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SEASON FINALE REVIEWS of Scandal, Grey’s, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and Elementary Coming Soon

Heading out for the weekend so I will recap these shows Sunday and Monday.   Lots to talk about!   Here’s a quick preview:

Castle: Rick proposed to Kate!!!!   Rick proposed to Kate!!!!  But what does this mean for them going forward and is this really a good thing?  I’ll discuss.

Grey’s: Callie and Arizona had quite the blow up.   Who’s side am I on?   Come back to find out.   Plus, Richard better not be dead!!

Scandal: Enough already.  Ok enough!   Either keep Olivia and Fitz together or break them up but ENOUGH with Olivia running around saying “we can’t do this.”  I’m so done with that.   Did you know David was wearing the white hat all along?   Did I?  And what about Quinn becoming baby Huck and Huck’s reaction to it.

How I Met Your Mother: FINALLY!!!   We got to meet her.   Now we just need Ted to meet her.   But when Carter Bays says this will be the longest wedding in the history of TV, does her really mean that next season will cover the span of only 56 hours?  I don’t know how I feel about that…or maybe I do!

Elementary: haven’t watched it yet but I will by Sunday, so don’t spoil me!

Have a good weekend peeps!


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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Flight” S8 E24

Another finale, another catastrophic event.  I think Cristina’s line about wanting to get the hell out of Seattle because how many bad things can continue to happen to them was possible a wink and nod to the fans because we are all thinking the same thing.   There was the bomb inside the patient, the ferry crash, the hospital shooting, and now a plane crash.  I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember them all.

So how eerie was it how much the opening was like Lost?  Meredith laying on the ground and the first thing we see are her eyes open and what she hears (screaming, chaos) and she moves not really sure of what just happened.  For a minute I thought it was cool but then I thought, really Shonda Rhimes?   You had to steal from Lost to get an impactful opening?  Whatever.

Ellen Pompeo was simply phenomenal in this episode.  She really brought it.  She had to deal with so much going on around her and the emotional roller coaster she went on was incredible to watch.  The first thing she had to deal with was the fact that her husband was missing.  Everyone has been accounted for except for him. So she is on a massive, panicked hunt to find him.   Eventually she does (actually he finds her) and her excitement is tempered because she sees that his hand is in really bad shape.  Basically he’ll lose it if she doesn’t perform surgery on it in the jungle with no anesthetic.  Can you say painful?   The whole time she is begging for him to pass out so he won’t feel the pain.

But what was the most excruciating part to watch was when she went back to help Lexie.  Lexie was found with the tail of the plane on top of her.  Her legs and pelvis were crushed and according to her, she couldn’t feel her left arm and thought it wasn’t even there anymore.  Lexie was in bad shape.  Mark and Cristina are there and they try to move the tail off her but can’t.  Mark screams at Cristina to get help and water.  She bends down to Lexie and they both look at each other and they both know.  The water and aid won’t help.   Lexie is dying.  But Cristina leaves and that opens the door for a Lexie/Mark reunion the fans have been clamouring for since they broke up 2 seasons ago.  They both declare their love for each other a Lexie slowly slips away.  When Meredith returns, she sees that her sister has died and just completely loses it.  It was a bit surprising because even thought Meredith had come to accept Lexie as her sister and grow to have a bond with her, I still never got the impression they were that close.  Because Meredith isn’t that type of person.  She’s not touchie/feelie except with Cristina.  But I couldn’t stop crying.  I was also surprised that Lexie died so early in the show.  It made feel like someone else was going to drop.  And towards the end, I thought it was going to be Mark.   There are a lot of people who think Mark or Arizona are going to be dead or die when we return.  While I don’t think it’s likely, I wouldn’t put it past Rhimes to make us think all these characters are safe and then to kill someone off in the Season 9 premiere.

In the end, our gang (minus Lexie) is in the woods still waiting for rescue and Owen is just now learning that his team didn’t make it to Boise for the surgery.   Oh, and Owen fired Teddy so she can take this amazing job opportunity that she was refusing to take so she could stay around and help him.

Ok, let’s start with Lexie.  Why kill her?   She turned into one of the most popular characters on the show and she still had some great stories to tell.  I understand cutting Teddy.  She was done.  I have a problem with how she went out but I’ll get to that in a minute.  I just don’t understand Lexie.  Maybe because Rhimes wanted to really rip everyone’s guts out (in addition to Lexie’s guts) since she was a relatively main character and extremely likable.   But that’s why I have issues with Rhimes’ storytelling at times.  She tends to do things for shock value instead of story value and I hate that.  April should have been the one to go because I think her storyline really is finished and no one likes her anyway.  I don’t dislike her character the way some people do but she’s certainly one of my least favorite.  And where do you go with a resident who failed her boards and has no job?

As I mentioned above, Teddy is gone.  She’s another one I didn’t hate the way some people did but I have no problem with her leaving either.   What I had an issue with was the inconsistency with character leading up to her departure.  She basically wrote off Owen as a friend after the whole Henry situation.  And he reminded her of that when she came to him 2 episodes before yelling at him to make sure he does anything to make her stay.  He very pointedly reminds her that they are no longer friends (per her insistence) and that he is her Chief of Surgery.  If she wants Cristina to stay, she needs to figure it out.  It was the first time I think I ever liked Owen.  But now all of a sudden 2 episodes later after seeing him struggle with Cristina and the Chief job, she wants to throw away an amazing career opportunity to stay and help her friend?  What?  When did you become friends again?   I always had a problem with her severing her friendship with Owen but I chalked it up to grief and that when it subsided, she and he would come around.  But that takes time.  They were still on opposite sides not too long ago.  But it’s the season finale so wham, friends again.  I hate that.

So how are we going to get all our Seattle Gracers to stay in Seattle?   If Derek has hand problems and needs rehab and recovery and loses his offer in Boston, I can see the McDreamy’s staying.  I can sort of see Cristina staying after having another life and death experience and not wanting to leave Owen and trying to make it work with him.   Plus with Teddy gone, she can run the cardio show.  I still think it would be slightly out of character for her, but I could deal with it.   But what’s Alex’s excuse.  What POSSIBLE fraud of a reason would he have for giving up Johns Hopkins for Seattle Grace?  I know Rhimes had to do it this way because of the contract situation and not knowing people’s status before writing and shooting the finale, but come on.  Honestly, I would have let Justin Chambers go.  Not because he isn’t a good actor.  He’s awesome actually and I love him!   But his character sucks.  Alex is the same pain in the ass curmudgeon he was when he started.  He hasn’t grown much as a character over the years and quite honestly, I’m tired of him.   He should go to Hopkins and have a great career off-screen.

As for all the talk out there about either Mark or Arizona dying in the season premiere, I don’t know.  My guess would be neither is going anywhere.  If I had to pick one, it would be Mark only because I think his story has run its course, he hasn’t had a real storyline or much to do recently, and it would be fitting to have him join Lexie.  The only reason I think Arizona has a chance is because in the finale, all Callie kept talking about was how great life is right now and all the happiness and joy she has in her life….I’m waiting for the bomb to drop.  But Calzona is pretty popular and if another popular character gets axed, I don’t know how the show lasts after next season.

Speaking of which, I think Grey’s is done.  It’s going into its ninth year, it’s tired, there isn’t a whole lot more I need to see from any of these characters.  I think the 9th season should be the last for GA.  It’s a shell of its former glory.  It was great, then it wasn’t so great, then it was horrible, now it’s tolerable.  Unfortunately, the big four signed for another two years so I think we have to suffer through Grey’s for at least two more years.  And since I’ve watched it this long, I’ll hang in there


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RECAP & REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Suddenly” S8 E10

I finally caught up with Grey’s.  I literally watched 6 episodes last night including last night’s “Suddenly” episode.  Yes there are lots of things that happened but I don’t have 5,000 words to recap 6 episodes so I only want to focus on two storylines…Meredith and Teddy & Henry.

Teddy and Henry

What would you have done and what is the right thing to do?  That’s really the question hanging over both episodes of “Suddenly” and the previous “Dark Was The Night.”  Let’s set this up.  Henry was rushed to the hospital after puking up blood.  It wasn’t looking good but everyone felt, he would be ok.  Teddy was called away to a brutal surgery of a woman whose heart was literally tearing to shreds because of a mistake made by Jackson and by extension Callie.  Teddy was the only one who could save this woman’s life.  Henry had to go into surgery and Teddy insisted that Cristina be the one to do.  To not freak her out, Owen, Bailey, and Chief Webber (sorry, but he will always be the chief to me) decide they aren’t going to tell Cristina who the patient is so it wouldn’t frazzle her.  Cristina performs the procedure but a complication erupts and she realizes that the damage was already done and this man has no change to survive.  The chief is frantically trying to save him while Lexie starts to cry (she also knows it’s Henry.)  Cristina can’t understand why the chief is doing this considering the situation.  She calls time of death and Owen and Bailey run in to see what was going on.  Everyone is devastated and Cristina is completely clueless as to why everyone is reacting this way.  Owen pulls her aside and finally tells her who the patient was.   Understandably, Cristina loses it and freaks out on Owen.

Cut to Teddy’s surgery.  The surgery is very complicated and is taking a long time.  Teddy needs to focus and stay with patient or she will die.  Owen decides not to tell her about Henry because it could compromise the life of the patient on the table.  April is sent in to make sure Teddy doesn’t check on the status of Henry and April is told what happened.  So April has to stand next to Teddy and pretend like she doesn’t know.  After a while, once Teddy knows Cristina is done with Henry’s surgery, she requests her in for the final part of the surgery (the trickiest) and she only wants Cristina.  So Owen tells Cristina that she has to go in and finish Teddy’s surgery with her.  Cristina wants no part of this once she realizes that Teddy hasn’t been told.  But she has to go in and she pulls it together just enough to get through the surgery with Teddy.  It is excruciating to watch Cristina being forced to work with Teddy knowing what she knows and Teddy not having a clue.  In the end, the surgery is a success and as soon as they are finished, Cristina pulls Teddy aside privately, and gives her the news that Henry didn’t survive the surgery.

I revert back to my original question…what would you have done and what is the right thing to do?   Did Owen make the right call by not telling Teddy?  Did Owen handle the situation properly with April and Cristina?  Did Owen make the best decision he could with an impossible situation?   In my opinion, yes and no.   I think Owen made the right call by not telling Teddy right away.  I don’t know how long it was between the time Henry died and the completion of her surgery.  But I thought Owen 100% right when he said that he can’t risk the life of a patient who still has a fighting chance.  Her best chance of survival is a focused Teddy.   So telling Teddy this news in the middle of a life or death surgery would have been wrong and it could have risked the life of the patient, which is always their number one concern.  Not to mention, it would have compounded an already difficult situation with the family of the woman in surgery.   Basically, the woman was in to repair her back due to scoliosis, and Jackson took the lead while Callie observed.  Jackson used the wrong screw and her vertebrae couldn’t hold it and that’s what was destroying her heart.  This woman almost died because Jackson made a mistake and Callie wasn’t paying attention.  If you added to the fact that you informed her heart surgeon that her husband just died during the surgery???  LAWSUIT!!!!   Of course that’s second to the woman’s life but it’s still a factor.

Where I thought Owen was wrong, was putting people in the position of having to lie to Teddy.  If anything, he should have been in there with her, not April.  It wasn’t fair to put April in that position.  But I also understand why he would want someone in there who knew the situation and could distract Teddy and keep her focused on the case.   But it should have been Owen, not April.

I’m torn on how I feel about Cristina.  On one hand, I think he was wrong for sending her in.  Cristina and Teddy can’t be the ONLY cardio-thorastic surgeons who could handle this.  Now, Teddy is the best and you need the best to lead this difficult case.   But there have to be several, competent, excellent surgeons that could have assisted her…it didn’t have to be Cristina.  Who was assisting Teddy when Cristina was off being a bartender for several months?   There had to be someone else.   Owen should have found a reason that Cristina couldn’t assist and find someone else.   On the other hand, it comes down to what is best for the patient.  If Cristina and Teddy as a team gives this patient the best chance for survival, then Cristina needed to be in that room.  The same logic applies here that applies to why you don’t tell Teddy…it’s in the patient’s best interest and gives them the best chance for survival.    If I had to pick one, I would say he was wrong for sending Cristina in.  With Teddy already in the room, someone else could have assisted and give the patient a chance to live.  If Teddy wasn’t the best and was just good, but Cristina was the best and they needed her, then Cristina HAS to go in.  But that wasn’t the case here.

Overall though, I think Owen made the best decisions he could considering the situation.  It was awful.  It was unimaginable.  And he had to make those decisions quickly.  So he did the best he could.  Could he have done better?   Sure.   Did he make some decisions I support….yes.  Did he make some decisions I don’t agree with…yes.  But hind sight is 20-20 and with no pressure or timelines.   The thing that bothered me the most was when he went to see Cristina after she told Teddy and all he seemed to be concerned about was the fact that he wasn’t the one to tell her and that she was going to be mad at him.  ARE YOU FOR REAL?   Shouldn’t your first concern be how Teddy is holding up?   Shouldn’t your next concern be your wife and how she is doing considering what you put her through that night?  And I’m glad Cristina called him on it and reminded him that this wasn’t about him.   But I wanted to smack him for being so selfish and juvenile.


I don’t have a ton of things to say but I wanted to touch on one storyline.  Meredith has had a lot going on…dealing with Bailey still hating her and not trusting her, the stress of waiting to find out what was going to happen with Zola, staying away from Derek at work while still being interested in neuro, and then of course, the car accident.  Eventually Bailey and Meredith work it out and Zola is returned to Derek and Meredith even after they thought it was a lost cause.  I was very happy to see Zola back with Derek and Meredith!!!!

I couldn’t talk about last night’s episode without discussing that car accident.  It was the dumbest thing I had ever seen.  The ambulance driver tells Alex and Meredith that if they don’t get out of the car, it will basically explode if it gets hit because of all the oxygen tanks inside.   Well guess what, they got hit and they didn’t explode.  Not only did they not explode, but the injuries to them were minor.   Unless this get revisited down the road due to post accident related issues, nothing happened to Alex and Meredith.  However, the car that hit them threw everyone from the car but one girl and 3 out 6 people died, one passenger almost lost her eye, and the boy almost had his legs crushed.  It was that bad but Alex and Meredith have bumps on the head and the baby who was near death and you had to be so careful with, had no effects from the accident.  Really?  I’m not wishing something bad to happen to Meredith, Alex, or the baby, but a little realism would be nice and there was none of that here.

So what did you think of last night’s episode?  Are you sad that Henry is dead?   What did you think of the way the situation with Teddy and Cristina was handled.  Let me know!

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Random TV News

Franklin and Bash

F&B has been renewed for 10 episodes next summer on TNT.   I’m slightly surprised by this because the ratings have not been good.  They haven’t been awful but they haven’t been lighting the world on fire.    I have a bunch of episodes on my DVR so at some point I may check them out.  And since I have dropped HawthoRNe from my summer viewing schedule, I may pick up F&B.

Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s is doing a time jump for Season 8.   Not really.   It’s five days after the Season 7 finale.  So I was a little taken aback when I saw one website promote it as a “time jump.”   Anyhoo, two major story lines will still be going on with one having a solution at the end of the season premiere….the McDreamys are still having problems from the fallout from Meredith tampering with the Alzheimer’s trial and Cristina is still debating whether or not she should keep her baby.   For you Derek and Meredith fans hoping their issues would be solved at the end of the episode, sorry to disappoint you but that isn’t the storyline having a solution.  That would be Cristina.   At this point, five days later, she still hasn’t made up her mind on what she wants to do.   But by the end of the premiere, she makes a decision.  I know SL like this are always hot, sensitive topics for fans, but I really like SL like this.  It brings so much interest to the show and I am really curious to see where Grey’s goes with this.

In other news, Sarah Drew (new Chief Resident Dr. April Kepner) is preggers in real life.   On the debate table right now is whether or not to write the pregnancy into the story.  In most instances, this wouldn’t be that much of an issue.   But in this character’s case, it’s a little different.  You see, April is still a virgin.   And the new chief resident.   Depending on how far along she is by the time filming starts and the season progresses, how will this be incorporated in?   It could fascinating to witness this girl who has held onto her virginity for so long now have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and the new responsibility of being the chief resident.  Problem is, you are already dealing with one of those on the show…..Cristina Yang’s pregnancy.   Do they really want to have Cristina’s unplanned pregnancy story out there, because no matter what her decision, there will be fallout for weeks/months to come, with April’s unplanned pregnancy just beginning?   It wouldn’t make sense.   So my gut tells me, we will be seeing April hiding behind lots of plants and patients this season.

Hell on Wheels

AMC has announced a premiere date for its Civil War era show starring Anson Mount….November 6th.


Starz’s new series Boss, starring Kelsey Grammar has set a premiere date for October 21st.  Boss is about a ruthless Chicago Mayor (played by Grammar) who has been recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease.  This is a big change for Grammar who has been in the comedy realm for the last 15 years.  This show will really show the behind the scenes look at the mayor’s office in Chicago…the backdoor deals, the lying and manipulating that happens, and the lives affected by the decisions that are made.   It sounds fantastic and I am definitely checking it out.


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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Unaccompanied Minor” S7 E22

We have a new chief resident, an unwanted and wanted baby on the way, a child adopted, a new mother and father, two marriages on the rocks, a new relationship forming, a relationship going to the next level, a potential rekindling of a previous relationship, a relationship ending, and friendships in turmoil.    So basically nothing happened in the 7th season finale of Grey’s this year!!

Derek and Meredith

The fallout from the news about Meredith tampering with the Alzheimer’s trial has made its way to the Chief and Derek.  At the end of the last episode, Alex, in a drunken stupor, told Owen, who is making the final decision and was just bragging about how great Meredith is, that Meredith tampered with the results of the Alzheimer’s trial.  Owen of course tells Derek who tells the Chief.   Not only is the trial ruined but they are considering firing Meredith.  Chief wants to know who Meredith tampered with and she refuses to tell him.   Her point, and I agree, is that the trial isn’t compromised as long as she doesn’t divulge who was involved with the switch.   But the Chief figures it out that it was Adele that received the benefit of the switch.   As a result he wants to suspend her vs. firing her.  Derek still can’t seem to forgive her so he is now staying at their new home that isn’t built yet.   The problem with that is, they were approved to adopt so Meredith was able to bring the baby home with her but she can’t get a hold of Derek to let him know since he won’t take her calls or return her calls.

Here is what bugs me about this whole thing.   The Chief was ready to fire Meredith.  However, once he found out that she did it to help his wife, now he’ll just suspend her to save face?   What?   If she ruined a trial and put the reputation of the hospital at risk, it shouldn’t matter who she saved.  If she should be fired, she should be fired.  Logically, you know it had to be someone she knew.  Why else would she tamper with the trial?  Not to mention, she’s right.  If no one knew who was effected by the switch, the trial still works.   But the whole situation is ridiculous because the Chief was just as guilty as Meredith here.  He let his personal feelings affect his decision-making and made a choice he shouldn’t have based on personal connection.

Cristina and Owen

This is a perfect example of why you should have conversations about having children BEFORE you get married.  Cristina is pregnant and has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want children.  Owen has made it perfectly clear that he wants children.  I don’t know how they thought they were going to be able to move past this since both are firmly entrenched in their view-point.

I have to say, I am on Cristina’s side here.  She was always very clear about her thoughts.  Owen thought he could change her opinions over time.  And now that she is actually pregnant, he wants her to go through with it because he knows she will change her mind about being a mother.   Could he be any more disrespectful to her and her feelings?   This isn’t the same as asking her to like one of his friends and give him a chance because once you get to know him he’s great.   This is bringing a human life into this world.   This is not a decision you enter into lightly or crossing your fingers hoping that you eventually change how you have always felt about parenthood.   And I give her credit for standing her ground about this very serious, life changing situation.  She also brought up a great point.  What if she has the baby and doesn’t change her mind and doesn’t feel any different?   How is that fair to the child?   I guess what really bothered me is that Owen never really seemed to listen to what Cristina had to say.  Every time she would try to explain how she felt and why she felt the way she did, Owen seemed to just blow her off and brush off her feelings.   That really pissed me off.  She’s your wife so whether you like what she is saying or not, you have to listen to her.  Just as she should give you the respect of listening to you.

I have no sympathy for Owen.  You knew how she felt about being a mother.  She never kept it from you and she never lied to you.   YOU just assumed you could change her mind overtime and never respected her true feelings.  So it shouldn’t shock you that she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy.  And your solution is to kick her out?  Screw you.   I understand that you are angry and upset because it’s your child as well.  But again, this is the woman you married.  If having a child was THAT important to you, you shouldn’t have married Cristina Yang.

I never liked Cristina and Owen as a couple and never bought into them the way I did when she was with Burke.  So if they break up over this, it wouldn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I hope they do because Cristina deserves better and Owen should be with someone who can give him what he wants.


I don’t know how this friendship will ever be the same again.  Alex has made a lot of very self-destructive decisions over his tenure on the show but this has to be the biggest.  He wasn’t in the lead for Chief Resident so he sabotages his best friend to knock her down because he’s pissed.  Cristina was right.  There were so many times Meredith stuck by him when no one else would.  And he can disagree with what she did because there were lots of times Meredith disagreed with him, but he still should have had her back the way Meredith always had his.

This group dynamic should be very interesting moving forward and I’m curious to see how the writers are going to handle it.


Finally, Teddy saw what we have all seen all season long…she should be with Henry!!!!!  I was so mad at her because of the way she was handling this relationship with Henry.   She knew he was falling for her.  She’s not stupid.   But she would go to his apartment and tell him about her dates and I hated that.  While it set up and showed how good they are together and how comfortable they have become with one another, I hated how clueless she was.

But she finally woke up to not only his feelings for her, but her feelings for him.  You knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time!  Plus I hate all the hinting around.  She would ask if she should go so she can test to see if he really does have feelings for her.   And he doesn’t tell her to stay because he loves her and isn’t sure how she feels about him.  For gosh sake will one of you have the balls to tell the other person how you feel and just have an honest discussion?   dear Lord people!!!   But Teddy finally did and kissed Henry and told him she was falling in love with him.   Yeah!!!!

So I hope Scott Foley will be back next season and they don’t kill him!!!   Do you hear me Shonda Rhimes?   DO NOT KILL SCOTT FOLEY!!!!!

Eli and Bailey

I love these two.  I love how he doesn’t take her crap and she respects him for it.  However, I don’t think it was fair of him to push her into bringing him home when her son was there if she wasn’t ready to introduce her son to Eli yet.  Now maybe she needed that push because Bailey has always been hesitant in the relationship department since her marriage broke up but when it comes to kids, I have no problem with parents being extra cautious.  Bailey throws up her walls very fast and Eli brought up some valid points.  So valid that Bailey agreed to let him come home with her.  I just hope he respects that she may have to let their relationship move forward at her pace because she does have a son.  But I think these two are in it for the long haul because they are really great together.


Slone and Lexie still love each other.  It’s quite obvious.  But she’s with Jackson and he’s got his life with Callie, Arizona, and the baby.  But something tells me the love story between Slone and Lexie is far from over and this episode’s interaction between them I believe was purposely done to remind us of that connection.  So we’ll see where this goes.

Alex and Lucy

Alex turned down the Africa position and Lucy ended up taking it.  So she’s leaving to do Charlie’s Angels, I mean help children in Africa and she goes to see Alex to beg her not to go.  He tells her to go to hell and she leaves.   Good riddens Lucy.


Dr April Kempner was named Chief Resident.  Ok I didn’t see that coming.  I hope she proves me wrong and she is fantastic.  But I would have picked Dr Jackson Avery.

A much different season finale from last year but lives were still turned upside down.  Just in a very different way.  This was a better season of Grey’s than they’ve had in a few seasons.  Still not as good as the old days, but better than it had been.  So I will be tuning in next season…especially since it may be Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo’s final season.  I don’t know how you have Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey (and don’t give me Lexie because you know this show is about Meredith and her perspective on things) so I wonder if this will be a final season of Grey’s or not.  I would think not because it’s still pulling in huge ratings but you never know.   But I will be back next season to see how all these hanging storylines play out.


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QUICK REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy

While I mention in the titles that these are “quick reviews” you may notice that they are still quite long.   Keep in mind, I am pretty much recapping about 3-4 episodes in here (although this one is only 2) so there is still a lot to talk about.  I’m just not posting 3-4 different reviews so I can catch up.   But I am just going to hit the highlights here.

Derek and Meredith

The clinical trial is moving along but after an eye-opening conversation with Adele (and after seeing a post-it note on Chief Webber that dropped where it said “I am Richard.   Richard is my husband”) Meredith realizes Adele really needs help.  She sneaks in to see her test and sees that she is schedule to receive the placebo.  She checks the next patient’s chart (patient # 123) and sees they are scheduled for the active agent.   At that moment, she switches the results so she can give Adele the active agent and patient #123 the placebo.   WOW!!!!  I would never, ever think Meredith would do something like unless it was for Derek or Cristina.  And even then I wouldn’t be sure she would do it.   So this action really surprised me.   As fan, I love the fact that she did it for Adele and Richard.   But as someone who knows better, what she did was awful on so many levels.  She denied the real patient the active agent they deserved.   She lied and falsified results.   She compromised the integrity of the clinical trial and the hospital.   And she compromised her own integrity.   I can’t wait to see how Derek reacts to this news.    He will find out you know. I understand why she did it but it still never should have happened.  It’s exactly why she should have never been part of this trial.   She’s too close to the disease and the people involved.

On a happier note, as a result of Alex bringing African children to the US to give them medical assistance (more on that later), Derek falls in love a beautiful little girl and decides that they should adopt her.  Meredith’s first reaction is shock but after holding her and hugging her, she warms to the idea.   So they decide they are going to adopt.   One tiny problem though, they aren’t married….legally.  Unfortunately, a post-it wedding will not suffice in a court of law when you are trying to adopt a child.   Down to the JP they go and make it legal.  I have to say, I loved how the show intermingled MerDer’s wedding wtih Calzona’s wedding at the same time.   And I love how they are going to adopt this baby.   Love the story line!!!

Owen and Cristina

Not much on the Owen front other than he is being tasked to pick the next Chief Resident.  But Cristina has some issues with Teddy, her current mentor.    I haven’t been a big Cristina fan this season.  Actually, throughout the series, she’s been one of my least favorites from a personal standpoint but one of my most favorites from a complex character standpoint.  I really like how her trauma was handled this season but her attitude since has bugged me.   Cristina has always thought she was better than everyone else.   Cristina wants to learn how to be the best surgeon but she has no interest in learning how to be the best doctor.   What I mean by that is that she wants to learn all the newest techniques and procedures but when it comes to patient care or proper hierarchy in the hospital, she has no time.  I’ve always disliked that about her.   However, I don’t know how I feel about the situation with Teddy.  While she needs to be respectful to her attending, when it comes to life and death and you think you have a better way to do something but your attending is too proud to let you help, I have no problem with Cristina stepping in and saying let’s do this.  At first, she suggests something and Teddy says it’s too risky.   So she looks at Owen to back her up.  I would be pissed at Cristina too.  Don’t look at your husband for back up and disregard my opinion as the expert in this particular situation.  It would be one thing if she was seeking another attending’s opinion but she wasn’t.  She was looking for her husband, the attending, to back her up so she could get her way.  And that’s what pissed Teddy off and rightfully so.  But then when they get into surgery, Teddy’s procedure isn’t working so Cristina wants to try hers.  She even had Owen on her side in the OR since Teddy’s way wasn’t working.   Teddy kept saying no but eventually Chief Webber told her to back off and step away.  She does, Cristina takes over and her procedure works.  Later when she sees Teddy, Teddy tells her that she is off her service since she has nothing else to teach her.  Uh, ok.  I’m still not sure about that one yet but alright.  Owen tells Cristina that she needs to apologize to Teddy.   Maybe for the earlier portion but for the surgery, I don’t understand…I’m with Cristina on that one.   She sees Teddy in the elevator and apologizes but you can tell it isn’t sincere, she’s just saying it to get back into the OR.  Teddy doesn’t accept and tells her that it’s important it mean something.   Finally at Calzona’s wedding, Cristina goes up to Teddy and tells her what she really thinks.  That she is sorry about the fact that Teddy is threatened by her and her success.  Teddy tells her that she still doesn’t get it.   You know what Cristina, neither do I!   Maybe Teddy will it explain it to all of us at some point!   Then maybe it will make sense!

Callie and Arizona

Wow, is Callie’s mom a bitch or what?  I understand being true to your religious beliefs….but at the expense of your only daughter’s happiness?   That’s cold.  But let’s back up.   Callie is still recovering from her injuries and it is a slow and painful process.   She also has yet to see her daughter who is fighting for her life but getting stronger every day.  I have to say, I like how Grey’s did a FF, if you will, with the one episode, showing the steady progression of both Callie and Sophia.  Obviously they were both going to be in the hospital for a long time and Grey’s isn’t going to show that in real time.   So the way they did it worked very well.  And it was nice to see Arizona and Mark start to come together as friends and family after how things had been between them.  At one point, Callie was so frustrated by not being able to see her daughter that our favorite crew of residents rolled her bed down to the NICU so she could finally meet her Sophia.  It was such a sweet moment.  It also gave Callie, even more strength.

She and Sophia are eventually cleared to go home and while everyone is cheering for both of them, Callie is freaking out.  Sophia is in a car seat and Callie burst into tears saying cars aren’t safe and she doesn’t want her daughter in the car and screams at Mark to get her out of the car seat.  Bailey comes over and calms her down and tells her that she’s just taken the first step in becoming a mom.  There are so many dangers out there and she can protect her as best she can but she also needs to live and enjoy life with her.  It was a really terrific speech and it did calm Callie’s nerves to the point where she agreed to take Sophia home.

Now, it’s time for the big day…..the wedding!!!!!  Both Arizona and Callie’s parents are in town and everyone seems to be a having a great time and getting along.   But something seems off with Callie’s mom.  She is polite and social but just off.  Things start to fall apart though.   The major problem is the minister who would marry them couldn’t perform the service (I think his wife was in the hospital or something) and since he was the only minister who would perform the ceremony, they are screwed so Callie wants to call off the day.  Bailey to the rescue again!   She tells her that a wedding is about sharing your love and committing to your partner in front of all your friends, family, and God.  God doesn’t have to be in a church.  He’s everywhere.  So no matter where they profess their love to one another God will be there to support and witness it.  So the wedding is back on and Bailey will be the officient.   Love it!!!  However, we have a few more issues….mainly Callie’s slit ass of a mother.  Callie is trying on her veil which is very similar to the one her mother wore at her wedding and Callie’s mom could care less.   Finally she asks her what is going on.   Why all the nasty stares, indignance, and the fact that she refuses to hold or spend time with Sophia.   Callie’s mom finally admits that it’s because she can’t support a lesbian wedding or a baby out-of-wedlock.  What is this 1950?  Does she not realize that her daughter and granddaughter almost died????   She’s lucky they both survived!   Now, Callie has found someone who makes her incredibly happy, someone she wants to share her life with, and a beautiful and strong baby girl to add to their family.  I’m sorry, exactly what can’t she support?   Shouldn’t her daughter’s happiness trump anything else?  I would think so.  But she is so selfish and cruel and she can’t see beyond the wall of judgement that is blocking the view of her daughter’s happiness.  I’m glad she’s not there to ruin Callie and Arizona’s day.  But I think it’s also a shame that her father (who had his own issues but eventually came around) had to leave and not share this day with his little girl.   But we never should have worried!!!   Calzona gets hitched in a beautiful service and have an awesome reception.   When it comes time for the father daughter dance, Arizona goes to dance with her father and Mark dances with Callie.   But there is Callie’s dad to cut in and have his dance with his girl!!   Oh the tears!!!   So stick it Mama Torres!!!!!!

Everyone Else

The fight for chief resident is still going on with Alex taking a slight lead at this point by using a dying woman’s money (that she gave to him) to bring children over from Africa to be able to save their lives.  Alex is also the only one who knows what Meredith did during her clinical trial with switch the placebo for the active agent in Adele’s case.   So we’ll see how that plays out.

Teddy is still married and dating.  I find it horrible that she goes to her husband’s apartment to share her leftovers with him after every date she goes on.  It’s terrible and heartless!!!   Doesn’t she see how much he has fallen for her and this is probably killing him?  And how come your husband (the adorable Scott Foley) isn’t on your list of potential suitors?  Ugh.  Unfortunately, the shrink is back and he has received a crazy job offer in Germany (I think it was Germany) and he is planning on taking it.  As an added bonus, he made them offer Teddy the chief cardio-thorasic position as well.  So now she has a choice.  Does she stay with hubby or go to Germany?

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QUICK REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Song Beneath the Song” S7 E18

I’m going to do a full review on this tomorrow or over the weekend.  But I wanted to share some quick thoughts on the episode.

Being a fan of Broadway, I LOVED Sara Ramirez from her Tony Award winning performance in Spamalot.  When I first heard about the “musical” episode of Grey’s, I’ll be honest, I rolled my eyes.  But then I remembered that Sara would be singing so it made it more tolerable.  I also knew that Chandra Wilson has an amazing voice so I figured this may not be too bad.

While I thought the performances were pretty impressive (including some surprisingly impressive performances by Kevin McKidd and Chyler Leigh) I don’t know if it fit the gravity of the episode.  In all honesty, I though it took away from some of the power of the scenes when all of a sudden a song broke out.  It seemed strange to me that Lexie would be singing to Slone while he is crying in the stairwell.  It’s one thing to incorporate the songs from Callie’s subconscious and if she thinks she is hearing people singing like Hunt and Bailey due to a brain injury.  But I think it’s another to have the doctors consciously singing in the OR, in her room while taking care of her, or while they are having sex.

I thought the one song that was perfectly placed as the 11 o’clock number (as they call it in the theater) was Callie singing Brandi Carlisle’s “The Story.”  Wow.  Did she belt it out of the park or what?  It moved me to tears (especially when she woke up and said “yes” to Arizona’s marriage proposal.)  The words behind the song were perfect and it was Callie pushing herself to wake up and survive for all the people in her life who need her.  It was awesome.   The rest of it though, I’m not so sure.  There were times I was so moved by what was happening and then a song would pop in that I wasn’t sure how it tied in exactly and then the moment was lost for me.   Maybe it would have worked better if it was a patient we either didn’t know and didn’t have as much of a personal interest in or maybe had a slight connection with (like Scott Foley) or possibly still used Callie but maybe had less songs and put the songs in more appropriate spots in the show to not take away from the emotional moments.  I don’t know.

I want to reflect on this a little further but that is my initial gut reaction.   Great performances from the entire cast.  I love the songs themselves, obviously.  And I really hope I can get Sara’s rendition of “The Story” on iTunes.  But for the impact it provided to an already emotionally charged episode, it missed the mark.  In fact, it actually detracted from it.  But maybe I’ll feel differently after a few days.   So check back because I may have changed my thoughts after letting it sink in a bit more and watching the episode again.

Here were some of my favorite song renditions:

Chasing Cars



How to Save a Life

The Story


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