habit of climbing up very high buildings and his mother has already scolded him for doing so.  On this day, when he went climbing, he came across the Queen having sex with her brother.  They catch him and decided what to do with him.  Jaime decides his best bet, is to push out the window of the tower.  And it is believed Bran falls to his death….or does he?

Like I said, there was a lot to follow and I’m not 100% sure I got all that right!  So if any of my information is incorrect, please feel free to correct me.   Either way, I thought the show was terrific and I am looking forward to watching more episodes and hopefully start to understand more about the characters and what the ultimate end game is.  Maybe I should start reading the books to get a better grasp of the story and the characters!!!  But I highly recommend you check out Game of Thrones.


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