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CASTLE: Interview with Andrew Marlowe Teases the Castle-Beckett Relationship

From the wonderful people at GMMR, specifically Marisa Roffman, is a great interview with creator Andrew Marlowe of Castle.  The interview talks about “Knockdown” and more specifically what this means for Castle and Beckett’s relationship moving forward.

CASTLE: Andrew Marlowe Teases the Castle-Beckett Relationship and Debunks the MOONLIGHTING Curse.

This is a great piece that gives some more insight into what lies ahead for C&B.  It sounds to me like C&B getting together is a foregone conclusion.  Yeah!!!  But Marlowe feels there is still some stories that need to be told until they get to that point.  BOOOOOOOO!!  I’m kidding.   Only slightly.  Seriously though, I agree with everything he says and reading this made me feel so good about where this couple is headed in the future.

He makes a reference to shows getting to their 7th season and still not having anything happen between the main potential couple and says how he feels that is jerking the loyal fans around.  Gee, what show does that sound like?   Could that be a slight jab at Hart Hanson and Bones?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Bones and just finished watching season 5!  So I need to get caught up on season 6!!  But on Bones, even I have gotten to the point where I say enough already.  Either put them together or don’t but make up your mind.  It’s been long enough.  Now I am just getting annoyed.  I think that is what Marlowe wants to avoid.  Especially since he mentions you can still tell some amazing stories even after the two are together.  So I feel much better about where the show is going with C&B and it sounds like he has a solid plan and that we won’t be disappointed!!!

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