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RECAP & REVIEW: Homeland “Grace” S1 E2

I find this show to be riveting.  And think about how many minutes of the show are designated to Carrie (Claire Danes) just watching Brody (Damian Lewis) on the monitors.  It can be dangerous to go down the path of surveillance because it can be boring to watch someone watch another person.   But I am constantly looking for clues like Carrie is.  Because I really have no idea if Brody is a POW turned terrorist or a true patriot who is struggling with reintegrating himself back into his life.

As we learned in the pilot, Carrie is still beating herself up over missing something from 9/11.  As a result, she has become obsessed with bringing down known terrorist Abu Nazir.  Her obsession with Nazir, combined with the intel she received about an American POW being turned,  is why she is going after Brody so hard.  And we are learning more and more about Brody right along with Carrie.  Although, since he wire tap friend couldn’t get into the garage, we actually know a little more than she does.  And what we are seeing, isn’t really clearing things up in terms of where Brody’s loyalties lie, but it is fascinating.  We see that Brody is having nightmares.  One in particular culminates in strongly grabbing Jessica’s arm (leaving bruises) and shouting things in Arabic (which we later learn through Carrie that it translate to Brody begging to be killed.)  We see Brody struggling with all press hounding him.  As a result, he moves an ottoman from the corner of his bedroom and sits in the corner for about 7-8 hours.  We see a flashback to his time in captivity where it seems he did the same thing as a calming mechanism.  It’s fascinating to see how a person can handles coming back into society after being a POW for 8 years.   The thought is, the whole 8 years of being tortured and beaten, all that POW wants, is to go home to where he/she will be safe.  Well, we are seeing Brody back in a safe environment yet he is using coping techniques from his time in captivity to calm him.  I also like the way the show is using flashbacks to explain why Brody is acting certain ways.  One example was his day in the corner of his bedroom.   Another example is his time in the garage.  You see Brody in Iraq seeing sunshine through a slight opening in a door.  He is also able to see Muslims praying to Allah.  Flash back to the garage and Brody is awake again in the early morning hours.  He starts sweeping the garage and using the items he bought at the home improvement store to fix the garage door.  He cracks the door to let in just enough sunlight (like his time in Iraq) and then lays out a mat and starts praying, in Arabic, to Allah.   Say what!!!!   So is this a sign of him doing something to calm himself or is this a more sinister sign of his new allegiance?  Time will tell.   Could you imagine if Carrie could see this?   She would be freaking out!!!   This is why the show is awesome.  We have no idea what is going on with Brody….at least I don’t.   But Carrie thinks, as each day goes by, that Brody is getting closer and closer to proving her point.   Saul made a comment to Carrie that usually people who are trying to cover up something, would exhibit certain behaviors.  In Saul’s mind, he thinks Brody would be playing the “hero” card a little harder.  Carrie thinks it’s possible that maybe he’s going about this a different way.   But then, after his private prayer moment, Brody puts on a full uniform and goes out to address a crowd of reporters he has so desperately been trying to avoid.   And Carrie is now giddy because she thinks he about to go the hero route.

In other news, Carrie has an asset in the field, Lynn, who is undercover working for a Middle Eastern Prince.   She is able to see that the Prince has connections to Abu Nazir so she reaches out to Carrie immediately.   She and Carrie meet and she tells Carrie about her newly discovered intel.  Carrie is booming with excitement while Lynn is a tad bit less enthusiastic.  She didn’t think she would have to get this close to a powerful terrorist and she is very fearful for her life.  Carrie promises to protect her but she needs to keep going because this is the closest they have gotten to Nazir.   Carrie asks David to increase security for Lynn and he tells her no.  David tells her that she needs to protect the asset herself and asks her to give Lynn a flash drive to use on the Prince’s phone.  Carrie and Lynn meet up and she tells her the request regarding the flash drive and tells Lynn that she is being protected (even though she really isn’t) and Lynn agrees to help out.  I have a bad feeling that poor Lynn won’t be long for this world.

While all this is going on, Carrie is out of her medication.  So she has to go to her sister who is a psychiatrist, to get more meds.  It’s pretty obvious that Carrie isn’t around very often and shows up only when she needs her meds.  Needless to say, her sister isn’t very happy about it for many reasons.   We also learned that Carrie’s father has the same condition that she does.   Have we been told, officially, what that condition is?   She mentioned mood swings and her surveillance guy said which drug she was taking, but do we know what her official diagnosis is?  I don’t think so.   But her sister only gives her a weeks worth of meds which will force Carrie to come around more.  I’m torn about how I feel about this.  I know the doctor in her wants her sister to get the help that she needs and go through the proper channels for treatment.  Not to mention, her swiping meds puts her job at risk.   But she is very well aware of Carrie’s delicate situation and that she doesn’t have the availability or option to go through the normal channels.  So it seems like she takes every chance she can to make Carrie feel guilty about it.   Well, no wonder Carrie doesn’t come around more often.   I see both sides to argument so I’m not sure with whom I agree.

What do you think about all this?  Do you think Brody is a turned Iraqi terrorist?  Or do you think he’s just a marine who was a POW for 8 years who went through unspeakable tortures and he’s just trying to get his life back on track?   I think it’s possible it could be somewhere in the middle.  Maybe Brody isn’t turned 100% but he’s involved with something bad.  What do you think of the character of Carrie?  Is she over the top and out of line or is she a passionate patriot determined to do the right thing?   Sound off below!

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