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Big News Friday!!!!!

This is probably the longest I have gone without a post.  It’s been hard and you guys know that who follow me. But I may have some news later this week that might change that…in a good way!!!!

So you have to check out the blog on Friday March 16th for the news.  Like my teaser?

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RIP Whitney Houston 1963-2012

My husband and I were watching Supernatural on our DVR last night when he randomly picked up his iPad to look up something.  His home page is MSN.  While watching the show, I hear my husband say “Oh my God” in a way that let’s me know something really sad and surprising has just happened.  He passes me his iPad and on the top of the screen in a huge font it reads:


I couldn’t believe it.  Well, after her battle with addiction over the years I could believe it, but I was still shocked.  It was the same way I felt when I heard Michael Jackson has passed away.  We finished watching Supernatural (which only had about 8-10 minutes left) and then turned on the news channels to watch the coverage.  At this point, she had only been gone about 3 hours.  It was so hard to fathom.

Growing up in the 80s as a really young kid, there were two female recording artists that were the biggest and the best and my friends and I had all their albums and knew all their songs….Madonna and Whitney Houston.  At that time in your life when you’re in grade school and heading into high school in the late 80s, I can hear Whitney Houston songs and equate them to certain moments in my life…my first school dance, the first boy who asked me to dance, sleep overs at friends houses, summers at the shore.  I remember the first time I heard a Whitney Houston song off her first self titled album.  It was “Saving All My Love for You” and I remember thinking I have never heard a voice like that in my life.  The more her music permeated into our everyday lives, the more she was on TV.   You saw interviews with her where she came across as the kind of person you would love to grab a cup of tea with and sit down talk about whatever.  She was warm, friendly, humble, and gracious.  A real class act.

I think most people remember Whitney Houston for three magical songs (although her career spawned multiple hits)….”I Will Always Love You”, “One Moment in Time”, and “The Star Spangled Banner.”  I don’t know one person who when they hear the name “Whitney Houston” doesn’t say something like “Wow, she still has the greatest rendition of the National Anthem I have ever heard.”   I also know people who are still annoyed that her “One Moment in Time” has been replaced by some Jennifer Hudson song that doesn’t even come close.  But since “The Bodyguard” is one of the Top 10 selling albums of all time, most people remember her remake of Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You.”  It still moves me to tears….especially today.

I know Ms. Houston had her struggles the last several years and a very difficult marriage to Bobby Brown.  I don’t want to get into that but all I want to say is that I was heartbroken for her because I’m sure that time in her life, while happy at some points, wasn’t all she had hoped for.

People may say, “why do you get so upset when a musician or actor dies?  It’s no sadder than anyone else and it’s not like you knew the person.”   That is true.  And I don’t get upset when every celebrity passes away.  When Amy Winehouse died, my first thought was “there’s a surprise.”  I don’t mean that to sound cold, it’s just that her music has no connection for me.  I’m sure her fans were devastated by the news.  And it goes without saying that you pray for her family and friends when something that tragic happens.  The reason a death like Whitney Houston hits me so hard is that her music juxtaposes my life in so many ways.  Like I mentioned before, many big moments from my youth, I can attach to one of her songs.  When I hear that certain song, it brings me back to that time.  So in a way, she and I did have a personal connection.   And I think when you speak of an icon in an industry like Whitney Houston was in hers, you will find many more people with stories like mine because she touched so many lives that she never even knew.

I want to extend my deepest condolences, sympathies, and prayers to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, her mother Cissy, and all her family and friends at this incredibly difficult time.

We’ve lost an angel down here on Earth.  But Heaven has gained a new one.  May you finally find the peace and happiness you deserve!

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On Hiatus for A Week!

Have you ever had one of those really busy or really bad (or both) work weeks that stretched into another week? I’m having one of those right now.  Have you ever been so in the weeds with work you miss family functions over the weekend and a Sunday Big Game* party with your friends?  I just had one of those.  Compounding all my issues, the Giants won the Sunday Big Game*, which angers me, but that’s a post for my buddy Bruce at SportsAttitudes!

So For the Love of TV has to go on hiatus this week to get caught up and out of the weeds with work.  I will try as hard as I can to discuss Alcatraz and the premiere of Smash but I may not get to it until next week.

Until then, please pray for my sanity!

* After reading Bruce’s post on his web site, I got severely freaked out using the words that will be oh so cleverly hidden in this SUPER post.  I knew you had to pay the NFL to use those specific words in official documents but I thought a harmless TV blog that could fit all of its readers into a really small salad BOWL, would be ok.  But just to be safe, I’m calling it the Sunday Big Game!  Hopefully you all know what I mean.

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500 POSTS!!!!!!

I was trying to think if what I wanted my 500th post to be about….Castle, Revenge, Parenthood, how hot Dean Winchester is (he is you know…insanely hot!)  God I sound like a freshman in high school.  But Dean can do that to me!

Instead I decided to just celebrate the fact I got to 500 posts!!!!!  Holy crap I can’t believe it.  When I started this blog over a year ago, I never in a million years thought this would go as long as it has, that I would have a podcast (I really need to do one of those soon), or have some amazing loyal readers that are shockingly not my mother or someone I paid to say nice things!

Okay I literally just ran downstairs to grab a Sam Adams to toast myself…what a loser.  Here’s to the first 500. Please God let the next 500 be slightly better.


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Ta Da!!! And The New Look is Here!!!!

I have searched far and wide and I settled on the theme you now see. I think it’s a little cleaner looking yet similar in layout to what you are used to seeing so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you guys to find what you are looking for.  Let me know what you think….except if you hate it.  You’re not allowed to do that.

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Coming Soon….A New Look!!!

I’m not crazy with the look of my page.  I like the layout but the forest and the lake, while pretty, is…eh.   So I am probably going to change the look of the website.

Now don’t freak out!  I know people don’t like it when their favorite web site changes something.  But seriously, if you email me or comment how much you hate it, I will just be so happy that I’m one of your favorites, I won’t even be mad!!!!

I haven’t found one I really love yet.  I lot I like but it’s missing this or that.  So I’m still searching.   Any recommendations would be great.   But just be prepared that one day, I may look totally different when you come here.


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2012 For the Love of TV Ranking System

Well we are breaking ground here at For the Love of TV!!  Why am I saying we?  It’s only me!  Anyhoo, I’ve decided to start adding a ranking system to the new shows to give you an idea of where my mind-set is (which I know keeps you all up at night).  I also might do it for a particular episode should the fires inside me burn so hotly that I need to.

Here is the ranking system:

0 DVR: If you watch this show, I will tell Dean Winchester you are a yellow-eyed demon and have him kill you

1 DVR: Really not good or worth your time but maybe someone will like it

2 DVRs: It’s ok.  Not worth a DVR but if it’s on and there is nothing else to watch, I’ll watch it

3 DVRs: Solid show that has potential and will be DVRed until it gives me reason not to

4 DVRs: Great show.  I may not watch it live but is 100% on the DVR and will be watched within the week

5 DVRs: This is must see, must DVR, cannot miss for all the fountain cokes in the world, TV

Examples of the ranking system:

0 DVR: Work It, Man Up, and Free Agents

1 DVR: Whitney and I Hate My Teenage Daughter

2 DVRs: Up All Night, Hart of Dixie, and Unforgettable

3 DVRs: Person of Interest and Grimm

4 DVRs: Supernatural, 2 Broke Girls, and Once Upon a Time

5 DVRs: The Good Wife, Castle, Revenge, and Parenthood

So when you see a DVR rank, please reference this as your guide!


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