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REVIEW &RECAP: How I Met Your Mother “Tick Tick Tick” S7 E10

Well that was quite an episode. I’m still not 100% sure what to make of it. The long and short of it, Barney and Robin slept together. They debated whether or not they should tell Nora and Kevin and decided against it. The one problem, they are spending an evening together on a cruise to honor Robin and Nora’s boss, Sandy (who is always hilarious!).

After a while, Robin and Barney decide that they are crazy for hiding what happened. They start questioning why this happened and Barney says it was because it was meant to. Robin asks him why he likes her because she’s a mess. He tells her because he is just as big of a mess as she is. They agree to break it off with Nora and Kevin and meet at McClarens at midnight to discuss “them”.

Well Kevin hits his head and needs to go to the hospital where he proceeds to tell Robin he loves her. Barney heads to Nora’s where her parents are waiting for them to meet Barney for the first time. Both situations are incredibly awkward. Barney handles his situation much better and is very honest with Nora. I loved this scene because Barney never made a joke or belittled it in anyway. He gave the situation the respect it deserved. It was sad to see for both Barney and Nora but we finally get to see that Robin is who Barney has wanted all along.

Midnight hits and Barney is at McClarens waiting for Robin. Ted, Marshall, and Lily show up after their concert (a little more on that later) and soon after them is Robin….and Kevin. The look on Barney’s face was heartbreaking. Finally Robin looks over at him and shakes her head no. Barney takes off back to the apartment and picks up all the rose petals and blows out all the candles, while Ted happens to watch.

Let me get the concert part out of the way. Ted gets more and more annoying with every passing episode. If it isn’t his painstaking search for Mrs. Mosby, then it’s him being insecure about his friendship with Marshall as Marshall’s life moves forward. Seriously, Ted is going to get on Marshall’s case about getting nachos for his pregnant wife? It’s obnoxious. However when you see the time lapse and how it was only 2 minutes and how it actually unfolded, it was hysterical. I just wish the writers would stop making Ted so annoying.

As for Robin and Barney, I’m slightly confused. Wasn’t Robin the one who wanted Barney in the beginning of the season and was really upset over him dating Nora? I know she’s now seeing Kevin and he’s a great guy but she loves Barney. She hasn’t been seeing Kevin all that long so now that Barney has professed his love to Robin (something she’s been wanting to hear) she would rather be with Kevin? I don’t buy it. In addition, now it seems even more obvious that Barney marries Robin in the season finale. There’s no way Nora would take Barney back and I find it hard to believe there would be someone else he falls in love with this season. So it takes some of the drama away (the little bit of it that there was). I’m not sure why this happened at this point in the season. Maybe there will be a point to this down the road but I’m not seeing it now. I’m all for building tension I’m just not sure this is the way to go. Maybe it’s because I’m ready for Robin and Barney to be together that I’m so frustrated…..ha!!! I do know this issue isn’t dead because now more than ever, she’s the bride Barney is marrying. I always knew it, but this episode solidified that for me.

What did you think? Did you like how this episode went down or were you as frustrated as I was? Let me know!


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CASTING NEWS: CSI (AGAIN), HIMYM, House, Glee, and Castle


CSI has made another significant casing announcement this off-season.    Sam Malone, otherwise known as, Ted Danson, is going to be a series regular on the hit TV show.  On CSI’s 12th season (wow!) Danson will be the new supervisor in charge and his experience comes from a lab in Portland.


Castle and Beckett and the boys are going to have a new captain in the fall and she is much different from Captain Montgomery (I still haven’t gotten over his death.)  Captain Victoria Gates will be played by Penny Johnson Jerald of 24 fame.   Captain Gates is said to be tough but she is more concerned about climbing the NYPD corporate ranks than the grunt “police work.”   Doesn’t sound like she and Beckett will be getting along initially.   I’m really anxious to see how Jerald’s chemistry works with this very solid cast.

How I Met Your Mother

Remember the guy that left House/acting altogether for a job at the White House?   Well he’s back!    Kal Penn is joining HIMYM in a recurring role as a love interest for Robin.   Not sure how long he’ll be sticking around since he is hitting the campaign trail with Obama in 2012.   But this will bring and interesting dynamic for all of us who are hoping the bride Barney is marrying at the end of the season is Robin.  Barney looks to be starting things again with Nora (who I love) which left Robin slightly perturbed.  But now Robin seems to be moving on herself.   How will this impact a potential Barney/Robin romance?   Time will tell!


Jesse Spencer has renewed his contract with House and will be back as a Dr. Robert Chase for  House’s eighth season.   I know a lot of House fans were sweating that one because it REALLY was down to the wire to sign him.  And after Lisa Edlestein’s Cuddy suddenly parted ways with the show, I don’t think House fans could take another major departure!


In what really isn’t that surprising (but some people are reportedly shocked by this news) Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, and Chris Colfer will NOT return to Glee for Season Four.   Season Three of Glee, which kicks off Tuesday Sept 20th 2011, will be their final season.  I don’t know why people were surprised by this.  Ryan Murphy had already said that as characters graduate from McKinley, they won’t return to the show.  This is a show about a high school Glee club, not this particular group of people and we follow them through life (like we do in shows like 90210 and Gossip Girl.)  So these people will move on, new people will come in, and the McKinely High School Glee Club, has been and always will be, the focus.  Sounds reasonable to me.  So it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that Rachel, Finn, and Kurt will all graduate this year and move on with their lives apart from McKinley.  The question will be, who else is graduating?   I would have to think Quinn and possibly Santana.  Puck should but he could easily be left back.   Brittany may never graduate.   So we have to see.


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RECAP: How I Met Your Mother “Big Days” S6 E1

I have gotten to the point with HIMYM that I no longer care who the mother is and how Ted meets her, and that’s a good thing.  I think it’s a testament to the writing staff and cast (especially the cast) that Lily, Marshall, Robin, and Barney are so strong, I care about them independent of the premise of the show.  Actually, I care about them more.  Isn’t awful, the person who is supposed to be the main driving force of the show (Ted and his search for his wife) is the person and SL I care least about.  It was like that for me with Seinfeld.  I never found Jerry Seinfeld funny (his stand up routine or on his own show.)  It was really the supporting cast that were funny and interesting.  Although I was not a Kramer fan, he got on my nerves.

Anyhoo, we resume season 6 with Marshall and Lily trying to start a family, Robin getting over Don, Ted being Ted (in a boring way,) and Barney being Barney (in a you are one of the most legend…wait for it…dairy characters in all of TV sitcom history way!)  Ted and Barney fight over an attractive blonde at the bar who ends up being a friend of one of Ted’s ex-girlfriends Cindy (played by Rachel Bilson.)  In a clip I saw coming a million miles away, when Ted finally gets the stones to approach the girl, she leans in to kiss Cindy.  I guess the calling “dibs” between Ted and Barney was all for naught because that girl was all Cindy’s!   Also Robin looks worse that Rocky did after his first fight with Apollo Creed after her break up with Don.  And Barney points out to her how she is longer hot and no longer has it.  Robin insists that she does, leaves the bar, and returns showered (thank God), sporting a sundress, and looking mighty fine again!  Immediately a guy approaches her to buy her a drink and she claims she is back…and she is!

One of the things I like about any good sitcom is also being able to bring in meaningful, serious moments to bring some gravity to the show and it flows beautifully.  Marshall and Lily’s first moments into trying to start a family begin like some of my friends have.  With the exception of Marshall leaving his office to “pump up” music with banners wishing him well and his co-workers high fiving him out the door.  Priceless scene by the way!   But with Marshall telling his dad and Lily not being too happy about it and then Marshall being upset with her.  When Lily opens up to Marshall that the reason she was upset is because it puts too much extra pressure on her…what if she can’t get pregnant, what if she let’s him down.  Marshall then responds by saying “the idea of having a baby would suck, but the idea of you letting me down, that’s impossible.”  Okay now I’m crying again!   Another thing all 3 of you reading will learn about me…I cry VERY easily.  It doesn’t take much for me to cry like a baby with colic.  But what a great scene.  That scene is why Lily and Marshall are in my top 10 of all time TV couples.  I really need to start one of those lists!

The episode ends where it began, Marshall and Ted outside a church dressed in tuxedos and talking before going into a wedding.  In the beginning of episode, you were led to believe it was Ted’s wedding but it turns out he is the best man at this wedding.  So whose wedding is this?   I hate to say it was pretty obvious that it is Robin and Barney’s and there were some clues laid out in the episode pointing in this direction…Barney was insisting to Ted how he would be the best man at his wedding, the dress Robin showed up to the bar in was white, and Barney softly and sweetly told Robin how beautiful she looked.    Good start to season 6!

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