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SEASON FINALE RECAP & REVIEW: Grey’s Anatomy “Flight” S8 E24

Another finale, another catastrophic event.  I think Cristina’s line about wanting to get the hell out of Seattle because how many bad things can continue to happen to them was possible a wink and nod to the fans because we are all thinking the same thing.   There was the bomb inside the patient, the ferry crash, the hospital shooting, and now a plane crash.  I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember them all.

So how eerie was it how much the opening was like Lost?  Meredith laying on the ground and the first thing we see are her eyes open and what she hears (screaming, chaos) and she moves not really sure of what just happened.  For a minute I thought it was cool but then I thought, really Shonda Rhimes?   You had to steal from Lost to get an impactful opening?  Whatever.

Ellen Pompeo was simply phenomenal in this episode.  She really brought it.  She had to deal with so much going on around her and the emotional roller coaster she went on was incredible to watch.  The first thing she had to deal with was the fact that her husband was missing.  Everyone has been accounted for except for him. So she is on a massive, panicked hunt to find him.   Eventually she does (actually he finds her) and her excitement is tempered because she sees that his hand is in really bad shape.  Basically he’ll lose it if she doesn’t perform surgery on it in the jungle with no anesthetic.  Can you say painful?   The whole time she is begging for him to pass out so he won’t feel the pain.

But what was the most excruciating part to watch was when she went back to help Lexie.  Lexie was found with the tail of the plane on top of her.  Her legs and pelvis were crushed and according to her, she couldn’t feel her left arm and thought it wasn’t even there anymore.  Lexie was in bad shape.  Mark and Cristina are there and they try to move the tail off her but can’t.  Mark screams at Cristina to get help and water.  She bends down to Lexie and they both look at each other and they both know.  The water and aid won’t help.   Lexie is dying.  But Cristina leaves and that opens the door for a Lexie/Mark reunion the fans have been clamouring for since they broke up 2 seasons ago.  They both declare their love for each other a Lexie slowly slips away.  When Meredith returns, she sees that her sister has died and just completely loses it.  It was a bit surprising because even thought Meredith had come to accept Lexie as her sister and grow to have a bond with her, I still never got the impression they were that close.  Because Meredith isn’t that type of person.  She’s not touchie/feelie except with Cristina.  But I couldn’t stop crying.  I was also surprised that Lexie died so early in the show.  It made feel like someone else was going to drop.  And towards the end, I thought it was going to be Mark.   There are a lot of people who think Mark or Arizona are going to be dead or die when we return.  While I don’t think it’s likely, I wouldn’t put it past Rhimes to make us think all these characters are safe and then to kill someone off in the Season 9 premiere.

In the end, our gang (minus Lexie) is in the woods still waiting for rescue and Owen is just now learning that his team didn’t make it to Boise for the surgery.   Oh, and Owen fired Teddy so she can take this amazing job opportunity that she was refusing to take so she could stay around and help him.

Ok, let’s start with Lexie.  Why kill her?   She turned into one of the most popular characters on the show and she still had some great stories to tell.  I understand cutting Teddy.  She was done.  I have a problem with how she went out but I’ll get to that in a minute.  I just don’t understand Lexie.  Maybe because Rhimes wanted to really rip everyone’s guts out (in addition to Lexie’s guts) since she was a relatively main character and extremely likable.   But that’s why I have issues with Rhimes’ storytelling at times.  She tends to do things for shock value instead of story value and I hate that.  April should have been the one to go because I think her storyline really is finished and no one likes her anyway.  I don’t dislike her character the way some people do but she’s certainly one of my least favorite.  And where do you go with a resident who failed her boards and has no job?

As I mentioned above, Teddy is gone.  She’s another one I didn’t hate the way some people did but I have no problem with her leaving either.   What I had an issue with was the inconsistency with character leading up to her departure.  She basically wrote off Owen as a friend after the whole Henry situation.  And he reminded her of that when she came to him 2 episodes before yelling at him to make sure he does anything to make her stay.  He very pointedly reminds her that they are no longer friends (per her insistence) and that he is her Chief of Surgery.  If she wants Cristina to stay, she needs to figure it out.  It was the first time I think I ever liked Owen.  But now all of a sudden 2 episodes later after seeing him struggle with Cristina and the Chief job, she wants to throw away an amazing career opportunity to stay and help her friend?  What?  When did you become friends again?   I always had a problem with her severing her friendship with Owen but I chalked it up to grief and that when it subsided, she and he would come around.  But that takes time.  They were still on opposite sides not too long ago.  But it’s the season finale so wham, friends again.  I hate that.

So how are we going to get all our Seattle Gracers to stay in Seattle?   If Derek has hand problems and needs rehab and recovery and loses his offer in Boston, I can see the McDreamy’s staying.  I can sort of see Cristina staying after having another life and death experience and not wanting to leave Owen and trying to make it work with him.   Plus with Teddy gone, she can run the cardio show.  I still think it would be slightly out of character for her, but I could deal with it.   But what’s Alex’s excuse.  What POSSIBLE fraud of a reason would he have for giving up Johns Hopkins for Seattle Grace?  I know Rhimes had to do it this way because of the contract situation and not knowing people’s status before writing and shooting the finale, but come on.  Honestly, I would have let Justin Chambers go.  Not because he isn’t a good actor.  He’s awesome actually and I love him!   But his character sucks.  Alex is the same pain in the ass curmudgeon he was when he started.  He hasn’t grown much as a character over the years and quite honestly, I’m tired of him.   He should go to Hopkins and have a great career off-screen.

As for all the talk out there about either Mark or Arizona dying in the season premiere, I don’t know.  My guess would be neither is going anywhere.  If I had to pick one, it would be Mark only because I think his story has run its course, he hasn’t had a real storyline or much to do recently, and it would be fitting to have him join Lexie.  The only reason I think Arizona has a chance is because in the finale, all Callie kept talking about was how great life is right now and all the happiness and joy she has in her life….I’m waiting for the bomb to drop.  But Calzona is pretty popular and if another popular character gets axed, I don’t know how the show lasts after next season.

Speaking of which, I think Grey’s is done.  It’s going into its ninth year, it’s tired, there isn’t a whole lot more I need to see from any of these characters.  I think the 9th season should be the last for GA.  It’s a shell of its former glory.  It was great, then it wasn’t so great, then it was horrible, now it’s tolerable.  Unfortunately, the big four signed for another two years so I think we have to suffer through Grey’s for at least two more years.  And since I’ve watched it this long, I’ll hang in there


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NBC Renews Two Shows….Grimm and Smash

To what should be no surprise, NBC has decided to renew both Grimm and Smash.  To that I say…..woo hoo!!!!!  I always love when the shows I watch and enjoy get renewed.

Grimm received a full 22 episode pick up which indicates it should be returning in the fall.  While Smash received a 15 episode pick up for Season 2.  I’m not sure if Smash will continue as a second half show or will premiere in the fall.  Considering it is NBC’s top rated drama, you would think it would come back in the fall.  But we shall see.

I find it interesting though, that NBC is renewing these shows one at a time.  I would think the renewals would come in big groups (like CBS did a few weeks ago with their renewals.)   But I can’t complain too much considering I would rather see these shows renewed than canceled!

Congrats to the cast and crew of both shows!!!!

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The Season So Far…Grimm

This appears to be a love it or hate it type of show based on what I read on-line, hear on podcasts or through people I talk to.  I don’t love it or hate it.  I enjoy it.  Grimm is a solid show.  It takes a TV formula that works (the cop procedural) and gives a supernatural twist that make it different from the typical cop procedural.  Does it have some room for improvement, sure.  But lots of shows do.

My biggest problem with the show is most people’s problem…the lead, David Giuntoli.  I don’t think he’s as horrible as some people have cast him, but I do think he’s not connecting with the audience.  He’s not very engaging.  While I like him because he’s a nice guy, I don’t find myself rooting for him.  Eddie Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) is someone I root for.  He’s awesome.  Even Russell Hornsby’s Hank (Nick’s partner) is more layered and interesting than David’s Nick.  How can someone with Nick’s background be so boring?  Is it the actor or the writing?  I can’t believe it’s the writing because the other characters are pretty strong.  So it has to come down to the way Giuntoli is playing Nick.  He’s very stiff and approaches most scenes the same way. It’s almost as if he’s wearing an ear piece and the director is telling him in his ear (ok David in this scene I need you to be forceful because your mad and in this scene I need your delivery to be comical because this is a light-hearted scene.)  It’s not natural.  Luckily for him, everyone else is so good and the stories, to this point, have been compelling enough, that I don’t need to protagonist to carry the show.   And maybe he’ll get better as the show moves forward.  I think it’s going to be renewed so the more he gets used to the character (and maybe takes some classes) he should be fine.

My one request from Grimm is to get more into the history behind the mythology in the show.  We got the most we’ve seen series-to-date in “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau” when we learned (we think) who killed David’s parents.  But there seems to be more to this story.  Quite honestly, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of Nick doing family research on his background after Aunt Marie told him the powers of the Grimm family are passing to him.  But his parents (at least one of them) were Grimms.  They were holding onto the coins that many creatures were after.  So how involved were they and for how long?  Also, how many Grimms can have their “powers” at one time?  It doesn’t seem Nick has been able to see the creatures until Aunt Marie’s visit and likewise, the creatures haven’t been able to tell Nick is a Grimm before now either.  Why is that?  How does that work?  Also, how do they know he’s a Grimm?  Is it like being blinded but if someone sticks a skunk in your face, you know it’s a skunk?  Is it sensory?  Does Nick’s face change?  Does Nick have cousin’s who are also Grimms that can see what he sees?  If he and Juliette have kids, will the “power” pass to them?  I would really like more information on all of this.

The big question is, what the hell is the police captain?   He must be something powerful because Nick has yet to see his face contort into a creature and we all know he is.  So what is he?  And why is he actually being protective of Nick right now?   Is it because he has a bigger plan for him? I’d like to see this storyline start to progress.

We are at the point in the season, where I think we are ready for some answers and some more back story.  At least I am.  So I want to see the show go down that path.  I enjoy it and I really like it.  I think the stories are fascinating.  It reminds me a little of Season 1 of Supernatural when you had all these different urban legends/creatures from mythology that we had to learn about.  I just want some progression on the mythology.


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NEW PODCAST: Episode 21 Once Upon A Time vs. Grimm

A new podcast is now available at or on iTunes.

This episode is a simple one.  I recap and review both Once Upon A Time and Grimm and do a slight comparison to one another.  So which show am I watching?  Which one do I like or like better than the other?  I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

Please let me know your thoughts on both shows below!


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