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SERIES FINALE: How I Met Your Mother “Last Forever” S9 E22

So that’s how it ends.   The story of these 5 friends we have been following for 9 years has reached it’s conclusion and in some ways it’s exactly what I thought and in other ways, it’s nothing like I thought would happen.   One thing is for certain, people will be talking (and screaming) about this finale for days to come.   It was that kind of ending.  I imagine most people loved it or hated it.   Judging by the early comments, people LOATHED it.  However I am not one of them.    Was it my favorite finale ever?   Not even close.   Was it as bad as Dexter’s finale?   Not even close.   But enough with the broad strokes.  Let’s dive into this and if you haven’t seen tonight’s finale, stop reading now and come back when you have.

I have mixed feelings on this finale.  There were parts I loved and parts I didn’t and parts I was indifferent about.   But since this was a very polarizing finale, I can see how people would lean one way or the other.   I mean come on.  We just spent THE ENTIRE SEASON on the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding only to have them be divorced 20 minutes into the finale.   Hence one of the parts I didn’t like.   If you were just going to break them up, couldn’t we have spent, maybe, oh I don’t know, 6-8 episodes on the wedding weekend and the remaining 14-16 episodes on the aftermath and subsequent years and maybe a little more on Ted and Tracy (Question #1 answered….Mother’s name is Tracy.)  In some ways I feel like I wasted 20+ episodes this season by having this build to a wedding that ultimately didn’t matter.  I would have rather spent more time getting know Tracy a little bit more since technically the show is about her.    It would have also made the scene where we learn that our fears raised in “Vesuvius” came to fruition…Tracy gets sick and passes away…much more powerful because we have been closer to her.    Not to mention, since Ted has been searching for this woman for as long as we’ve known him, it would have been nice to see Ted grieve the loss of his wife instead of it being mentioned as an after thought.    But it just goes to show you how awesome Cristin Miloti is.   I fell in love with her the minute I saw her.  She was perfect for Ted.   We got to see some snippets of that over this season, but not enough for my liking.   But in the brief time we did get her, she made the most of it and made the audience fall completely for her the way Ted did.   And maybe that was exactly the point.   It’s pretty obvious this was the plan from the beginning.   Penny and Luke (Question #2 answered….the names of Ted’s kids) who were played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, had to film those scenes at the end of Season 1 because if the show lasted a long time (which it did), they couldn’t show them aged on the couch 9 years later since this is supposed to be a story told in one sitting.   So if that is what they filmed 9 years ago, this was always the plan.  It explains why Tracy didn’t show up until this season.  It explains why even when she was here, we only got bits and pieces of her.  Because even thought the show was called How I Met Your Mother, it was never about the mother.    This was the story of Ted and Robin.    The mom was the red herring the whole time. You can look at that one of two ways.    You can love the story told in a way that we didn’t see coming (although my husband called it last week) or you can feel completely betrayed by the absolute misrepresentation of the series.  Either way, you’d be correct in your feelings.   But were the writers correct in staying the course?

There is something to be said for laying out a series game plan and sticking with it because that’s your vision and that’s the story you want to tell.   But then I think you need to define how long that story lasts because to me, you can’t have it both ways.    You can’t have a series go on and on and have the story and audience reaction to characters take you down a path you didn’t expect only to rip their hearts out later because it didn’t fit your original plan.   If you have a plan, make a 5-6 year plan.   But if you’re willing to let the story go where characters, actors, and/or fans take you, then you need to be flexible.   Even though you filmed those scenes with Fonseca and Henrie way back when, you didn’t have to use them.  It could have been something for the box set of DVDs “see what the writers originally planned to do!!!”    That’s good marketing people!   I guess that’s why I’m so curious about not just the finale but the whole final season.   If this was the plan you were sticking to, which I don’t mind as much as other people do, then WHY do an entire season on the wedding of a couple destined to fail?   Why try to cram the next 15+ years of stories and bombshells into 60 minutes?   The wedding could have been done in 6-7 episodes and then we could have had another 14-15 episodes to learn more about the mother, their relationship, her impending demise and Ted’s grief over that and how it impacted him.    Because that is something I would have wanted to see.  This is a man who has been searching for love his whole life.   Since we’ve known Ted, he’s a romantic and he loves being in love.   So to lose the “love of his life” (which now is up for debate) and not see anything from the character on how that impacted him, I think strays from the true character of Ted.    We were there when Marshall and Lily broke up and then got back together.   We were there when Marshall and Lily got married.  We were there when they debated about having children and then watched them bring Marvin, Daisy, and #3 into the picture.  We were there when Barney met his birth father.  We were there when Robin found out she couldn’t have children.  We were there when Ted was left at the altar by Stella.  We were there when Marshall’s dad passed away.  So how in the world can we not be there when Ted loses Tracy?   I feel so robbed as a fan.   That’s what upsets me the most.   There were so many moments in the finale where we could have had more and the writers had the time to do it with this final season and chose not to.   Instead we got Billy Zabka (although that doesn’t bother me as much because I love me some Billy Zabka), Daphne, Gary Blauman, Cassie, and other pointless characters when we could have spent more time on our Fab 5 and Tracy since this will be the last time we see them.   That’s what I’m most disappointed in.

As for the ending and the writers choosing to have Ted and Robin be together at last, that didn’t bother me as much as other people.  After all, the show is “How I Met Your Mother” not “How I Spend The Rest of my Life With Your Mother.”   Because for a long time, I really liked Ted and Robin together and was secretly hoping she was mother somehow and someway.   But I also thought she was great with Barney in a lot of ways.   Hats off to Cobie Smulders because that woman had chemistry with everyone!  And I’m ok with the show runners giggling to themselves to have this be the rug the pull out from under us.  As a fan of TV, I like when a show surprises me and throws a fun twist (as long as it makes sense….yes I’m looking at you St Elsewhere.)  I mean, I was one of those people who would scream when they would revisit the Ted/Robin pairing over the course of the series because ultimately we know they don’t end up together.   So what was the point right?    Well, now we know.  Now we know why after determining they aren’t right together, bad timing, hook ups, break ups, dating, not dating, longing looks… was all because they were meant to be together.   And while I’m ok with that, I still have to raise my eyebrows at a few things.   First, why have that ceremonial moment on the beach with Robin and Ted where Ted finally let’s Robin go?  Because if you’re still going to have a thing for her after all this time, then you haven’t let her go.  It also made me think, if you’re really over her, then why are you moving to Chicago?   And since the writers knew this was the path, why have that scene?  Second, why did Robin need to be with Barney?   I mean she married one of his best friends.   Couldn’t she have just been the career person now and that’s why she couldn’t be with Ted as well as Ted meeting Tracy?   If the answer is because they needed a wedding to get Ted to meet Tracy and to show with Barney’s character that being married really isn’t for him….fine.  He could have married the stripper girl he was engaged to.  He didn’t have to marry Robin.   I’m not sure why the writers would get many fans invested in Robin and Barney only to have it crash and burn.  Barney and the stripper could have crashed and burned with the same results.   So why get the audience invested in Robin and Barney only to know that the end game is Robin and Ted?   Robin could have been with someone else or alone with her career.  She didn’t have to be with Barney if the end game was Ted.  Finally, when Ted is in MacLaren’s on the phone with Tracy and Marshall is pissed because here’s Ted falling for another girl and going too fast, Lily is sitting there with a huge smile on her face and tells Marshall…this time it’s different.  After Victoria, Stella, and yes, even Robin, Tracy invoked a reaction out of Ted that was unlike any other woman ever has indicating to me, that she was his soul mate and one true love.  Again, why have that line and that moment if ROBIN is really his one true love?    Maybe I’m missing the point.  Maybe the point isn’t that Tracy or Robin are his soul mate but that they both are.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.  Because if it’s just Robin, then the other parts about Ted and Tracy don’t make sense.  And if it’s just Tracy, then the end of the story doesn’t make sense.    So I guess the only thing that does is that BOTH women are Ted’s true loves.    That while Ted has been searching and searching and fearing that he’ll never meet anyone he can share his life with, he was blessed (or cursed) to have two women he could love completely and spend his days with.   It certainly is a more real world scenario.  But is that what the audience wants?   Judging by initial reactions, I don’t think so.

Ultimately I wanted closure for my Fab 5.   And whether you liked it or not, that’s exactly what you got.  Marshall and Lily are back in NYC with baby #3 and Marshall finally got to be a judge after giving it up for Lily in 2014.  I had no doubt Marshmallow and Lily Pad would have a solid, happy ending because they have been solid since the pilot.  Even with all their ups and downs, NO ONE ever doubted that these two would be together forever.  In my mind, they were the heart and soul of the show, especially Lily.  As for Barney, he went back to being single and finally told his friends what I thought he should have said years ago….that basically he’s not the settling down type of guy.    He likes having throngs of women coming in and out of his life with no commitment.  It’s who he is and he’s very happy like that so as his friends they should accept him for who he is and be happy for him.    And they were.   But after the perfect month (LOL) Barney finds out he got Day 31 pregnant.   Actually I’m surprised this never happened before with all the girls he’s slept with over the years.  While in typical Barney fashion, we don’t know the mother’s name and he really wants no part of this, he gets introduced to his new baby….a girl…Ellie.   Turns out Barney is a one woman guy.   It just so happens that the woman in his life, the love of his life, is his baby girl.   And the always amazing Neil Patrick Harris just completely blows this scene away and gives us one of the most beautiful moments on the show when he tells his daughter the following:

You are the love of my life.   Everything I have and everything I am, is yours.  Forever.

I mean come on.  If you are crying after that you have to be a little dead inside.   It was such a beautiful moment.   The other fantastically beautiful moment in the episode was when Ted and Tracy met for the first time on the Farhampton train tracks.   Talk about a meet cute!!!   It was so sweet and a great nod to many of the clues dropped over the years…the mom being in the Econ 305 class Ted accidentally thought was his Architecture 101 class, her being Cindy’s roommate, losing the yellow umbrella on St Patrick’s Day….it was perfect.   Then the reveal of her name, Tracy McConnell, because the initials T.M were on the umbrella and Ted and Tracy “fought” over whose initials they really were.   I loved it.   It was everything I could have imagined for their first meeting and more.    And I did like the ending.    Since they decided to stay the course and put Robin and Ted together in the end, I think they wrapped it up well with Robin being in her apartment with the same breed of dogs, Ted being downstairs, Robin opening up her window to see him (with the dogs peeking out) and Ted shows her the Blue French Horn.  Again, a great nod to the pilot to have everything come full circle.

Look, I know many people are disappointed in how this turned out.   No one wanted to see Tracy die and Robin be back in the fold, except for the die-hard Ted and Robin shippers.  I think a lot of people feel duped.  And that’s why the finale is a hard one to wrap my head around because you can look at it a few ways.  You can look at it and say that if that was the plan all along, ok.  I applaud the writers sticking to their guns and telling the story they wanted to tell.    There are many people out there with an early idea of a show but then let it just roll and see where it goes with no real end game.  Not these guys.  So I respect that.   There  are still lots of things I would have done differently but overall, I can’t be unhappy with how everything resolved itself.  Especially since this is something that happens in the real world….people fall in love with multiple people all the time.  People lose their spouse and reconnect with old flames…it happens.  In the end, Ted got what he always wanted and I think people want to see that for his character.    OR…you can look at it and say, WHAT THE HELL WERE THESE GUYS THINKING?    Once the show went longer than expected, once you see how the actors (Smulders and Radnor & Smulders and Harris) played off of one another and their chemistry, once you see the audience’s reaction to story lines….change it!!!   You don’t have to stay the course if another one, a better one (matter of opinion) presents itself.   Maybe they felt backed into a corner with the “and that’s how I met your Aunt Robin” line.    Maybe because the kids reaction was filmed 9 years ago, they felt they had no other choice but to end the story this way.  But these guys were creative and smart and I think could have figured out a way around it.   Hell, they could have put an aged Fonseca and Henrie on the couch and said “Jesus dad.  That story took so long, we aged 20 years!”    Maybe they didn’t want to.   Ultimately, I hope the 60 minutes of last night (and even this last season) doesn’t put too much of a damper on what was truly a great series with an amazing cast and creative team.   I spent 9 years with this crew…many of whom are my age.   All I wanted to see was them happy and together.   While most of the episode last night showed them fractured, in the end, the gang was back together, as they should be, and in the end, we know they all ended up happy.   Whether or not it was a viewers definition of happy is another story, but the writers showed us a group of friends who loved each other and supported each other and were there for each other, altogether and happy…and that’s how a series like this should wrap up.

So what did you think?  Did you love it?    Hate it?    Confused by it?   Content with it?   I’d love to hear what you have to say!


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SEASON FINALE REVIEWS of Scandal, Grey’s, Castle, How I Met Your Mother, and Elementary Coming Soon

Heading out for the weekend so I will recap these shows Sunday and Monday.   Lots to talk about!   Here’s a quick preview:

Castle: Rick proposed to Kate!!!!   Rick proposed to Kate!!!!  But what does this mean for them going forward and is this really a good thing?  I’ll discuss.

Grey’s: Callie and Arizona had quite the blow up.   Who’s side am I on?   Come back to find out.   Plus, Richard better not be dead!!

Scandal: Enough already.  Ok enough!   Either keep Olivia and Fitz together or break them up but ENOUGH with Olivia running around saying “we can’t do this.”  I’m so done with that.   Did you know David was wearing the white hat all along?   Did I?  And what about Quinn becoming baby Huck and Huck’s reaction to it.

How I Met Your Mother: FINALLY!!!   We got to meet her.   Now we just need Ted to meet her.   But when Carter Bays says this will be the longest wedding in the history of TV, does her really mean that next season will cover the span of only 56 hours?  I don’t know how I feel about that…or maybe I do!

Elementary: haven’t watched it yet but I will by Sunday, so don’t spoil me!

Have a good weekend peeps!


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SEASON FINALE RECAP AND REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “The Magician’s Code” S7 E23 & 24

We got one big question answered.   But did we just get THE big question answered?

The answer to the second question is no.  Victoria is not the mother.  At least, that’s how it appears today.  We have learned that Ted will meet the mother at Barney’s wedding.  We also know that the mother was in one of his architecture classes.  Victoria doesn’t fit any of those descriptions.  It’s a shame because I think of all the people Ted has dated over the seasons, Victoria is most people’s favorite.  I know she was always mine.  I was always hoping she would end up being the mother because they were good together.  But I can’t see how that can happen.   Since Barney’s wedding appears to be happening at the end of next season, it looks like Victoria will just be filling the gap until that happens.  And maybe that’s what Ted needs to finally be ready to meet the mother.  He had his closure with Robin and since Victoria was “the one that got away” maybe he needs to really close the door on that relationship as well.

I’ve said this before and I’ll repeat it now.  It’s time to meet the mother.  We are going on Season 8 and we haven’t met her yet.  I think it’s gone on too long.  It’s very rare for comedies to last this long in this day of TV. They just start to run their course.  And while I still love HIMYM and still think it’s one of the best comedies on TV right now, it’s getting a little droopy.   It’s starting to sag.  I think there is so much storytelling to be had once we meet the mother but my fear is that waiting so long, you are going to start to lose people and then the ratings will be so bad, CBS will pull the plug instead of you going out on your own terms.  And now Victoria has been reintroduced when we know she isn’t the mother and since we know Ted meets her at the wedding and the wedding won’t be until the season finale of next year, we know it’s another entire season without meeting her.  It’s ridiculous.

People will argue (and I’ve said this too) that this show has gone way beyond the mother at this point.  This show has become about these 5 friends and their lives together.  I’m thrilled that’s what the show has become. And the storyline vehicle for telling their stories being Ted’s retelling his children about how he met their mother.  At first it was, who is she, when will we meet her, how will she fit it?  Now it’s become, oh just tell us already.  And that sucks.  But it is what it is.  I just wish it would have happened a season or two ago because I worry this show will get canceled before we have a chance to she how the mother interacts with everyone and those stories that need to be told.

As for the other big question that was answered with no doubts what so ever, who was Barney’s bride.  And to no one’s surprise, the bride turned out to be Robin.    YEAH!!!!   I’ve always thought, since the moment they shared their first bro date together smoking cigars and playing laser tag, that Robin and Barney were meant to be.  The two people who insisted that they didn’t want to get married and have the regular family life, were going to find a way to be together.  I just knew it.  Although I had my doubts earlier in the season.

I think had Barney stuck with Nora all season, it would have been a bigger surprise with the Robin reveal.  We would have invested all season in Nora and I think it would have been more believable.  While I liked Quinn, I thought their relationship happened very fast and came out of nowhere.  For someone who is anti-relationship Barney went from Nora to try to get back with Robin to Quinn.  It seems out of character for him.  I never really bought into him and Quinn because it always felt like a smoke screen to me.  Even when he proposed to her last night, I never thought she was the bride.  In fact, as soon as he proposed to her, I knew it wouldn’t be her. But I can forgive all of that because in the end, Barney and Robin will be together.  And this isn’t a ruse.   In an interview with Craig Thomas on, Thomas confirms that Barney and Robin will be together and they will get married.  It was always meant to be them.  And I have to say, Robin looked stunning!!!

This was a tough year for Robin.  She ended up choosing Kevin over Barney only to realize that she and Kevin wanted very different things and broke up with him.  Ted confessed his love (again) and she gently tried to let him down and as a result needed to part from the group for a while so Ted could heal.   That really bugged me but I’ve already vented about that on my podcast.   Robin also found out that she couldn’t have children and while Robin said that was always her choice, it’s very different when the choice is taken away from you.  Then she had to watch the man she truly loves get engaged to another woman while she tearfully gave him her support.  Other than her job going well, this was a VERY tough year for her personally.  Robin really hasn’t been happy in quite a while.  So to see her beaming from ear to ear on her wedding way, made this HIMYM fan very happy.   Robin will get her happy ending.   And so will Barney.

Finally, the moment arrived….baby Erikson is here.  Marvin Waitforit Erikson was born to a very happy Marshmellow and Lily Pad.  Marshall almost didn’t make it and even though Lily has always had a tough relationship with her father, it was so sweet that he showed up for her and gave a pep talk to be able to have the baby.  Then he went into true form by telling her how vaginal tearing could happen and Lily kicked him out.  But Marshall did make it and the gang was there for Marvin’s birth.  As soon as they said his name and that he was named after Marshall’s dad, woosh came the tears.  I could stop them.  It was so sweet and touching.  As for the middle name…..LOVE IT!!!  And I love the fact that Marshall and Lily both thought it was the coolest middle name ever!!!!  I agree.  I can’t wait to see how they are able to juggle new parenthood while still hanging with gang at McClaren’s.

What are you thoughts on the season finale?  Did you like seeing the reveal of Robin as Barney’s bride?   What do you think of the whole Victoria and Ted riding off into the sunset together?   And would you be happy if next season was the last season of HIMYM or do you want more now that we know we will meet the mother in next year’s season finale?


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REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “No Pressure” S7 E16

Are we seriously going down this road again?  This is 100% my FAVORITE comedy on TV but I am so mad at it right now.  Why are we going down the Ted and Robin road again?  This is such a “been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt, stared in the movie” storyline that I really don’t know the point.  Not to mention it feels as though this is coming out of left field.   Seriously, when did Ted all of a sudden start loving Robin again?  We know they don’t end up together, so why are we wasting episodes on this “love affair” that has no chance of surviving?????!!!!!!!

That’s how I felt after last week’s episode “The Drunk Train” which I didn’t get a chance to comment on.  I was seriously pissed off people, let me tell you.  But after last night’s episode, I think I finally get why that happened last week.   This has nothing to do with Ted and Robin, but will set up something (not sure what) even bigger that’s to come.

Remember back to the episode “Ducky Tie”?   This was the episode where Victoria the cupcake maker (played by Ashley Williams) returns and we learn some very interesting details.  Turns out, while they were trying to see if there were still feelings between them, (there weren’t because Victoria’s getting married) Victoria pointed out the one thing that is keeping Ted from true happiness…Robin.  First Victoria tells him that it’s weird that she dated both him and Barney.  Second, she tells him it’s even more strange that they are all still best friends and hang out all the time.  Finally she tells him that she always felt in competition with Robin and that Robin is the reason she, and other girls most likely, didn’t work out with Ted.  At the end of that episode, Future Ted admits that Victoria was right.  The three of them hanging out wasn’t going to work out.  Now if you have read some of my other HIMYM posts, you know I have been very concerned about this.   Looking at this comment in the “glass half full” realm, I would say, it isn’t going to work out because Robin and Barney eventually get together.  (Also that’s what I REAAAAAALY want to have happen.)  “Glass half empty” view, I think it means either Robin or Barney eventually split from the group.  I can’t imagine Carter Bays or anyone else from this show going with the later.  So let’s just say I’m panicking and need about 24 Sam Adams to calm me down.

“No Pressure” was the episode that I think finally and firmly shuts the door on Ted and Robin.  After last week, I was so worried this going down a completely different path….and one I wasn’t thrilled about AT ALL.  But I really need to learn to trust these writers more.  They’ve done it to me several times now where I take something at face value and make a judgement and don’t give it time to develop.  I am going to stop doing that now.   Well, maybe not but I’m going to try really really hard.  I thought this whole Ted and Robin this was coming out of nowhere because I thought Ted had already moved past Robin.  But if you look at the history (and the show did I nice job of going down memory lane over the last 6 seasons) Robin was always Ted’s constant (Lost reference!!!)   She was The One for Ted.  And I think, even though they were very different people who wanted very different things, they still loved each other.  Unfortunately, it’s more the way you love a BFF and not a soul mate.  Deep down, I think Ted knew that all along but he needed one more chance to make sure.  I think Robin needed to hit him over the head with an “I don’t love you” like she did last night, for Ted to finally move on.  Once she did, Ted was making a clean break when Robin suggested that they still keep their “if you’re 40 and still single, we’ll get married” deal going and he said no.  If it’s nothing, then it’s nothing.  He won’t settle and she shouldn’t either.  Ted annoys the crap out of me most of the time, but when it comes to episodes like this, he’s fantastically great.  Both Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders had amazing scenes together and they were spot on heartbreaking in their performances.    Ultimately, I think Robin is going to be the cause of Ted’s true happiness.   Because even thought Robin isn’t Ted’s “The One,” I think she will be the bridge to Ted meeting The True One.  Look at it this way.  Robin brought Ted to a stream with a broken down bridge over it.  On one side is Ted and other, Robin.  The bridge to Robin is unstable and dangerous.  Basically if Ted tries to cross this bridge, he’s a dead man.  But Robin is on the side of love and happiness.  And while Ted always thought it was Robin he was crossing the bridge to get to, it wasn’t.  She’s there to help him cross to get to the person he is truly meant to be with.  First she had to destroy the bridge (Ted: “Do you love me Robin?”  Robin: “No.”)   BAM!   Bridge destroyed.  Then she is going to help build a stronger bridge which she will help him cross to reach little miss yellow umbrella (like her wedding to Barney perhaps?)   Time will tell on how Robin will build that bridge and help Ted get there.  But I know she will.

I need to touch on Marshall and Lily.  First, Marshall was fantastic in this episode.  He truly showed what it means to be a best friend by going to Robin and asking her to move out so she doesn’t keep breaking Ted’s heart day after day.  Also being the good friend she is, Robin says she understands and starts packing.  Very cool Marshall, having Ted’s back like that!   But you know who’s been really disappointing?   Lily.   What the hell has happened to her character?    Lily was always the core, the foundation of the group.  When someone was about to do something insane, it was always Lily who brought them back down to Earth.  Lily was always people’s champion.  She was always in everyone’s corner.  While the long-term bets on the friends was great, I couldn’t stand how she was trying to sabotage Ted and Robin so she could win a bet.  Who does that?   And I never in a million years, thought Lily would do something like that.  Maybe it’s the pregnancy thing, but Lily has really gotten annoying lately.  From the party she was throwing a few weeks ago to trying to destroy her friend’s happiness for the sake of a bet, Lily isn’t the Lily I have grown to love over the years.   The Lily I know would have sat Ted down and then sat Robin down and talked them through what they were feeling.  She would have been there to support both of them.   She wouldn’t have done things to wreck a potential relationship.  It also makes wonder if the “where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years” talk was really set up to help them or to win her bet.  I’m not going to lie, it knocked her down a few pegs in my eyes.

While I’m 99.9% certain Ted and Robin are done, those dame writers had to leave a slight crack in the vault door open.  During the episode when the bet was that Ted and Stella wouldn’t get married, Marshall kept asking Lily to pay up and she would say, “not yet” at different stages of their relationship.  When Stella finally bailed on Ted, Lilly finally paid up.  In the final scene, when Lily told Marshall to pay up on Ted and Robin, he says to her “not yet.”   Oh Lord.   WHHHHHHHY?  They’re done, over, finished, caput, kaplooee, bridge destroyed!!!  In all seriousness, I wonder what that statement means.

I liked this episode a lot more than I thought I would after last week.  But there are a few things I would like more substantiation from…Ted and Robin being officially done (which I think is the case even thought Marshall made that comment), Robin and Barney…are they going to get together or not, and Ted’s wife.   It’s 7 seasons.  It’s time to meet her.


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RECAP & REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “Symphony of Illumination” S7 E10

This is what I have always loved about this show.  The big sentimental moments always strike the perfect cord because I have fallen in love with these characters. And the actors knock it out of the park every time.   There are so many comedies that can’t pull off the serious episodes.   HIMYM has never been one of them because the cast is so terrific.  If you haven’t watched the episode yet, then stop reading now because you don’t want to be spoiled for this episode. But you better come back and finish reading the post!!!!!!

Just to quickly touch on the Marshall/Scott thing…it was funny and fine but since the other story in the show was so much bigger, I really don’t want to spend much time on this.  Marshall was looking to really decorate the new house (Clark Griswold style) and a kid in the neighbor came by to “help” him.  He trapped Marshall on the roof and used his house as his own personal party palace.  Nice little asshole.  It also led to a funny back and forth with Robin and Marshall about Manheim Steamroller vs. AC/DC for Christmas music!  But let’s get to what we really want to talk about, shall we?

Last week, we were left with a pretty big cliffhanger…Robin told Barney she was pregnant.  At first, I wasn’t’ thrilled about this turn of events.  But this will teach me to never doubt the writers of the show again.   Because this storyline is sooooo much better than I could have expected, even if it is much sadder.   There were many bombs dropped in the episode.  The first being that if Robin is pregnant (she hadn’t taken a test or seen the doctor…she was just late and she’s never late, which is a point of pride for her) the baby is Barney’s because she and Kevin hadn’t slept together yet.  Barney was pretty happy about this and pretty supportive.  But they agreed to keep it quiet until they knew for sure.

They go to the doctor and they get the news they were hoping for….Robin is not pregnant and a hugely funny dance ensues.  Later we see Robin celebrating with scotch and a cigar when the doctor calls and asks her to come back in.  At this point, I thought they were going to tell her they made a mistake and she really was pregnant, but a bigger twist happened….Robin was told she could never have children.  What was an even BIGGER twist, was Robin’s reaction.  She was devastated.  She decided not to tell anyone because of how they would treat her and react to the situation (and it was hilarious and so true at the same time!)  So Robin instead told them that she couldn’t be a pole vaulter and that’s why she is so upset.

When going with Lily to the baby store, Lily knows there is really something wrong with Robin and asks her again what has her so upset.  Robin proceeds to tell her about how she never wanted to be a pole vaulter, ever.  But now being told you don’t have the choice, you can’t be a pole vaulter vs. making the conscious choice to not be a pole vaulter is very different.  At least when it’s your choice, you can always change it should you want to.  When it’s not an option, the choice is taken away.  It was very emotional to watch because I’ve had so many friends either have issues with getting pregnant or told they can never have children.  It’s brutal.

Back at her apartment, Ted can also tell that something real is upsetting Robin and it has nothing to do with pole vaulting, but Robin refuses to tell him.  Ted tries to offer to have her go back to Cleveland with him for Christmas but she wants to be in New York.  He keeps pushing and she wants to know why and he tells her because it’s his job to make her feel better.  It’s moments like this I remember why I liked Ted after all (even if he has been a royal douche the last few seasons.)  It’s because that guy is a really good friend when it counts.  He is always there when one of them really needs him and I really respect that about his character.  When Robin thinks she’s all by herself for Christmas and comes back to the apartment, she can’t turn on the lights.  That’s because all the lights are tied into Christmas lights all over the apartment and all over a big tree with AC/DC blasting to the pattern of the blinking lights!  Ted comes out from the kitchen and tells Robin, he doesn’t need to know what’s wrong.  He just knows she needs to feel better and that will always be his job no matter what.  He will always take care of her.  She bursts into tears (as do I) and hugs him.

While all this was going on, Robin was talking to her future children (like future Ted does every episode.)  And she refers to Barney as their father the entire time she is talking to them…..interesting!!!   But what was even more telling (and sad) was that in the end, they were just a mirage.  They don’t exist.  Now I don’t know if that is foreshadowing on both fronts but it broke my heart.  You see Robin sitting by herself in a park staring off at a picture of a family that she will never have. On a side note, where the hell was Kevin?  In her voice over, you hear her talking about being alone at Christmas in NYC.  Why?   Shouldn’t Kevin have been with her?  It didn’t make any sense.

So what do you make of all this?  I still think that it means that Robin and Barney end up together.  But now I’m starting to think that is more my wishful thinking.   It’s also very possible that Robin doesn’t end up with anyone.  At the end of episode when future Ted is telling his kids about Robin, he talks about her professional accomplishments and how she travelled the world and even became a bull fighter (can’t wait to hear that story.)  But he never mentions a husband or family.  Does that mean Robin lives up to what she has always said?   That she doesn’t want to be married or have kids?  It’s very possible.   The writers have always made a point to make sure that we as an audience are reminded of that fact.  You can take it one of two ways….that it’s true and that’s what happens for Robin or she has never wanted it but she changes her mind and it happens anyway.  I’m not sure.  Now just because Ted didn’t mention a husband or family doesn’t mean that’s not how Robin’s life turns out.   I just found it interesting that it was not mentioned in his description of how her life is in the future.   I could be reading WAAAAY too much into it.  But this episode really gave us a lot to think about.  And I would like to give kudos to Josh Radnor and Colbie Smulders for amazing performances in this episode.

I really want to hear from you about this episode, so please inundate my comments section with your thoughts!


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QUICK REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother “The Rebound Girl” S7 E11

I’m not sure how I feel about this.  But I will say, I soooooooooooooo did not see that coming.  Usually I can see it coming from a mile away.   But not this time.  And there were so many clues that I feel like a real idiot that I didn’t think of it before she said it….”I’m Pregnant.”   My husband, who’s usually better than I am at seeing this stuff, was as surprised as I was!   But am I happy with this storyline?   I don’t know.

On one hand, I think it’s great because here is the girl who never wanted to get married, never wanted to have children, now pregnant.  And it’s the classic, who’s the daddy (which we all know, it’s going to Barney’s.)   On the other hand, what a clichéd storyline…who’s the daddy and the unexpected pregnancy.  Not to mention, our resident couple Marshmellow and Lily Pad have been trying to have a baby for a while, I wish they could just have the pregnancy and birth without something like this hanging over it.  So I’m a little disappointed the writers went down this path.

I think most HIMYM fans want this to be Barney’s kid (at least from most of the comment sections I am reading on other sites seem to indicate that) and I would have to be in agreement.  I’ve said this before that I really like Kevin and Kal Penn on the show.  But ultimately, I think Robin and Barney are soul mates.  I thought it since their first bro night together.  So that’s where I’m hoping they’re headed.

There was a comment Carter Bays made that made me raise an eyebrow especially when in conjunction with an episode earlier in the season.  In an interview with, he said:

“I would say the wheels of fate are not done turning for these characters, and it’s definitely a big surprise, but there’s more to come,” Bays teases. “This little story isn’t over yet. I almost feel weird commenting on anything just yet because there are more revelations in store.” For one, says Bays, the question of the baby’s paternity will be “settled pretty quickly,” but there will also be developments that give way to “a bigger story.”

“New questions will arise and I feel like, this story, we are using this device a little bit to set the stage for a bigger story that is setting up the events of the rest of the series which, I guess we do a lot,” he says. “It’s a pretty tumultuous show. This in particular is going to lead to kind of a reshuffling of the group. Not necessarily in this next episode, but this episode will set things in motion for that.”

A reshuffling of the group?  What does that mean?  And remember when Ted and Victoria had their last hurrah and Victoria talked about his connection with Robin and how Ted, Robin, and Barney all hanging out together just isn’t healthy in a lot of ways?   Finally, there was the Bob Saget voice over saying how that would come to be true?   I’m not going to lie, I’m a little concerned.   What does all that mean?  Is the gang breaking up?  Is this season a set up for next (which could be the final season) and Marshall and Lily and Ted and his wife remain friends but Robin and Barney (whether together or apart) go their separate ways?   Because I can’t imagine a world where he gang isn’t together from now until the end of time!!!  I seriously don’t know what to think about all this and where this is going.   So I really want to hear from you and what you think this means.


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How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere Promo

The HIMYM crew is back on Monday September 19th!!! Here’s a sneak peek into the premiere. When last we saw, we learned Barney was the one getting married in last year’s season premiere but we have no idea to whom he is getting married. Also, Robin is still in love with Barney but he wanted to give his relationship with Nora another try. After seeing the clip, I wonder if his time with Nora is already over.

Either way, I am so glad my favorite five some is back!!!!

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